South Dakota Donors Give 2.5 Times More to Clinton than Trump

Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump in South Dakota… in fundraising. According to Christopher Doering’s reading of FEC reports through the end of July, Clinton has raised $239,000 from South Dakota donors, 2.46 times more than Trump’s $97,000 South Dakota take.

SDGOP exec Ryan Budmayr makes more excuses—Trump was self-funding until convention, Clinton had to work harder to beat Sanders, Republicans since convention are as enthusiastic for Trump as for past nominees—

No, Ryan, they aren’t. Money measures enthusiasm. Your people haven’t given as much to your 2016 nominee as your people gave to McCain in 2008 ($570K) or Romney in 2012 ($1.68M). And as far as your chances for practical victory are concerned (or are you guys privately now just talking about keeping your loss disappointing and not humiliating?), all the signs, hats, and stickers passersby take at the fairs mean far less than the dollars your donors contribute to helping Trump win elsewhere. Your donors, the South Dakota Republicans so engaged they put their hard-earned money on your candidates, are not enthusiastic about Trump.

And why should they be, when Trump can’t stick with a consistent story on even his defining issue, immigration?

By the way, the last cycle in which South Dakota Presidential campaign donors leaned D over R was 1992, the year Bill Clinton won.

9 Responses to South Dakota Donors Give 2.5 Times More to Clinton than Trump

  1. Darin Larson

    I hope that SD Republicans can help Donald Trump’s campaign pay its rent. I heard the rent was recently quadrupled. Somebody is cashing in on this Trump campaign.

  2. I hope that SD finally comes to its senses and votes for Hillary. It will be a sad day; again, if we go for Trump. What are we thinking????

  3. These numbers are encouraging. Perhaps South Dakota is turning blue.

  4. Not only has the green horn Trump campaign failed to secure any primetime ad space in October, very few are investing in Trump nationwide, and the RNC just reported that this July’s fundraising was the worst July of the last 16 years – talk about encouraging!

    And then, I read this very article on South Dakota Republicans essentially choosing to dump Trump, I am just so proud of the people of my state! It feels good to have more in common with people I disagree with!

  5. bearcreekbat

    SD Republicans dumping Trump? Not Kristi Noem according to today’s RC Journal. Doesn’t this just make you so proud of our lone Congressperson? She and Thune make quite a pair, don’t they.

  6. I’m looking forward to Clinton/Trump presidential debates. She will shred him down one side and up the other, put him back together and shred him again. It will be entertaining! Trump made his bed and she will make him lie in it.

  7. Bear, Kristi can say she’s backing him, but I don’t see her name or her campaign committee sending Trump any money yet. I don’t see any Noems or Arnolds among the itemized donors to Trump.

    I haven’t sent Clinton any money… but I’m also not sitting on $1.7 million in campaign finances, which is 11.4 times more than Hawks has on hand.

  8. I think we are going blue! It’s kind of inevitable because we are becoming increasingly more urban than rural. Urbanites tend to be more liberal than rural residents. It’s not a guaranteed thing but in general! Our SD conservatives will be in complete denial of this but it will gradually happen anyway!

  9. I love the smell of GOP denial in the morning. Just wait until November 9.