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Haugaard in Translation: Quarantine and Cure Transgender Kids or They’ll Blow Their Heads Off

The most vile speech of the week in Pierre comes from Rep. Steven Haugaard (R-10/Sioux Falls). Speaking in favor of overriding Governor Dennis Daugaard’s veto of House Bill 1008, Rep. Haugaard revealed the true intent of the paranoid potty bill was not to protect student privacy or to prescribe reasonable accommodations for transgender students in school bathrooms and locker rooms but rather to condemn and eradicate the “virus” of transgender identification:

I transcribe Rep. Haugaard’s speech in full and translate without mercy:

Just to give a little more clarity about what the Representative from Bennett County was talking about, she was describing an incident in their area where a young lady was choosing to use the male facilities, and at some point along the way after she had done this for a while, a number of boys gang-raped her, and within a period of time, a year or two, whatever it was, this girl who’d chosen to use that bathroom for the boys’ side in the midst of her angst and confusion, she ended up suiciding [this and all subsequent blockquotes: Rep. Steven Haugaard (R-10/Sioux Falls), remarks in floor debate on consideration of veto of HB 1008, South Dakota House of Representatives, 2016.03.03].

Translation: These dumb kids choosing to be transgender are getting raped and killed. We have to pass HB 1008 and ban them from picking their own bathroom to protect them from becoming victims of their own stupidity.

Well, that’s my experience with this issue. And it is a bill that protects all of the kids in the public schools including those that have some issues in regard to what their gender is. And for us to stand here and say the Governor knows best, we passed it up through both houses and he chose to veto it, even after he’d expressed support for it. And I think it’s disingenuous for us to flip our vote just because we think well it’s an election year, the Governor vetoed it, and we don’t want to offend the Governor. Do what you did the first time.

Translation: There’s no such thing as changing your mind due to listening to the other side. There’s just rank political opportunism (even though the Governor isn’t running for reëlection).

We’re the adults in the room—

Translation: Transgenderism is childish.

—and we should recognize when there’s these issues that have become—they’ve been so simple in our history and now they’re so complex. And we act on so many things in this chamber out of a misplaced sense of compassion that we do a tremendous disservice to those kids that are going through the angst of growing up in those adolescent years.

Translation: Transgender students deserve no compassion.

And as we’ve seen, the literature tells us that a high percentage of people who choose this transgender life—and I say choose, it’s not embedded in their DNA—when they go through this process, the vast majority reject that transgender situation as they become young adults and revert back to the gender of their birth.

Translation: Transgenderism is a choice, a rebellion against DNA, a phase that right-minded kids grow out of (which is bunk).

And in that timeframe, along with those issues of confusion, there’s a high percentage, estimated to be as much as 20 times higher for this particular group of people identifying in this way, 320 times higher likelihood of suicide.

You can think back over the decades, there’s always been some issues along the way throughout all of history where people have had choices that they have made and some confusion about their very being, but not the way it’s become in the past 20 years. It seems like a virus that’s broken out. And that virus is grown by the assent of people like us where we say, well we’re going to accommodate this, and we’re going to have compassion.

Translation: Never mind choice—now gender dysphoria is a disease (no, it’s not), a plague that we are spreading. We shouldn’t accommodate transgender kids; we should quarantine them.

We want to be wise enough to recognize that when you feed the fire of this kind of confusion, you’re going to add to number of people that are going to make this choice. And when you help that along, you help along people in the process of moving into a lifestyle that is never going to be what was embedded in their soul, and you’re going to see more and more of these people suicide.

Translation: By opposing HB 1008, you are killing children.

And if you just stop for a minute and consider that, consider the ramifications of this, and you think about the very act of suicide, and I deal with this on a regular basis, as many as four-plus petitions per day in Minnehaha County, of people who are danger to self or others. And I have these hearings, I have one scheduled tomorrow, I’m not sure if it’s on this issue or not, but people that actively attempt suicide, by overdose or hanging or jumping or often times just a gunshot wound.

Translation: Now I’m talking about things that don’t have anything to do with transgender students, but I need to inflate my ethos and pathos to set up the next line.

