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Greenfield Includes Nesiba in Senate Seating Chart

While Democratic leadership has put Senator-Elect Reynold Nesiba on a “leave of absence” from the Senate Democratic caucus (was that what Brian Gosch called it when he kicked Lee Schoenbeck out of the GOP House caucus last year?) pending the conclusion of Nesiba’s trial on a misdemeanor charge of non-consensual sexual contact, the Republican leadership is planning to seat Nesiba in the 2017 Session:

2017 Senate seating chart
2017 Senate seating chart

The 2017 Senate seating arrangement, finalized by President Pro-Tempore Brock Greenfield (R-2/Clark) and distributed yesterday, seats Nesiba next to Senator Kevin Killer (D-27/Pine Ridge) and behind his Sioux Falls neighbor Senator Deb Soholt (R-14/Sioux Falls).

By the way, back in 1999, a grand jury indicted freshman Republican House member Michael Koehn of Hot Springs for possession of methamphetamine (felony), ingesting a substance to become intoxicated (misdemeanor), and possession of less than two ounces of marijuana (misdemeanor). Rep. Koehn remained seated for his full term. He was primaried out in 2000.


  1. Steve Hickey 2016-12-03

    Here’s to hoping the detectives go the second and third mile in making sure this lady has no connection whatsoever to the payday lending bosses.

    We were warned of this all along– in Montana, Florida, and other states they dip into the dark underworld to destroy people on the ballot committees. If they can’t destroy people by digging up legitimate scandal, they manufacture some. We saw them stoop last summer to hire people to try and destroy Steve Hildeband and Josiah’s. We were waiting for them to hit me or Reynold. I’m not excusing Reynold to be in that situation or worse. But to me the whole thing stinks and it doesn’t smell like Reynold. That this went down in September is the very time we were waiting for the shoe to drop on either of us. Obviously I’m suspicious this was a trap for Reynold and he fell right into it. I was in the parking lot of Josiah’s (summer 2015) with “Deacon Pete” when I saw with my own eyes on his cell phone a call came in – the name on the caller ID was “Rod” and he denied it all day long. And there was no way to prove any money exchange.

    This is a career-ending matter for Reynold. I like him and care a lot about him. He remains a good friend (even though I’m still not able to convert him to my political persuasions). Certainly we don’t want to harass a reporting party but as this goes to trial in January, considering these other circumstances and suspicions, isn’t it a reasonable thing for law enforcement to be double sure there is no connection?? So, I’ve asked for just that – maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Maybe I’m all wet. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

  2. Porter Lansing 2016-12-03

    Schoenbeck did have a nasty, costic mouth. Good thing he quit. He was “HIGHLY BEATABLE”.
    “In 30 years of watching Legislature action in South Dakota, I’ve never seen something like this happen where a lawmaker resigned in what appears to be just anger,” said Vernon Brown, KSFY political analyst.
    -Brown says the move is shocking, considering Schoenbeck is a long-time legislator.
    -Schoenbeck has taken to Twitter to criticize Gosch, his latest tweet saying ‘As GOP, it is critical that we never let Brian Gosch ever get elected or nominated to any other position. Sometimes you just have to say no.'”

  3. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Steve Hickey Am I to understand that you are advocating law enforcement investigate the victim of a sexual assault in which her assailant has already publicly acknowledged his involvement and corroborated 99% of the criminal complaint?! I would encourage you to read the available information on this. It is inappropriate to question and malign this sexual assault victim.

    @CAH I have no affinity for Mr Schoenbeck’s (or is Rorschach’s) establishment moderate politics, and I take no pleasure in the poetic turn of events he found himself in last year after his ignorant tirade against me when I had to deal with Gosch, Lust, & Rausch’s corrupt antics.

    Brian Gosch is a first rate scumbag and his abuse of his position in edicting Mr Schoenbeck’s expulsion from the caucus, with out due process, highlights that fact. Gosch’s actions are the height of hypocrisy in that his conduct during a House Judiciary committee hearing, in which he called Rep Jon Hanson a “Fu@&ing idiot,” makes Mr Schoenbeck’s private comments out of the legislature, mild in-actionable in comparison. Regardless of my disagreements with Mr Schoenbeck, I will join his ranks in educating the electorate in the event Brian Gosch attempts to slither out of his hole and attempt to corrupt another public office.

  4. Steve Hickey 2016-12-03

    99%? He pled not guilty to anything criminal and has a different account of events.
    And no it’s not out of order for law enforcement to check a story especially when there are reasons to do so.

  5. Dana P 2016-12-03

    good ole Stace. Mr Hickey never said that the victim should be maligned or questioned. However, if YOU read the complaint (it looks like you did not), there were some questions that were raised as far as consent goes. Law enforcement is NOT maligning or questioning the victim, but as you well know (because you remind us of it ad nauseum) burden of proof would be on the police in order to file charges. If there are some parts of the story that just aren’t matching, LEO would NOT be doing their jobs if they didn’t check things out. And you know it. And that has nothing to do with maligning or questioning the victim. It is called, “doing their jobs”.

    No means no. If this gentleman committed sexual contact when victim was not giving consent, then the chips are going to fall hard for him. And they should. But, like Mr Hickey said, the suspect did not agree with 99% of the complaint. Do you just pull stuff out of your hip pocket for fun or what?

