SD Dems and Romney: Trump Celebrates Sexual Assault; Decency Demands GOP Repudiate

The words Donald Trump utters about women in the 2005 recording released by the Washington Post today are too vulgar for this blog.

I can print South Dakota Democratic Party’s condemnation of Trump’s foul mouth and foul soul:

Donald Trump’s remarks are shocking and horrifying. Quite simply, they amount to a man celebrating his ability to sexually assault a woman. No woman should ever be treated in such a way. His remarks show this narcissistic man’s crass views of women and that he views women as objects, not equals. This man has no business being President of our great country. These words once again show this man is unfit to serve in the highest office in the land [South Dakota Democratic Party, press release, 2016.10.07].

The SDDP calls on Republican leaders to repudiate their un-Presidential nominee’s awful statements and “revoke their endorsements.”

I keep going back to the dad question. Senator John Thune, Senator Mike Rounds, Rep. Kristi Noem, and Governor Dennis Daugaard all have daughters. I have a daughter, too. John, Mike, Kristi, Dennis, how can you hear a man brag about making unwanted sexual advances on women not share my certainty that we could not trust Donald Trump at our dinner tables with our daughters, not to mention with the power of the Oval Office?

Mitt Romney only has sons, but he gets it:

Hitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world [Mitt Romney, in David A. Fahrentold, “Trump Recorded Having Extremely Lewd Conversation About Women in 2005,” Washington Post, 2016.10.07].

Is sticking with Trump worth it at this point, Republicans? Wouldn’t you do more for your cause by calling Trump what he is, stepping a way, and letting him twist in his own wind? Why not replace every one of your Trump signs with a sign for one of your decent local candidates, or signs from Will and Jason and Koch-boy Ben telling people not to vote for all those nasty ballot measures that you hate?

Save your strength. Save your souls. Save your seats. Dump Trump.

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  1. Darin Larson

    In my view, the Trump candidacy will be a case study for the ages on the issue of morality in politics and the extent that party affiliation Trumps, ahem, every other consideration. If, after all the misogynistic, narcissistic, xenophobic, rancid rhetoric and deplorable behavior, Republicans still back this scumbag, they will be on the wrong side of history and, more importantly, lack the moral authority to lead this country.

  2. Nick Nemec

    The man is unfit to be president and none of the big four SD Republicans have the decency to admit it.

  3. Nick Nemec

    If they do condemn Trump I predict they will condemn in this order Daugaard, Thune, Noem, Rounds. If they were smart, a big if, they would issue a joint statement all withdrawing support.

  4. Our glee some three some, named Thune, NOem and Rounds support this kind of parlor chatter. They think it plays well to South Dakota voters who spend most of their time in front of the Fox talking heads. They also think that the voters may even be fooled enough to think that Trump is actually the character Al Swearengen, from the Deadwood series. It is really not to hard to see fact from fact regarding the character similarities of these two bozo heads. Two peas in a pod.

  5. Mr. Nemec, they have known of all of the indiscretions Crooked Donald has done, they have known of it for some time now, nothing new to this bunch. They support what he says and what he does.

    Next thing, blame it on Obama or Hillary

  6. Porter Lansing

    Typical Country Club locker room talk. Disgusting aren’t they?

  7. Roger Cornelius

    Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz was the first member of this sitting congress to have the courage to withdraw all support of Donald Trump.
    I will be shocked if our South Dakota Republican delegation has this Chaffetz courage.
    I do love October Surprises and this seems to be the ours. Republicans are in full panic mode tonight with some expressing concern for the down ticket effect.
    Trump issued a non-apology a short time ago, the question is, will it make a difference?
    There are a lot of questions about this news, but the biggest one is can Trump survive this scandal this late in the campaign?

  8. Roger, the big news is not this. It is that the United States has formally accused Russia of political hacking This is the first time I have ever witnessed this, a foreign power that is in the pocket of an official nominee for the President of the United States, meddling in our political process by hacking. Trump may be a whole lot of things, but his love affair with the president of Russia is a clear and present danger to democracy. Funny how he apologizes for his foul mouth but not for his treason.

  9. Darin Larson

    And here they are, Trump’s spiritual advisors are commenting on Trump’s disturbing comments about women. Some are standing by their man like Ralph Reed who says as follows:

    “I’ve listened to the tape. My view is that people of faith are voting for president on issues like who will defend and protect unborn life, defund Planned Parenthood, grow the economy and create jobs, oppose the Iran nuclear deal,” Ralph Reed told CNN. “I think a 10-year-old tape of a private conversation with a TV talk show host ranks pretty low on their hierarchy of their concerns.”

    In other words, Ralph Reed thinks the Devil would be a fine president if conservative wingnuts get a few things out of the deal. If the Devil agreed to get rid of abortion and the Iran nuclear deal, I’m assuming Ralph would happily exchange our country’s soul.

    On the other hand, we have some prominent religious leaders showing up to tell us the Trumpster is wearing no clothes:

    “Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, tweeted comments from a column he wrote a year ago about Trump’s past behavior with women.”

    “His personal morality is clear, not because of tabloid exposés but because of his own boasts. His attitude toward women is that of a Bronze Age warlord,” Moore wrote last year. “What is surprising is that some self-identified evangelicals are telling pollsters they’re for Mr. Trump. Worse, some social conservative leaders are praising Mr. Trump for ‘telling it like it is.'”


  10. Darin Larson

    Roger, I’m not a Chaffetz fan, but to his credit, he has not ceded the moral high ground by continuing to support Trump. That is a public condemnation. Behind the scenes, emergency meetings are taking place right now within the Republican power structure to discuss the possibility of Trump being jettisoned from the ticket. I don’t see Trump stepping down. His ego couldn’t take that for a second. Even his 2nd apology, or his 1st full apology since his first statement was a non-apology, tries to blame Bill Clinton for doing way worse than him. Holy cow, this debate on Sunday just got a whole lot more interesting.

    jerry, remember the adage that only Nixon could go to China? The upshot was that a liberal Democratic President would have been accused of appeasing Communism if one had gone to China like Nixon. Only Trump could get away with his Russian lovefest with a dictatorial KGB strong man who hacks our government computer systems while Trump publicly encourages this. Nixon went to China and Trump admired Russian authoritarianism.

    But I disagree with jerry that the bigger story is the Russian connection. Trump’s problem with women used to just be Hillary Clinton. After his shockingly misogynistic self was laid bare before the nation today, that 11 point gender gap with women is going to move to a bigger number and his advantage with men is going to creep in a bit. And I do mean creep in.

  11. Trump down! It was only a matter of time. Apparently, America has been saved, but you would be deceived. One down, one to go. The two party dominance is crumbling. Either bring Bernie Sanders back within the Democratic Party to save it, or support Jill Stein in whatever way you can. We need politicians and leaders with insight, vision and moral fortitude ( ) who actually care about the American people and the rest of humanity, and not their own sweet selves with their ambitions for power and money rather than for service to our nation’s people and the consistent ideals that this nation has proudly stood for, for so long.

    Glad to see you go Donald Trump!

  12. Just to be clear, that Thune, Rounds, Noem and Daugaard did not anticipate this total and complete implosion of “their” candidate before this weekend, just goes to show how party politics (party before country or state) dictate our future. It is all about winning for them, and Trump is all theirs! I think they just lost.

