Chelsea Clinton Raising Money in SF Wednesday; Clinton Beating Trump 2:1 on SD Cash

Chelsea Clinton is coming to Dr. Jana and Brendan Johnson’s house in Sioux Falls Wednesday. Pay $1,000, and she’ll stand for a picture with you.

Invitation to Hillary Clinton fundraiser featuring Chelsea Clinton, received by Dakota Free Press 2016.10.02.
Invitation to Hillary Clinton fundraiser featuring Chelsea Clinton, distributed 2016.10.02.

Donate more than $36,100, and, according to the fine print, 1/38th of the money you give above that amount will go to the South Dakota Democratic Party. So for the South Dakota Democratic Party to make $1,000 on this event, one donor will have to write a check for $74,100… or a hundred donors will have to frost their maxed-out Hillary/DNC donations with $380, for a total passed-hat-stuffing of $3,648,000.

But let’s think less about the money and more about the political game Hillary Clinton could play here. Clinton demonstrated how easily she can bait her Republican opponent at last Monday’s debate. Clinton could goad Trump with the fact that she continues to lead him in fundraising in South Dakota, a state where the Republican candidate should be cleaning the Democrat’s cash clock. At the end of July, Clinton’s advantage was 2.5 to 1 over Trump; according to current FEC data, Clinton still leads Trump 2 to 1 in South Dakota contributions ($272K to $136K). Worse, Trump has raised barely $10K more than Ben Carson and Ted Cruz did for their failed primary bids.

Poke him, Hillary. Talk about how small Donald’s numbers are in South Dakota. Tease him about not being able to score with an easy date. Watch Donald come storming to South Dakota to hold multiple fundraisers to prove his fundraising mojo on the prairie… and chuckle gleefully to yourself as he ignores the swing states where he’s sagging.

I’m telling you, Hillary: however much money Chelsea collects and Jana and Brendan’s house, talk about it. Send Bill next week to do the same. Launch the South Dakota strategy and watch Donald run.

7 Responses to Chelsea Clinton Raising Money in SF Wednesday; Clinton Beating Trump 2:1 on SD Cash

  1. Poor Cory. I hope she comes out strong against the Dakota Access Pipeline and fracking to save our drinking water, our tourism, our future, and to show some understanding of our Native brothers and sisters plight and proper claim for respect of Treaty rights, but Cory (in this post) just wants to talk about the horse race and strategy instead of the implications of this Hillary Victory Fund for South Dakota. So much for a policy debate with the Clinton campaign! Wish you were able to have one.

  2. Thank you Chelsea.

    Meanwhile dolts like republican Trump is in a hurry to destroy us but champs like dave letterman are coming out of the woodwork of retirement campaigning against climate denial.

    do you suppose South Dakotans have enough common sense to vote democratic and save the planet?

  3. Yes, Leslie, we South Dakotan independent-minded folks support Henry Red Cloud for PUC!

  4. Leslie, you ask a lot of an electorate charged with fear and loathing of having a lady boss.

    Electing Donald Trump could be an extinction-level event.

  5. bearcreekbat

    Interesting fund raising comparison! This almost creates some hope that a majority of South Dakotans might not be on Trump’s crazy train after all. Are there any current polls of SD voters that reflect a weak Trump in this state?

  6. mike from iowa

    Taliban wanted to endorse Drumpf for his treatment of women, but they were not impressed with either candidate at the debate. The problem was, neither talked about their plans for Afghanistan. I’m sure Drumpf already has someone headed there to collect donations from Taliban.

  7. Bear, I’ve seen no poll since the WaPo finding that Trump was ahead by double digits. But maybe Team Clinton has updated numbers: tonight they announce that Chelsea will also hold a public event:

    South Dakota Democratic Party Organizing Event with Chelsea Clinton in Sioux Falls

    • When: 5:30 pm – Wednesday, October 5. Doors open to the public: 4:45 pm
    • Where: Augustana University – Froiland Science Complex – Corner of 33rd St & Summit Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57197
    • PUBLIC RSVP HERE [Hillary Clinton campaign, e-mail, 2016.10.03]

    No donations necessary for that event!