  6. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Steve Hickey absolute BS! It is unethical, unprofessional, and possibly criminal to go on a fishing expedition into a victim’s background where the intent or the result Will be intimidation and harassment of the victim. Contrary to your over estimation of your self importance, you’re insufferable arrogance is not a substitution for actual experience and knowledge of ethical investigations of sexual assaults and rape. Yes, 99%! “On Sept. 30, Nesiba spoke with law enforcement about the incident, according to court documents. He didn’t deny much of the woman’s version of events, but said at no time did he use force or cause any harm that he knew of. He said he thought the victim was playing “hard to get.”” FYI, just because a suspect denies an element of the crime (force) or the criminal statute, when they confess to the actions that are the elements of the crime (held, grabbed, digital penetration, etc), it is still an admission to the elements of the crime that may encompass enough to be considered a confession to the crime.

  7. Steve Hickey 2016-12-03

    No need for a trial then, Stace. Why even have that whole court side of the criminal justice system? All we need are arm chair investigators like you who believe the first thing they hear. So much for innocent until proven guilty.

  8. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Dana P. It is absolutely wrong for Steve Hickey to concoct theories and malign this women by imposing public questioning of her motives for reporting this crime based off those theories. This type of unethical, attack the victim ambushes, is exactly the reason why so many victims are afraid to come forward and report their victimization. For STEVE Hickey to malign this women for his own selfish political motives is unacceptable. itnis a very rare occurrence where it is professional or proper to delve into the background or associations of a sexual assault victim. At the unsubstantiated suspicious behest of a poliTician, for political purposes isn’t one of them.

  9. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Steve Hickey you’re arrogant hypocrisy knows no bounds. You are the jack wagon indicting, and publicly maligning, the innocence of a sexual assault victim off your asinine theories that are based off no identifiable reliable information. Even the Senate Democratic caucus have distanced themselves from this mess; however, not the Arrogant Steve Hickey whose ego is such that he would rather initate an unwarranted attack on a sexual assault victim, than acknowledge The official police reports that were publicly filed. Shame on you, and shame on anyone else who attacks any victim of sexual assault in such a fashion.

  10. Chuck-Z 2016-12-03

    “Shame on you, and shame on anyone else who attacks any victim of sexual assault in such a fashion”

    Good thing he didn’t get her pregnant eh Stace?

  11. grudznick 2016-12-03

    Marsy’s Law! I call Marsy’s Law on Messrs. Hickey and Nelson.

  12. jerry 2016-12-03

    Shame on you Nelson for obstruction of due process. You are not guilty, in this country, until proven guilty. No matter what you are getting down on Hickey about, you sir are the arrogant hypocrite. Your claim to have been in the judicial branch must have been somewhat of a joke on yourself. If the Democrats have distanced themselves well then shame on them as well for not allowing due process. I do not care for Greenfield in other matters, but at least he has the good sense to know how law works. Nelson, it looks like you may need to study the Constitution, take a look at V and VI. Most folks like yourself Nelson, really fail at what the Constitution is. I am really not surprised at your lack of interest on that “piece of paper”.

  13. grudznick 2016-12-03

    Isn’t there another Mr. Gosch entering the legislatures and destined to be one of the leadership soon?

  14. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Jerry Yeah, yeah.. Your rabid nonsensical vomiting of asinine charges and ignorance of terms you obviously have no clue about, doesn’t change reality no matter how often or ridiculous they are. “Due process” is not a club for Leftist like you and Hickey to abuse a sexual assault victim for the sake of your political agenda. Get back to me when you two are nationally recognized as experts on sexual assault like the one you deride.

  15. mike from iowa 2016-12-03

    Hickey is in Scotland. How much more distance does he need to put between himself and Nelson’s hogwash?

  16. jerry 2016-12-03

    Nelson, your an expert??? Jokes on you dude.

  17. jerry 2016-12-03

    Nelson, here is how it works. See, we live in a land that is supposed to be of law, with a little thingy called due process. Not do process, sound the same but are totally different. I am thinking that you may have confused yourself into the latter. It is okay, a lot of folks like yourself have forgotten how the Constitution really works. I blame not having Civics or government class any more in high school, damn austerity anyway. Anyhoo, there are old books that you can read or there is a handy one that the ACLU printed out regarding Amendments and Articles, pretty cool and you can even read it whilst you do your big job.

  18. jerry 2016-12-03

    Nelson, lucky you! I also have this for you to peruse. Kind of has some tricky twenty dollar words, but use your handy dandy dictionary if you get lost in the weeds to find meaning. Check it out and get back to Hickey with an apology for being so you. You know Hickey brings a good point to the debate about the investigation not being complete and stuff like that, you know, due process. Oh, here it is

  19. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-03

    If Nelson were to read and comprehend Hickey’s original comment,Steve did not blame the woman for anything, he simply suggested that the matter may require a second look given the political situation.
    Not every sexual assault or rape case is true but law enforcements investigates them none the less and with some regularity find that they have been falsified by the alleged victim.
    I’m not suggesting this is true of this victim, but I am willing to follow or system of justice to see how it plays out.
    The two Steve’s should be cautious about entrapment in this state that known for political dirty tricks and corruption.

  20. grudznick 2016-12-03

    If this woman’s claim is false, that’s a crime, and you fellows can’t be identifying Mr. Nesiba by name in your bloggings. Mr. Nesiba is a fellow long noted for being insaner than most, so this is not a bad thing to have his name in the news papers and such but I feel bad for the children he was supposed to be teaching. Unless they got a better teacher which is likely.

  21. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Jerry I’m sure you impress yourself with your how much you don’t know that you think you know; however, reality betrays your beliefs and your nonsense. I worked hundreds of sexual assaults in my career, gave hundreds of Rape & Sexual Assault classes, and have provided expert consultation on an Oscar nominated film and Vanity Fair crime series.

