Keystone XL Resistance Ride and March Sunday; PUC Begins Hearing Monday

Don’t want a foreign company using eminent domain to take South Dakotans’ land and subject our crops, cattle, and aquifers to tar sands pollution? Then get to Pierre Sunday for the Keystone XL Resistance Ride and March!


Details from No KXL Dakota:

  • What: KXL Resistance March
  • Where:
    • March Starts in Ft. Pierre, SD – Intersection of Highway 14 and Highway 83, Fort Pierre, SD 57532 [Map]
    • March Ends at Steamboat Park in Pierre, SD – Steamboat Park, Poplar Ave, Pierre, SD 57501 [Map]
  • When: Sunday, July 26th, 2015 at 12 PM CST
  • Full Agenda:
    • 11am cst: Opening Remarks and Prayer.  Press and Public are invited to quietly and respectfully observe.
    • 12:00pm : KXL Resistance Ride/March (1.2 miles from Hwy 14/83 Intersection to the Steamboat Park)
    • 1:30pm: Water Blessing (Steamboat Park).
    • 2:00-4:00pm: Rally (Steamboat Park)

Folks who’d like to share a ride to Pierre can catch a bus either at the Rapid City Civic Center, southwest lot, 7 a.m. MDT, or in Sioux Falls at Fawick Park at 8 a.m. Sunday morning.

The Public Utilities Commission begins the evidentiary hearing on TransCanada’s request to renew its Keystone XL construction permit on Monday, July 27, at 9 a.m. at the Capitol, Room 414. The hearing will run for seven days, through August 4. The PUC will not hear testimony about the tar sands pipeline’s impact on climate change or tribal stewardship obligations beyond reservation boundaries.

The Keystone XL docket is available online. The PUC also plans to webcast the hearing.

6 Responses to Keystone XL Resistance Ride and March Sunday; PUC Begins Hearing Monday

  1. Paul Seamans

    The original Keystone XL permit was signed on June 29th, 2010. Just think how much scientific knowledge has been amassed on the effects of man-made climate change in those 5+ years. And yet the PUC has determined to preclude any testimony on climate change. Not only that, the PUC has limited discovery on much of the original permit. They have allowed discovery (questions) on only 30 of the 110 Findings of Fact in the original permit. In effect allowing TransCanada’s lawyers to skirt many important questions. The PUC commissioners have allowed TransCanada to set the agenda for this permit hearing.

  2. Douglas Wiken

    Corporations and their propaganda allies set the agenda for all SD law, hearings, etc. in this GOP state. To hell with water quality, to hell with logic. Corporate exploitation of resources and people full speed ahead on auto-manipulated control.

  3. Roger Elgersma

    Oil pipelines have been around a long time and not a lot of problems. If you put fracking chemicals in oil the trains blow up and derail. But tar sands does not have fracking chemicals. But it is simply not efficient to pump tar through a pipe. They can take the tar out and have for many years before they got the idea to pump the tar through the oil pipe. They had to much tar making massive ponds in Alberta. That tar along with the oil had been in their ecosystem a long time and with the oil out I am not sure the tar got any worse. It just got more visible. Find a use for the tar and send it there but not through a pipe. It takes three times the pressure to pump tar through a pipe than to pump oil. That is the difference both in efficiency and safety from pipes rupturing.

  4. The aquifer is going dry. Never is always the best time to pump tar over the underground reservoir, but now, it is even more crucial the pipe line is shelved for good.

    What do we eat when we have destroyed our food sources?

  5. Roger Cornelius

    Rally goers need to tell their audience that Donald Trump not only supports Keystone XL, he has invested nearly $250,000 in the project.

  6. the Indians are confrontational when it comes to our environment, our praries, water, and “OUR BELOVED BLACK HILLS”(C)KOTA ect.

    we too shall be confrontational with racists in the state. as I have told wiken many times here. there is NO room in the democratic party for racism. we do NOT want to lose his vote. he doesn’t believe he is a racist.

    he has Lakota friends that tell him he is not. I would like to meet those friends, based on what he says to roger c. at nearly every opportunity, here.

    perhaps the next time all three of us are at a dem. event in rapid city or elsewhere, we can make some progress.