So you think about this when you vote on this, that you might be encouraging a young person to choose this situation and perpetuate this, and you think about somebody tucking a pistol up under their throat and pulling the trigger.

You might feel warm and fuzzy today because we encourage somebody to not have that angst in their life and struggle with this, we gave them the opportunity to live this lifestyle. But you consider what suicide is, and that we’re saying, yes, go ahead, we’ll endorse this lifestyle.

Translation: You warm and fuzzy liberals are blowing kids’ heads off (which actually is the proper response to zombies, so since we’re responding to a deadly virus, in a way, that should be fine).

We need to vote the way we did the first time…. We need to be responsible and do what we recognize to be wisdom as opposed to misplaced emotion.

Translation: My emotion about this issue is perfectly acceptable. Your emotion about this issue invalidates your position.

Because we can all walk out of here after a vote, and some of you might think, well, I’m going to switch my vote because I’m coming up for election, I’m not sure who’s going to be against me. But the fact is you do what’s right, whether it gets you elected again or not. And you need to be prudent in your choices and recognize the gravity of these votes.

Translation: I’m starting to feel like Custer here. 

And here we sit, just because the Governor says he’s vetoing this for a variety of reasons, that shouldn’t make a bit of difference because you should have considered all those things when you voted the first time.

Translation: Once we cast a vote, we’re done thinking about an issue. There’s no need to consider new information, because we’ve considered everything that could be relevant to our vote.

And like I said, we can have a misplaced sense of compassion, but it’s exactly that, it’s a misplaced sense of compassion, and we need to just stand by and recognize that this is a very serious situation in our culture. We need to step up and do the right things.

Translation: Repeating my main point: transgender students deserve no compassion. They deserve a swift kick in the pants/slacks for threatening to unravel good Christian culture. We need to fight them before they destroy themselves and take us with them.

This is a difficult vote for everybody. It seems like it should be simple, but we should just be consistent with our votes, and I’d encourage us to vote green on this, send it over to the Senate, and they can have the same struggles.

Translation: I’m working oh so admirably hard to stand against decency and civil rights. If I’m going to get kicked around in the next election, I want to take some Senators down along with me. 7th Cavalry, charge!

Rep. Haugaard’s victim-blaming sentiments still won a bare majority of the House, 36–29, but not the two-thirds necessary to send the veto override discussion to the Senate.

Rep. Haugaard can’t settle on whether transgender students choose their malady or catch it. But Rep. Haugaard’s hateful remarks add to the pile of vile rhetoric from conservative Sioux Falls legislators who view transgender students as plague vectors to be quarantined and cured. If we warm and fuzzy liberals choose to coddle them instead, Rep. Haugaard only blames us and them for their rapes and suicides.


  1. mike from iowa 2016-03-04

    Anybody know if all wingnut pols use the mens biffy? They all seem to be pricks. Kids prolly commit suicide when they see how ignorant the supposed adults in politics are. Plus the girl getting gang raped still doesn’t prove that transgenders are the ones committing sexual assaults. As for local control,one can only hope the locals vote these clowns out of office.

  2. LK Burghardt 2016-03-04

    Haugaard’s comments are very disturbing. To have such a total lack of understanding of the scientific facts regarding trans sexuality and homosexuality and to express such hatred reminds me of a very sad and frightening period in US history. Does anyone else feel like the SD Legislature is trying to be the jury for a modern day Salem Witch Trials???

  3. Steve Sibson 2016-03-04

    “lack of understanding of the scientific facts”

    Sorry, but it is the transgender movement that has rejected biology. Salem Witch Trials? Pointing out the use of children as political pawns is not hatred. Calling those who do names like that demonstrates the type of propaganda the national social engineers will use to spread false propaganda to our children here in South Dakota. You too are a victim.

  4. Rorschach 2016-03-04

    It never ceases to amaze me how big of an omdahl … er .. oddball some of these GOP party legislators are.

  5. stumcfar 2016-03-04

    Wow, to make up complete BS as a translation for what was said is truly pathetic.

