Former SF Editor Working on New Statewide Nonprofit News Service

Todd Epp mentions a new statewide news service in the chute:

Former Argus Leader editor Jack Marsh is working with other Argus alums on South Dakota News Watch.

He’s hoping to bring more “sophisticated” news coverage to the state.

“This is a whole new approach to journalism,” Marsh said. “It’s being used very effectively all around the country. The best known of these non-profit, independent news organizations is Pro Publica” [Todd Epp, “Bringing More ‘Sophisticated’ News Coverage to S.D.,” KELO Radio, 2017.08.23].

ProPublica for South Dakota? That would be great! We have only two reporters—Bob Mercer for a group of South Dakota newspapers, James Nord for AP—working full-time in Pierre to cover state government.

Last November, Marsh filed incorporation papers that give this mission statement for his journalism project:

The corporation, dedicated to the betterment of society through a well-informed citizenry, will produce investigative and public-service journalism that sheds light on the people, communities, institutions, governments, issues, concerns, health and general welfare of South Dakota [South Dakota News Watch, articles of incorporation, filed 2017.11.15].

South Dakota News Watch has received grant support form the Watertown Area Community Foundation. SDNW has no web presence of its own, but it is listed as a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News.

4 Responses to Former SF Editor Working on New Statewide Nonprofit News Service

  1. This is a serious effort with accomplished people behind it. I hope the are successful. I look forward to their stories.

  2. Ben Cerwinske

    Intriguing ☺.

  3. Roger Cornelius

    This sounds as like a worthwhile and ambitious project that I look forward to reading.
    The ProPublica is rich in reading and if NewsWatch follows their layout they should be widely successful.
    I’ll be glad to spread the word once they start publishing.

  4. Todd, has SDNW said whether it will publish its stories online like ProPublica in addition to sharing them with traditional media?