  13. What Trump said on that tape is probably just normal stuff for the Trump supporters. When you’re brought up as a redneck, it’s hard to take the redneck out of the boy.

  14. Message to Kristi Noem,
    Come on, you are better than this! Please stop supporting a misogynist. Be SDs hero to women today and withdraw your endorsement of Donald Trump. This would send a strong message to men that it is time to start treating women with the respect and dignity they deserve. More importantly, this would send a clear important message to little girls and young women that it is always the right thing do; to stand up against harassment and bullying of any kind.


  15. Steve Hickey

    Trump down?

    Talk about an early victory lap, Leo.

    To hell with both candidates really. BTW, where does Hillary fit in the levels of Dante’s Inferno? Lust puts Trump at level two, greed at four. On Dante’s hierarchy of hell where to we assign a woman who arms enemies, sells the State Dept to the highest bidder (treason), is okay dismembering children and takes millions from Saudis who truly exploit women and gays??

    Our choice is between past carnality and present criminality. Will America strain out (dead) gnats but swallow camels? By dead gnats I’m ONLY referring to this situation – a 2005 Trump carnality. We get to decide. Do we want the lady who embezzles millions donated to suffering Haitians, who says about disabled children at the White House easter egg hunt “when are these fucking retards going to leave”, the lady says one thing in Goldman Sach speeches to the rich and the opposite to the black poor, the lady who’s first reaction toward those in her way is to drone them? Or, Trump who it seems has the same issues as Hillary’s hubby and girlfriend Huma’s Anthony Weiner, and JFK and MLK Jr..

    But I will say this, not for a second do I buy any of the faux-outrage from the left ’bout the exploitation of women and sexuality. The left can be in your face outrageous with sexuality and we are supposed to join their outrage when a powerful man gets caught lusting after it? If they cared about women they’d demand Hillary put Bubba out to pasture.

    Honest question for you each… why aren’t we also talking about the words of Hillary released yesterday by wikileaks? In any normal situation she would be hung out to dry, or in jail. Does corruption only stink here on this blog when it’s Republican EB-5 stuff? Snowden and Wikileaks and the alternative media are doing a stellar job of trying to save our Republic from the corrupt Oligarchy and give it back to the people.

    No excuses for 2005 Trump. I was just like him in 1985. Most men grow up, get a clue or in my case start following Jesus and forever leave behind the old man and become a new creature.

    Remember, I was the one cheering for Carly Fiorina and the no-penis platform because this type of slime is always out there.

    [submitted by Steve Hickey, 2016.10.08 04:47 CDT; posted by CAH at Hickey’s request 07:13]

  16. Nick, I disagree only with the middle two on your withdrawal scenario. Noem would unendorse Trump before Thune, because Noem is in the closer race for reëlection.

  17. @Steve, you want Trump? Yes or no. By the way, I am taking no victory laps at all because I have been disgusted by this Presidential election cycle, and I am not alone.

  18. Umlauts Cory?

  19. [Ja! Hurra für Umlaute!]

  20. This is on topic here, too.

    Vote NO on Everything.

  21. Pastor Hickey, I have said it on here before, I am NOT a Hillary supporter, and I take offense that you think I am feigning outrage at Trump’s exploitation and sexualization of women.

    Way earlier in the election I was willing to give Trump a chance and possibly even vote for him after Sanders was out. No way after hearing how he has stiffed employees and all his other corrupt business dealings. Then the women thing came along and it is disgusting to hear how he wanted to fire unattractive women and hearing him call them names right in front of the camera.
    I have said it on here, that it really doesn’t matter who becomes president. The status quo will not change!

  22. Donald Trump reads the words “I apologize” from a teleprompter, then asserts that campaigning has changed him, that he will never let us down, that this discussion is a distraction (from Russia meddling in our election, as Jerry says, perhaps!) and that Bill and Hillary Clinton are the real abusers of women.

    Trump’s scripted apology notwithstanding (and as Roger notes above!) Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah has withdrawn his endorsement of Trump:

    “I’m out. I can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president. It is some of the most abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine,” Chaffetz told Utah’s Fox 13 News [Cristiano Lima, “‘I’m Out’: Rep. Chaffetz Withdraws His Endorsement of Trump, Politico, 2016.10.08]

    Trump apologist Scottie Nell Hughes tells CNN that she can’t judge Trump’s words, only his actions, but then scolds CNN host Ann Navarro for quoting Trump verbatim and saying the p-word out loud—”My daughter is listening.” Navarro replies that it’s absurd to “act outraged and offended when I say the word that you’re not offended by the man who you are supporting is saying.”

  23. Porter Lansing

    Any cop will tell ‘ya, “You can always tell a liar because they won’t shut up.” That’s you, Hickey. You spew out voluminous lies about HRC because you’re afraid of strong women and can’t stomach the fact that they have control over their own bodies when it’s you who think you know better. You lie about the 99.9% of Muslim followers who wouldn’t do harm to anyone because you harbor deep guilt about your own faith. You lie about your motives and you lie about your past. Enough said.
    ~ VOTE BLUE … it’s what’s right to do ~
    *And for you, Grudznicht … voting no on everything is just lazy thinking. Try participating in our American democracy. You’d be surprised what you could accomplish with a positive attitude.

  24. This election will go down in history, two absolutely terrible candidates. Both parties need to admit they nominated liars, cheaters and thieves.

  25. mike from iowa

    What were dumbass dubya and Raygun and Hitler Weasel Bush-pure as the driven snow saints? All pols are liars. You should know that by now.

  26. @ Cory, we don’t care about Trump or Clinton twisting in the wind; we care about the American people twisting in the wind (as the vast majority have been since 2008 and even before), and that is unacceptable!

  27. Hickey loves him some hate, standard operating procedure for the huckster. He does bring up a point though about those Russian produced political emails. We will probably never know if they are the real deal or not as Podesta alluded to. But for the sake of argument, lets make the jump and say that the hacked emails are the actual thing. From what I have read, they do not mean much of anything other than watchers calling into question things that could be troublesome for the candidate.

    Given that Hickey is a preacher man, or lays claim to that profession, he above all should know and understand troubling passages in emails that were transcribed centuries ago. It is up to the surrogates (guys and gals like him) to those passages through to help the sheep understand what is being manipulated.

    These emails from Clinton’s policy advisers are just what they are, advise of what to maybe expect from the 4th estate and how to deal with that. They are interesting for sure and show how the interaction of a political campaign works. But that is as far as it goes. What impresses me probably the most is Clinton’s support of dropping the TPP as well as the Keystone XL and the lengths that must be done to finally drop the hammer on it.

    How Russia is playing a role in American politics is alarming. What was once thought of regarding the hacking of a political party as well as the hacking of at least two states voter records, is now proven. Our voting machines are so outdated and meant to stay that way for opportunities just like this one. Russia may take over the country without firing a shot in anger, think of that and think of the dude that is opening the door for Putin.

    Trump has not shown us anything that we do not already know. He is typical privileged white male that looks on women as toys, not to be taken seriously but only to be taken sexually. We can tell by what he says that he has always been like that and is only getting worse as he ages into the bull necked stag in rut.

