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In SB200 Debate, Novstrup Calls for Racial and Ethnic Profiling

Senator Al Novstrup, Senate floor, 2018.02.21, screen cap from SDPB.
Shoulda stayed asleep, Al….

Possibly the single-most important quote to come out of the Senate State Affairs Committee’s hearing of Senate Bill 200, Neal Tapio’s unconstitutional and unworkable ban on refugees in South Dakota, is this racist statement from Senator Al Novstrup (R-3/Aberdeen) and ACLU policy director Libby Skarin’s accurate assessment thereof:

Senator Novstrup was the only Senator on the nine-member panel who voted to keep alive Senator Tapio’s rallying cry to his Bigot Brigade. His quote shows the bigotry and racism at the heart of Novstrup’s and Tapio’s politics.

SB 200 is now dead. Come November, let’s put Novstrup’s political career in the same condition.


  1. grudznick 2018-02-21 18:39

    Just like your friend Mr. Nelson, I expect Mr. Novstrup does a lot of tweeting and texting with constituents from his position as a leader in the Senate so he looks down sometimes. If his lids ever do touch, it is to facilitate the deep thoughts that he thinks about the law bills upon which he votes, for he knows his vote sways the votes of many and is more important than most.

  2. Roger Cornelius 2018-02-21 19:31

    Truth to tell, guys that look like Novstrup and Tapio should be reported to the FBI, they look like potential domestic terrorists.
    The racism that these two continually project should not be tolerated in South Dakota.

  3. grudznick 2018-02-21 19:39

    Messrs. Novstrup and Tapio both have really good haircuts, which could indeed be a ploy of potential terrorists to blend in and try to look like the “norm.” Regardless, I agree with Mr. C about the racism needing to be smacked down right in the mouth and embarrass these people.

  4. Debbo 2018-02-21 21:29

    The worst terrorists in the USA are white male Christians. If we’re going to profile the biggest killers, that select group has slaughtered a lot more Americans since 9/11/2001 than any POC. I guess Al and nearly all of the lege better pack their bags for Guantanamo.

  5. grudznick 2018-02-21 21:37

    Ms. Debbo, are you throwing all of an entire group into your generalization? I think Mr. H’s enragement and resentment of Mr. Novstrup, the elder, for beating him in the races for the legislatures is clouding your reason. The elections have started early, and I for one hope this one comes down to a haircut debate. Or perhaps a beard contest, for Mr. H will win the beard contests for sure.

  6. Roger Cornelius 2018-02-21 21:41

    It is clear to me that Debbo didn’t speak in generalizations, in fact, she was very specific in identifying a segment of our society that is extremely dangerous, more dangerous than any of the groups that racist Novstrup and Tapio are targeting.

  7. grudznick 2018-02-21 21:46

    Mr. C, she is suggesting that all of the white male Christians in the legislatures should be packed off to a concentration camp. Were I in the legislatures, I would only be saved by not being a Christian. Thank goodness she’s not lumping me into that dumpling.

  8. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-02-21 21:49

    Grudz, no light chortlage here. This is serious racism, and it must be rooted out of the Legislature.

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-02-21 21:50

    Roger, Debbo, your comments seem the only way that a sensible Republican might have a chance of explaining to Al just how vile his comment in committee today was.

    But enough explaining. It’s time to vote this vile racism out of our Senate.

  10. grudznick 2018-02-21 21:54

    You now have a plank, Mr. H, with which to bludgeon Mr. Novstrup. He may choose not to run again at this point, if he is not already limited in his terms.

  11. Debbo 2018-02-21 22:26

    My comment is no more generalized than Novastrup’s and Tapio’s. Mine however, would do more good. White males have killed more Americans in large scale terrorist atacks since 9/11 than anyone else. Therefore, if we are going to profile a group based on their danger to the citizenry, that’s who it should be.

    I believe it is wrong to profile an entire group of mostly innocent people for the crimes of a few who appear to be similar, such as white males. However, if those 2 are really insistent, then let’s at least profile the right group.

    Sayanara boys!

  12. Dana P 2018-02-21 22:32

    I’d say this is unbelievable, but nope……not anymore. Not with a few of these fellers. Flat out racism. No more dog whistles in the Trump era. They don’t even hide it anymore.

  13. Jason 2018-02-21 23:42


    Please explain how SB200 is unconstitutional?

  14. Nick Nemec 2018-02-22 02:48

    The First Amendment to the Constitution among other things protects the right of the people to peaceably assemble.Any law abiding person legally in the United States has the right to peaceably assemble within the United States.

  15. Greg 2018-02-22 13:14

    I was thinking about going to Jacks vs Coyote game tonight but there will probably be 4000 terrorists there. With that many white Christian males there it will not be safe to go according to Debbo. Nice call there Debbo or is it dumbo.

  16. Joshua 2018-02-24 03:31

    Cory, do you have a clue where Novstrup got his story about a Norwegian grandmother being searched at a public event? How old was she? Could be any age over 40, realistically, and even younger, perhaps. Why was she searched? If she was carrying an opaque bag and others weren’t that could be sufficient. I’d like to know if this even happened or if it’s one of those stories he got from a fake news source.
    Greg, you may try reading both of Debbo’s factual comments before showing your acumen by reducing your adult conversation to 2nd grade name calling.

  17. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-02-24 06:00

    It’s hard to say where Al gets his stories, Joshua, but he probably read it from a source similar to the right-wing fantasy site that told him Dearborn, Michigan, is under Sharia Law.

  18. mike from iowa 2018-02-24 08:01

    Greg, it is Debbo. Respect yer elders. What part of her comment was not true?

    Jacks and Coyotes are sworn enemies. Why wouldn’t one expect major violence when the two groups engage in athletic combat?

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