DiSanto Taking Aim at Gubernatorial Run?

Rep. Lynne DiSanto taking aim, Facebook post, 2016.11.18.
Rep. Lynne DiSanto taking aim, Facebook post, 2016.11.18.

Representative Lynne DiSanto isn’t just calling Governor Dennis Daugaard unfit and out of touch. She’s testing her guns-everywhere-for-everyone outrage for a gun-nut run for Governor. Check out the third audio clip in her interview with KCCR over the Governor’s veto of her permitless concealed carry bill:

The reality is all we can hope to do is minimize the damage that he’s going to do in our state to move against the conservative principles that we stand for. He’s not on the same page as the Legislature, and I think that people in the leg would be wise to distance themselves from Daugaard, and my guess is that he’s going to be helping a candidate with the next election because people are going to be looking for a candidate more conservative than him [Rep. Lynne DiSanto, in “Lawmaker Says Daugaard Couldn’t Get Elected Dog Catcher,” KCCR Radio, 2017.03.20].

Looking for a candidate more conservative than Daugaard? That won’t be declared candidates Kristi Noem or Marty Jackley. It won’t be Lt. Gov. Matt Michels if he jumps into the race. It could be DiSanto, if she decides she wants to walk the brighter runway of a statewide race.

DiSanto can stir the blood of the Trumpy gun nuts with her gun-pose pix. But if she wants to be the candidate Daugaard helps, she’d better work on her video skills.

25 Responses to DiSanto Taking Aim at Gubernatorial Run?

  1. Bob Newland

    Please run, Lynn. I need a laugh.

  2. Boy. What a scary thought.

  3. Stace Nelson

    Rep. DiSanto (or another conservative) getting in the race would push AG Jackley into obscurity and would require Congresswoman Noem to defend her moderate record and poor ratings by national conservative groups. I think Rep. DiSanto would have an excellent chance if she ran, so does Pat Powers by the angst we are seeing in his posts about prominate conservatives.

  4. If it’s so easy to “push AG Jackley into obscurity” and “require Congresswoman Noem to defend her moderate record and poor ratings by national conservative groups” what’s stopping you, Sen. Nelson? Stake your claim to that 2nd floor office. Are you waiting to see what Matt Michels will do? Or Mike Huether?

  5. Stace Nelson

    @Rorshach I’ve been asked repeatedly by folks to get in either of the gubernatorial & congressional race. I would prefer other conservatives to do so and support them. I think Rep. DiSanto would be an excellent entrance in either of the two races. Dan Kaiser, Lance Russell, Liz May, are a couple others I would LOVE to support.

  6. I like my guns, but I don’t feel put out by reasonable attempts to keep them away from criminals and crazies in the spirit of the 2nd amendment’s call for a “well regulated” militia.

    Something I’ve been wondering about. Listening to the representative go on and on about everywhere/anytime/anyone guns guns guns more and more guns, is “DiSanto” the eye-talian word for verbal dysentery?

    I don’t speak eye-talian, and I’ve never been to Eye-taly. Eye-taly. That is where the eye-talians are from, isn’t it?

  7. John Kennedy Claussen, Sr.

    Jackley should welcome a DiSanto run. A DiSanto candidacy will hurt Noem more than Jackley, in my opinion. Although, Jackley is from West River like DiSanto, I think his candidacy is dependent upon the urban vote to win, while Noem needs to maximize the rural vote to win, which she would have to share with a DiSanto candidacy, especially West River, however….

  8. We have seen just how electable Third Place Stace is in statewide elections. Mr. Russell would be significantly less electable, and Ms. May would be a laughing stock. Mr. Kaiser, who only says “no”, would not run.

  9. If Mr. Michels runs then I hope Mr. Nelson does too. The world has already seen some of their debates but we can always use more of such entertainment.

  10. Douglas Wiken

    I am hoping some South Dakotans will wake up after Trump insanity is obvious to the last 1/3 of voters and decide real sane change is necessary and Democrats provide that option. The Republican brand may be nearly worthless if Trump continues on his demented path and is not impeached soon enough.