  28. The Deplorable In Chief was 59 years old when he said these words. He has never learned to respect women. Still doesn’t at age 70. Can you imagine the next 4 years with this d-bag as President? Fortunately, it’s not going to happen regardless of how much Clinton Derangement Syndrome a very small percentage of the population may have – as exhibited by the guy who got run out of the legislature and out of South Dakota.

    Shall we take bets on how long before Melania gets traded in for a newer model after Trumpmageddon on November 8? (Just 1 month to go)!

  29. Darin Larson

    Hickey, you don’t have to trust the viewpoint of a bunch of liberals as you say, but have you asked yourself why good Republicans in droves and hundreds if not thousands of your Republican leaders throughout the nation have disavowed Trump? Have you asked yourself why the last Republican nominee for president has disavowed Trump? Have you asked yourself why the last two Republican presidents have disavowed Trump? Have you asked yourself why dozens of former Republican cabinet members and highly placed people in the intelligence and military community have disavowed Trump and are voting for Clinton? Why did GOP standard bearer Jason Chaffetz withdraw his endorsement of Trump?

    On the flip side, have you heard of any important Democratic leaders disavowing Hillary Clinton? Have you heard of any important Democratic leaders that are voting for Trump?

    People of conscience are disavowing Trump, if not endorsing Clinton. Your party nominated for the president the least qualified, most dangerous, most morally bankrupt, biggest narcissist in modern political history–and that is saying something. Congratulations. The fact that you want desperately to construct some false equivalence with Clinton shows how jaded and out of touch you are.

  30. Porter Lansing

    @Greg … Tell us a final two candidate running for President that you actually liked. I think you don’t ever like anyone and would just rather be negative … it’s easier than engaging the brain.

  31. @Rosrschach Melania Trump has more grace than Donald Trump will ever have. We forgive her readily. We also do not believe that Hillary Clinton is responsible for her husband’s sexual indiscretions; however, Hillary Clinton has held public office as Senator of New York and US Secretary of State, and therefore, is held to a much higher standard of scrutiny. As such, neither Donald Trump, nor Hillary Clinton deserve to occupy the Oval Office. What is to be done?, and how fast?

  32. Rest easy, Deplorables! You won’t get Trump in 2016. But you will get Liz Cheney in congress. So all hope is not lost, deplorables! Pence/Cheney 2020!

  33. Leo, you said you were gonna go vote so I guess you already did the done thing and you seemed to do it fast. Clinton deserves to occupy the White House to keep what progress we have been seeing go further. It is clear that Hillary Clinton has the chops to keep this ship going in a progressive way. I get it that you got your feelings crushed when Bernie was beaten, so did I, but I am not a one trick pony. It is to late for you though, but at least you will see where you were wrong. Don’t be afraid, she will do a great job and we will all be glad we put her there. Now to dump Thune and his moll.

  34. mike from iowa

    What crimes has HRC committed? Name me one single crime she has been charged, tried and convicted of. It is unbelievable that people allow false and inflammatory charges against Clinton to cloud their judgment. HRC has not been charged with a single crime in akk those years of vast right wing conspiracy accusing her and her husband of virtually every crime in the book.

  35. @Jerry: Here is where BM had it wrong: It is not because Donald Trump told them that our country was going to hell….it is because they told Donald Trump with votes in the primary. Also, BM fails to recognize the opioid addiction in America, and that everything is just going swimmingly here in the Greater Midwest. No Jerry, Bill Maher tonight reeked arrogance, wealth and entitlement in judging and humiliating Trump supporters who have been victimized by TPTB. I usually enjoy watching BM, but not tonight. It was gratuitous shaming of the supporters, and not the leader: the supporters who just want a better life and deserve such. And as a preemptive strike, so help me Hillary, if you try to tag me as in the bag for Trump again and not just defending all suffering Americans who have been harmed by the 2008 crash, well then, I will just have to provide you with Elizabeth Warren’s phone number.

  36. Let’s just all agree that Trump is deplorable and unfit to be president and move on to the business of the day – which is shooting the South Dakota state bird. I’m outta here.

  37. Leo, I could care how you vote, it is that simple. A vote for anyone but Hillary Clinton is a vote for Trump, live it baby. You do not like Hillary Clinton, so what? Bill Maher gets it right once again, sorry dude.

    The only politicos that have rescinded there endorsements that I can see are Mormons. Mormons and Trump do not play well together.

  38. Jerry, I could care how you vote, but should I? A vote for anyone but your candidate of choice is a wasted vote, live it baby. You do not like Jill Stein, so what? Jordan Chariton gets it right once again, sorry dude.

    The only politicos that have rescinded their endorsements that I can see are GOP Committee Chairmen. GOP Committee Chairmen and Trump do not play well together.

  39. The only thing I like in Stein is beer. Or is that Lichtenstein. Both seem very hard to understand. Gop committee chairmen mean about as much as a bucket of spit. I want to hear congress critters like Thune, Rounds and NOem go off the beaten path and say some they retract.

  40. The only thing I like in Hillary is vodka. Or is that Honduras. Both seem very hard to understand. GOP Committee Chairmen mean about as much as a bucket of spit. I want to hear the United States Congress critters like Thune, Rounds and Noem go off the beaten path and say something that represents the best interests of the vast majority of South Dakotans and not just their rich donors!

  41. See ya Leo, I am gonna enjoy the day. You bring to much shade to that.

  42. Enjoy the sunshine! It’s great…it could power an entire nation such as ours!

  43. Darin Larson

    Idaho Senator mike crappo and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte have disavowed Trump. Crappo saying Trump should step down and Ayotte saying she will not vote for Trump.

  44. @Darin, Please wise Sir, is that going to help us protect our clean drinking water supply?

  45. Darin Larson

    “Trump did apologize for his remarks, saying he was wrong and was sorry for his comments, but he also defiantly dismissed the revelations as “nothing more than a distraction” from a decade ago and signaled he would close his presidential campaign by arguing rival Hillary Clinton has committed greater sins against women.”

    Yep, the Hickey strategy is fully implemented: apologize reluctantly “if anyone was offended” and claim Trump’s status as a sexual predator is merely a distraction and that Hillary, cough, cough, did much worse things.

  46. mike from iowa

    “Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified,” said Ryan,

    Paul Ryan said this about Drumpf’s leaked tape. What he neglected to say is woman aren’t to be trusted to make reproductive choices for themselves. What a hypocrite.

  47. bearcreekbat

    It is amazing how any allegation or conspiracy theory against Hillary is solid gold truth in the eyes of the Hillary haters, but all the allegations about Trump’s behavior are only allegations, including his pending rape of a child case, and his pending Trump University fraud case. And as mfi asked, what crimes or civil wrongs has she ever been charged with in any court of law?

    Any prosecutor can obtain an indictment against a target by convincing a grand jury that there is merely “probable cause” to believe a crime has been committed. In civil cases, a plaintiff can commence an action against the target without the necessity of showing probable cause. Apparently, despite all the myriad claims and allegations against Hillary, none have supported an indictment nor civil suit. That might make some Hillary haters ponder about why they hate Hillary.

    Hickey rants about all her imagined misdeeds, evil behavior and wrongdoing, calls her names intended to harm her and denigrate her, yet identifies nothing more than allegations. When did mere allegations that have been rejected by every prosecutor and every potential civil litigant become a proper measurement of a candidate.