    But keep spouting your nonsense anonymous “Jerry.”

  22. jerry 2016-12-03

    Reverend Hickey has more knowledge than you could ever hope for. You see, he has common sense. I know I know, a Republican with common sense, yep. That is the due process of critical thinking. It would seem to me that you need to apologize to him for making the incorrect assumption of his post. Hickey is many things, but the last thing would be is being flippant towards anyone in this case. He only wants there to be a full investigation of all involved. You sir, are so full of yourself, you cannot see the actual meaning of it all. BTW, it is anonymous jerry, you can’t even get that right. Geesh

  23. mike from iowa 2016-12-03

    BFD. That makes you THE ONE TRUE VOICE on this case-how? As much as I hate to side with Hickey, he is absolutely correct if there is a reasonable doubt about the so called victim’s possible motive(s). And it doesn’t take a LEO to understand or even know that.

    Speaking of impugning victims, how many Black shooting victims of white police are immediately reported as having criminal records-as if that makes it permissible to shoot them while unarmed?

  24. Jenny 2016-12-03

    What has gotten into Stace these days?

  25. grudznick 2016-12-03

    Mr. jerry, as the Past President of the Conservatives with Common Sense, I feel obligated to point out your comment about Mr. Hickey being a “Republican with common sense” may or may not be true on either count, but he is not affiliated with our organization in any way.

    Let us all be clear, Mr. Hickey is not a member of the Conservatives with Common Sense. He’s too libbie most of the hand with some wingnut tendencies on the other hand. He tried to join. We would not have him. Then he left the state.

  26. jerry 2016-12-03

    I was kind of accusing him of being involved with the “Republicans with common sense”, so I will just change that to “a person with common sense” to not get into any copyright deals against your organization Mr. Grudznick. When you have one hand going against the other hand, you sometimes clap if it becomes to uncontrollable, can’t have that. Here in South Dakota, we only have one hand clapping or is that one hand waving to our sense of law and order.

  27. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    If it wasn’t so grotesquely disgusting, it would be funny in this perverse Leftist universe. You will fight for the right to kill an innocent baby as a woman’s right, but trample a vicitm’s reputdtion and good name for petty politics In convicting a sexual assault victim of felony perjury, and conspiracy based off an arrogant politicians asinine theory concocted on the opposite side of the planet.

    Good to see their are some on the Left disgusted with this misogyny of the Left

  28. jerry 2016-12-03

    Your a lawmaker? Funny as hell Nelson, way to represent your district. They must be proud. Tell them your position on Medicare and Social Security, show them that you are a maverick dude. Show them that you are not unhinged, difficult as it may be, show them.

  29. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @IOWA Mike Not surprising to see you supporting the intimidation of a sexual assault victim for your political agenda. An all new low in your internet bully schtick.

    I would encourage all of you inappropriately creating theories about the victim’s motives to read up in what you are doing and see you are playing the part of the rape culture facilitator

  30. grudznick 2016-12-03

    Hey, Mr. Nelson, you should ask Mr. Greenfield to put your locker by the restroom.

  31. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Grudznick How about we bring a little rock up to the gallery so that when you get the courage to crawl out of your hole, you’ll have a portable hiding place. Heck, you can even use it to stand on when you get the courage to spout your dishonesty to me in person. Now scurry off now.

  32. jerry 2016-12-03

    Wow, Mr. Grudznick, why is Nelson talking about little rock, Arkansas?

  33. grudznick 2016-12-03

    I’m not sure, Mr. jerry. I think sometimes Mr. Nelson is much like my good friend Bob who reminds most like a Stephen Adly Guirgis production. But Mr. Nelson’s head grows far, far faster with pompus self-importance and ineffectiveness.

  34. jerry 2016-12-03

    You may be on target there Mr. Grudznick. In the meantime though, Nelson’s bestest pal had the good sense to seat Mr. Nesiba, so there is that.

  35. grudznick 2016-12-03

    I am not aware of any friends Mr. Nelson has outside of that Mr. Russell fellow, but it is clear that the hiding-in-the-bathroom-to-skip-a-vote will dog that big fellow for the next two years.

  36. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Grudznick You push your little Communist Alinsky lie long enough and it just might break through. Oh wait, Nov 8th the voters said they weren’t buying your BS. You’re a coward who hides in the shadows spewing lies, while real men walk in the sunlight. This is me laughing at you ?

  37. jerry 2016-12-03

    Hmmm, how can real men walk in the sunlight when it is dark outside? This is me laughing back at you. (small picture of me laughing back at you)

  38. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-03

    Why is it when Nelson comes on Dakota Free Press he is more anxious to argue than debate and immediately resorts to name calling when challenged?
    How dare anyone express a differing opinion than Nelson, you know everyone is wrong and Nelson is right.
    What we have to look forward to with the upcoming legislature is Nelson trying to bully everybody on the legislative playground. Sounds pretty damn productive to me.

  39. grudznick 2016-12-03

    Voters in your district are notoriously ignorant, Mr. Nelson. When statewide voters had their say you got third. Third place, Stace.

  40. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @Roger There you go again! You’re the victim after impugning and attempting to intimidate a sexual assault victim for your political agenda. You & the other sexual assault supporters deserve to be called every name in the book for such cowardice. Real men don’t bully sexual assault victims.

    @Grudznick Hilarious Being mocked for accomplishments by a person so cowardly they’re afraid to post under their real name. I take no shame in being beat by a dishonest career politician claiming to share my principles to fool the voters even as he was bought and paid for the election with DC millions.