  11. DW, did you forget where we are? The people here love the Trumpster, the crazier the better I think. That’s the only way to explain why they keep electing the people they do.

  12. owen reitzel

    DiSanto cares only and I mean only about guns. She’s against education which was proven last year. She’s be a terrible Governor

  13. Mr. reitzel’s comment “she’s be a terrible Governor” made my granddaughter’s boyfriend suggest that a campaign slogan for Ms. DiSanto could be “All your base are belong to us.”

    I don’t know what that means but he sure thought it was funny.

  14. owen reitzel

    Ok Grudz. I can’t type. should have been “She’d”
    glad I made your night

  15. No, Mr. reitzel, we all make typing erors. What was funny was that your mistake make my granddaughter’s boyfriend show me this “All your base are belong to us” thing as a little movie and he said it would make a good DiSanto advertisement. I still don’t understand it but it was interesting.

    I do not fault you for the mistack, sir. We all make them.

    All your base are belong to us, indeed.

  16. stace-sounds like an extreme republican party-in SD!!??

  17. Can you fellows imagine what the posters for the young Ms. DiSanto might be? Or what the opponent posters, those tasteless heathens who would oppose her and mock her for being uncomfortable in her body, what those posters and pictures tacked to phone poles behind art alley might be?

    I can. I know you can.

  18. Ms. leslie, do you see how Mr. Nelson is like these space cats who say “all your base are belong to us?” My granddaughter’s boyfriend really thinks this is the mentality of Mr. Nelson and his weak ilk. It is funny that kids these days and these are 20 something kids who laugh at Mr. Nelson and his ilk.

    Unfortunately, it bodes well for the Independents and bad for the Republicans. And even badder for the Democrat Party. For they are nearly dead, like zombies.

  19. Screw Lynne DiSanto – thinking all you gotta do is pose with guns in every possible way to get elected.

    Maybe she’s right about one thing though, maybe we should turn SD politics into more of a professional wrestling sort of thing.

  20. One must be born an ammosexual, I’m thinking and brought to worship guns. The old debate nature or nurture.

  21. When I was first elected, I was offer two bits of advice:

    “Don’t get married to a bill.”

    “Don’t take it personal and don’t make it personal.”

    If you believe the benefits of a bill are great enough, then promote the bill and it benefits. I will not vote for or against a bill based solely who is the sponsor, or the veto message, I will vote on a bill on its merits.
    I have read the governor’s veto messages, and found them to be well presented. They were focused on the issue and not personalities.

    It has been suggested that Representative DiSanto run for the United States House or South Dakota Governor. Just like any other election, you want people to vote for you, and not just against the other candidate. Attacking the other unnamed candidates based on their reaction to a bill is in bad form.

    I can appreciate Representative DiSanto passion, and applaud her gumption to get a bill passed. She just needs to be careful not to cross the line.

  22. Here’s some more advice, MC. You don’t need to marry a bill to sponsor one. You can call it a pre-spring fling. Try it. You may like it.

  23. Wow. MC, you have truly mastered the obvious, but you present the obvious as wisdom. Take your applause for radical gumption and shove it.

  24. I will actively campaign against DiSanto for any office she runs for! She has a select hierarchy of delusional theorists that keep her boxed in a corner and she appears to be perfectly comfortable there. She couldn’t be further at odds with the City of Rapid City, and she most certainly doesn’t represent most of us “ancient” residents of the region that would much rather trust our police force, military and intelligence agencies with our safety and security than some ill trained, self appointed gun hero with a basement full of ammo and comic books in his library.

    Also read the piece in the SD War College with regard to Stace’s promotion of bill passage success. Gotta love the horn tooting- even though the parade awards nothing for bills and resolutions that are as worthless as a screen door in a submarine…….. Run for Governor Stace…….. I need an excuse to celebrate another SD election night failure.