  48. mike from iowa

    I’ll give Drumpf credit for truthiness when he said he was sorry. He is a sorry SOB for sure.

  49. Darin Larson

    Nevada Republican congressman Joe Heck, who is running for Harry Reid’s senate seat, says that Trump should step aside and he will not vote for Trump.

    They are joining a growing chorus of Republicans that are standing up for decency and morality and they will be on the right side of history.

  50. @Darin, you are missing the point….I want clean water to drink from our Missouri River! Who is going to permit that? Trump or Clinton or Stein? No Dakota Access Pipeline! No Energy Transfer Partners from Texas! Enbridge already messed up and polluted the Kalamazoo River for decades with their tar sands oil. Don’t let them do that to us and our beautiful Missouri and Mississippi Rivers!

  51. Darin Larson

    Leo, if your issue is clean water, you better vote for HRC any day of the week over Trump. Trump will say let them drink Perrier.

  52. Roger Cornelius

    The latest:
    Trump told CNN he will not quit the race.
    Mike Pence refused to campaign for Trump at the Republican event in Wisconsin.
    Finally, Governor Daugaard said that Trump should step aside in favor of Pence.

  53. Darin Larson

    Reported on CNN that John Thune tweeted that Trump should step down! He is the highest ranking Republican to do so. Noem? Rounds?

  54. Roger Cornelius

    Why is Leo trying to distract this conversation by talking about clean water. Distraction is a Trump move, Leo.

  55. Porter Lansing

    Do you traditional Republicans want South Dakota to be branded with the same stigma as the German citizens who were, “just following orders”? Then shut your eyes and ears and vote Republican. After all, there ARE more people of German heritage in Dakotas than anywhere else in USA. VOTE CLINTON … for once, be a winner not a sinner

  56. Yes, Darin, I’d rather my “issue” be clean water, clean air to breathe, and the diminishing of poisons in our food supply….you know…all those things that sustain life on this planet. It is not so hard actually. It is a human right.

  57. Roger Cornelius

    The 2016 presidential campaign will also go down in history as the first time a candidate did not receive a single endorsement of a major newspaper.
    Independent and Republican leaning newspapers have either disavowed Trump or flat out endorsed Hillary.

  58. @Roger, Priorities maybe? I like clean water more than I like Trump!

  59. @Roger, Also, if you did not get the memo Trump is already destroyed. What are you going to fight for when they find his replacement?

  60. Darin Larson

    Leo, I’m fine with your priorities and I’m saying HRC is clearly the best candidate over Trump given those priorities.

  61. Darin, I hold out hope that Hillary Clinton will come out strong against the Dakota Access Pipeline and fracking, but if she does not….there will be lots of opposition, and she will not get a second term…and by then, neither will we. Until then, I am suggesting that people support Jill Stein in any way they can…such as phone-banking or donating to her campaign. This isn’t a game anymore.

  62. The Power of the PEOPLE Won’t Stop:

  63. Roger Cornelius

    Didn’t Hillary all ready come out in opposition of KeystoneXL?

  64. Yes, Roger, HRC did come out against the KXL, after Pres. O vetoed. Re: DAPL, uttered not a word!

  65. I see Thune is now calling for Trump to step aside, wonder what the last straw was for our esteemed Senator, the racism, bigotry, lying of the last year or the dragging of white women into the fray? Daugaard also bailing on the Trumpster, nothing from Noem or Rounds.

  66. Roger Cornelius

    The one thing that has remained consistent throughout this campaign is that every time Trump commits a gaffe or faux pas it becomes Bill and Hillary’s fault. We have seen this repeatedly.
    Well, Bill and Hillary did not make those alarming comments on the 2005 tape, Trump did. There is absolutely no defending him and if you do defend him and apologize for his behavior you are just as big a lout as he is.
    I am also sick and tired of those that come to this blog and condemn both candidates when you know full well that they support Trump and are to cowardly to admit it.
    We will see the full measure of their cowardice when South Dakota has a landslide for Trump on Nov. 8.
    The RNC can’t remove Trump from the ballot and Thune and Daugaard know that, again the cowards way out.
    There will be no swapping out of candidates at the last minute, Bernie Sanders,and Elizabeth Warren will not be on the ballot.
    Even the false prophet Hickey has made his choice to support Trump, he won’t say that directly, but all you have to do is read his comments and know he has no other choice.
    I supported Hillary in the 2007 primaries and I proudly support her today.

  67. Roger you seem so assured w/troubled state of HRC support – not alone. Remember pride to be deadly sin! Trump is an inadequate, cringeworthy candidate who’ll never be elected to the Presidency. One down, one to go! Last one is harder, but Mme. Secretary is not supported by the people. Reality. History. Phone bank for Dr. Jill Stein if you wish to – she is not on the ballot here in our small state.

  68. bearcreekbat

    Roger, I too proudly support Hillary.

    Why do Hickey and others demonize Hillary? The answer appears to be because she is seeking a promotion to President, according to analysis of the rise and fall of public support for Hillary over her career.

    It’s hard to remember these days, but just a few years ago, everybody loved Hillary Rodham Clinton. When she stepped down as US secretary of state in January 2013 after four years in office, her approval rating stood at what the Wall Street Journal described as an “eye-popping” 69%. That made her not only the most popular politician in the country, but the second-most popular secretary of state since 1948.

    . . .

    How can we reconcile the “unlikable” Democratic presidential candidate of today with the adored politician of recent history? It’s simple: Public opinion of Clinton has followed a fixed pattern throughout her career. Her public approval plummets whenever she applies for a new position. Then it soars when she gets the job. The wild difference between the way we talk about Clinton when she campaigns and the way we talk about her when she’s in office can’t be explained as ordinary political mud-slinging. Rather, the predictable swings of public opinion reveal Americans’ continued prejudice against women caught in the act of asking for power.

    Tell me Hillary haters, did you hate her as 1st lady of Arkansas? Did you hate her as 1st Lady in the White House? Did you hate her as Senator from New York? Or did your hate begin to manifest itself when this uppity female asked to be elected President? When and exactly what triggered your hatred anyway?

  69. Porter Lansing

    I too proudly support Candidate Clinton. Have since the first Obama landslide victory.
    ~ In the interest of public safety … Rep. Noem and Sen. Rounds, put down those shotguns. Hunting while distracted almost always results in accidents … sometimes deadly!

  70. @Bearcreekbat You’re asking the wrong questions. HRC should be persuading us to get her vote…she is not doing that. Policy. Policy. Policy. With Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, it is a nobrainer. Both state their policies, and we believe them because not only are they consistent, but also because they are clean money candidates:

    Get the money out of politics. Repeal Citizens United!

  71. bearcreekbat

    The RC Journal online just reported Daugaard’s comments KELO:

    “”Enough is enough. Donald Trump should withdraw in favor of Governor Mike Pence. This election is too important,” Daugaard tweeted, according to KELO.”

    Does that mean Daugaard could care less about Trump’s behavior in chasing married women and groping women’s genitals and is simply worried that Trump will lose because of his statement?

  72. @Porter Lansing Stop the innuendo, we Dems aspire to be better than that kind of rhetoric.

