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Clerk of Courts: Ravnsborg Has Tried No Jury Trials for Union County

Jason Ravnsborg speaks to Brown County Republicans, Aberdeen, SD, 2015.07.09.
Jason Ravnsborg speaks to Brown County Republicans, Aberdeen, SD, 2015.07.09.

Big League Politics is a Trumpist alt-Right blog founded by a Breitbart alum. You’d think they’d love a Trumpist fearmonger like Jason Ravnsborg. Instead, BLP has followed up on a story aired on this liberal blog and subsequently in the Rapid City Journal that Ravnsborg, one of three announced contenders for the Republican nomination for Attorney General, has not tried a criminal case before a jury. BLP calls Melissa Larsen, Clerk of Courts in Union County, where Ravnsborg, from two counties away, somehow secured an appointment as a special part-time deputy state’s attorney, and gets confirmation that Ravnsborg has never prosecuted any trials in Union County:

Caller: “Can you tell me if Jason Ravnsborg has done any trials in Union County recently as a Volunteer Deputy State’s Attorney?”

Larsen: “Like, a jury trial?”

Caller: “Correct.”

Larsen: “No, he has not.”

Caller: “Does he appear in court very often there?”

Larsen: “He appears in court on occasion. He’s not here every month.”

Caller: “What type of hearings does he do?”

Larsen: “Whatever the State’s Attorney has appointed him to. I don’t keep track of what he does.”

Caller: “He hasn’t done, like, any attempted murder trials, or rape trials there in the last year?”

Larsen: “We haven’t had any trials with him.”

Big League Politics confirmed with Larsen that Ravnsborg has not conducted any jury trials, but has presided over cases that have pled out [Peter D’Abrosca, “South Dakota Candidate for Attorney General Claims to Be Big Shot Prosecutor; Court Says Otherwise,” Big League Politics, 2018.06.19].

While not mentioning Ravnsborg’s opponents by name, BLP notes Lance Russell and John Fitzgerald have significantly more experience as practicing attorneys. They then observe with dripping disdain, “Ravnsborg’s light workload has allowed him to spend the past three years traveling South Dakota, glad-handing with potential political supporters and cozying up to the State GOP.”

Now notice, Republican delegates: that’s not liberal me knocking down Ravnsborg; that’s an archly conservative website making no apparent endorsement but making clear that Ravnsborg is stretching the truth about his paltry legal experience. Take that for what it’s worth, Republicans… but remember: the eminently experienced Democratic nominee Randy Seiler awaits your choice.


  1. Rorschach 2018-06-20 19:45

    I don’t belive this inexperienced lawyer has ever tried either a civil or a criminal case to a jury at all anywhere. He doesn’t even show up in court in Union County, let alone try cases. Somebody ought to check Yankton county too. Seems like he’s a LINO (Lawyer in name only).

  2. Dana P 2018-06-20 21:46

    If he’ll lie about his bonafides regarding court cases, he’ll lie about……..EVERYTHING. Like his hero Trump, if you think you can lie and get something out of it? You will.

    Now if we could only convince his rabid “the Muslims are going to get us” followers that this guy is a huckster. If only.

  3. Debbo 2018-06-20 23:34

    I was thinking along similar lines to you, Dana P. Apparently Ravnsborg is emulating his hero, the Liar-in-Chief. He lies about himself and he lies about brown people. I suppose he favors tearing children away from their families and putting them in cages too.

  4. Debbo 2018-06-21 00:21

    (Cory, the “Save my name , . . . is working well now. Thanks.)

  5. Ryan 2018-06-21 11:11

    I also doubt he is qualified for the job, but has he actually lied about his experience or qualifications? I looked for articles where he or others describe his experience and didn’t see anything that was untrue. Did I miss something?

    As for his fear-mongering and possible racism, I think those are traits of a lot of weak people, but again, did he lie about something or is he just afraid of things that aren’t going to hurt him?

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