Photos: Sylvan Lake in Autumn

Sure, coming to the Democratic Buffalo Roundup Dinner and hearing from our next Congresswoman is nice. The shepherd’s pie at the Alex Johnson is pretty good, too.

But the big reason you should mark your calendar for next fall’s Democratic dinner in Rapid City is so you can get up the next day and go see Sylvan Lake:

It's still called Harney... but white colonialism doesn't make the mountain itself less impressive.
It’s still called Harney, way off in the distance, just left of center… but white colonialism doesn’t make the mountain itself less impressive.
Sunday Gulch
Sunday Gulch, west of Sylvan Lake
Sylvan Lake, viewed from the stone outcrop just east of the Lodge
Sylvan Lake, viewed from the stone outcrop just east of the Lodge
Along the north shore of Sylvan Lake
Along the north shore of Sylvan Lake
Big rocks on the north side of Sylvan Lake
Big rocks on the north side of Sylvan Lake
Sylvan Lake at dusk
Sylvan Lake at dusk

Internet bandwidth is a little thin up here… and that’s o.k., because if you’re in sight of Harney Peak, you should be hiking and biking, not blogging. :-)

14 Responses to Photos: Sylvan Lake in Autumn

  1. Is that last picture from Sunday Gulch Trail? I haven’t been, I’ve just seen pictures. That trail was on my bucket list this summer but between the rain early on and the heat later on, we didn’t get around to it. Maybe we’ll have a mild October in the Hills and get the chance to take a Saturday off…

  2. sgt is actually quite exciting mid-winter when the ice is several feet thick-ahhh to be younger:) of course, with ice melt these days, don’t delay!

    thx cory for your fantastic coverage of this granite batholithic wonder; more exciting news just around the corner!

  3. bearcreekbat

    Great pics Cory! I drove up Spearfish Canyon on Saturday and I think it was the most colorful I can recall for many years. What a beautiful Fall season!

  4. W R Old Guy

    I was in the Deerfield Lake area yesterday. The colors are great. The sun is at a lower angle to the earth now and I was amazed at the view of Harney Peak and the colors in the late afternoon (around 4PM) on the drive back to Hill City. I was also a bit saddened find that yesterday was last day for the season for Dairy Twist at Three Forks.

  5. Bill Fleming

    Did you get up on Little Devil’s Tower, Cory? If not this time, be sure to plan a little hike up there next trip out. There’s a quick route up not far from where you took these pix. That whole area is magic, don’t you think?

  6. mike from iowa

    What is the backstory on Sylvan Lake? I’m guessing it wasn’t named for ol’ gravy-taters.

  7. All magic here, Bill, even in today’s fog. Atop Harney, I couldn’t see the fire tower from the pool.

    Kingleon, that last photo actually comes from the pleasant little trail right on the south shore of Sylvan Lake, around sunset as some clouds rolled in. The clouds broke in time to allow us to see the eclipse up here, while lightning flashed behind us.

  8. Oh, and I haven’t been up to Little Devil’s Tower yet, but there’s still lots of daylight.

  9. Bill Fleming

    Head toward the Needles Eye from Sylvan and watch for a little parking lot on your left about halfway between them just before you start going uphill. Pull into the parking lot and the trailhead to LDT is right there. It’s a steep hike, but you can be on top in about 20 minutes. It’s one of the coolest places!

  10. larry kurtz

    Curious if the name of Bear Lodge (Mato Tipila) is restored whether the US Board of Geographic Names will restore the Lakota name for Little Devils Tower (anyone know it?) A rough translation for its current designation would be Mato Tipila Kitala.

  11. mike from iowa

    Excellent read,Bill. Custer was a homely mother.Thanks for the enlightenment.

  12. Lar, some Lakota historians claim that the Indian name being floated for Harney, that Owl Maker Hinhan Kaga name is really what Little Devil’s Tower was called. I’m just sayin…again.

    Mr. West River Old Guy, at that Dairy Twist the best thing to have is 2 of their chili cheese footlongs sloshed down by a cherry malt. Whilst sitting on the bench on the north side in the shade where you can watch the little golfers putt and the crazy tourists drive by.

    Chili cheese footlongs. Get two.

  13. Deb Geelsdottir

    Beautiful photos Cory. I love Sylvan Lake too. I have some good winter photos of it. Thank you.