  73. @Bearcreekbat It will be an interesting weekend. Caution is always advised in times like these.

  74. mike from iowa

    Marlboro Barbie is high ranking-I freely grant that. But, there are other wingnuts that stink worse than Thune. Some old trapper out to douse Thune with sodium benzoate to stop the rotting.

  75. bearcreekbat

    Leo, your comments suggest that you hate Hillary. Is it because people have contributed money to her campaign? Or is it because people you don’t think you like have contributed money to her campaign?

    If your hatred of Hillary is based on her campaign’s acceptance of contributions, then can you identify any candidate that refuses to accept contributions. Trump lied when he said he was going to self fund his campaign and I know Bernie sought and accepted campaign contributions (I haven’t followed Stein on this, but suspect she too would be happy to accept campaign contributions).

    And if you really want Citizens United overturned which candidate do you think has a chance of winning and appointing a Supreme Court Justice that might agree with the 4 dissents in Citizens United and vote to overturn that decision? Johnson won’t because he supports that decision on a libertarian basis. Stein won’t because she hasn’t enough support to finish 5th place in a 4 way race.

    If you were really a Bernie supporter, rather than a fake Trump troll, why wouldn’t you “like” a candidate that shares many of Bernie’s policy views. Arguments that she lacks policy proposals can be reconsidered by looking at what she has proposed in fact:

    “Clinton’s website has nearly 40 pages outlining policy positions plus additional fact sheets for every proposal.”

    Here are her top ten priorities:

    1. “For families making less than $125,000 a year, we will eliminate tuition” for in-state students at public colleges.

    2. “Pass comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship that keeps families together.”

    3. “Stand up to Republican-led attacks on this landmark (health care) law—and build on its success to bring the promise of affordable health care to more people and make a ‘public option’ possible.”

    4. “We will do everything we can to overturn Citizens United.”

    5. “Fighting for equal pay.”

    6. “I will not raise middle-class taxes.”

    7. “Say no to attacks on working families and no to bad trade deals and unfair trade practices, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

    8. “We’re going to increase the federal minimum wage.”

    9. “As president, Hillary will expand background checks to more gun sales.”

    10. “Clinton would increase federal infrastructure funding by $275 billion over a five-year period.”

    Hillary’s positions sound more like Bernie than any other candidate. So why do you hate her again? What did she do to raise your angst and make you such a voracious critic?

  76. Roger Cornelius

    Why do you continually promote Jill Stein when you know damn good and well she is not on the South Dakota ballot?
    Bernie was yesterday, Elizabeth Warren was never a consideration for president. However, Bernie and Elizabeth are both a part of Team Clinton.
    I’m not concerned about Hillary’s support nationally and realize that in South Dakota she will lose by double digits to Trump despite of the man’s crudeness and vulgarity.
    One more time, Daugaard and Thune are cowards, they know Trump can not be replaced on the ballot.
    Rounds and Noem are sitting around waiting for someone to tell them what to say.

  77. @Bearcreekbat I don’t hate Hillary Clinton (I voted for her in the Indiana primary in 2008), but I now reject her as a candidate for the Presidency (decided upon with more education of the issues and history). Now you are going to call me sexist! You could not be more wrong! so do not use that LAME argument. I now support Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, as Bernie Sanders is (to date) no longer in the race.

    Quite frankly Bear, you are trying too hard right now, and you just do not get it. Presumably you are in South Dakota, so go vote for your Presidential candidate of choice. I do not get to do that because Dr. Jill Stein is not on the ballot, and I am pissed about that circumstance. However, I will get out the vote for HER in other states should I be called upon!

  78. Porter Lansing

    @Leo the Lyin’ ~ lol … Porter got your goat.?

  79. @Roger Because I know it irritates you? No. Voters have the capacity to vote for Jill Stein in 48 states, excluding South Dakota and Oklahoma. There are definitely South Dakotans who want to vote affirmatively for Dr. Jill Stein, but we cannot, we are prohibited; so therefore, I promote Dr. Jill Stein because she is the only Presidential Candidate on the ballot that I can support. Time to phone bank to other states because Jay Pond was such an abysmal failure for Stein’s campaign in South Dakota. That is why Roger. Any other questions?

  80. @Porter…LOL

  81. Evidently, Trump told Thune that there would be no more photo ops if he were elected. He has his own crowd, like Christi and Gulianni, so Thune is no longer supporting Trump! Tough break, big fella!

  82. Porter Lansing

    This is quite an October surprise. Every bit as important as Jimmy Carter’s young relative and his Romney tape. Currently, Joe Biden is calling Don Trump’s admission of using his star power to grope women not lewd but criminal. The HRC administration is gonna fry Mr. Trump like a greasy pot sticker.

  83. The calls from Daugaard and Thune for Trump to step down are stunning… and practically problematic. There is no Constitutional or legal process to replace a Presidential nominee at this point in the election. I’m going to do some reading and write this up more later.

    But note that as Daugaard and Thune call for Trump to withdraw and as Noem calls Trump’s words “repulsive”, none of them have said they will not vote for Trump… who remains on the ballot.

    Note also that Nick was right: the denunciations have come from SDGOP leaders in the order he predicted! Well done, Nick!

  84. Pat Powers still can’t find his moral compass. He reports the Daugaard and Thune calls for dumping Trump, but offers no opinion.

  85. bearcreekbat

    Leo, I owe you an apology. I re-read your comments and you really didn’t attack Hillary like Hickey and other haters. Indeed, you really only made two statements directed specifically at Hillary that were very critical and one may have been a joke:

    “neither Donald Trump, nor Hillary Clinton deserve to occupy the Oval Office

    The only thing I like in Hillary is vodka.”

    If you supported her in 2008, can you tell us what exactly changed your mind? And since Stein didn’t make the ticket in SD, and Johnson supports Citizens’ United, do you think you might support Hillary in the general election here?

    I realize most folks think Trump will win SD by double digits, but I am beginning to wonder. Most South Dakota Republicans I know are decent people who would not want their wives and daughters groped, nor their sons and brothers told that this is a permissible way to treat our wives, mothers or daughters. Trump’s continued efforts at self destruction could actually turn our great state against him, so in my mind every single vote for Hillary is important here. Maybe SD will not determine the national outcome, but supporting Hillary and rejecting Trump paints a much better picture of who we are in this state.

  86. Porter Lansing

    Right, Mr. Heidelberger. If Don Trump steps down for the dignity of the Republican Party (why would he care about them?) maybe we can kick Ted Cruz’s shiny Texas hiney, also. That would make HRC the dominant diva and the Washington ova’ achieva’. ???

  87. @Cory, Perhaps, they already voted, and are scared of the ramifications?

  88. @Porter At this point, there is no dignity in either the GOP, nor the Democratic Party, is there? Are you going Third Party?

  89. Roger Cornelius

    As I was reading the ever growing list of republican senators, congress people, governors and other political leaders that have withdrawn support of Trump, it struck me how many of these women have adamantly not only disavowed Trump, but said they would not vote for him. I don’t know what that means
    republicans have always had a problem with middle aged educated women and the problem seems to have gotten worse in the past two days. If Hillary gets a lock on that demographic because of Trump’s recklessness she has this election locked up. It is surprising that Kristi Noem didn’t immediately condemn Trump’s sexist remarks like other republican women have.
    Hillary really hasn’t said much about our October Surprise, but why should she? She is anxiously awaiting Trump to bring up Bill’s sex scandal in the next debate as he has promised.

