Heidelberger and Trump Square off in Aberdeen

Campaign signs are going up around Aberdeen. I’ll let you decide who the deplorables are on my block:

Yards on my street, Aberdeen, SD, 2016.09.11.
Yards on my street, Aberdeen, SD, 2016.09.11. Click to embiggen!

No matter who wins, we’re all still neighbors.

Interestingly, Trump uses a smaller font for his name than I do:

Cory Allen Heidelberger campaign sign 2016

Donald Trump campaign sign 2016

From a graphic design perspective, that seems odd. With twelve letters in my name, I had to squeeze my font to fit the whole name into 24 inches. With just five letters in his, Trump could fill his sign with the single most important word he should want passersby to see on their way to the polls.

But you know what they say: longer name, longer policy speeches….

53 Responses to Heidelberger and Trump Square off in Aberdeen

  1. mike from iowa

    Short name-short fingers-short attention span-short pee pee tail.

  2. mike from iowa

    One campaign promise I’d like to hear is no mention of fighting for South Dakota values- whatever they are.

  3. Robin Friday

    Oh, if that happens (we should be so lucky) I WANT TO SEE THAT! :)

  4. Robin Friday

    Maybe when Trump comes to Standing Rock. . .?

  5. Oh, Robin, I’m not sure Trump would find himself welcome on any reservation:


  6. Mike, whatever South Dakota values are, I’m pretty sure I have more of them than Trump does.

  7. Robert McTaggart

    I guess “Let’s make Pierre great again” was already taken?

    Or “Let’s make Pierre grape again” to support the local wineries ;^) ?

  8. mike from iowa


    From Pocohontas, iowa. 35 feet tall and huger hands than Drumpf. Warmer personality.too.

  9. I note that particular supporter of Mr. Trump has flowers planted that require little water, showing his taste for petunias that save water, are pretty, and display his compassion. His yard also shows signs of sporadic watering, demonstrating he is an environmentally friendly and ecologically sound sort of fellow.

    The supporter of Mr. H has no flowers showing his compassion, and his yard is a lush green with blades of grass thicker than the hairs on the chinchillas he raises in the inhumane crates in his back yard, showing he flaunts conservation of precious water with a “for me right now” sort of liberal attitude.

  10. happy camper

    What’s missing from Cory’s yard? A sign for Hillary. Granted there ain’t much to get excited about. General word on the street is from this entire country Clinton and Trump are the best we could come up with? This health thing is a bit of a concern if it pushes votes to Trump. Have you seen her wobbling head? Somein aint right in typical Hillary fashion she’s hiding it, but her sign “I’m Better Than Trump” doesn’t really stir up the voters.


  11. Robert McTaggart

    Cory is missing the “H” from Hillary’s campaign, but with an “I’m with Him” instead.

  12. mike from iowa

    HRC was diagnosed with pneumonia.

  13. A little pneumonia cannot keep Henry Red Cloud down. I bet he doesn’t miss a single day.

  14. happy camper

    Conveniently later in the day her doc comes up with that. Pneumonia didn’t make her head wobble.

  15. I was told that pretty young Dr. Boz was at the state fair wobbling with pneumonia. It is good she is getting back into the fray of the races but not good if she too is sick.

  16. Believe it or not, Dr. McTaggart, sometimes, I prefer to be concise. And notice, I have my own H.

    Grudz, the flowers belong to the house next door to the Trump signer, not to the Trump signer himself.

    Hap, you’re determined to sidetrack one comment section or another with a medical discussion, aren’t you?

    As for other signs in my yard, I’m not the only person who lives here. We are trying to avoid piling too many signs onto the yard of a pastor who will remain nonpartisan for all of her congregants.

  17. Darin Larson

    I’m going to sidetrack this discussion by pointing out Trump’s pathological need to lie about the smallest things. Today’s lie concerned Clinton’s exit from the 9/11 memorial ceremony that both she and Trump attended. This is from Foxnews:

    Asked about Clinton’s early exit, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he didn’t know anything about it. But Rep. Peter King told The Washington Post that during the ceremony it was Trump who informed King of Clinton’s health issue.

    “It was actually Trump who told me what was going on,” King told a Washington Post reporter. “He leaned over and told me that ‘Hillary wasn’t feeling well.’ I said, ‘Really?'”


    Happy, here is Trump going into convulsions:


    Maybe Trump[ has serious health problems. I’m not a physician, but my diagnosis is mental illness, specifically psychotic episodes with narcissistic tendencies.

