Video: Darrell Solberg vs. Koch Brothers on IM 22

South Dacola‘s Scott Ehrisman describes Thursday’s Sioux Falls debate on Initiated Measure 22, the Anti-Corruption Act, this way:

…we have Darrell Solberg, a Sioux Falls small business owner squaring off against Ben Lee, a representative of the one of the richest groups in America.

…[The Koch brothers] fight because they have the money to run us over and we the people fight because we must to survive [Scott Ehrisman, “Anti-Corruption Act Measure 22 at IPC 2016-09-15,” South Dacola, 2016.09.18].

Listening to a Koch brothers flunky sneer about rainbows and corruption upsets the stomach, but here’s the full video from Cameraman Bruce:

Note that Lee can cite instances of corruption in states with public campaign financing because the system worked: those states caught and convicted the corrupt pols. Of course, for Lee’s bosses, a statewide ethics commission that would catch such campaign finance chicanery is just more “bureaucracy” and government growth. The last thing the Koch brothers want is a government that’s big enough to check their Big Money corruption of our political process.

One Response to Video: Darrell Solberg vs. Koch Brothers on IM 22

  1. One thing that concerns me about the IM 22 debate is that neither side appears to be attracting in-state contributions. See my NPQ article:

    Prairie Playground for Special Interests to Test Campaign Finance Initiative