  90. Porter Lansing

    Leo, Count me in the HRC column. The Democratic Party is the best vehicle to implement the changes USA needs. I respect your beliefs, also. Good luck.

  91. mike from iowa


    Tic Tac USAVerified account
    Tic Tac respects all women. We find the recent statements and behavior completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

    When you lose Cronki…..Tic Tac you’ve lost the war.

  92. Thune has condemned Trump but he has not withdrawn his endorsement. That is where the rubber meets the road. For example, I condemn alcohol for making me drunk, but I endorse it for how it makes me feel.

  93. mike from iowa

    Drumpf has apparently scrubbed Pence from his schedule. Pence may be on his way out.

  94. Mr. H, while you are reading the Constitution can you see if you can figure out if it might be possible to oust Trump and replace him with a fellow like young Mr. Rubio? Could the party leaders all vote to do so?

  95. Leo is a Hoosier, the land of two penny, or Pence as that is the currency total of this piece of work that is Trump’s running mate. I can see why Leo is so grumpy, I would be to if I had that pos for a governor. Good news though, this may be the end of his leadership in Indiana.

  96. I was always against Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, but I bet many of you libbies feel like giddy little school girls today now that it seems less likely Mr. Trump will win over Florida and Ohio.

  97. @Porter, i bet you do. Thank you, but there is no luck, only stick-to-itiveness. It is hard in this political climate.

  98. mike from iowa

    Speaking of the devil- Cruz was shown phone banking for Drumpf with a sad look on his sad face.

  99. @ Jerry…LOL I am a Frenchman, born of an English mother with MI credentials…WTF…are you talking about me being a Hoosier?….Cheeseheads forever! (Or at least until Scott Walker is out of office). Anything else weird you want to say?

  100. Roger Cornelius

    It was like Pence dumped Trump, he refused to got to Wisconsin and campaign for him.
    As a matter of record, Pence has the same problem with gays that Trump has with women.
    Also, Trump was pissed at Pence last week for performing better than him in vice presidential debate.

  101. “I voted for her in the Indiana primary in 2008” your typed words. Hoosiers are from Indiana, sorry you did not know that, I thought it was in all the papers there. You must have missed it, or must have been out of town.

  102. @Jerry…Residency never implies identity in this mobile universe! So what are you? Says Who?

  103. There is only one thing that Trump wants and that is to be allowed to keep the campaign money he has amassed from the sheep. There is nothing more sincere about him than that, it was and is always about the money.

    Trump has been saying the same stuff since for ever on this campaign of filth that republicans shrug their shoulders and giggle about. It has been titillating for them and they hope that Trump will do something outlandish in the debate with Hillary Clinton. Count on record numbers of watchers to see just that. Trump lives for the ratings and he will not disappoint. I am not sure the censors will even be able to prevent it or want to for that matter. Trump sells ratings and ratings sell products.

  104. Yes Leo, you are that person of mystery, does your mom know that you are on the keyboards again?

  105. Okay then, McCain has had enough and actually pulls the plug. We are in for an interesting ride.

  106. I, grudznick, am a proud life-long South Dakotan, unlike most of you fellows here on Mr. H’s blog. Which is why telling you to Vote NO on Everything here is a waste of time and I save it for all the people eating breakfast at Talleys tomorrow.

  107. Roger Cornelius

    Powers at the Dump Site has 04 comments on his Daugaard/Thune post compared to about 108 on Dakota Free Press.

  108. Roger Cornelius

    Years ago my Dad told me to never pay attention to what republicans have to say.

  109. @Jerry, Yes. SHE knows everything. @Grudznick life-long South Dakotan too, even while defending our state in foreign states of the same union.

  110. When Mr. Dryden gets elected they will seat Mr. Lust. Maybe this Trump thing is like that.

  111. Mr. C, you know I think your dad was a pretty swell guy. I probably never mentioned it, but I have the utmost respect for the great job he did instilling character in you. Thank you, sir.

  112. There were 29 South Dakotans who gave their support to Donald Trump at the GOP convention. Have any of them spoke out that they made a mistake or at least distanced themselves from Trump? Has anyone asked?

    Sounds like Rounds and Noem are perfectly fine with the Donald, or have they taken back their support as well.

  113. Donald Pay

    I think the assumption is that Trump is outside the Republican Party norm. Maybe in blatant sexual assault, he is, but all the rest of the horrors of his deplorable behavior and stands on issues, he walks not that far from the deplorable party line. The Republican Party platform reflects the racism and religious bigotry endemic in the grassroots activists of the Republican Party. But the so-called Republican leadership is also of bad character. Scott Walker’s skirting of legal and ethical norms in campaign finance is not that much different than Trump’s legal and ethical lapses in his business and philanthropic endeavors. You look at Republican governors across the country and most of them have had scandal-ridden administrations. Certainly that’s true in South Dakota and Wisconsin.

    There is a character problem in the political elite of the Republican Party made all the more problematic by a lack of character in the half of the party that are actually pretty damn deplorable. You can dump Trump, but the problem remains. The character problem is a virus that has infected the DNA of the Republican Party.

  114. Remember, there was that very young Latteral fellow who shook his head and grinned a toothy grin at the TV. He seemed to know the future, almost.

  115. Mr. Pay, are you still angry at the dirt and water fellows?

  116. Mr. grudznick, you are not to far off in your observance of how things could go in this election. As far fetched as it may be, by having Trump remove himself, he could actually be voted in much like Mr. Dryden and then it gets cloudy. The interesting news on that is that we do not have 9 sitting Supremes, so there would probably be a stalemate there as well. Maybe there will be no election to satisfy the position of President of the United States. We would then be like Boehner in the House, with the incumbent keeping the job, election after election. That Obama could be our leader for decades and then pass it on to Michelle and then to the children, the chess player strikes again. How many dimensional chess player would that be?

  117. Roger Cornelius

    Oh Oh!!
    CNN just released a Howard Stern tape where he is interviewing Donald Trump.
    Howard Stern asks Trump if it is okay to call daughter “a piece of A**’? and Trump says “Yeah”.
    Flashback to when Trump was dancing with his hands on his daughter’s hips.

  118. mike from iowa

    Proud of what, Grudz-who is from outer space? Graft, corruption, cronyism, lack of ethics in your gubmint?

    Mr Pay-Walker and friends seem to think they did nothing wrong because the Scotus refused to look at the case brought to them. I believe retired Justice Prosser has admitted buyer’s remorse about some of the decisions he participated in. What a cluster…..!

  119. Oh Oh indeed Roger, question though. In opposition research that is done by the parties to fully vet candidates for office and especially the highest office in the land, how do you suppose this information was missed? They have known about Donald Trump all along, there was no mystery in this man. He is clearly the bloviating bullcrapper in the room, and yet, they act shocked that this is out.

