Name Those Republicans: Portrait of the Governor’s Club

Here’s your visual SD-Pol-IQ visual puzzler for the evening! Check out this photo of the SDGOP crème de la crème at the Governor’s Club Pheasant Hunt this past weekend from party chair Pam Roberts:

South Dakota Governor's Club Pheasant Hunt, photo by Pam Roberts, SDGOP chair, posted to Twitter 2015.10.26.
South Dakota Governor’s Club Pheasant Hunt, photo by Pam Roberts, SDGOP chair, posted to Twitter 2015.10.26.

Don’t scroll down to the comment section! Just study the picture. How many of these 39 people can you name?

If you recognize fewer than three, you are clearly an out-of-state petition circulator. Beat it! :-)

If you can recognize 3 to 13, you’ve been watching KDLT News.

If you can recognize 14 to 24, you’ve organized a Lincoln Day Dinner.

If you can recognize 25 to 35, you’ve organized a Governor’s Club dinner.

If you can recognize 36 to 39, you’re obsessed, dangerous, or Bob Mercer.

73 Responses to Name Those Republicans: Portrait of the Governor’s Club

  1. It is very small. The tall one in the way back must be Stace Nelson. I don’t see Mr. Stan in the picture though.

  2. Bill Fleming

    Who’s that guy behind Ms. Noem in the sunglasses. Looks like Tom Daschle. ;-)

  3. Ms. Noem is bottom right next to Mr. Lederman. Lederman’s grin lept out and smacked me right away.

  4. mike from iowa

    I recognize the victims of ammosexual lust for blood. They are all descendants of Chinese parentage brought here against their will for the enjoyment of decadent politicians. Hope they break some serious dental work biting BBs.

  5. where’s tidemann, GOAC’s (daugaard’s former committee) chair who ferociously protected by not interrogating Rounds and the gov. ect? Regents, NSU, Jackley??

  6. larry kurtz

    it’s a murder of janklovian crows.

  7. larry kurtz

    grud, yer an idiot of janklovian proportions. fleming: that looks like a kirby thrusting up behind kristi to me not daschle.

  8. larry kurtz

    you miserable bastards.

  9. larry kurtz

    Marty Jackley is a psychopath.

  10. grudz, i think larry meant click on the foto. then blow it up. that must be our fashionable SOS jauntily scarfed for field duty. Do you know what Daschle even looks like (because of your recent defection from SDDP)? Who is in the brown ball cap? Looks like Rep. Aaron Schock (R. Ill.) behind ms noem :) no offense meant bf.

  11. Bill Fleming

    Good old Kurtz. Always with the compliments. :-)

  12. big mustache is somebody, forget :{)

  13. larry kurtz

    dan lederman is a myocardial infarction looking for a weiner.

  14. Lee Schoenbeck

    I only recognized 11

  15. larry kurtz

    if schoenbeck isn’t on his knees he should be sucker of kochs that he is.

  16. larry kurtz

    is that betty olson or one of the prostitutes flown in for the occasion?

  17. lee, I thought u had a ‘stache once?:)

    grudz: noem-yellow jac, sunglasses on cap. larry may have meant something more sinister though; bad, bad as you say he is.

  18. Is it the elder of the brothers Novstrop there in front of Mr. Stace, between Ms. Noem and Mr. Jewett?

  19. nepotism, any one? any one? where’s waldo(s)?

  20. Mr. kurtz, I thought you left. Did you say “I’m leaving and I’m never coming back?”
    Oh well. I’m sure you’ll say it again before the week is out.

  21. Frank is looking good.

  22. larry kurtz

    cory sent me a personal invitation to revisit: the why remains a mystery.

  23. CH was photo op there.

  24. Steve Hickey

    11 or maybe 12 if one is Jason Roundsma (sp)

  25. Must have been on a pheasant farm as it looks like they bagged a couple of hens.

  26. Bill Fleming: Daschle behind Noem? ha! Can’t be. The glasses aren’t red-rimmed, and the lenses aren’t circular. 8-)

  27. Steve Hickey

    Jason Ravsnborg . Wow I was way off on spelling. Maybe it’s not him. Left of center behind guy in orange sweatshirt.

