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Equality SD Endorses 47 Democrats, 6 Republicans, 2 Indies, 2 Libs

SDEA thinks it will get better results for education by hedging its bets and backing almost as many Republicans as Democrats for Legislature, even though Republicans are the ones who let teacher pay slide so low over 30 years of neglect that even a hundred-million-dollar tax increase only boosted our teacher pay from 51st to 48th in the nation.

Equality South Dakota takes no such moderating or excuse-making position. EqSD recognizes that more Republican rule means further slide away from equality for all South Dakotans. They understand that Republicans campaign on giving people “others” to fear and exclude while Democrats proudly welcome everyone who wants to live and work and love in South Dakota.

That’s why Equality South Dakota PAC is endorsing 47* Democrats, six Republicans, two* independents, and two Libertarians in this year’s South Dakota general election. They are also explicitly opposing 53 Republicans for their discriminatory voting record:

EqSD PAC is opposing 53 incumbent Republicans based upon their voting record. We examined the votes on SB 149 that passed in 2017, allowing child placement agencies to discriminate based upon their religious beliefs. EqSD PAC also examined the votes on these bills (all of which failed) during the 2016 Session: HB 1008 (the bathroom bill), HB 1112 (restrictions on SDHSAA transgender policy), HB 1107 (religious exemption bill), and HB 1209 (prevented altering a birth certificate) [Equality South Dakota, “Equality South Dakota PAC Releases LGBTQ Voter Guide,” downloaded 2018.10.24].

EqSD’s endorses Billie Sutton, Tim Bjorkman, and Randy Seiler for statewide office. At the Legislative level, Justin Roemmick** and I get EqSD’s support; they explicitly oppose my opponent, incumbent Senator Al Novstrup, and Republican Rep. Drew Dennert while saying they received no information from House candidates Brooks Briscoe and Carl Perry. In District 4, EqSD favors Democrat Kathy Tyler for House but would pair her with Libertarian Daryl Root rather than her fellow Democrat Jim Chilson.

In the District 7 House race, EqSD takes the unusual step of endorsing three candidates, when only two can be elected. Apparently EqSD figures any combination of Republican incumbent Tim Reed, independent candidate Cory Ann Ellis, and illegitimate candidate Democrat Zach Kovach would be better than letting right-wing extremist Doug Post get a seat.

You can review the full EqSD voting guide here. Just remember: bipartisanship is great, but on equality issues, Republicans have proven themselves far less interested in welcoming everyone to South Dakota than Democrats.

*EqSD supports Mary Perpich for District 7 Senate. She is an independent for ballot purposes only; she remains chair of the Brookings County Democratic Party.

**Correction 21:20 CDT: Somehow on first reading I didn’t see EqSD’s green light for Justin Roemmick. I regret and have corrected that error and have listed all six District 3 candidates’ standings with this South Dakota LGBTQ advocacy group.


  1. Debbo 2018-10-26 15:36

    “explicitly oppose my opponent, incumbent Senator Al Novstrup.”

    I’m not saying Novstrup is a racist and homophobe, but the racists and homophobes think he is.
    (Paraphrased from Gillum, Democratic candidate for governor of Florida.)

  2. o 2018-10-26 18:41

    Just to be clear, I see why the EqSD is opposing sitting legislators; were those seats’ opponents given a positive endorsement for their potential stances on these equality issues — or was this more a “throw the bums out” statement?

  3. Debbo 2018-10-26 20:27

    Democrats believe the state and national constitutions and understand the US federal government to be a democratic republic.

    Pootiepublicans favor an autocratic tyranny.

    That’s why EqSD and most US residents favor the Democratic party and its candidates and policies.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-10-26 21:46

    O, there are cases where EqSD rejects certain candidates but does not explicitly endorse their opponents, leaving those challengers marked in grey on their guide to indicate the challengers didn’t return the survey.

    For instance, in District 2, EqSD opposes Brock Greenfield but does not endorse Dem challenger Register. In D-6, they reject Reps. Herman Otten and Isaac Latterell but leave Libertarian Aaron Aylward and Dems Nancy Kirstein and Kyle Boese grey. In 8 they endorse Dem Francis and oppose GOP Wiese but leave Dem Unger and GOP Gross blank.

    Dems need to get better and checking and answering their mail.

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