Quinnipiac: Americans Oppose TrumpCare 56–17

I don’t think Kristi Noem reads much, but if she did, she’d read this new Quinnipiac University poll, look at the Republican health care plan, and shout, “Eject! Eject! Eject!”

Know when to pull it—eject advice
Now, Kristi.

American voters disapprove 56 – 17 percent, with 26 percent undecided, of the Republican health care plan to replace Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. Support among Republicans is a lackluster 41 – 24 percent.

If their U.S. Senator or member of Congress votes to replace Obamacare with the Republican health care plan, 46 percent of voters say they will be less likely to vote for that person, while 19 percent say they will be more likely and 29 percent say this vote won’t matter, the independent Quinnipiac University Poll finds.

Disapproval of the Republican plan is 56 – 22 percent among men, 56 – 13 percent among women, 54 – 20 percent among white voters, 64 – 10 percent among non-white voters, 80 – 3 percent among Democrats, 58 – 14 percent among independent voters and by margins of 2-1 or more in every age group [Quinnipiac University Poll, “U.S. Voters Oppose GOP Health Plan 3–1,” 2017.03.23].

In March 2010, just before passage of the Affordable Care Act that Noem now wants to repeal, Gallup found support for the ACA beating opposition 49% to 40%. This month, Kaiser finds support for the ACA beating opposition 49% to 45%.

So Kristi wants to repeal a plan whose support ratio is 1.1 to 1 and replace it with a plan who opposition ratio is 3.3 to 1? Just how hard is math for you, Kristi?

46% of voters say a vote for TrumpCare will make them less likely to reëlect that Congress critter, while only 19% say it will turn them on. I don’t know if we can extrapolate those numbers to Noem’s bid to jump from Congress to the Governor’s office, but if that ratio held, for every 1,000 South Dakota voters she might pull her way, she’d turn off 2,400. (That’s why Dems angling to be Governor mention today’s vote in every campaign speech in 2018… and why GOP primary voters pick Marty over Kristi, to deny us Dems the chance to drag D.C. baggage into the governor’s race!)

You have a chance to get on the right side of this vote, Kristi. You have a whole Congressional term to return to the drawing board, actually pay attention at hearings, and come up with a health care plan that will cover more Americans, decrease costs, and provide better care. Bail on today’s vote, and take time to write a plan all Americans (or at least more than 17%) can get behind.

38 Responses to Quinnipiac: Americans Oppose TrumpCare 56–17

  1. Vance Feyereisen

    I do not know if Noem reads, but I do know she can copy & paste. Re: daily talking points.

  2. Roger Cornelius

    Yahoo News is now reporting that there maybe as many to 30 and possibly 40 defections against the Ryan/Trump plan. Hope they right.

  3. W R Old Guy

    I think the opposition numbers would be a lot higher if people knew that the costs of care for those who cannot afford health insurance is going to be borne by the states which means our taxes.
    A tea party type Representative from Texas was on PBS this morning stating he would vote for TRUMP Care but wants a provision forbidding an individual from using any Health Saving Account money for an abortion. So much for putting people in charge of their health care.

  4. Holy cow, Roger: we can’t even read the bill that’s coming up for a vote!

    Hours before the scheduled evening roll call, neither party leaders nor rank-and-file lawmakers know exactly what they’ll be voting on. They haven’t posted the final text of the American Health Care Act, they don’t have an updated projection of how it will impact the deficit or the millions of people currently insured under Obamacare, and they haven’t agreed to the rules governing a House debate [Russell Berman, “A Final, Frantic Scramble for the Republican Health-Care Bill,” The Atlantic, 2017.03.23].

    If you can’t read the bill, Kristi, read the polls. People don’t want what you’re selling. Bring us something better!

  5. Roger Elgersma

    Ryan says if they do not pass it they will lose their base. But if they do lose it they will probably lose the next election. The Republican party is going to lose no matter what for their RyanDon’tCare plan.

  6. Robert McTaggart

    It may be better to focus on one thing that is a leading cost-driver, like costs associated with development and delivery of medicines or therapies, or medical record-keeping that is secure and avoids mistakes, or the costs of going to medical school in the first place.

  7. mike from iowa

    Wingnuts had a hissy fit and hammered Pelosi and Dems claiming the ACA had to pass before anyone could see what it was about.

    Turnabout is fair play-Liberals.

  8. mike from iowa

    CBS News
    See realtime coverage
    House GOP leaders postpone vote on healthcare bill

  9. Roger Cornelius

    The vote delay is significant, it indicates that in spite of Trump and Ryan’s lobbying they don’t have the votes to pass. The GOP simply needs more time to rally their base.
    Roger E. is correct, this vote could easily be a lose/lose situation for the GOP.