  28. Looks like about 40 hunters and maybe a couple dozen birds. Bad shots it seems. I hope all those birds were shot by the rock ribbest among the bunch.

  29. That’s why they put Mr. Chris Nelson right up front, not Mr. Stace. C. Nelson shot the most birds.

  30. Ah yes, Mr. Hickey is correct again. Mr. Ravnsborg is there behind Mr. Even and one slot to his left, next to the young lady in blue.

  31. Steve: Ravnsborg at the Governor’s Club hunt? I have a hard time believing they’d let him in. Is anyone who challenged Rounds last year in this picture?

  32. If the gray haired guy by the Governor is Frank Farrar I’m at 11.

  33. mike from iowa

    Couple guys look to be rather tall. I’m wondering if they are just standing on some SoDak poor people for the photo op given their party affiliation.

  34. I’m still a reasonable ways ahead of you, Mr. Rorschach. My advantage is my age but my eyes are failing me making it a more even match.

  35. Roger Cornelius

    That picture must have been taken right before Cheney showed up, otherwise they would all be ducking.

  36. Steve Hickey

    Some host family in there. No Stace. No Farrar. If that’s rjondsborg (sp) he probably gave money. If he’s running for AG, he’s right there with Marty. Wasn’t he also in one of PPs parade pics and maybe some others recently?

  37. Steve Hickey

    What do I know. I’m pretty seriously out of the loop in various ways.

  38. Well I would expect Grudz, Hickey, Lee to be ahead of me. That’s not my team in the photo.

  39. David Newquist

    The real forensic question is how many of those dead pheasants were by suicide.

  40. Steve Hickey

    I thought I saw him in a couple pics recently. Hobo parade and Lincoln Coutt dinner on war college. Have a faint memory of him in a recent DC stand up with a group and Thune or Noem.

    It’s 1:52 here and I’m wide awake. Thought id count sheep :-). All in fun.
    Time to sign off as this isn’t helping.

  41. Donald Pay

    The Grover Norquist quote come to mind: “I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.” These are the folks you would drag into the bathroom.

  42. That suicide comment is in poor taste – hilarious, though. We won’t really know, of course, until all the evidence is in.

  43. It is amazing how some of you libbies hate some of your fellow Americans.

  44. Yes like Daschle embolded the enemy give me a break , photo op never served in the milatary but has voted against vets on health care.Grud you drink the kool aid.

  45. We should all put our “Kremlinologist” glasses on and analyze this photo closer in terms of everyones position relative to the Governor…. ;-) …… Also, I can’t help but notice that Cheney is missing from this photo…..

  46. mike from iowa

    Cheney was sitting in his vehicle in Wyoming with a long range,tactical nuke shooty gun and Justice Scalia calling his shots to give him legal cover.

  47. My vote for outstanding comment (so far) “thought id count sheep”
    Thanks Steve Hickey

    Close 2nd Mike from Iowa–he recognized all the poor victims!

  48. mike from iowa

    Why the amazement,grudz. Your party makes it extremely easy to viscerally dislike heartless,insensitive,luggish louts. Have you been drinking taters again?

  49. mike from iowa

    Spike,it would be real interesting to autopsy them birds and see if any were shot at close range in the guts. Without an opposable thumb it must be hard for a pheasant to push a trigger with a stick. Someone had to help them. The mystery deepens.

  50. Thanks Mike, I was wondering.

    In extreme bad taste, n since I haven’t seen anybody cross the obvious footbridge. …maybe those are EB-5 investors that want their money back?

  51. larry kurtz

    Does anyone see Teddy Hustead in this photo? He’s a committed earth hater dedicated to replacing native species with invasive birds like the Chinese Ring-necked Pheasant.

  52. mike from iowa

    Spike,you may have hit upon the truth as pheasants are native to both China and South Korea where most of South Dakota’s losing investors hail from. A Pulitzer for Spike says I.

  53. Teddy missed the picture as he was getting the free ice water.

  54. larry kurtz

    Teddy is a short guy like Lederman so he would have been up front squatting with those other losers.

