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RVers and Mailbox Services Flock to Arizona

The place to register new South Dakota voters this weekend is Quartzsite, Arizona, between Phoenix and Palm Springs:

Aerial view, Quartzsite, AZ, 2017.01.29.
Aerial view, Quartzsite, AZ, 2017.01.29.

A traveling reading reports thousands and thousands (with park ranger confirmation, my reader says 900,000, which I find incredible) of RVers at the 34th Annual Quartzsite RV Show. Among around 250 exhibitors

America's Mailbox booth, Quartzsite RV Show, 2017.01.29.
America’s Mailbox booth, Quartzsite RV Show, 2017.01.29.

Box Elder tax-avoidance service America’s Mailbox.


  1. grudznick 2017-01-29 16:56

    Well, they are not really avoiding any South Dakota tax. In fact they probably contributed more since they are actually paying some fees and such that they otherwise would be coughing up in their own towns. And we can’t even think about suppressing the vote! That would be shameful. We should be encouraging these people to register and become good citizens.

  2. John 2017-01-29 17:15

    We need to take it to the next step to counter the electoral college and gerymandering perversion of democracy. Hundreds of thousands of blue-staters should register to vote in red fly-over states, and in the few states with competitive elections. Alternatively, for those trapped in noncompetitive red states, we could register in competitive states to actually have our vote count.

  3. Darin Larson 2017-01-29 17:20

    I love how Grudznick is all up in arms over the out of state money influencing politics in SD, but at the same time he is all in favor of out of state people influencing the vote in SD by registering to vote here.

  4. grudznick 2017-01-29 17:22

    Democracy works itself out. Claiming the actual application of democracy is a perversion is a perversion. Probably socialist, too.

  5. grudznick 2017-01-29 17:24

    Oh, Mr. Larson, these RV people become our citizens. Being against that is like being against people moving here. And you know I’m among the most open-minded fellows we have here.

  6. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr. 2017-01-29 17:43

    Everyone needs to check out the “voter registration” information from the “America’s Mailbox” website. Apparently, you only need to spend one night in South Dakota to register to vote here.

    I wonder how many of these RV voters in South Dakota are registered in other states, too, and are they voting there as well, I must ask?

    Some of my fellow Minnehaha County Democrats have done an excellent job recently in identifying over 5000 RV voters in the last election in Minnehaha County alone. In fact, there is one precinct in the Sioux Falls area, which has a RV park in it, and this park has a 100 campsites, but there are a 1000+ registered voters using that park’s address, however….. Interesting (?)…..

    I think we should call the bluff of the Trump apologists within our state’s Republican Party and call for an investigation into possible voter fraud in our state with some of these RV registered voters….. If Bannon, Mnuchin, the President’s daughter (Tiffany), and son-in-law (Jared) can be found to be registered in more than one state, they why would some or many RV voters not be, too?

  7. Darin Larson 2017-01-29 18:57

    So Grudz, if the out of state moneyed interests that you rail against come here for a day and become citizens and then move back to wherever they came from, you are fine with that?

  8. grudznick 2017-01-29 18:59

    As long as they stay registered voters here in the Great State of South Dakota, and register their cars and pay their fees here, sure. As long as they have no permanent residence elsewhere, I don’t even care if they vote in those other states. In fact, having them not living here is like a double bonus. We don’t want more people here.

  9. Darin Larson 2017-01-29 19:09

    Grudz, they’ll be citizens here just like the RV’rs are citizens here. They will register to vote here and spend a day taking in the sights and then jet back to where they came from. They will meet all of the criteria that your RV voters meet.

  10. grudznick 2017-01-29 19:17

    Oh. Well that’s just fine then.

  11. jerry 2017-01-29 19:43

    Those rvers are gonna be a little unhappy with NOem and Meadows cutting Medicare to pay for punkin heads wall. I thought the Mexicans were gonna pay for that thing, what gives? Sounds like a big ol steamer of a lie.

  12. Porter Lansing 2017-01-29 22:10

    That’s a great list of most of the reasons South Dakota is so far behind the rest of USA. Why do you think other states don’t attract people trying to get something for nothing? What a statewide embarassment.

  13. Porter Lansing 2017-01-29 22:52

    OK … And I’m not being insolent or trying to offend the great people of South Dakota.
    Let me answer my own question, then.
    People are coming to South Dakota to get something for nothing because South Dakota is giving valuable things away for free. Things that could benefit you, that every other state harvests. It’s like SoDak is leaving half the crop in the field and plowing it under, every year.

  14. Wayne Pauli 2017-01-30 06:23

    Well at least we know what our citizenship as a South Dakotan is worth. Want to be a platinum member? Why would you not want to be? Just $229.00 plus tax…That includes snow removal as long as you winter down South. I have no problem with this since the loop holes exist. I do have a problem with locals that justify, and/or profit from, these actions. That includes the locals in my town that provide this service.

  15. Mark Winegar 2017-01-30 06:49

    My brother-in-law, a true South Dakota resident, is moving his RV to Los Vegas to a luxury RV Park. He commented on how many South Dakota license plates he saw there.

  16. barry freed 2017-01-30 08:05

    Mr Kennedy,
    I would contribute money to a private investigation. The Wheel Tax vote in Pennington County was suspect, but with Julie Pearson saying she could not verify the vote because she did not buy the software from Diebold, one has to wonder how good would be a Government investigation.

    Is there a trade, such as Land Title research that works with the records one would search to find multiple registrations? It is public information, is it not?

    If someone started a GoFundMe to ascertain if anyone is registered in more than one State, I would give. If they could prove RV’ers doing this, or worse, voting in two places (or more as they are “mobile” homes), I would give more to find more.

    We have to live with election outcomes, but the outcomes need to honest.

  17. barry freed 2017-01-30 08:22

    My sister was at the Indy 500 and saw an RV with SD plates in the infield. Being the friendly person she is, she asked:” Where in SD are you from?”
    Answer: “WE are NOT from South Dakota”

    Mine: How nice that people who would be embarrassed to be “from South Dakota” get to vote on issues they don’t have to live with.

  18. jerry 2017-01-30 09:01

    Those rvers have to be given their marching orders by someone, who is behind the curtain to provide the bribe and what is it? How do they get the information on who to vote for when just an R beside your name is sometimes not enough.

  19. T 2017-01-30 09:36

    the actual SD people met so far with SD plates 0 the ones I visited with; holly Colorado business and RV use this service, one couple retired, one construction company uses for all pickups, RV s and personal autos out of state,
    The reason they All state they do this is it cheaper for registration as well as insurance. Today I’ll ask if they have ever voted in SD politics

    Yes the number is 900,000 attendance is down, there is usually well over a million from December to February (BLM park ranger)

  20. Richard Schriever 2017-01-30 13:19

    When I lived in California, I kept my vehicles registered in SD for the first 10 years. Lower registration costs – but mostly by being able to avoid the “smog inspection” racket that would have required me to spend the maximum of $800/year to “fix” my classic car (not fixable – never had the “original equipment” that would lower emissions). I did however, use my California address as my ownership AND mailing address as registration info, so it didn’t effect my insurance. And I was registered and voted in CA.

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