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Frankenstein Endorses Jackley for Governor

No, really:

Sara Frankenstein worked under Marty Jackley while he was in private practice at Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson, and Ashmore in Rapid City. Frankenstein has happily carried water for the SDGOP establishment. She lawyered the GOP-cronily-connectedridiculously bogus, and ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit that tried to stop voters from getting to vote on Initiated Measure 21, the 36% rate cap on payday loans, as well as the payday lender’s earlier dilatory lawsuit against the Attorney General’s explanation of IM 21 (but kudos here to lawyerly ethos: Frankenstein fought Jackley in court, and they’re still buds!). She has also exerted herself in the cause of suppressing Indian voting rights.

Hmm… failed lawsuits, voter suppression… shall we guess who’s on the short list for Governor Jackley’s senior counsel?

But hey, Sara Frankenstein was Miss South Dakota 1998, and Jackley’s opponent Kristi Noem was merely Snow Queen 1990. Looks like pageant queens don’t stick together.

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  1. Clyde 2018-03-16 20:16

    Sounds like she has the right last name!

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