  6. Lynn 2016-03-04


    Have you ever seen the movie Promethuis? The aliens our scientists from Earth discovered were called engineers. Were they the social engineers that created this mess?

  7. larry kurtz 2016-03-04

    Curious that earth hater legislators are ignoring the causes of gender dysphoria while focusing on treating the symptoms.

  8. mike from iowa 2016-03-04

    Wow,to admire Sibson’s rhetorical bombast is truly covetous. I fixed it for you,Mr Stumpy.

  9. Rorschach 2016-03-04

    Are you still in the GOP party Mr. Sibson?

  10. Lynn 2016-03-04


    Our legislators have stated it in the 2017 legislative session will be round 2 in their attempts to eradicate Transgender. What would be helpful in regards to testimony would be a coordinated tag team of those giving testimony covering all points regarding possible causes, what has been documented happening in nature due to chemical and hormone exposure, expert mental health professionals, myth vs reality, and other areas.

    Meanwhile other longstanding issues in our state won’t get the attention they need.

  11. larry kurtz 2016-03-04

    That South Dakota’s legislature is guided by astrological forces comes as little surprise.

  12. Rorschach 2016-03-04

    I’m just asking, Mr. Sibson, because the GOP party is becoming more like an insane asylum every day. Surely the multitude of crazy arse mo fos flocking to the GOP party must trouble you greatly.

  13. Madman 2016-03-04

    Living in Sioux Falls, I fail to see how we can’t find good candidates here. Democrats in this area need to go on the offensive finally and stop reeling from the loss of Dashcle, Herseth, and Johnson retiring. That phase of politics is over and we still play by the nice rules. You want to campaign in the Sioux Falls area, then just bring up what has the candidate done with his time in Pierre. Is he/she working to improve the system? Are they being detrimental to the system? How are they benefiting from the system?

    This is the same guy who believes that schools can shift money around on the local level to pay everyone more. Does this mean they should just have a flat wage for all teachers? I love that his platform for election is that he studies the constitution, believes in the second amendment, is pro life, wants lower taxes (believes that people flourish in low taxes…have you driven around Cliff Avenue?) and a stronger economy (once again have you visited Rowena lately because what have you done for them).

    This guy has no real ideas of his own and is a Republican with national core values. What good has he done for his district? What is he fighting for to improve the economy there? Instead he is focusing on keeping stagnant wages, which lower the buying power of people, and believing that people who are not like him are sick. I see in the session so far he has wanted marriage certificates (withdrawn), making identity theft a misdemeanor (deferred to 41st day), reducing jail time (this one is alive), signing in to sexuality education (deferred to 41st day), allowing private schools to have dual status (deferred to 41st day), compact for a balance budget (deferred to 41st day), the right to bear arms cannot be infringed instead of denied which is the current wording (deferred to 41st day).

    What has this guy done to be considered for re-election?

    I know he receives PAC money…..hmmmm so bought off votes there and from SD Trial Lawyers….are they trying to drum up more business with bad legislation?

  14. Rorschach 2016-03-04

    There seems to be a lot of gender angst in the GOP party these days. Even the presidential candidates are arguing over whose hands are bigger than whose. Hillary’s hands are bigger than those of Drumpf and Narco combined, which only adds to the confusion.

  15. Jenny 2016-03-04

    These GOP legislators should be ashamed of themselves for not valuing human lives. Transgender people are beautiful and do not deserve this hate treatment they’re getting from South Dakota.
    It is really true when I say that today’s GOP were yesterday’s racist democrats. Today’s Democrats value everyone. This can’t be said for a lot of the GOP out there today. The hate towards welfare recipients, the LGBT, muslims, minorities and immigrants is truly astonishing.

  16. Tasiyagnunpa 2016-03-04

    We should be teaching people not to rape…not policing body parts of those who they choose to dominate through sexual violence.

  17. leslie 2016-03-04

    “or often times just a gunshot wound.”

    as an apparent member of the county mental commitment board, he may not know anything about suicide (statistics and all). gundeath perfectly suits the aspect of impulsivity in suicide. leave a gun lying around, loaded. its gonna happen. accident or impulse. permitted or not.

    gun deaths in suicide are by far the major cause.

    at least dd talkedto a transgender. has this guy?

