Poll Results: Referred Law 19 Stirs Little Interest

The latest Dakota Free Press poll finds a noteworthy lack of interest in Referred Law 19, the Incumbent Protection Plan. Asked “Do you support Referred Law 19, the petition/election reform bill?” only 99 readers bothered to register their opinion, compared with around 220 who responded to last week’s poll on Amendment V. The poll ran from Sunday noon until this morning, a period that included Labor Day, so it is possible that holiday activities (and rotten cell phone reception at the State Fair) lowered poll participation.

Those who did participate (minus some spoilsports who voted more than once) strongly oppose RL 19:

  • Yes: 28
  • No: 71

With a margin of error slightly larger than the four blocks I walked from my parking spot on First Street Southwest to Gate 3.5, it’s still not surprising that readers here would oppose a measure that makes it harder for candidates of all stripes to get on the ballot. The lack of enthusiasm for this referred law also bodes ill for its chances of passage. Disinterest will lead either to more default No votes or to voters leaving RL 19 blank on their ballot, ceding the vote to the passionate core of voters… and the only real passion I’ve seen for RL 19 comes from opponents.