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Local Hate Group Requires Opponents to Provide Sources, Lets New Zealand Conspiracy Peddler Ramble Without Evidence

Aberdeen’s local anonymous anti-Islam freak-out group posted the following requirement for people who want to openly disagree with the group on its dreadful Facebook page:

Wish to send a rebuttal? Post a comment in rebuttal?
Have credible sources please. Our page desires are: to allow a platform to explore the issue of national security as it relates primarily to Islam, and also, to invite all of any stripe, to join in productive searches of the various serious topics associated.
Thank You [Americans First, Task Force; Facebook post; 2017.09.01]

These anonymous rabble rousers do not apply the same standard to the huckster foreign speakers they bring to town to reinforce their fear, hate, and prejudice against immigrants:

Refugee resettlement is more dangerous to the U.S. than the nation’s tensions with North Korea, China or Russia, a speaker told a crowd of about 100 people during a stop in Aberdeen this week.

Trevor Loudon, a New Zealand native, is a political activist, author and speaker.

…Loudon simply spoke. He didn’t display any information and the statistics he used were not always sourced or cited [Erin Ballard, “Refugee Resettlement a Greater Danger than North Korea, China, Russia, Speaker Says During Aberdeen Stop,” Aberdeen American News, 2017.09.21].

That no one in the task force threw a “credible sources” flag at Loudon during his speech is hypocritical. That about a hundred Aberdonians and a few Republican legislators listened is embarrassing and alarming. That attendance is down from previous AF,TF hate rallies is only mildly encouraging.


  1. Tim Adams 2017-09-22

    I posted a response to them awhile back and was hit with this drivel. Some “source” had asked if any Muslim group was helping out in Houston. After being told I had to provide sources I cited the Fox News website. Nothing but the loud sound of crickets.

  2. mike from iowa 2017-09-22

    I seriously doubt any Muslim group feels the curiously right wing need to brag about their helping others out.

    I’m thinking Muslims are smart enough not to advertise where they are or will be in order to not provoke the inevitable wingnut fight or flight response from armed dingbats.

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