    I also note people using the most repulsive hurtful demogogary around suicide like “think about somebody tucking a pistol up under their throat and pulling the trigger” or “Blow Their Heads Off” twice ( “liberals are blowing kids’ heads off” lack the most knowledge onthe issue, the science and compassion concerning the 2d leading cause of death of young people.

  18. leslie 2016-03-04


    luv “stubby”=stumfcar + sibby

    hope I got his/her moniker right.

    is that your artistry mfi?:)

  19. mike from iowa 2016-03-04

    Stumpy is obviously crying out for help. He is verbiage challenged. So,from now on,Stumpy is hereby banned from ever uttering the word pathetic in any public forum. We need to force him to expand his vocabulary,since he refuses to do it hizownself.

  20. mikeyc, that's me! 2016-03-04

    Good Lord. After reading the transcription, all I was thinking was there’s 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  21. Roger Cornelius 2016-03-04

    What is truly pathetic is Haugaard and other republican legislators bullying children while their in the throes of their struggles. Very manly Haugaard.

    I’m curious as to whether or not Haugaard provided any documentation about his claim about the gang rape of the young transgender student in Bennett County, surely there are police reports, etc. to substantiate his claim, or are we just to accept his word.
    Has anybody else noticed that Sibson has a new catch phrase lately? He was hung up on apostate and coveting for the longest time, now he has social engineering as his new overused phrase.

  22. El Rayo X 2016-03-04

    The only way to solve this raging problem is to have every man, woman and child in South Dakota be properly gender identified and issued a card as such. Just like a drivers license, it would be renewed every five years. The renewal process would catch those who have changed their standard equipment through surgery. In addition, a XX or XY tattoo would be placed on the inside of the lower lip. Gender monitors would be stationed at every public restroom in South Dakota to assure compliance. Cards must match the tattoo or entry will be denied. These monitors would be called to duty in the same manner as jury duty. Non South Dakota residents and visitors would be subject to inspection by these monitors upon entering all public restrooms. Anyone caught trying to enter an incorrect restroom would have to appear before the Gender Czar for re-education. The Gender Czar would be a cabinet level officer appointed by the Governor, he would also be in charge of training the monitor force. Before you start throwing names out for this position, just because they are one does not make them an expert on them.

  23. Stumcfar 2016-03-04

    We should be teaching people not to rape?????? You need to teach people that????? Isn’t that something that is known??? But then again if people can not look in their pants and at a bathroom door sign and know which one to go into, then I guess anything is possible. Pathetic!

    Mike from Iowa is Pathetic. Translation: Mike is a jealous, envious liberal who has to always resort to personal attacks because his position is so far left, Bernie Sanders is trying to catch him.

  24. Shirley Moore 2016-03-04

    A visitor to Sioux Falls from Utah asked me what the (potty bill) protest at the down town Holiday Inn was (a couple of Saturdays ago). When I gave a quick explanation, he shook his head then said, “I though Utah was bad. How do you live here?” Republicans are giving the state a foul name.

  25. Jenny 2016-03-04

    (Hilarious, El Rayo!) There you go, Stump, is El Rayo’s genital inspection plan good enough for you?

  26. Madman 2016-03-04

    @stuart not sure where you are going with your last statement. That to me seems like you are supporting the argument for transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice.

  27. Jenny 2016-03-04

    Will the penises have to be a certain length also?

  28. grudznick 2016-03-04

    Ms. Jenny, as I am sure you are not aware there is a certain order in which fellows stand at the urinals, depending. It’s just commonly known. I’m one of the fellows in the middle of the pack and my friend Lar is on one extreme.

  29. Rorschach 2016-03-04

    Something tells me Trump is in the middle and Rubio is in the stall. Grudz?

    Stumcfar (Short for Stum C. Farrakhan?) is standing outside the bathroom looking in his pants.

  30. mike from iowa 2016-03-04

    Stumpy,I warned you and you used that banned word. Translation- you are too stoopid to read and follow directions. Put your foil hat on and go pee in the corner of a roundhouse.