  10. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Oh, those Republicans… My goodness… They passed 60+ bills to replace the ACA with no replacement obviously in hand at the time, then when given the opportunity to totally be in control they cannot even get a replacement bill out of the US House…..Our nation is currently being led by “Keystone Cop” Republicans, who are absent of any true direction…..

    When is America going to start winning again (..I can’t wait for the boring part about winning…..)? Or are we already winning as a nation, but the Republicans just do not want to admit it?

  11. Republicans lied about healthcare for years.
    In so doing they put themselves in a lose-lose situation. They will either make the situation far worse by throwing millions off of healthcare insurance AND increase costs, or they will leave the ACA in place after promising for years to repeal it.

  12. Rubber-stamp Kristi will vote however GOP Party leadership tells her to vote. She hasn’t read the bill, and she doesn’t care what’s in it. If she did care she wouldn’t be rubber-stamp Kristi. She’d be someone else.

  13. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Rep. Noem just gave her 2 minute spiel in favor of the AHCA before the full House, then just after she sat down, Rep. Neal from (MA), stood up to announce that 63,000 South Dakotans would use their health insurance if the AHCA passed, then Neal passed the remainder of his time to a fellow Democrat….. It was beautiful…. Hahahahaha

  14. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    “lose” and not “use”….. (;-))

  15. Roger Cornelius

    Trump just asked Speaker Ryan to pull their healthcare bill.

    Whether they voted or not, Trumps Loses.

  16. So #KristiKare goes down in flames. Maybe she can take over the process and show us how good she would be as Governor.

    Just need to make sure we remind people that she was for this bad bill for SD and that it failed. Not sure she worked very hard to get it passed. Empty suit. Sad.

    Jackley has got to be smiling.

  17. Correct Jana on NOem, but remember, Jackley’s greasy little mitts are not clean on the ACA/Obamacare either. I think the last thing he wanted was for this to loose. Jackley was instrumental in killing Medicaid Expansion for our state, so he needs to have voters reminded of that issue as well. Where are the Democrats to challenge these two bozoheads?

  18. mike from iowa

    AP: Trump says health care bill fell short in lead-up to House vote because of no support from Democrats

    (GOP controls WH, House, Senate)

    Tired of all that winning, America?

  19. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Flynn resigns, Puzder withdrew his Labor nomination, the FBI admits that they are investigating the Trump (including Trump) White House, Nunes apologizes to the House Intelligence Committee, and now the failure of AHCA….. We are starting to win so much as Democrats, that I am kind of getting bored with winning (Trump claimed that could happen, I guess he was right)….. And it is not even a 100 days, yet….. ;-)………. Oh, and if the Republicans want to fill that vacant Supreme Court seat, then it looks like their only choice will be nuclear…..But does anyone ever really win a nuclear conflict?…..

  20. PFSSST Its Obama’s fault.

    Cong Burns (R. Ala.): “there is not a FAR right in the GOP. They [the far right] just need to come up with POSITIVE changes, not just NO.”

    Speaker Paul Ryan (R.): He spins the GOP as the “opposition party”, not the party of OBSTRUCTION. He also said any eventual successful health care bill from the GOP “is not going to change, its just going to be DIFFERENT.”

    Trump trumpets: “Obamacare, the disaster…is collapsing”.

    All these comments are fresh from the mouths of republican babes of the GOP today after withdrawing the American Health Care Bill in the house.

    This is the best day I have had since before election night.

    Sabotage of the existing and continued law of the land, the ACA, is now the GOP strategy. Much like Justice Stevens did to the subsidy and Medicaid Expansion.

  21. It’s a great day for dems!
    ACA. Law of the Land !
    Next on the list Impeach POTUS !

  22. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Whoever would have thought that Chief Justice Roberts and the House Republican “Freedom Caucus” would end up as the greatest protectorates of ObamaCare…. It’s like they say…..”Politics is filled with many strange bedfellows”…..

    However, we are currently being led in Washington by a minority or coalition government. A Republican government, where the President was elected with a 3 million vote shortfall, a Republican House majority, which only exists because of Koch brother sponsored gerrymandering, and where the tie breaker voting capability of the Republican Vice President, who also walks around with a 3 million vote shortfall, is the only true assurance of Republican control of the US Senate, where apparently, a “nuclear option” is the only way they can confirm a Justice pick as well.

    In a parliamentary system, such a minority or coalition government exists each day at the mercy of its members and never knows when the vote of confidence will come, which in turn dictates often moderate and sensible action from the start. But with a presidential system, with the rigid nature of its electoral process, such a government from such a system is guaranteed at least a shelf life of two or four years; which means in the meantime as Americans, that we will be asked unfortunately to suffer the consequences of a government that continues to be lost at sea and inept or impotent in its ability to offer moderate and common sense leadership….

  23. Mr. Clausesen, like you I did not vote for Mr. Trump. But he is the president. The Electoral College is the Law Of The Land. Lump it up, buddy. I have to.