  41. jerry 2016-12-03

    How are you being mocked Nelson? Mr. Grudznick is only telling you facts. I think it is a wonderful thing to run for public office, but I also think one should know their limits. Mr. Grudznick rightly points out that the voters were just not into you. I have read Roger’s posts and see nothing in them that attempts to intimidate anyone. Like Mr. Hickey, Mr. Grudznick and me, Roger only wants to see a full investigation of this matter. Why are you so afraid of the results of a thorough investigation? That seems kind of cowardly.

  42. Stace Nelson 2016-12-03

    @jerry read the contents of the link above. The feminists rightly Point out how your unwarranted questioning of the victims motives for reporting her victimization and facilitates and perpetuates the rapist culture. That’s the difference between reciting legal terms that you have no clue about and Real world experience dealing with rapists who use the tactics you are using to try and discredit their victims.

    If anyone has any legitimate questions and wish to discuss this further 605-770-7461

  43. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-03

    Nelson works overtime at being a victim, just read his posts.
    He blames and makes reckless childish accusations about anyone that questions him.
    And here I thought Donald Trump behaved like a spoiled brat, maybe that’s where Nelson is taking his lead.
    jerry, thanks for the support, Nelson only reads what he wants and dismisses everything else.
    It is ashamed that a Marine feels such victimhood.
    Watch for Nelson to repeat his above posts and act as though he is making a contribution to the discussion here.
    I dub thee “Little Sir Echo”, Nelson.

  44. jerry 2016-12-03

    Anytime Roger. I hope Nelson seeks help on his anger issues, thankfully Obamacare is here to offer those services.

  45. Steve Hickey 2016-12-04

    Today I wake up and see Stace has made this string all about himself. He lays out his exaggerated resume with his favorite link and then dubs me arrogant.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Matt Michaels handles you this year, Stace.

  46. mike from iowa 2016-12-04

    Nelson “claims” to be an investigator and then drops the ball on investigating because …… stubbornness? arrogance? the helluvit?

  47. Dana P 2016-12-04

    Stace, thank you for proving everyone’s point and observations about you.

    No one, NO ONE, especially Mr Hickey has maligned or attempted to discredit this victim. Why do you keep insinuating that that is occurring? Jeezuz. So, since you like to brag about how many sex assaults you’ve investigated, if there were some inconsistencies in stories as your investigation unfolded, you wouldn’t care? You would just take the victim’s story at face value? And not do a very thorough investigation? Wow, Stace, with that philosophy, I hope you are never falsely accused of sex assault. WOW!! My eyes are about to pop out of my head.

    By the way, you don’t hold all the cards on past investigation experience. I know you just LOVE to pat yourself on the back that you know more than others here. Others of us on this planet have varying experiences also. In my experience, MOST victims are being truthful. But I did find on some of my cases that there was some victims that were not and they had other motivations. Jealously, intentionally want to hurt purported suspect, etc. I’m so glad in those cases that I did a thorough investigation, otherwise, I would have been putting innocent people in jail. And by the way, when I did those investigations? I never maligned or savaged any of the reporting parties. I spoke with them as human beings and got them to admit they were just trying to “punish” their purported suspect. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I would have put an innocent person in jail.

    You are pretty defensive here, Stace. AND going after Mr Hickey pretty good. What gives? Thou doth protest a little too much!!!

  48. David Newquist 2016-12-04

    The detectives are not probably going to dig into the Nesiba case further because they were the ones to gave KELO-TV the arrest warrant and allowed a reporter to confront Nesiba with it before it was served and help with arrangements to set up a camera crew and make a full production out of the arrest.

    Some have concluded that the defendant is guilty on the basis of news accounts and the request for an arrest warrant that was put online by KELO-TV. An arrest warrant operates the same way a grand jury hearing does. A grand jury receives only information that supports an indictment; it does not contain any exculpatory evidence. A request for an arrest warrant contains only the information that convinces a judge to sign it. It does not contain a full report of what the investigators found, and so does not provide any information about exculpatory or mitigating evidence. In many other states, journalists can through open records and freedom of information laws inspect the full investigative record. South Dakota does not have such laws and the public does not have the opportunity to examine all the evidence uncovered. That kind of information can be forced out only through the discovery process in preparing for a trial.

    Minnehaha County sheriff’s department and the SFPD have engaged in the kind of investigations characterized by the EB-5 and Gear-Up embezzlements and suicides.

  49. Ed 2016-12-04

    If Mr. Nelson is so bothered by the allegation against Mr. Nesiba, then why wasn’t he equally outraged by the twelve women who came forward claiming sexual assault against Trump? Heck, Trump’s behavior toward women didn’t seem to concern Nelson and other Republicans who voted for Trump. Based on their support for Trump, that must mean that gets Mr. Nesiba a free pass to do what he is accused of at least eleven more times and then he can become our next President. By the way, my son had Mr. Nesiba as an instructor in college and thought he was one of the best instructors of learning he ever had.

  50. Stace Nelson 2016-12-04

    @Steve Hickey as compared to yesterday when you made it all about calling into question an innocent victims motives for reporting a crime, and made it all about YOU and your assault on the free market as a Leftist? Exaggerated resume? Sorry to disappoint your insufferable arrogance, you’re the armchair investigator creating theories that a massive crime of conspiracy in SD occurred, without any evidence of such, while sitting in Scotland. You must have missed the June & Nov election results in how well this administration was able to “handle” me, Steve.

    @Dana P You’re so reputable, You have to hide under an assumed name and have no bona fides to cite. I have worked false complaints of all kinds, to include rape and sexual assault. They are a minority of cases and become evident when properly investigated, when the evidence, not concocted asinine armchair theories by arrogant charlatans half a world away. My last sexual assault conviction was in May, on a case I worked in 2005.