  31. Douglas Wiken 2016-03-04

    I listened to the GOP reasons for support and found them plausible and I was not detecting hate, buy valid concern based on at least one disastrous experience. Their explanation is essentially that going to bathrooms that match your birth gender simplifies things and makes the transgender students safer and does not require school officials to make decisions that will almost automatically generate discrimination.

    But, not knowing any transgender people, my reaction may be all wrong. I do not see any reason for large expenses for all variations of sexual preference makes any sense.

    The tribal response to this issue is more than a little discouraging.

  32. Caz 2016-03-04

    Well done, Cory. I know it’s over now (for this year) but I still need to say. Every homosexual kid, every transgender kid ever born was born to heterosexual parents or at least to a male-female couple practicing heterosexual sex. The last thing these kids need is their school and their community laying hate and discrimination on them for the rest of their lives by those supposedly religious folks practicing their supposed religions on the rest of us. Well said.

    Side note: glad to hear David Novstrup is bowing out.

  33. John Wrede 2016-03-04

    The principle of McCarthyism appears live and well in South Dakota………… Where in the name of god, do we find these people?

  34. Jenny 2016-03-05

    I know, Caz. Why do these heterosexuals keeping having transgender babies? Heteros preach on about how it’s not natural but they keep on having beautiful gay and trans babies.

  35. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-05

    (Correction, Lynn: Round 3. Don’t forget Hunt, Bolin, et al launched this attack in 2015 with the bills on SDHSAA and sanctity of birth certificates.)

  36. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-05

    Roger, good question. When did the alleged Bennett County incident take place? Where is the proof? Right now it sounds like Brock Greenfield’s persistent anecdote about a victim of sexual abuse who is traumatized by the sight of male genitalia: a convenient story for his speeches, but not substantiated by any independent reporting. Can anyone find that Bennett County story online?

  37. Lynn 2016-03-05


    I was thinking of that yesterday and remembered listening to their testimony last year. It will be round 3.

  38. Madman 2016-03-05

    @cory there is nothing reported in the Bennett County Newspaper going back several years. Nothing comes up in searches and talking to a couple of people I know out there, they are unaware of a story. You would think a story like that their would be more information available, a newspaper article covering it.

    Regardless though this story should be an alarming story as to why isn’t the Bennett County (Yes you Elizabeth May) looking at increasing the funding for social services, law enforcement, and pushing for stricter laws to protect the victims.

    May and Haugaard are blaming the victim for getting raped.

  39. Jenny 2016-03-05

    Funny, Grudzie, your joke about the male urinals.

    Why aren’t parents complaining about students on the autism spectrum having to be in the locker rooms and rest rooms with ‘normal’ students. I mean, really these autisistics, or Aspie’s can not be trusted, they are very strange and odd. Same with down syndrome kids. They are not normal, they can lash out and scream at any time, they can’t communicate. We have a misguided sense of compassion towards these autistic children. Something is very wrong with them.

  40. mike from iowa 2016-03-05

    There was a transgender girl who committed suicide, but that was from being bullied and in the NW part of the state. Never looked to see where Bennett Co is.

  41. Roger Cornelius 2016-03-05

    Regarding your comment about rape and why guys should be taught not to rape.
    There are nearly 7,500 rape test kits sitting on the shelves gathering dust, I would say there is a serious need to teacher men not to rape.

  42. leslie 2016-03-05

    journalists, internet and minutes are harder to come by out in some of poorest counties in the nation.

  43. John 2016-03-06

    The western newspaper’s unofficial poll records > 50% of folks awarding this legislature’s inflated grades of D & F.

  44. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-06

    Mike, NW part of the state? Do you have a link to article so we can read particulars?

    Roger, very simple, logical response supporting Tasi’s point: apparently, yes, a lot of men haven’t figured out that rape is unacceptable. You don’t have to be liberal to support that point and revile both gang-rape and, as Madman emphasizes, blaming victims for their rapes.

  45. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-03-06

    John, when will those respondents put D & F together and elect new legislators?

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