  55. larry kurtz

    That’s Kevin Schieffer on Kristi’s right shoulder.

  56. John Wrede

    This DOTourism PhotoOp was likely taken on a Shooting Preserve although one can’t tell by looking at the dead ditch parrots. 37 hunters with only 20+ birds for a day of hunting is about .55 birds per hunter or less than 30% success. Poor shooting on a shooting preserve is not an excuse for the low success percentage. Maybe that is all the birds the Preserve Operator was willing to contribute to political programs this season. Could it be related to the absence of habitat, inadequate habitat or not enough money raised to restore habitat for the Chinese import? Of course we could always compare this assumed success to that of the general pheasant hunting population on opening weekend which achieved better than a 50% success rate at about 1.5 birds per hunter or slightly less. About the same as last year! 40% increase in pheasants from 2014? Oh forgot, the explanation is that not all the corn has been combined out of the field yet. They say that every year. Its a broken record but nobody seems to remember. Funny thing was, I didn’t see anything in the media about opening weekend success. I thought promoting success in the field was a big deal to encourage more non-resident hunters to come to South Dakota and spend money. Or maybe Cabelas sold these orange clad nimrods the wrong ammunition. Oh well, a picture is worth a thousand words!

  57. By golly, ol’ Lar is right! That is the old dinosaur confiscating coal train selling Regent Presslerite of Larontic proportions himself!

    Lar, I thought you said you were “leaving and never coming back.” I, for one, am sure glad you’re here again.

  58. larry kurtz

    Larry Long has never been an attractive man so he could be any of the paunchy white guys with facial hair. Is that him with the spare tire genuflecting in the front row?

  59. Mr. Long is not in the picture, although it’s understandable you keep seeing judges and law enforcement types behind every bush. Why has nobody mentioned all 6 state elected officials in the picture? They are all there staring at you. Take out the Commissioners of the PUC and the auditor and treasurer who were no doubt busy investigating the Gearing Up program and the rest are there.

  60. larry kurtz

    Is that don Juan Thune in the back row or a cardboard cutout?

  61. larry kurtz

    Pam Roberts is not unattractive: does she keep barnyard animals?

  62. David Newquist

    Where is Rohrschach? He’s uniquely qualified to interpret those blots.

  63. the brick work behind them is high quality! wonder if any geologist-types of deepborehole anticipation are there?

  64. this photo should be blown-up and used as a border of smiling faces around cory’s 7:31 thread posted 10.27 painting by sandia labs’ deep borehole underneath dubai!!

  65. Francis Schaffer

    I thought someone would mention the party should be limited to 20 people as per the SDGF&P hunting regulations. I don’t see any bullet proof vests either.

  66. Roger Cornelius

    After looking at this photo again, I decided it should be made into a FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted.

  67. Maybe the Deep Borehole Field Test will make participation in the Governor’s Hunt safer: We don’t need to shoot you; we have these really deep hole to drop you in.

  68. Ah, Francis, but when I check the 2015 GFP hunting handbook, I find a note on page 4 that says “the 20 person limit on those who are engaged in party hunting only includes those persons in the party who are carrying a firearm, crossbow, or bow and arrow, except when hunting a predator or varmint.”

    So does that mean that when we’re trying to catch varmints in state government, only 20 of us can participate in a comment-section discussion?

  69. Are there ever any Democrats invited to the Governor’s Hunt? Or are they just not cool enough.

  70. Roger, that is funny, FBIs most wanted!
    I think Cory, Kurtz, Nick N, Cornelius, Fleming and all the other DFP boys should be invited to this so-called elite hunt. Just don’t get mad Kurtz. ;)

  71. Democrats are welcome on the Hunt, as far as I know. Last I knew, the buy-in was only $1000 – the price of membership in the elite Governor’s Club. Remember – the photo was posted by Pam Roberts, Chair of SDGOP.

  72. I will not pay money to have friends. I applied that principle to frats in college; I apply it now to the Governor’s Club.

  73. mike from iowa

    Better rethink that,Roger. The only difference between dumbass dubya and bin-Ladin was America wanted bin-Ladin.