    @David The glaring points that Hickey, Dana P., IOWA Mike, Jerry, et al, and you ignore? The mayor and state’s attorney are dedicated, active, DEMOCRATS! Where is any piece of EVIDENCE that supports Hickey’s concocted asinine theory (from Scotland!) that the victim feloniously conspired with anyone to commit felony perjury on a misdemeanor charge of sexual assault?! What motivation does the mayor and state’s attorney have to short shrift an investigation, to be part of Hickey’s elaborate concocted felonious conspiracy!? I’m sure Dana P. Will be able to point out the salient evidence to support Hickey’s libelous claims.

  51. 96Tears 2016-12-04

    Having wasted several minutes reading the threads of “The Stace Nelson Taunting Hour” and the terrible spelling and slurs by the esteemed Senator-erect, it appears he has a new drinking game. Each time Stace feels compelled to attack Rev. Hickey and other denizens of this blog, he must be chugging a shot of Wild Turkey to fan his courage and petty vindictiveness.

    Behavior unbecoming a Senator and (as self-described) “a proud 4th generation South Dakotan, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a retired NCIS” blah blah blah and blah ad infinitum.

    Tut tut, Stace. Tut tut!

  52. jerry 2016-12-04

    Nelson, due process will investigate the matter. Due process will then give the report. Until then Mr. Neiba is innocent until proven guilty. See, that is how it works here, so far. I know that you would like to change that as justice sometimes takes to long. Et al agrees with me, imagine that! Figure out what you are gonna say to your 86% on taking their Medicare and Social Security away.

  53. Steve Hickey 2016-12-04

    “worked hundreds of sexual assaults in my career, gave hundreds of Rape & Sexual Assault classes”

    My baloney detector goes off with statement especially the second clause. Have we ever seen your real service and medical record, Stace?

  54. jerry 2016-12-04

    Nelson, it is Sunday, go visit a nursing home. While there, find out how many of the folks there depend on Medicare and Medicaid to provide care in their final days. Tell them that you are gonna change all that for them and take it away so your bosses can get a pay raise while they fend for themselves. Then tell them and that gal from Aberdeen you are gonna run again for office and want their vote.

  55. Dana P 2016-12-04

    Stace, I don’t “hide” behind or under an assumed name. That’s your ASSUMPTION. Real investigators don’t assume in the first place. My real first name is Dana. But I refuse to divulge my last name as people that are unhinged and might have an axe to grind against me? I don’t want to give them any info to find me. Could have made some enemies in my LEO career, or heck, even right here on this blog. You are acting a little unhinged, should I be concerned?

    My bonafides? Sigh. I was in LE for over 28 years, and one of my specialties was sex assault, child abuse, and sex assaults on kids. So yes, I do know what I’m talking about. But where we are different? I don’t find the need to try to brag about my background. I wonder what psychologists would say that you find the need to do that?

    By your “behavior” on this blog, my ex dept would have kept quite a distance from either hiring you or promoting you. THIS is not the type of behavior we would want from someone wearing the badge.

    David N is so right. NONE of us, including you Stace, have seen the entire case folder on this investigation. They had enough to establish probable cause, and an arrest was made. But as you well know (as you like to tell us) , he will have to be found guilty in a court of law. The system needs to play out. Why are you so worried about letting that happen?

    Stace, everytime you throw out your word salad, you continue to reinforce people perceptions about you. Why do you keep doing that?

  56. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-12-04

    There is a difference between “attacking a victim of sexual assault” and conducting a legal investigation to determine facts and establish whether a crime was committed and whether a specific citizen is guilty of any established crime. There is also a statutory distinction between “sexual assault” and “sexual contact”

    As I asked during the debate over the crime victim bill of rights, is a person really a “victim” if the state has not yet proven that a “crime” took place?

  57. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-12-04

    I agree, this post is about the Republican leadership’s apparent expectation that Senator-Elect Nesiba will take his place among his duly elected colleagues next month. Senator-Elect Nelson, former Rep. Hickey, others, do you see any reason, based on the information available to us and precedent, not to seat Senator-Elect Nesiba?

  58. Steve Hickey 2016-12-04

    You don’t lose your seat because of allegations. There is a Janaury 18 court date, I think. Until that process plays out he is presumed innocent and it’s basically a she said, he said. Armchair investigator Stace has become both judge and jury and ruled 99% guilty based on small portion of available but perhaps unreliable evidence. Let’s hope the measure he is using to size up Reynold is never used on him. If so, the Big Guy would fall hard.

  59. mike from iowa 2016-12-04

    Tomi Lahren of the “Blaze” is from South Dakota? That helps explain Nelson and a few others.

  60. Stace Nelson 2016-12-04

    @Steve Hickey I find it the height of the most disgusting hypocrisy that someone who resigned and fled South Dakota underneath a complaint of false swearing/witnessing now asks South Dakota law-enforcement to investigate a victim of sexual assault for the same crime; However, missing the sworn affidavit that was filed against you. My Facebook page is loaded with former coworkers that I served with at various stages of my career with NCIS. My experience is a matter of record with NCIS and is not subject to your petulant insufferable arrogance.

    @Dana P. The old can’t tell me your last name because it’s classified routine! My colleagues and I worked cases across the globe dealing with the worst of crimes, terrorize, espionage, etc, and you don’t see us hiding underneath our blankets. Don’t expect me to take you seriously until you grow a pair and while you endorse the unprofessional and asinine call to investigate a sexual assault victim’s associations and background based off of Hickey’s unsubstantiated theory.

