Clinton Inking Early Fundraising Deals with State Democratic Parties

The New York Times reports that four state Democratic parties—New Hampshire, Mississippi, Virginia, and Wisconsin—have signed joint fundraising agreements with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign.

South Dakota Democrats, I know you could use the money. But review Article 11, Section 1 of the SDDP Constitution:

Neither the State Central Committee, the State Executive Board nor any County Central Committee shall finance or endorse the candidacy of any person seeking the nomination of the Party in a contested Primary Election [South Dakota Democratic Party Constitution, Article 11, Section 1, downloaded 2015.08.25].

Don't hitch that donkey to HIllary's wagon yet... or anyone else's, SD Dems!
Don’t hitch that donkey to Hillary’s wagon yet… or anyone else’s, SD Dems!

Perhaps one could make a semantic argument that agreeing to collaborate with a candidate to raise money does not technically constitute an endorsement. Perhaps one could further argue that a joint fundraising agreement is not the same as financing the candidate, it’s just South Dakota Democrats passing the hat and promising to split the cash with Clinton.

But that sounds like thin ice to me. If the South Dakota Democratic Party wants to help the Democratic nominee for President raise money, the party had better wait until we have a nominee.

20 Responses to Clinton Inking Early Fundraising Deals with State Democratic Parties

  1. It’s clear to me that Hillary Clinton believes the rules everybody else has to follow don’t apply to her. The way she keeps putting out different stories about the private server she used to skirt and violate federal e-mail preservation rules and joking about it just rubs me the wrong way. This scandal is real, and it’s not going away.

    It’s time for a Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket.

  2. Would Warren want in as VP after disavowing a Pres run?

    The newfound doubt about the Democratic nomination is all the more reason for state parties to hold their fire and let the primary play out.

  3. rohr-let me get this straight-bengazi is real?

  4. I think Warren will make a VP run with Biden because the party needs her to do so. The decision whether to charge Hillary with a crime rests with Obama appointees. I don’t think she will be charged with a crime, but President Obama will make her life miserable. We will see a ratcheting up of pressure on her with more disclosures about classified e-mails, and her aid Huma Abedin pulling double duty for both the State Department and companies that funneled money to the Clinton Foundation. As that pressure builds, Hillary’s poll numbers will continue to erode, and her supporters will be eager for a viable team like Biden/Warren that people can actually get excited about.

  5. I think you and I can agree that Benghazi is a fake issue, leslie. Fact is, any crazy person intent on killing a small number of Americans can do so unless they are completely inept. It happens in movie theaters, grade schools, federal courthouses, navy ships, military bases, the list goes on. The fact that some terrorists in a dangerous country were able to kill 4 Americans is not a scandal. It’s unfortunate. But it’s not surprising that people who volunteered for duty in a dangerous place found danger there.

    Are you saying this e-mail scandal is fake, leslie?

  6. who gives a f88k about trey gowdy and his “whitewater-esq” committee who can’t find traction so now its emails. if there is ever reason to become informed about her email habits here, i’d be happy to discuss. otherwise i’ll be happy for FOX to keep the propaganda going as that’s what they do.

  7. I’m willing to concede, leslie, that Democrats are not always right and Republicans are not always wrong. You with me?

  8. never have been. rohr, i am curious what’s yer deal?

  9. sheldon osborn


    The Republicans were right about the Civil War and the end of slavery but that was a long time ago. Since then they have sold their soul for the most part.

  10. read mediamatters 8.12.15 hillary emails

  11. or read fox news op 8.13.15-hillary-email-truth. you tell me.

  12. Well leslie, I’m just the opposite of sheldon osborn. I support Democratic congressional candidate Paula Hawks.

    I also want to see a Biden/Warren ticket. You’re not there yet, but you’ll get there.

  13. Roger Cornelius

    In yesterday’s news, the State Department put out a news release stating that in their opinion Hillary did not violate any laws with a private server.
    Those that believe there is major scandal with Hillary and the server are playing right into the hands of FOX “News” and the republican party.
    If FOX and republicans keep repeating a Hillary scandal list, they come believe it has to be true.
    It is sad that so many pudding heads can fall into the trap of propaganda.

  14. rohr-read SO more carefully. that’ll take you into yet another very,very deep fox hole. imo. however, like grudz, happy, lynn, you and some others-i still wonder “what’z yer deal” (C) 1491s

    i already LOVE BIDEN, WARREN AND HAWKS. my vote will come nov 2016. all of this is maybe a bit premature, as cory says.

  15. Thank you Roger

  16. Nick Nemec

    The SDDP does sell its voter file or a portion thereof to Democratic candidates who are willing to pay for it. This is common practice around the country.

    For the record I’ve gotten fund raising letters from both Sanders and Clinton. I’m not sure what list they got my name from.

  17. Deb Geelsdottir

    Warren/Sanders 2016!!!!!!!!

  18. barry freed

    I find it interesting that no one on the cable news networks mentions the destruction of 3.5 million emails by the RNC and Karl Rove when discussing Hillary’s emails. Rove frequently makes the: “You did it too” argument. Never saw on the news that any were found.

    This guy claims to have found 500 of them

  19. mike from iowa

    HRC is the scandal. Wingnuts hate Obie,but the word or words that express their hate and contempt for Hillary have yet to be coined and uttered.

  20. rohr-one word re: Hillary emails: GEFLITE (as in fish). wapo, today.