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Sioux Falls Paper Endorses Seiler on Experience, Calls Ravnsborg “Light in That Regard”

That Sioux Falls paper endorses Randy Seiler for Attorney General:

When weighing depth of experience, breadth of background and measured policy stances, Seiler is the most effective choice to be South Dakota’s next chief law enforcement officer. He has proven over decades of service to be an effective, thoughtful leader in roles including U.S. Attorney and member of Justice Department committees. It should go without saying that litigation and courtroom experience are important resume items when hiring “the people’s lawyer.” Seiler’s opponent’s folder is light in that regard [editorial, that Sioux Falls paper, 2018.10.26].

On experience, Ravnsborg is “light.” Even where Ravnsborg tries to play the heavy by claiming Seiler is weak on drug crime, the Sioux Falls editors say Ravnsborg is the lightweight, taking an incomplete approach to the problem:

A telling policy difference between the two candidates is how they intend to handle low-level drug offenses. Jason Ravnsborg proposes getting rid of presumed probation and creating a whole new “meth jail” to augment the state’s already strained jail and prison system. Seiler’s multi-pronged approach favors prevention and rehabilitation paired with adjudication and has the greater likelihood of putting a dent in drug-related crime across the state [editorial, that Sioux Falls paper, 2018.10.26].

South Dakota, don’t embarrass yourself. Elect Seiler, the experienced prosecutor, not Ravnsborg, the volunteer part-time legal assistant.


  1. South DaCola 2018-10-27 11:36

    Oh, and they pronounce Randy’s name wrong, it’s ‘SAY-LOR’ another trick by the GOP to discredit Randy.

    Did you see the KSFY interview where Randy basically said he has prosecuted around 300 cases and when Jason said, “I haven’t kept track. Not important.” Must have trouble counting to 2. I suppose it is not important if you are in private practice (well it kinda is) but when you are running for AG, it’s kinda important. And why won’t Jason debate Randy? Things that make you go Hmmm. He’s hoping the ‘R’ will carry the day.

  2. Rorschach 2018-10-27 11:50

    Randy Seiler wouldn’t have even hired someone like Rvnsbrg to work as an assistant US Attorney, with supposedly 17 years as a lawyer but never having tried a case. Rvnsbrg is the epitome of a rich guy who inherited money and keeps his law license as just a hobby to make people think he works for a living. He doesn’t really practice law, folks. He never has.

  3. mike from iowa 2018-10-27 12:59

    Ravnsborg “Light in That Regard”

    Well I suppose his folks thought he was bright and called him son.
    Yup, that is about all he has going in his favor.

  4. Debbo 2018-10-27 15:18

    “Seiler’s opponent’s folder is light in that regard.”

    That’s an extremely generous assessment. Extremely. At states’ AG gatherings Rvsb would be laughed out of the room and humiliate SD.

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