Senator Rounds Office Phone Misses Tim Johnson

Senator Mike Rounds, please call your office… or is it Tim Johnson’s office?

Caller ID on call from Senator Mike Rounds, 2016.09.20.
Caller ID on call from Senator Mike Rounds, 2016.09.20.

Hey, phone, I know the feeling.

An eager reader received a robocall from Senator Rounds last night announcing some phone conference on veterans. The reader’s caller ID showed 605-224-5842, belonging to “JOHNSON TIM SEN”. That really is Senator Rounds’s number in the Hart Senate Office Building, but it’s also the same number that Senator Johnson had there.

Hmm… RINO-shouters can have fun with that. I’m sure Rounds has found time since January 2015 to change the drapes; now if he can just dispatch an intern to change the caller ID tag.

25 Responses to Senator Rounds Office Phone Misses Tim Johnson

  1. Even if Sen Johnson slurred, and had a hard time talking .He is still better than those two we have in the Senate now. One with lip service the other with photo ops.

  2. Eileen Van Soest

    Yup…..I had the same on my phone.

  3. That picture shows 202 area code. That’s Washington D.C.

  4. mikeyc, that's me!

    He probably figures we are more likely to answer the call.

  5. I had somehow hoped that when I saw Tim Johnson’s name that he was going to announce a big contribution to Williams for Senate. I cannot figure what scam Rounds is working on with supporting veterans, but there has got to be a buck in it for him to be involved. A scam artist like Rounds does not want to loose his game, time will tell

  6. Are we sure this is actually from 2016? By the looks of that phone in the photo, it’s a reasonable question.

  7. Yes Misty, we are sure. Got the call at 5.00 yesterday

  8. My phone is an At&T, which really only shows that the Uniden dude and I are cheapskates.

  9. Just look at the bright side, with Rounds in DC we don’t have to put up with him statewide anymore

  10. I at first wondered if my interlocutor had received calls from Johnson’s office in the past and had simply stored the number as Johnson. But that reader’s explanation and the similar reports now from Jerry and Eileen confirm that we’re talking about error from the caller end in DC.

    Greg, that’s thin comfort. We still have to hear him on the news, and he’s in Washington making us look bad.

  11. @jerry,
    My apologies; I thought it was an old cell phone at first.

  12. W R Old Guy

    I am on vacation on the east coast. I just checked my voice mail and heard the robocall. I couldn’t check the caller ID but the call included the phone number. A web search lists the number as Senator Rounds.

  13. (Hey, Misty, don’t be surprised if you find a lot of DFP readers using old technology. Some of us are conservatives at heart. Some of us are just too cheap to upgrade every year as long as the old tools keep working. :-) )

  14. Was this “caller id” the name from the caller’s phone or the callee’s phone contact list. If the callee had this number in their contact list as “Sen Johnson”, that is what would show up.

  15. Paul Seamans

    I think that the phone bill is still being sent to Tim Johnson and Mike is fine with that. Why bother changing things.

  16. I am an old guy Troy, I do not have a contact list and can barely keep in contact with my senses. Nope, it came from Trump…er..Rounds Same thing, both scalawags and thugs to the maximum.

  17. Roger Cornelius

    If you aren’t a rich republican, why would you want to call Rounds in the first place?

  18. Don Coyote

    @Troy: Stop it, stop it, stop it! That’s way too reasonable for most on this blog.

  19. “Tim” just called and asked me to join his call re veterans issues I am the original cheapskate uniden guy

  20. Don Coyote

    Crikers! Who pays for caller ID on a landline? Someone dodging the creditors, that’s who!

  21. Pay your bills, people! Do not be a scofflaw cheapskating on the backs of honest harder working people who have to pay your way for you. Pay your creditors and the thumb breakers won’t have to be looking for you. Have enough personal responsibility to stay away from the video evils and the legal loan people you take money from to feed your gambling and smoking habits.

  22. Wait a minute! Mike Rounds isn’t working?!? Oh that’s right, he thought it would be a good idea to bail out of DC so he and his cronies could go out and raise campaign money. Screw the work that needs to be done. We need to shill for more money!

    Pretty sure Smilin’ Mike ran for the pay, benefits and 26 paid vacation weeks. Given his record so far, it certainly wasn’t to do something for South Dakota or America. He puts the “Do Nothing” in Congress.

    Also pretty sure that he doesn’t afford his own employees similar pay, same benefits and same vacation. But then they are all smarter, work harder and spend less time on their hair than Mike.

    Mike, there’s work to do for all Americans and calling for vacation days to be a grifter isn’t really the best use of the time we are paying you for.

    Someday I hope to attend a sale where the “empty suits” are sold. Heck, we paid for them.

    Quick Mike! Call your friends and ask for money so you can go back to work! I mean right after you grab a quick photo of you just being cool.

  23. Don Coyote

    @Jana: Can we also assume that “Rockin'” Rick also ran for the pay, benefits and 26 paid vacation weeks? After all, three times he crashed and burned running for Congress.

  24. Nick Nemec

    I have caller ID on my landline, it’s part of the service and I don’t pay extra for it. The best part of it is that the caller info shows up on the TV so I can screen calls while relaxing on the couch watching the tube. If the number shows up as restricted or unlisted I don’t answer. I also let it ring a few times in the hope it’s a telemarketer calling 10 numbers at once and will talk to whichever sucker answers first.

    If I had reliable cell service inside my house I might drop the landline altogether but to make a cell call at my place I have to stand outside on the porch. I live 1/2 mile from US14 not 30 miles from a paved road. Maybe someday the PUC will address the issue of cell service and coverage.

  25. Troy, I wondered exactly that same thing, but the number of reports from different sources indicates the caller ID did not come from the receiving phones. I don’t think Matt’s phone has an option for typing in and saving contact information.