    @CAH I would point out to you that none of the usual feminists that post on here and claim to have experience dealing with victims of rape and sexual assault are chiming in and jumping on the bandwagon to publicly endorse the call to have a sexual assault victim’s background and associations investigated by law-enforcement based off of Hickey’s unsubstantiated theory. I would also encourage you to read the above links that I posted which will show you that what Hickey is doing is a common tactic of sexual assailants and those who facilitate them.

  61. Jenny 2016-12-04

    Stace, please don’t turn into Kurtz.

  62. Steve Hickey 2016-12-04


  63. Stace Nelson 2016-12-04

    @CAH I would oppose any such effort denying his seating & violating his due process rights. If he does not resign before hand, and is seated, under South Dakota Senate rules a written motion by two senators could be made under Joint Rules Chapter 1B, Chapter 8 Senate Rules Moving for the establishment of a select committee on discipline and expulsion. It is debated, if a majority approves, a 9 member committee is appointed.

  64. bearcreekbat 2016-12-04

    I share Ed’s curiosity about Nelson’s reactions to the women who alleged that Trump sexually assaulted them, especially the woman who filed a sworn affidavit stating Trump forcibly raped and assaulted her when she was only 13, which, incidentally, was supported by another woman’s sworn affidavit that she recruited the 13 year old for sexual activity with adults and witnessed the violent rape and assault, as well as another woman’s sworn affidavit that she discussed the attack with the alleged victim at the time of the alleged rape.

    As an experienced LE officer working on sexual abuse prosecutions, what would Nelson and Dana tell us about that investigation and about whether to believe three women’s sworn statements made under penalty of federal criminal perjury charges?

    Of course, this cuts both ways. If we want to believe people are innocent until proven guilty, doesn’t Trump deserve this same benefit of the doubt about the allegations that he physically beat and raped a child? Is there anything in Trump’s history (besides the multiple allegations of sexual abuse and the open bragging about sexually abusing women due to his wealth and fame, and the open bragging about walking in to locker or changing rooms of teenage girls unannounced so he could check out the goods, and his comments about his own daughters sexuality and sexual appearance) that might make us feel we need not give Trump the benefit of the presumption of innocence?

    If Reynold Nesiba has a similar history with Trump, how would that affect our LE analysis?

  65. Stace Nelson 2016-12-04

    @Jenny it is a common tactic of sexual Assailants, and those Who facilitate them, to spread questions about the motives of the victim in reporting their victimization in order to caste undue doubt on the complaint by the public and facilitate harassment and intimidation of the victim. The fact that Steve Hickey is asking for law-enforcement to investigate her effectively for false swearing/perjury after he himself resigned and fled the USA after an actual affidavit was filed in a criminal complaint that he did the same? How does such abuse of a sexual assault victim not warrant condemnation.

  66. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-12-04

    Senator-Elect Nelson, do you feel conviction of a Class 1 Misdemeanor is grounds for expelling a member of the Senate?

    If so, under what circumstances would you support an expulsion vote (as conducted under the formal process you describe) prior to conviction?

  67. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-04

    There is a word missing from all of Nelson’s anger and rants and that word is truth.
    Nelson doesn’t seem to want to seek the truth that a full investigation might provide.
    Naturally, assault victims need to tell their story and they should be believed, but doesn’t law enforcement also have an obligation to make sure there isn’t a false charge against the innocent.
    As usual, Nelson charges off like a bull in a china shop. He doesn’t know the facts of the case anymore than any of us.
    He accuses Rev. Hickey of being an armchair investigator while he is doing precisely the same thing by not wanting to search for the truth.

  68. Stace Nelson 2016-12-04

    @CAH it is a much more complicated question and answer than that and one in which the entire senate may have to consider. Too early to say. I would ask you to review the many online resources regarding victims of sexual assault. Please point me to any of them that support an investigation of the victims motives when the complaint has been corroborated by the assailant as legitimate. You will find plenty that condemn such actions and cite them appropriately as harassment and intimidation of the victims.

    @Roger not surprising as usual, you create a reality all your own. As usual you see everything in the haze of partisan intolerance in attempting to create a fiction to match your narrative. The reality is that A representative who resigned and fled the country after a criminal complaint was filed against him that he falsified/fall swore to nomination petitions , disgustingly effectively now calls for a victim of sexual assault to be criminally investigated for the crimes he fled from, based on his arm chair investigator asinine theory that MAYBE she may have associations with his political adversaries. A theory you all claim is a logical investigative lead despite no tangible evidence supporting it.

  69. jerry 2016-12-04

    I would like to know how the tee vee station delivered the warrant before the cops. How do you think that happened Nelson?

  70. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-04

    Nelson, does Rev. Hickey have an active warrant for his arrest? Is he a fugitive and Marty Jackley is failing to make any attempt to arrest him? Or is your charge against him your own reality?
    Just the facts and truth would be helpful in your response.
    I would assume that any indictment or arrest warrant for Rev. Hickey would be a matter of public record.
    If you are going to make such allegations shouldn’t you, as a trained law enforcement officer, be required to provide some real evidence?

  71. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-04

    What Nelson fails to realize is that this a blog and like other blogs commenters speculate all the time.

    Even his own comments, regardless of his links, is speculation. Not all sexual assault cases are identical

    The hundreds of comments on DFP about the republican corruption of EB-5 and Gear Up were pretty much speculation since the republicans hid so many of the facts to the public.