  24. bearcreekbat

    With the rejection of the Republican efforts to end the ACA Medicaid expansion will Daugaard finally decide to do what is best for our state and accept the expansion and actually do something to help state residents with the cost of insurance?

  25. Roger Cornelius

    Daugaard would have nothing to lose and everything to gain with Medicaid Expansion.
    If he decides to go for it, he will need to stress the economic growth Medicaid Expansion will provide for the state and not just providing needed healthcare.
    Of course, the conservative legislature will probably be the last hold out for Medicaid Expansion.

  26. Didn’t Rubber-stamp Kristi vote 60 times or so for a straight repeal? It’s already been drafted. All Rubber-stamp Kristi has to do is put her name on it and re-introduce the same thing she’s voted for over and over again. Jackley ought to call on Rubber-stamp Kristi to re-introduce the same bill she voted for 60 times and then watch her twist in the wind refusing to do it.

  27. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.


    I never said it wasn’t the law of the land. In fact, my thesis is based on the premise that “the law of the land” has created a minority or coalition government, which was further embolden by the gerrymandering schemes of the Koch brothers and “nuclear option” politics, which in turn has created a dysfunctional system or government….

  28. I know, Mr. Claussen, I was just mocking the fellow who was pointing out that Obamacare was the Law of the Land.

    No matter who created it, even if the majority disagree with it, it was created under the laws of the land and is the law of the land. We can whine, but all that does is makes us sound like whiners. You know I hate whiners, so I choose to try and be more optimistically proactive and use a little common sense in my conservatism. I can pat myself on the butt a bit here and remind you that I am a past president of the Conservatives with Common Sense, you know. Hence, why I didn’t vote for that insaner than most fellow, Mr. Trump, who is now our (your and my) president.

  29. Kristi getting killed on Keloland Facebook word salad statement of liberty and freedom around KristiKare. Then her post on Death Tax repeal shows up on Facebook and gets killed there.


    Jackley is really smiling now.

  30. Really? After her tax cut for millionaires masquerading as a health care bill got pulled, now Rubber-stamp Kristi is pushing a different tax cut for millionaires?

  31. Mr. Rorschach, Rep. Joe Barton has called NOem the big fibber she is. In his own words he condemns NOem to what she is all about, a liar among liars.

    ” Reporters asked why, after Republicans held dozens of nearly-unanimous votes to repeal Obamacare under President Obama, they were getting cold feet now that they control the levers of power.

    “Sometimes you’re playing Fantasy Football and sometimes you’re in the real game,” he said.

    “We knew the president, if we could get a repeal bill to his desk, would almost certainly veto it. This time we knew if it got to the president’s desk it would be signed.”

    We simply cannot afford a liar the position of replacing another one in Pierre. We need someone that not only has a moral compass but knows how to read it as well.

  32. mike from iowa

    Drumpf’s tax return sez he paid 36 million in taxes-supposedly. If not gor the alternative minimum tax, which Drumpf intends to get rid of, he would have paid about 7 million in taxes.

    Drumpf wants to cut a billion from UN peacekeeping missions. Maybe this will be his way to pay for wealthy taxcuts.

  33. Hee hee! See the Noem speech to which JKC refers, followed by Rep. Neal’s sharp response, on C-SPAN at 5:30:10.

    My control over my health fate remains greater today than it was pre-ACA and greater than it would be under Noem’s now-failed health care “plan”.

  34. #KristiCare—can we trademark that? Or at least use it persistently during the 2018 election?

  35. See also Rep. Blumenthal from Oregon speaking right after Noem: he nails TrumpCare, the increased costs for people who need health coverage most, the tax cuts for rich people who need them least, the destruction of Medicaid, and the failure of Republicans to put forward a decent replacement plan after seven years of shouting. Beautiful, sensible, and full-on true!

  36. Reps. Neal and Brady, leaders of the CON and PRO sides of yesterday’s debate, appear to have made a habit of citing stats from their opponents’ states right after their speeches: Neal would recite the number of folks in each PRO speaker’s state who would lose insurance under TrumpCare, while Brady would recite the number of folks in each CON speaker’s state who opted to pay the tax penalty instead of buying insurance. Even on that tactic, GOP loses: GOP is pointing out a choice people can make under ACA, while Dems point out something people would lose, often against their choice, under TrumpCare.

  37. Have NOem’s name in place of this other looser, then put the add on the tee vee’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC4nrxJFH6Y

  38. #KristiKare is my gift to anyone who wants to trademark it as long as they buy me lunch.

    She showed herself not to be only a shallow empty flannel shirt, but someone who really didn’t care about the majority of South Dakotans.

    Kristi has to know that she was backing a cruel bill that would hurt South Dakotans. She knew South Dakotans would be hurt! And her silence in the House and at home showed how inconsequential she is.

    Jackley is still smiling.