Dakota Free Press on Radio: Learn About Referenda on SDPB This Noon!

South Dakota Public Broadcasting FM radio frequencies across South Dakota
South Dakota Public Broadcasting FM radio frequencies across South Dakota.

Karl Gehrke has invited me onto SDPB Radio’s Dakota Midday today to discuss our two successfully petition drives to place Referred Law 19 (incumbent protection plan) and Referred Law 20 (youth minimum wage). Karl is planning to interview me on the second segment of the show, starting around 12:20 p.m. Central, 11:20 a.m. Mountain. You can listen on FM or live online.

Gehrke doesn’t take call-in questions as they used to on Dakota Midday… which is actually fine with me. One decent interviewer like Gehrke can lead a conversation with a newsmaker like me along a more logical path than a string of questions from callers who may or may not be listening to the questions and answers that precede their question.

Nonetheless, I have noticed that Gehrke is open to suggestions for questions e-mailed by listeners prior to the show. If you’d like him to raise some specific issue about these referred laws or the petition process, send him an e-mail! Of course, you can also fire away with your questions right here in the comment section, and I’ll be happy to tell you what I can about Referred Law 19, Referred Law 20, and the work lots of South Dakotans did to put these bad laws to a public vote.

3 Responses to Dakota Free Press on Radio: Learn About Referenda on SDPB This Noon!

  1. I heard most of your comments and thought they were good. I also noted the interviewer said he was going to get opposition statements. What he apparently is unaware of or unwilling to admit is that there is no real rational opposition to these petitions. This is more of the “A foolish balance between mythology and reality is the dangerous hobgoblin of small journalistic minds.”

    Not allowing comments at Midday has greatly diminished the value of the program. The moderators never think of all the rational questions and too often let unsubstantiated mythology pass as rational discussion.

  2. Oh, Douglas, I can’t wait for Karl to bring in David Novstrup to stumble through his excuses for SB 177 and Corey Brown and Ernie Otten to defend SB 69. They’ll only make things worse.

    I will grant, Douglas, that SDPB listeners are generally a notch above the standard radio callers and can offer some good questions. Oh well—let them bring their questions here!

    Thanks for the audio link, Lynn! If you listen to the immediately preceding Political Junkies segment with Jonathan Ellis and Seth Tupper, you’ll hear Ellis say legislators “got a little too cute” with SB 69, including provisions just to “preserve their power” and “eliminate competition.” Bookmark those words.