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Can Taxpayers File as Creditors on Westerhuis Wills?

Taxpayers, take note of these two Notices to Creditors:

Notice to Creditors of Nicole Westerhuis, Platte Enterprise, 2015.20.29, p. 2.
Notice to Creditors of Nicole Westerhuis, Platte Enterprise, 2015.10.29, p. 2.
Notice to Creditors of Scott Westerhuis, Lake Andes Wave, 2015.11.25, p. 14.
Notice to Creditors of Scott Westerhuis, Lake Andes Wave, 2015.11.25, p. 14.

The motto under which the Lake Andes Wave publishes its legal notices is, “Because the People Must Know.”

Because the people must know how their tax dollars were spent in the GEAR UP program and other grants managed by Scott Westerhuis at Mid-Central Educational Cooperative…

…because the people must know why Scott Westerhuis created such a knot of corporations to handle those federal dollars…

…because the people must know how Scott and Nicole Westerhuis parlayed $131K in salaries from Mid-Central and another $171K in GEAR UP salaries into a $1.3-million home and $900,000 gym

…because MCEC exec Dan Guericke still hasn’t explained to me the millions of dollars in discrepancies in MCEC balances reported from June 2011 through March 2014

…because the people must know what Scott Westerhuis could have been hiding when he decided to kill his family and himself and incinerate his house,

…I suggest that interested taxpayers file as creditors in these two probate cases… right alongside the local vendors whom Westerhuis apparently left unpaid.

Nicole’s notice appears to have been first published at the end of October, so the four-month window for filing claims closes in late February. Scott’s notice appears to have taken a little longer to hit the papers, so the filing window for claims on his remaining assets appears to be later in March.


  1. Greg 2016-01-01

    Being there was federal funding every taxpayer in the US should file a claim.

  2. jake 2016-01-02

    This is an interesting topic, Cory, and I’m surprise, really, at the lack of response!
    I suggest that taxpayers are creditors along with other unpaid bills, but will also suggest that robed Justices or state attorney generals would do their damnedest to prevent this in their protection of a corrupt Pierre gov’t. Only an ethical states; attorney would take on such a unique approach tho. And, with Greg, I do agree. Federal/state taxpayers matched these grant requests that were funded-the funneled into private greedy hands…

  3. Leslie 2016-01-02

    What a novel idea. I suppose concrete claims are necessary for creditors. Schoenberg likely knows this stuff

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-01-03

    We need Schoenbeck! He should get a committee of legislators to file a claim.

  5. Leslie 2016-01-03


  6. BIll DIthmer 2016-01-03

    Wouldnt the court say that as a tax payer your claim wasnt close enough to the damage done? And if they were to even alow such a case, wouldnt judgment be what that tax payer lost in that one instance?

    The Blindman

  7. leslie 2016-01-03

    This strikes me as like filing spurious liens against sheriffs in the news a few years back

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-01-04

    That comparison gives me pause, Leslie. I don’t want to spark a whole round of financial Cliven Bundy-esque litigation. Bill D., maybe the trick would be to file not for direct compensation but as a citizen on behalf of the government demanding return of funds to the state or federal coffers.

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