  72. Stace Nelson 2016-12-04

    @jerry That is a great question for the DEMOCRATIC Mayor & States Attorney who had oversight and control over the prosecution of this matter.

    @Roger well, I’m sure with your reliable track record on here, I am sure that you will be calling immediately for the same type of investigation of Steve Hickey that he is calling for of the sexual assault victim ( unless you’re partisan wind cane points you in another direction) once you find out there were two sworn affidavits attesting to his wrongdoing capitalize once you find out there were two sworn affidavits attesting to his wrongdoing AND The same part of some politicians who refused to investigate and prosecute EB5 ignored them

  73. grudznick 2016-12-04

    Mr. Nelson, are you ready to tell us how you are highhandedly going to disrupt and destroy the operations of the legislatures this year? Or is it a big surprise for the day when you introduce 318 commemorations for each of the people who voted for you and then they get assigned to Mr. Rhoden’s committee and he gleefully gavels them all down and calls you out of order.

  74. jerry 2016-12-04

    Good News! Reverend Hickey did just that, now where is the state on this abuse of power. You could actually do something about this abuse Nelson, as you claim this is right in your wheelhouse. Show us your chops dude. sic’em

    BTW, if you can show collusion between the DEMOCRATIC mayor, the states attorney and the tee vee station, then ya got something to talk about. Be careful though, matches and gas and all that stuff could burn you son.

  75. grudznick 2016-12-04

    I, for one, think that young Mr. Greenfield may just be a genius.

  76. grudznick 2016-12-04

    It is probably evil to think that Mr. Nelson might try and clog up Mr. Rhoden’s committee with perhaps thousands of meaningless law bill, preventing the public from testifying on good bills to give good teachers raises. I’m just sayin…

  77. Rorschach 2016-12-04

    Sutton: Frerichs, Greenfield wants to know where you want to sit. By a liberal, a liberal charged with a crime, or a lawyer.

    Frerichs: Three of one, quarter dozen of the other.

  78. Monty 2016-12-04

    I am interested in hearing the opinion of Mr. Schoenbeck as to similarities to the case of Sen. Dan Sutton in 2007.

  79. David Newquist 2016-12-04

    As for the mayor and state’s attorney having oversight in criminal investigations: that is a matter that a competent and honest press would cover. In many larger communities, there are regulations or policies that forbid the direct intervention of elected officials in the investigative process of a criminal case so that there can be no question of political influence. It is difficult to see how a mayor would be brought into such an investigation.
    The state’s attorney office might be consulted regarding legal issues, but usually is not involved in a case before the actual charges are filed, at which point the prosecutor determines if there is evidence for a viable case.

    After the initial arrest, there has been no press coverage to speak of. An Argus Leader reporter did interview the sheriff’s department and received some explanation of procedural process. But he apparently did not ask the pertinent questions as to why a reporter was allowed to present the defendant with the arrest warrant before it was served and how and why such an arrangement was made. And KELO was provided the opportunity to set up a camera crew to record the arrest. There may legal issues raised by those actions. The public has a right to an explanation. Except in South Dakota.

    Another unusual aspect concerns the identity of the plaintiff. In cases of rape, domestic abuse, and incidents involving minors, names or other aspects of identity are withhold at the discretion of the press. As the preparation for this arrest clearly shows that the manipulation and control of the publicity was a primary concern, questions of political motives are inescapable. The relationships of the plaintiff have been made a serious consideration by he way law enforcement chose to handle the case. However, with Amendment S in play, we may never know what is going on unless Dr. Nesiba pushes the case into a full jury trial.

    No member of the press seems to have questioned the mayor, the state’s attorney, the police, the sheriff, etc.

  80. Francis Schaffer 2016-12-04

    I watched the movie ‘Spotlight’. Leave of absence was the designation used for Boston priests reasigned because of accusations of molesting children. I found this curious.

  81. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-04

    Francis Schaefer,
    It was said for years that nasty Jesuit priests were sent to Catholic Indian boarding schools.

  82. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-04

    Nelson will probably demand to be seated next to the men’s toilet in the event he does not want to vote or has another kind of emergency.

  83. Porter Lansing 2016-12-04

    Roger … do you know that SoDak is the only state that passed a law putting a statute of limitations on penalties for child sex abusing Catholic priests? I believe it was a legislator from Chamberlain. Here’s a peek into the Catholic church’s dirty underwear drawer. Not for the timid of heart or the Catholic apologists. You won’t appreciate how bad the situation was and still is. (At the end of the Oscar winning film, SPOTLIGHT – Mount Marty Indian School was listed with the places priests were sent after being accused of child abuse.)

  84. grudznick 2016-12-04

    Mr. Nelson is already known as “Senator Takes a Walk” by many of the people in the Crow Creek area. It seems apt.

  85. Rorschach 2016-12-04

    Roger, the senate chamber is smaller than the house chamber. Nelson will have no trouble getting out the door when there’s a tough vote he wants to skip.

  86. grudznick 2016-12-04

    Mr. Nelson has some fancy tricks cooked up for his turn wasting the legislatures time and people’s money this time around, I have been told.

  87. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-04

    Yes Porter, I recall when that legislation went down and the disappointment and shame victims felt by Gov. Rounds slap in the face by signing Smith’s bill. Once a Catholic….

    In retrospect, it always bothered me that these sexual assault cases were handled by the state when the Department of Justice should have had jurisdiction over them since they occurred on tribal lands.

    I attended Holy Rosary Indian Mission now Red Cloud Indian School in the 60’s and fortunately had no encounters with pedophile priests, as I learned later, the priests knew how to pick their victims.