  120. Roger Cornelius

    Back in the old days of politics one of the first thing that happened was the woodshed talk.
    That is when a candidate had to reveal any skeletons in the closet that would damage them or the party come election day and to provide damage control when something went wrong. Obviously the old time vetting isn’t a part of campaigns any longer.
    What I have been wondering is whether or not these recent Trump disclosures were held and released at a time when they could do him the most damage.
    Someone has had to have known that this material was available for sometime.
    In the mean time it wouldn’t surprise me if there are even more tapes to come now that people are digging.

  121. Mr. Jerry, it is really odd I am typing this to you but I think I would prefer 4 more years of Obama to Hillary or Trump. Things can always get worse, you know.

  122. Roger Cornelius

    Holy crap!
    Grudz wants four more of years of President Obama.
    The sky is falling.

  123. Mr. C, I expect they will feed me those tidy little ham sandwiches again for supper and while they are disgusting they are far better than what might be served from a platter of Hillary or Trump. This is why I urge voting NO on Everything!

  124. Porter Lansing

    Don’t wonder, Roger. Does anyone think they haven’t been sitting on this since the Republican debates? The Clintons play hard ball politics. That’s why they’re so hated by their enemies. Clintons take every opportunity presented and push every situation to it’s most beneficial conclusion. Like getting the last squirt from your best cow. They often do things that are just wrong but they NEVER do things that are illegal. By pushing the envelope Clintons get more progress and more improvement from an elected term than most. Really, really glad they’re on our side. It’s like when Vikings fans hated Favre … until he was hired by Minnesota.

  125. Porter Lansing

    Who’re you talking to, Grudznicht? Do you think you’re influential? lol

  126. mike from iowa

    John T at Constant Commoner has Paula Hawks calling out Noem’s support for Drumpf. Good read.

  127. As always when there is a glut of something, you tend to be overwhelmed by it so you then just look the other way for a new product. Trump’s disdain for women and his sexual abuse of them is old news. Think about who the republicans swoon over, think of Trump as well as Pence and their mutual admiration for Putin. They swoon over a strong man leader like Putin and like Saddam, they eat that pistol carrying stuff up man. They eat it up. Why Thune, NOem and Rounds and the other guy have not retracted their endorsements is because they know this, they know the game and they know that there will be even more stuff coming out because it is there. As you note, there were 4 comments on the republican site over this, they do not give a damn about what this man does, he is their creation and their leader.

  128. It’s too late for Trump to withdraw. Ballots have been printed in many states and absentee voting is underway. Anyway, Trump has said he would never do that. And Democrats should not want him to do that.

    But here’s one machination the wily pachyderm might try to pull. They could get Trump to say, “It’s too late to withdraw, but if I’m elected I will step aside and Mike Pence will become President.” They will try to make it a Hillary vs. Pence race. And if people thought they were voting for Mike Pence by voting for Trump/Pence, the GOP ticket might fare better. Trump/Pence might even win if people thought Trump wouldn’t serve. But nobody should fall for that. Here’s the thing. If Trump wins, nobody could force him to step down. Don’t believe for a second that he would step aside if he won – even if he said in advance that he was going to step down. This would just be one more lie from a lying liar, and what does he care? Winning uber alles! Nobody should fall for a trick like this.

  129. Mr. Rorschach, if you think that Pence is any less of an ass than Trump when it comes to women, take a look at what he has done in Indiana, the list is long

    Pence may not have said the vulgar things that Trump has said, but he has certainly put into practice the same kind of dominance.

  130. Darin Larson

    The only way to get Trump off the ticket is to pay him off. He is not leaving voluntarily. Trump is going to try to make this worth his while. Republicans start the bidding . . .

  131. Douglas Wiken

    Veeerrrreeeyyyy Interesssssting.

  132. Porter Lansing

    Sorry men but there’s not a person in USA who can stop HRC. You could feld a team of all 27 Republicans who ran and add all their votes together and she’d still win by over a hundted electoral votes. No candidate in her position has EVER lost. Read ’em and weep, boys. The time for strong women is NOW!
    In any election there are a few predictable and important events. Few are as important as the Conventions. How important? Here are some basic facts:
    -In the 12 elections since 1968, the candidate leading in polling after the second convention has won the popular vote 11 times, and the only exception led by less than a point (McCain in 2008).
    -The candidate leading 3 weeks after the second convention has NEVER lost the popular vote.
    -No candidate has EVER won if they trailed after their convention. EVER.
    -10 of 11 candidates who led by more than 5 after their convention won (Dukakis in ’88 is the only exception.

  133. Mr. Larson, there is a certain amount of pride in what Trump has said in republican circles. Listen to their talking heads clap with approval. Tomorrow is Sunday, watch how this all works on the tee vee.

  134. Your numbers show the show Mr. Lansing, but remember, there are many more hours of Trump flagrantly disrespecting women and their bodies that are coming. One thing Republicans love is sex talk, just think of the Clinton impeachment malarkey and the republican’s gasping about stains on blue dresses and..oh my, they just get the vapors and need…more. We are gonna be hearing lots more of this drivel so we do not hear how the Russians hacked our political system in at least two states. We are gonna be hearing about sex and more sex but little about how the United States government has now proven beyond a shadow of doubt the interference in our political system by an enemy of the state. That is what republicans do not want you to hear about.

  135. Porter Lansing

    Right, Jerry … But there’s NFL on Sunday night. Vikes are good this season and it’s a Packers game. Life is best tempered through a polstace of moderation. ???

  136. Damn Mr. Lansing, you wax poetic with that “Life is best tempered through a polstace of moderation” Then you do the hokey pokey and have some pizza

  137. omg. hahahah. hope i’m not laughing too soon but we are watching the republican party implode. good stuff. How does it feel? then there’s thune, and oh, hickey too feels so strongly: “not for a second do I buy any of the faux-outrage from the left ’bout the exploitation of women and sexuality.” you are about to see the difference a smart woman will make leading the nation and influencing the world. thank you for your stilted opinion from the right which is never right. now step out of the way. :)

  138. Porter Lansing

    Good one, Ms. Leslie ~ you rock ??

  139. “…Following the statements at the Ramkota exhibition hall in Sioux Falls, Thune told Argus Leader Media that his comments were essentially an endorsement for the business mogul. It was the first time Thune said he’d endorse the candidate.

    “I’m going to endorse the nominee and I think at this point, he’s the nominee,” Thune said. “If people want change, I think their answer is Trump.”

    While Trump has locked up enough delegates to win the presumptive nomination, he hasn’t yet won over the Mount Rushmore State’s GOP base. He’ll be on next Tuesday’s Republican primary ballot along with former candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

    Thune tried to quell some fears Tuesday night, saying Trump’s presidency wouldn’t mean the end of the party’s values and principles.”

  140. Porters cheating. He’s adding pictures. Cool bro.

    Black Hills pow wow is rocking Porter. Jingle dress dancers vote for HRC .

    Darin Larson wins the debate.

  141. Leo

    All these anti DAPL water protectors gathered in the Black Hills right now, including five I know that were arrested, they are voting for Hillary.

    Peace brother, we love you.

  142. I think Mike Rounds has fired his social media staff and is out grabbing ‘something’ to help support Trump.

  143. David Bergan

    Death by hot-mic. Just like Lonesome Rhodes.

    Budd Schulberg, already a genius, has ascended to prophet.