  18. Darin Larson

    Happy, maybe Clinton could get the Trumpster to get her an appointment with his Dr. Under his care, Trump was able to become the healthiest candidate for president that has ever lived. Quite impressive.

  19. Lars Aanning

    I keep checking at Barnes&Noble for Trump’s “Mein Deal” but no luck so far…

  20. Trump’s sign is terrible graphic design. Wall-to-wall text, ALL CAPS SHOUTING on every square inch. Sure, signs often feature all caps, but to fill every square inch of it, and to make every word roughly the same size, it’s like they were trying to make it difficult to read—at least by normal people who don’t spend all day in internet fever-swamps reading ALL CAPS screeds about “Obummer” and “the Hildebeast.”

  21. A person using a larger font in their name indicates a larger ego.

  22. @Paul — No, a person using a larger font on their name indicates that they know what the most important part of their political advertisement is. You’ve got limited real estate on a sign, and you have to use it wisely.

  23. It would be hilarious to learn by some quantifiable evidence that I have a larger ego than Trump’s. Chris’s explanation is exactly the conversation I had while designing my sign. On further measuring ego, I would ask which candidate is walking around filling every speech with superlative language about his unique abilities.

  24. Darin Larson

    Putting aside the question of whether America is no longer “great”, Trump’s claim that he is the only person that could fix our problems is the epitome of a huuuuuge ego. With Trump, there is no “we” in “I” and the only reason he has a team around him is for them to take the fall when his campaign stumbles because of his idiocy. What are we on the third campaign manager and his current campaign CEO is an alt-right conspiracy nut with sympathies to white nationalism.

    When Cory starts putting his name on the side of buildings we’ll know that his super ego has taken over.

  25. According to Mike Pence, Trump is a humble truth teller who is so humble he only will show his humility in private when nobody’s watching.

  26. Robert McTaggart

    “I’m with Him” isn’t concise? ;^)

  27. Concise, yes, but I don’t like “I’m with Him” any more than I like “I’m with Her.” “Him”, with a capital H, could be mistaken for the Deity of choice of many of my neighbors.

    Interestingly, both Trump and I go for the first-person plural in “Let’s” rather than the individual first-person singular declaration and the third-person pronoun. I prefer that more inclusive pronoun, the apostrophized us.

    “Let’s fix Pierre” is more concise than “Let’s make Pierre great again.” Plus, I’m focusing my message on corruption in the Capitol and the need to fix state government by dismantling one-party rule and respecting the will of the voters. That message differs significantly from the message inherent in Trump’s broad claim that America isn’t great and that he can restore that greatness.

  28. happy camper

    Maybe not quantifiable but Cory’s ego is not small. A healthy ego is necessary for a candidate, but Trump is very insecure and easily agitated, so unlike Bill Clinton’s charm. But on signs Trump is synonymous with Make America Great Again so it’s a great sign that resonates with his supporters and beyond. Cory on the other hand needs name recognition so bigger the better with very little noise. Let’s Fix Pierre isn’t necessary. Unless you think it’s broke it doesn’t resonate. The state-shaped H is very cool. What’s missing on the web page: “Every decision I make will be based on ethics.” That’s a position both believers and non-believers can appreciate. Corruption fighter? Most people don’t want that kind of drama and disruption. You’ve got to work with these people and live next door to them for that matter. If you’re ready to embrace Muslim refugees you should be able to have warm relations with Republicans and conservatives of all types (Libertarians too), other than the corrupt kind, right here in the state. People are so tired of ugly conflicts they want reconciliation on a national level and peaceful relations around town.

    Hope I stayed on task. A sign for Hillary: “I’m Not Sick!”

    You gotta learn to laugh a little. And appreciate diversity too cause we are not all the same.

  29. Robert McTaggart

    Oh…your H is built out of the State of South Dakota. Neat.

    How about “Why have one party when you can have two?”

  30. mike from iowa

    Conveniently later in the day her doc comes up with that. Pneumonia didn’t make her head wobble

    What made her head wobble? Guilt about all them secrets she didn’t email? Truth be told her head is on a swivel trying to detect the next round of lies headed her way.

  31. Darin, I will happily deliver a sign to any business that wants to hang my name on the side of its building. I’ll even get a ladder and paint it on there, if they like.

    Hap, it’s not drama, at least not for drama’s sake, but it is disruption, which we need for the sake of honest government.

    Mike, I think my head wobbled a bit last year when I had pneumonia. I guess that disqualifies me from public service for the rest of my life.

