Daugaard for Dusty, Signaling Krebs to Stay in Pierre?

South Dakota Republicans have received what could be marching orders on the 2018 Congressional race. Governor Dennis Daugaard tells Dusty Johnson’s hometown newspaper that he wants Dusty for House:

“If Dusty Johnson runs, I’ll support him,” Daugaard said. “I think a lot of Dusty, and he’s been a great friend and supporter of mine, and I think he’d be a very good leader in whatever political role he chooses to pursue.”

Daugaard said he had a lot of time to judge Johnson, having spent the majority of his first term as governor with Johnson by his side, and he knew Johnson as early as when the U.S. House hopeful served on former Gov. Mike Rounds’ staff [Evan Hendershot, “Gov. Daugaard Will Endorse Dusty Johnson for U.S. House,” Mitchell Daily Republic, 2017.01.12].

Johnson Daugaard Krebs
Reading Shantel’s mind: I don’t care what Dennis says. I’ve shot rattlers bigger than Dusty.

If Dusty runs—come on, Dennis! Dusty’s not playing coy; neither should you.

That should be that, right? A popular sitting governor (who a year ago had $1.32 million left in his campaign account) endorses his (smart, handsome) former chief of staff, and all the donors know to whom they should be writing checks, right?

So should (smart, handsome) Secretary of State Shantel Krebs, who has signaled her interest in succeeding Kristi Noem in Congress, just plan on sticking around another four years to take petitions and run elections? Maybe not. Governor Daugaard’s primary endorsements have been as much lead as gold. And she might recognize the same thing that we observers can all see clearly: A Krebs/Johnson primary would be a whole lot of fun.

17 Responses to Daugaard for Dusty, Signaling Krebs to Stay in Pierre?

  1. Governor Daugaard has disappointed conservatives, and (almost) all Republicans think of themselves as conservatives these days. Republicans in the age of Trump also see themselves as rebels against the political status quo. A Daugaard endorsement is the kiss of death! It’s over for Dusty. Shantel ought to get into the race right now, and beat Dusty over the head with the Governor’s endorsement. In fact, Shantel ought to encourage Noem to endorse Dusty too.

    Shantel can safely accept Marty Jackley’s endorsement, and the two of them can run as the gun toting conservative reformist outsider team that Republicans want. Thune will endorse Jackley, and if Shantel is on Jackley’s team – Shantel too.

    Rounds endorsement – Who cares?

  2. Dusty is a good guy and a good candidate. I’ll probably try to help his campaign as much as I can.

  3. Fortunately for Dusty, most voters probably won’t automatically oppose him just because he has the Governor’s endorsement. They’ll wait and see who else gets into the race and make their decisions from there. Whether the Governor’s endorsement is a net positive or a net negative remains to be seen, but the impact at this point is minimal. It’s curious though that the Governor believes he has the power to box Shantel out this early. He doesn’t.

  4. Dusty and Shantel would both be an upgrade for SD from Noem. Workhorses over the showhorse.

  5. Greg Deplorable

    Dusty vs (maybe) Shantel, one thing it shows is there is a solid bench on the GOP side. Who are the Dems going to trot out? Faith Spotted Eagle, their protest leader and electoral celebrity? Maybe they can convince carpet bagger Sandlin to come home.

  6. I bet you’re a hit at parties, Greg.

  7. Greg Deplorable

    Liberals love me.

  8. Don Coyote

    Maybe the Dems can run the Harold Stassen of SD politics, Rick Weiland, again. Or maybe talk his son Nick into running for the House instead of SF mayor, although it appears that Nick is also distancing himself from the Democrats declaring himself an Independent in a non-partisan race. LOL.

  9. I, for one, think Ms. Krebs might be overrated but Mr. Dusty looks like a kid. Ms. Krebs probably has some experience.

  10. Why Mr. Grudznick, do you feel she is over rated? I had some dealings with her and I found her intelligent, analytical and a problem solver.

    It’s like she enjoys her job. Definitely up righted a floundering ship.

  11. funny stuff greg dicta wolfie and grrdz

  12. Mr. Spike, she’s a bit like a yippy little dog, don’t you think? Lots of quivering and short, sharp yapping, with little serious bite. Plus, her pictures look fine but golly up closer I don’t think she ever really was a Ms. South Dakota. That has to be a myth. I mean, golly, what was her talent?

  13. Greg, SHS is home, in Sioux Falls, working for Raven. What Carpetbag do you think you see?

  14. Dicta, dang it! You mean you don’t want to work on my campaign?

  15. Ror, can Shantel tack far enough right to win over those radical primary voters over Dusty? Can Jackley pull the same trick over Tea-Party tease Noem?

  16. Assuming Shantel runs for congress, she and Dusty will have a Gordon Howie-type candidate running to the right of both of them. Might even be Senator Stace Nelson. Should be fun to watch, and it’s anyone’s bet on who wins (the nomination) if it’s those three in the race.

    If President Trump is as unpopular as some of us hope he will be by 2018 a Democrat may even be able to win the SD House seat. The Democratic Party has a lot of work to do to get into position to field serious candidates for statewide office again. Better get going on that now to be ready for the chances that will come with Trump as President.

  17. Ah, but smart campaigner Dusty is already reaching out the fundies at FHA to assure them he’s Christian enough that they don’t need a Howie-style theocrat in the primary.