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Coverage of Daugaard Workshop Ignores Pay as Factor in Unfilled Jobs

At his workforce development workshop in Sioux Falls yesterday, Governor Dennis Daugaard said, “Finding workforce is the key problem that’s faced by employers.”

So often do the stories covering the Governor’s workshop use the words wagessalary, and pay?

The message from the Governor appears to be that if jobs are going unfilled, it’s the fault of students being “too dreamy” and not taking “concrete and realistic” classes. It’s the fault of schools not offering job-oriented classes. It’s the fault of government requiring too many licenses. It’s the fault of everybody but the employers who aren’t paying high enough wages to attract skilled workers.

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  1. Paul H 2017-08-07 18:49

    Um…and this surprises us how? This is the same man that claims SD is the best place to live with the lowest cost of living – only by SD numbers and not national figures. Go figure….

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