    Kind regards,

  144. Jingle dancers and Mike Rounds are against Trump. Mike Rounds, who has jingle danced, would not allow a bell to be rung for Mr. Trump.

  145. I think it’s safe to say now that the remaining Trump supporter are deplorable.

  146. mike from iowa

    Drumpf’s new book-The Art of the Feel- prolly won’t be a bestseller. What comes before a fall, all you so called kristian Drumpf supporters.

    Spike, DAPL plowed their way through the Little Sioux River valley and the historic Inkpaduta Canoe Trail in Cherokee County iowa last week. Have yet to see what damage they’ve done. There were some serious hills to navigate all through Cherokee Co. After the pipe is buried there is still a standing pile of topsoil about 15 feet high on one side of the trenchline. Looks like a dike. Beautiful black topsoil. Some of the finest in the world for crops. What a messy waste.

  147. On death by hot mic: Jerry linked us to that Andy Griffith move, A Face in the Crowd, in an August 21 comment. Conservative columnist Cal Thomas appears to have drawn the parallel first in September 2015. Thomas turned to Trump last month. The Rhodes/Trump parallel is not quite perfect: Rhodes had projected an almost perfect public face before his live mic mishap, bringing a sudden, spectacular fall. Trump’s death knell is coming from an 11-year-old recording that only now hits the airwaves. (Team Clinton plotting? Holding fire until they need it most and can do the most damage while leaving the Republicans the least recourse? Porter’s suggestion makes sense: the Clintons play hardball.)

  148. Chris! Interesting Trump/Thune Twitter account! It apparently belongs to one guy, David Garrett of Los Angeles, who formed the Americans for Sensible Solutions PAC (yes, do abbreviate that, and check out its stunningly underinformative website) in a Bosworthian effort to make money on Republican foolishness. Garrett created such accounts linking Trump and over a hundred Republicans. Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo sent Garrett a cease-and-desist letter, claiming Garrett is violating Florida law and FEC regs. Garrett definitely violated FEC rules by not filing his second-quarter fundraising report.

  149. David Bergan

    “Porter’s suggestion makes sense: the Clintons play hardball.”

    Hi Cory,

    It appears that Clinton doesn’t deserve any credit in finding this video. She was just lucky…

    Kind regards,

  150. mike from iowa

    Caribou Barbie says if all Clinton emails were published, America would know that HRC’s mouth had/has more potty than Drumpf’s.

  151. Perhaps, David, and I won’t go further in speculating about political machinations. It is impossible to prove a negative… but it is worth noting that we don’t know the source of the leak to the Washington Post.

  152. Douglas Wiken

    A month or two or more, can’t remember for sure, I wrote that it was more than passing strange that the rats were jumping onto a sinking ship. Now it is ironic that they are jumping off that sinking ship when it is too late to save themselves.

  153. mike from iowa

    Spike and Roger C- Des Moines Register has a front page story on Standing Rock Camp and protectors with more of the story and some pretty decent photography from the camp taking up 4 full pages inside. FYI

  154. barry freed

    How fortunate for Hillay. Her supporters had the Trump audio waiting for this “Friday News Dump” after Assange promised on Tuesday, more H emails on Friday. As the Trump Dump towers over the H Dump in air time, the H Dump appears to be more campaigning by her, than an attempt by Assange to damage.

    Prurient sex beats corruption ratings any time.

  155. Darin Larson

    Bragging you can sexually assault women and grab them by the privates and get away with it because you think you are a star beats the revelation that politicians don’t tell the public everything.

    Are the Republicans going to run Hugh Heffner in 2020?

  156. Darin Larson

    “There is currently a higher standard for third host of the Today show than there is for the Republican nominee for president.”

  157. mike from iowa

    Hefner is socially liberal and has contributed to most liberal causes over the year. He has not shown any hesitation to supporting Black causes and has had women of all colors and nationalities as Playmates. He is 90 years old and a way better person that Drumpf.

  158. Roger Cornelius

    Barry, spin it and than spin it again.
    The fact of the matter is that Hillary’s campaign did not release the Trump/Bush video, the Washington Post did.

  159. barry freed

    Roger, What did I spin? What is the most damaging revelation in the emails covered by the WP? Hillary doesn’t tell us everything??? Chelsey is a brat? Shocker, how will her candidacy ever recover? You may have missed what the Media is ignoring about last Friday’s dump: that Hillary, in a meeting with Odrama and staff to neutralize Wikileak’s Assange, joked: “Can’t we just Drone him?”. ” He’s walking around free and thumbing his nose”. That’s a lot of talking to not remember. Then she comes back with the lame, “I don’t recall”…. Really? She can’t recall contemplating MURDER of the sole subject of the meeting, who is a thorn in the side of a President who has killed over 100 innocent bystanders with drone attacks? Or, she says if she did say it and just can’t remember, it was a joke. Please explain the mechanics of that joke or the legality of “droning” a whistle blower. I don’t get it. …and what does this revelation say about whistle blowers who were murdered recently?

    Trump is a pig in a video showing off for a Bush relative, Hillary is a murderer of questionable targets and innocent bystander children in the Middle East and would be murderer of Assange, but it is only Trump who is not fit to be POTUS? We need to merde-can the pair and start over. It wouldn’t be the end of America, though the two would surely claim it would be.

    Note how the Washington Post, when reporting of the latest traitor to the Democrats to be murdered, said nothing of the rumors that he leaked the DNC emails that brought down Debbie Wasserman Shultz. He is but one of three whistle blowers and lawsuit filers who suspiciously “died” this late summer and fall, with no clues as to why or who.

    Spin on those facts!

  160. Sorry Barry, but the drone controversy hasn’t been proven. At all. There is no corroborating evidence aside from an anonymous sentence, and not a single individual has come forward to support it or claim they heard it.

    As far as your statements of Hillary being a murderer – again there is no evidence to support that statement. She was Secretary of State – not Secretary of Defense, and even if she was the one who gave orders to attack a military target (which she did not) she still would not be guilty of murder.

    As far as the one link you do provide it is clear you didn’t even bother to read beyond the headline, because if you had you could see where the claim was labeled as nothing more than “evidence-free, conspiracy theory”. Detail about each death is provided and we soon see that whoever created the initial image surely took some liberties not only with the phrase “connections to the DNC” but more so with the idea those deaths were mysterious.

    If these are the types of facts you wish to present it wouldn’t surprise me that you were a Trump supporter. Actual research doesn’t seem to be a quality found in pretty much everyone who thinks he would be a good President. You might try reading beyond the headlines or relying upon tweets for your “facts” however. It might help in the future.

  161. bearcreekbat

    barry, I think your Snope link actually contradicts your theory that Hillary murders people. It begins:

    In continuance of the decades-old, specious “Clinton Body Bags” narrative, the deaths of four people with supposed links to Hillary Clinton in the summer of 2016 (over a span of six weeks, not “less than a month”) have been proffered as evidence (or at least a very strong suggestion) that those deaths are part of a nefarious plot to bump off anyone who might possess information that could bring down Clinton’s campaign for the presidency.

    However, as is typical of this form of conspiracy theory, those four people had only the most tenuous and indirect of connections to Hillary Clinton, and the putative reasons offered for why they would supposedly need to be killed (if any reasons were offered at all) ranged from non-credible to erroneous . . . .