  32. happy camper

    She didn’t have pneumonia when her head wobbled. I’m trying to make a point. Go make good decisions for the state. We need that and you will be supported, but we don’t need a crusader why must you see yourself that way. Sioux Falls has a 1.9 unemployment rate. Steve Hildebrand had to raise his wages to $13 an hour way above minimum. As Craig said don’t be a solution looking for a problem somethin like that he almost made sense. Things are pretty good around here for a lot of people, but even a Democrat like Hildebrand would probably go cross eyed if the magic wand took minimum to $15. Not everything needs regulation and control quite the contrary. Freedom is a good thing man. Be leery of someone always looking for a battle.

    Good article: http://money.cnn.com/2016/09/08/news/economy/sioux-falls-lowest-unemployment-us/index.html

  33. Roger Cornelius

    Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and probably shouldn’t have attended the 9/11 ceremonies.
    At any rate, an unconscious Hillary is still superior to a fully conscious Trump.

  34. “She didn’t have pneumonia when her head wobbled.”

    How do you know? She may have had it for weeks before it was diagnosed.

    I hear Clinton also has a hangnail and a patch of dry skin on her inner arm. Better alert the media because clearly this means she may not be fit to serve.

    Meanwhile Trump contradicts himself on a daily basis, confuses dates, times, and names, and can’t say on topic long enough to answer a basic question. Early stages of dementia perhaps?

  35. It takes strength to work when you are battling a cold. You all should try that sometime when you have to show up even when you are not up for it. Trump would have someone powder his arse and read Russian folklore to him while looking at Putin’s bare chest.

  36. A friend of mine said he saw a “Trump/Putin 2019” bumper sticker today. I think I want one of those, but I would like it to also say, “Make America Weak Again.”

    It’s funny how Trump hasn’t secured hardly any primetime ad space in Oct., has no real data analytics program nor ground game. He doesn’t even implement a logo on his signs. He’s gonna crash his little wagon while trying to re-invent the wheel.

  37. Hap: “don’t need a crusader”? I respectfully disagree. What we really don’t need are more layabout yes-men who don’t fight the battles that need to be fought, who wait 30 years to half-heartedly fight for a compromise bill on teacher pay, who don’t think we need to fight the corruption of one-party rule, and who instead fight the people and try to take away their right to initiative and referendum.

    Hand me my sword—we have some malarkey to cut through.

  38. Adam, all that, and a worse font than a lowly state legislative candidate’s, yet he is still within striking distance in the polls. Why is that? If his signs were just a little more awesome, might he be tied with Clinton?

    And who needs to buy TV time when journalists let him drive the narrative?

  39. He is only within striking distance in the polls if you have an extremely loose definition of “likely voter” for the poll. The more strict the definition, the bigger looser Trump looks.

    The media is going to stonewall him in Oct. as soon as he dips below a 10 points of Hillary. The biggest looser isn’t so much of a news story.

  40. Troy Jones

    After Trump had what was clearly a bad August, Clinton’s poll lead was 4.6% (realclearpolitics average). Since it had declined to 3%.

    When you look at the Swing States which are moving roughly consistent with nation-wide public opinion, Trump has to get to up 1-2% nationally to win the Electoral College because HRC seems to lead in swing states by 1-2% more than her national support indicates.

    Two questions:

    1) Will you accept HRC as President even if she doesn’t win a majority in the popular vote?
    2) If Trump releases his full medical records (ala McCain in 2008), will you demand HRC do the same?

  41. Question #1
    Answer: Yes, because we have always had to except who wins the electoral vote – just as we all “accepted” GWB.

    Question #2
    Answer: No; and I don’t think Trump needs to release his tax returns either, even though Hillary has. We all know that he’s not as rich as he says he is and pays little or nothing in taxes.

  42. *accept – lol

  43. happy camper

    No Cory we do not need a crusader or anyone to think or take care of us (unless we are a person of very limited abilities). Cory is way up on the IQ scale but amazingly the rest of us still get by. This afternoon a church lady type stopped by to give me some Jesus information. I said three times I am comfortable with my beliefs, so finally I just had to say I have thought this out, I am an atheist, and I don’t want your information. I’ve said previously we should be more vocal so, anyway, she took a gasp and I thought oh my gosh what have I done, it’s too much for her, but she said no one has ever said that before, I’ve always wondered if there were better answers. Then she asked me what the bible meant and what would happen to us when we died. I was pretty blunt, but when I heard myself starting to sound like a preacher I sent her on her way. Might have been a shock for the little boy with her too, but you’re the one who said the agnostics should quit pussy footing around.