    And there were always the whispers about Father so and so or Brother so and so. Now I can look back and recall the suspicious behavior of some of these priests and wouldn’t be surprised if they have a case file

  88. grudznick 2016-12-04

    Mr. C, there have been so many breakfasts where I have educated people that there is no god and it is only now I find that you are a Catholic? I wish you had spoken up during some of my rants, sir.

  89. Roger Cornelius 2016-12-04

    My religion, whether I practice it or not, is nobody’s business.

  90. Francis Schaffer 2016-12-05

    I do not doubt what you say. I had just watched the movie several times and thought the choice of words was curious that is all. I have no idea what the accusations are.

  91. Dana P 2016-12-05

    Good ole Stace. Good ole immature Stace. Tells me to grow a set. Wow. Is that the language of a so-called professional sitting legislator? Or the talk of a high school boy? How old are you? I feel very sorry for you Stace. Good luck in your life. I will not take your bait that you are trying to hand out. I don’t need to rely on the likes of you to take me seriously. I have had many take me seriously, both victims and suspects. That is all that I need. Thank you for proving my point over and over and over.

    As far as Cory’s question goes, if there are no rules that say he can’t be seated at this time, he is still innocent until proven guilty (I think Mr Hickey said something similar to this) and he should still maintain his seat. Alot of it is about appearances, and I’m sure that is what is on the Dems mind right now.

  92. Jenny 2016-12-05

    Spotlight was a very good movie, it reminded me of All The President’s Men in that it took a newspaper to bring them down. The team of news investigators at the Boston Herald or Globe (can’t remember which one) worked tirelessly to break open the Catholic pedophilia scandals in the Boston Archdiocese. Hundreds ,probably thousands, of altar boys were messed up from these priests. Horrific.
    It also reminds me of the Catholic sex scandal here in MN at the St Paul Diocese which MPR broke open. The investigative team at MPR that worked on it has received national recognition and awards for their exceptional investigation on it.

  93. Jenny 2016-12-05

    Now that is what journalism should do and what SPPR could be doing with corruption in SD state govt, but they’re cowards.

  94. Jenny 2016-12-05

    Grudz, the Catholic church enslaved thousands upon thousands of Native Americans all over the country and thought nothing of it. Stole Native American children from their homes, chopped off their hair and mentally, physically and sexually abused them. Anyone that’s wants to find the truth should just go to talk to an elderly Native American in the state.

  95. Jenny 2016-12-05

    The MPR Catholic Abuse investigation found dozens of hidden sexual abuse cases on SDs Reservations where pedophilia priests were moved there. What Roger is saying is true.

  96. Rorschach 2016-12-05

    Yes Grudz, Mr. Stacey Nelson most certainly has some fancy tricks cooked up. He’s had a couple years to think up commemorations and no way to put them out there, so there is some kind of a commemoration backlog going on. LRC will probably have to hire more staff for the commemorations. Maybe 250 of them coming next year alone. That’s not even mentioning the toothless resolutions. There’s a big backlog of them too. I think Mr. Stacey Nelson stores them in his tumtum.

  97. Jenny 2016-12-05

    I’m looking forward to the Political Carnival in Pierre come January. Free entertainment brought to you buy the SD GOP. :)

  98. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-12-06

    Comparisons to Catholic priest sex scandals are inappropriate here. There is no pedophilia scandal in this case. There is no sign of institutional facilitation of any sexual abuse.

  99. David Newquist 2016-12-06

    The Nesiba case immediately drew the attention pf justice projects because it has some of the characteristics of wrongful prosecutions and wrongful conviction cases. The complicity with Keloland in staging the arrest and in controlling the information rang alarm bells. The only follow-up story has been a brief report by Keloland on the appearance for arraignment by Nesiba’s lawyers last Wednesday which stated, “Nesiba is accused of attacking a woman he met on Facebook back in September. The charges against Nesiba are misdemeanors. His alleged victim told the court he should face felony rape charges.” The judge ordered the plaintiff and defendant to have no contact. Nesiba’s attorneys were not identified. After the initial effort to publicize the arrest with a full television production, there is a paucity of information concerning the judicial proceedings. There is evidence of a vengeful motive.

  100. jerry 2016-12-06

    A good civil rights attorney is needed for Mr. Nesiba. An active Democratic Party in the state of South Dakota would be pounding the pavement demanding to know answers about how a tee vee propaganda arm of the Republican Party could deliver an arrest warrant on live tee vee while acting in the place of police.

    The last I looked, tee vee news was not reality tee vee and even then, those shows do not ambush unsuspecting people with an actual arrest warrant.

    Mr. Hickey says that Mr. Nesiba’s career is over. If that be the case, I would get a severance package from the city where this happened along with the other parties involved with this through discovery. Where is the South Dakota Democratic Party?

  101. jerry 2016-12-06

    I guess it is not a real secret then to see why people are kind of turned off by the way the South Dakota Democratic Party continues to not stand for anything that requires the firm backbone of a political party. Mr. Nesiba was railroaded, simple as that. When have you ever seen a “news team” deliver an active arrest warrant? The South Dakota Democratic Party should rescind that immediately and terminate the ones who declared it.

  102. jerry 2016-12-06

    I stated that the television crew was a propaganda arm of the Republican Party and I wish to take that back. Mr. Greenfield seems to prove otherwise. I do think that there are other ways to find ways of advertising on your network though as they may have had an ax to grind with Mr. Nesiba Turns out Mr. Nesiba had some input into Mr. Hickey’s successful bill against payday lenders. I wonder how much that television network got for advertising those payday lenders?

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