Scotty’s Sign Returns with Full Fleet of Flying Saucers

I’m of the impression that any Aberdonian over the age of 20 recognizes this as a restoration of past glory: Scotty’s is back… with all four flying saucers!

Newly erected Scotty's sign, complete with UFOs on top!
Newly erected Scotty’s sign, complete with all four flying saucers on top! Photo by CAH, 2016.08.13.

Scotty’s opened in 1962 at Main and 8th Avenue North. When the breeze is right, I can smell their burgers from my backyard. A dinner guest told me last night that Scotty’s was the place to go for lunch when went to high school at Old Central—real Central, in the center of town.

In 2009, new owners renamed the joint Daddy’s. I don’t think anyone in Aberdeen liked that name. Even my wife, who had no prior nostalgic associations with the diner, found the name Daddy’s a bit creepy.

Local restaurateur Stacy Gossman bought the diner last year and announced that he would bring back the old name and the old sign. And today, there it is.

Aberdeen breathes a collective sigh of relief… and takes a collective detour around the ill-timed reconstruction of North Main right in front of Scotty’s. The city is repaving Main between 6th and 8th. If you’re coming from downtown, you’ll have to take either Kline or 2nd Street up to 8th Avenue North, then come across.

Of course, a Rebel Burger is worth the detour. (Burger Trivia: the Rebel Burger is evidently named for late KFYR radio personality “Ol’ Reb” Jack Fisher.

6 Responses to Scotty’s Sign Returns with Full Fleet of Flying Saucers

  1. Robin Friday

    Been there in the last six months. Excellent bacon cheeseburger! And yes, I went to old (real) Central! I was a carhop at the popular drive-in on the other side of town, Reo’s, S. Main Street and 10th Avenue.

  2. Wayne Pauli

    I lived on 8th Ave., NE…Ate often at Scotty’s from 1973 to 1976. Side note grew up on a farm in South Central So Dak listening to the Old Reb on KFYR on the tractor radio. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Cory…Good Stuff…great memories…I was young and did not understand how good I had it.

  3. This is a wonderful blogging. KFYR and Scotty’s. Outstanding.

  4. Darin Larson

    I hear the food there is out of this world.

  5. Wayne Pauli

    Trivia question…who remembers Ned the Nail from Carpenter’s Supply and Lumber?
    Big advertisers on KFYR back in the day…I baled a lot of hay and cultivate a lot of corn listening to K-Fire. As it went by.

    I was listening when they broke into their regular programming to report that Jim Morrison of the Doors had died. They immediately played Riders on the Storm…

    It will always be my favorite song…