  44. mike from iowa

    Drumpf has never had a bad month. Just ask him. He claims everyone tells him he won the CIC award against HRC. Now he doesn’t want any debate monitors because Lauer was too easy on him so the next monitors will be hard on him.

  45. Troy, Bill Clinton never won the Presidency with a popular majority. As Adam says, such is life under the Electoral College. As long as the President is elected under proper application of the rule of law, the President is legitimate. Trump’s pre-assertions that the election will be rigged to ensure his loss undermine the legitimacy of our electoral process.

    (Of course, I prefer a clear popular majority, as it establishes a clearer mandate for action by the winner. That’s one reason I support Amendment V, which ensures that every general election winner at our state and local level will take power by a popular majority vote.)

    Full medical records, full tax records—we are piling an interesting assortment of extra-legal disclosure expectations on our Presidential candidates. I don’t think I’ve made a big deal out of these disclosures in the past (though I welcome memory refreshment from aggrieved commenters). I’m certainly not tacking either my tax return or my medical records on my campaign signs. I put a higher priority on seeing specific policy proposals and data backing up the claims candidates make on the campaign trail. (There’s an opening there… anyone want to take it?)

  46. Hap, you’re changing my words. You spoke of a “crusader,” and I said, Heck yeah! and gave a general definition of what I meant. I didn’t say “crusading” means I’ll do your thinking for you. If anything, I’m empowering and expecting voters to think for themselves and to think more. I didn’t say “crusading” means I’ll take care of you. I’ll certainly try to promote the general welfare, but I want to promote and protect everyone’s participation so we can all do more to take care of each other.

    I can’t think for people anyway. I write blog post after blog post, but I never force anyone to think my way and more than I do by plunking a sign in my yard. People see my name, hear/read my words, and they decide what they’re going to believe.

  47. bearcreekbat

    happy, I too am an atheist. Some of the most interesting discussions I have had were with religious folks attempting to convert me. Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses have been the most frequent visitors to our home. Despite being quite busy with other matters I always invited them in, offered coffee or refreshments and listened to their pitches. We then often explored their ideas and beliefs and they addressed my particular issues with such ideas. I ended up very good friends with a Jehovah’s Witness couple.

    The only time I ran into an oddball was when a Baptist proselytizer started hollering at me in my living room. Otherwise, most of the people seeking to convert me seemed to be decent human beings who had deep thoughts about how to help humanity.

    I predict that if you embrace such folks and listen to their viewpoints your world will expand in a manner that gives you great pleasure.

  48. Troy Jones

    Adam and Cory,

    I’m glad to hear your comments on the Electoral College except for Adam’s “accept” exception? But, I’m sure you hammered on those who referred to GWB as the illegitimate President because he didn’t win a plurality of all voters but won the Electoral College.

    I’m also glad to hear your comments on full medical records as I’m sure you weren’t among those who questions McCain’s physical fitness to be President. Or Ronald Reagan’s.

    I’m also sure you opposed the prosecution of Scooter Libby in the Valerie Plame matter.

    You two seem rare among liberals as they were all over Reagan, McCain, GWB and Libby.

  49. I never questioned McCain’s health, but when I thought about Palin taking over the Presidency for any unforeseen reason it made me want to vomit.

    Slimeball Scooter is a whole different story.

  50. mike from iowa

    In the past 18 months there have been over a half million articles written that mention HRC’s emails. Wingnut Chaffetz subpoened unredacted FBI files so he has more people to intimidate in his never ending quest to waste money and government time.

    How much time did Dems waste impeaching dumbass dubya, cheney and the treacherous CIA outing Libby?

  51. Troy, if you can find any statements I’ve made to the contrary that would put me among the hypocrites who irk you so, I will eat those words.

    Curious: did we call for impeaching or 25th Amendmenting George H.W. Bush when he barfed in Japan?

  52. If you need a Presidential pardon to keep you out of jail (for outing and jeopardizing the life a CIA agent) then you’re a slimeball.

    MFI, conservatives lost almost every iota of my respect when all 8 years of W Admin they couldn’t find one flaw in the doctrine… And they are still effectively blind to how everything W touched went straight to hell (i.e. The Middle East, economy, foreign policy, regulatory reform/progress, etc.) I still challenge conservatives to point to just one good thing W Admin did, besides “fight em over there so we don’t have to fight em over here” (as that’s the only thing they ever come up with) but that’s not the measure of a good President. And look at Trump, just look at him, and KNOW that conservative voters don’t know jack about what a good President is supposed to actually do.