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Dakota Free Press at Democrats’ State Fair Booth on Friday!

South Dakota State Fair logo 2017
I will twist no facts, but I promise seriously fun political conversation!

Friday’s my day at the South Dakota State Fair! I’ll be helping man the Democrats’ building on the midway Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

So why would you want to come see the Democrats and me tomorrow in Huron?

  1. You want to pick up some campaign stickers for Billie Sutton for Governor (visiting the Fair Sunday 3–6 p.m.) and Tim Bjorkman for Congress (no State Fair time published yet, but he did hit all the big August shows!).
  2. You’re planning to visit Kristi Noem down at the GOP booth on Friday, so you want to visit us Democrats for good question points beforehand and sanity-restoring rebuttals afterward.
  3. You want to observe cranky Trumpists’ rude gestures so you can consider civil, patriotic responses.
  4. You want to run for office and make a difference in 2018 and want some advice on how to get started.
  5. You’re a Chinese EB-5 investor who believes you got hoodwinked by Northern Beef Packers and South Dakota and you want to thank me for providing material for your South Dakota Supreme Court appeal.
  6. You’re Paul Bachand and you want to thank me for providing you an easy target for your response to the Chinese EB-5 investors’ appeal (not to mention tell me in person that I’m not a “credible authority”).
  7. You’d like to get some straight facts from me about the ballot measures currently circulating (including Drey Samuelson’s voting-by-mail initiative that A.G. Jackley just explained today).
  8. You have a hot blog tip to hand me when no one is looking (at the top of my wish list: LuAnn Werdel’s first January 10, 2011, e-mail on GEAR UP, the whereabouts of Scott Westerhuis’s missing safe, receipts showing who’s paying for the mini-Klan meetings in Aberdeen, and any memos showing Donald Trump is planning to visit South Dakota to campaign for Neal Tapio).
  9. You can’t finish all those onion rings yourself.
  10. You want to join the political party that really wants to make America great again… for everybody!


  1. grudznick 2017-08-31

    Seriously twisted fun, indeed. Now the lawyers are saying you are “not credible.”

    I, for one, thing Mr. H is incredibler than most! Eat a bunch of funnel cakes and drink some $4 beers for grudznick in that Garden Spot on the James.

  2. Porter Lansing 2017-08-31

    I’m showing all the goats I’ve won from you, this year Grudzie. They’re always so underfed when I get ’em but they’re fat on that Colorado marijuana, now.
    Ps … They have an “evil weed” judging competition at the Denver County Fair. No public samples or sales allowed. lol

  3. grudznick 2017-08-31

    That’s awesome, Mr. Lansing. Both of your goat entries are sure to do well.

    I’ve been able to market all the poop from the herd of your goats, those I haven’t already released wild into the Pahasapa, to my friend Lar who has a somewhat manual process where he can pick out the demon weed seeds from the poop and grow plants and harvest and then he gives me gravy tater money. It’s free breakfast for me, from your goats.

    See you in the morning, Lar!

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2017-08-31

    Now, Grudz, you know me—no twisted facts or beer passes these lips.

  5. grudznick 2017-08-31

    Now be careful with your facts, for you have said no twisted ones pass your lips and Mr. Nelson is going to monitor.

  6. grudznick 2017-09-01

    How is it going, Mr. H? Do you get free waffle cakes and rides on the tilty-whirl for working there? I imagine there are wrist bands one can buy to have full access to the Democratic Booth. Does that get one discounts at the music or rides too?

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