Kaleb Weis Returns, Signals House Bid

When candidates like Kaleb Weis lose elections, I have a few mixed feelings. Mostly, I’m immensely relived to see kept away from power a diffident, Trumpist, over-Godding, unqualified candidate who’s afraid of speaking to the media and countenances angry and rumor-based xenophobic rhetoric. But a small part of me misses not having a bad candidate to make for some easy blogging.

So in a small way, I’m pleased to see this update to Kaleb Weis’s Facebook political page:

Gru, gray sweater

…oops—wrong photo….

Kaleb Weis for SD House, Facebook page, screen cap 2017.09.21.
Kaleb Weis for SD House, Facebook page, screen cap 2017.09.21.

Even supervillain Felonious Gru has the good sense to wear a lighter top and smile a bit with his friends in a publicity photo. Kaleb Weis is still campaigning with grim photo of himself in his dark sweater, looming smilelessly, like that dark, ominous cross, over his innocent children.

But on September 10, he launched that new, bang-up warbird logo under his rechristened “Weisforsdhouse” campaign page. He hasn’t updated his campaign webpage, but stay tuned.

Weis’s update came five days before Rep. Dan Kaiser announced he’ll stand down from the Legislative race in favor of running for sheriff. We could really go bonkers and speculate that Weis’s rebranding scared Kaiser out of the House race, but the fact that Kaiser is taking on an arguably more difficult race against a popular Republican incumbent who has gone unchallenged in his office since 1998 tells me there’s no way Rep. Kaiser would be scared off by a much weaker candidate like Weis.

Kaiser’s leaving an open seat in District 3 offers Democrats another opportunity to win back some Legislative registration. The entry of an inferior candidate like Kaleb Weis further improves Democrats’ chances of winning next November.

7 Responses to Kaleb Weis Returns, Signals House Bid

  1. Everybody hates overgodders. Mr. Howie wrecked religion for most.

  2. Grudz, I might have to connect you with our non-over-Godding District 3 candidates so you can send them some donations to help them keep over-Godding out of the Capitol we both love.

  3. People who 10 years ago would have been unelectable even in SD are now electable. Many of them are in the legislature right now. District 3 has 6508 registered Republicans and 5189 registered Democrats, so if he gets the nomination of the Rush Limbog/Fox News/Donald Trump radicalized GOP Party he’s as good as in. GOP Party voters demand crazy these days. That’s why Rep. Hix hyphen Disanto will get more votes than the GOP Party governor candidate and congressional candidate in her district next year, and why Caleb Weis will ride into office by flogging Muslims. The battle for sane government in South Dakota is lost.

  4. Dang, our margin has slipped!

  5. By the way, where’d you get the district count?

  6. Secretary of state website