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Armed and Dangerous DiSanto Preps Another Distracting Gun Bill

Hey, ammosexuals!

Rep. Lynne diSanto, Facebook post, 2016.11.18
Rep. Lynne DiSanto, Facebook post, 2016.11.18
Rep. Lynne diSanto, Facebook post, 2016.11.18
Rep. Lynne DiSanto, Facebook post, 2016.11.18

Hey, Rep. diSanto! I know you enjoy modeling, but try modeling gun safety: you only put your finger on the trigger when you are going to shoot, not when you are going to shoot your mouth off.

The NRA and South Dakota Gun Owners pushed a permitless concealed carry bill (2015 HB 1116) through the House in 2015, only to fail in Senate Judiciary under opposition from South Dakota sheriffs and the state Department of Public Safety.

But here we’ll go again, with Rep. DiSanto revving up the gun crowd with another feel-tough proposal that will not pay any teacher, pave any road, free up any nursing home beds, relive any unfair tax burdens, ease the burdens of meth and gambling addictions, or solve any other substantive policy problem facing our state.


  1. Miller 2016-11-19 10:05

    Glad I live on the other side of a gerrymandered district from her. Earlier this year she posted a picture of herself with a shotgun, and her finger on the trigger. She’s going to shoot someone on accident before long.

  2. Darin Larson 2016-11-19 10:16

    If I am in law enforcement, I can understand wanting to be aware of who has a concealed carry permit. It lessens the chance of misunderstandings during interactions with law enforcement. If this law passes, law enforcement will have to assume that everyone is carrying. Every interaction with law enforcement will be affected by this bill if it passes.

    On the other side of the coin, is it too much to ask that citizens get a permit for concealed carry? Is the process too onerous or is this just about pushing the right wing gun rights agenda? I know the answer and so does everyone else I believe.

    Is the next step to have automated gun kiosks on every corner? You just run your credit card and out pops a loaded handgun, safety on of course. You could choose between a 38 special or a Glock 9 mm at a minimum depending upon your preferences. Super kiosks could also dispense an AR-15 for those times when you really feel insecure or when somebody really makes you mad.

  3. Porter Lansing 2016-11-19 10:24

    It’s a comic dichotomy. For years gun huggers were buying guns to protect themselves from our federal government. Now, liberals are buying guns to protect themselves from bigot gun huggers.
    Liberals have guns, too … and we’re better shots because our brains are calmer.

  4. jerry 2016-11-19 10:37

    If passed by Black Friday. “Attention Shoppers, Clean up on aisle 2, 3 and 4..Hazmat cleanup requested for aisles 2, 3 and 4 at the flashing light specials”, “The floors are slippery folks, please allow the sanding of the floor for your protection, have a glorious day of continued shopping while everyone reloads.”

  5. jerry 2016-11-19 11:07

    The irony of it all is that buttercup might be right, maybe we should all be protecting ourselves from our incoming government and its treatment of women. Instead of putting a fee on current concealed gun permits, her state government should place a fee on each individual in the state with the assumption that we are all armed. When we get our drivers licence (including learners permit) would be a good place to add that $100.00. “South Dakota, don’t give me the finger unless it is on the trigger” will be our new state motto. If you get pulled over by the police, you better have your complete licence up to date with all fees paid. This would add enough in the state budget to finally complete Daugaards promise of raising teacher pay to the levels and beyond.

    In addition to this new tax, there should also be a disposal fee added in for those who just do not have the resources to pay for hospital costs in the event of a wounding or death. Police, what do they know, they endorsed Trump, so their concerns are moot. Buttercup will be famous or infamous to showcase the brilliance of such an elected official. Kind of brings a tear to an eye filled with pride at how far we have come.

  6. Richard Schriever 2016-11-19 11:24

    This bill may not do anything for SD – especially not for SD law enforcement – but it will assure LDS gets a nice dependable $4,000 campaign contribution from the NRA.

  7. John 2016-11-19 11:27

    Yep, Representative? DiSanto is an accident waiting to happen. Windshield, meet bug.

  8. jerry 2016-11-19 11:34

    Is that a Glock in your pocket or are you just glad to see me.

  9. Porter Lansing 2016-11-19 11:46

    Good one, Jerry. ? “Don’t give the finger ‘less it’s on your trigger.” #BlackGunsMatter

  10. jerry 2016-11-19 11:52

    LMAO #BlackGunsMatter. Buttercup is the snitz

  11. jerry 2016-11-19 11:54

    Porter, look how close Buttercup is to shooting herself in the foot in her stock photo, symbolic, no?

  12. Spike 2016-11-19 12:10

    The person taking both pictures is not in the safe zone of someone that has their finger on a pistol trigger. Remember Lynne… unloaded guns kill.

    Her two handed grip? isn’t very amenable to the unfortunate situations where a conceal carry would be drawn. There are much more secure techniques to use when debating in the chambers of Pierre.

    That’s some seriously irresponsible behavior. For a concealed carry “advocate”. And her photographer.

  13. Rorschach 2016-11-19 12:16

    Looks like she needs to get some of that new medicine they are advertising on tv to tighten up that turkey flap under her chin. With thanksgiving coming up she better watch out when she goes for a walk in the hills.

  14. owen reitzel 2016-11-19 12:26

    The legislature will waste time on bills like this and on abortion and nothing else will get done

  15. jerry 2016-11-19 13:12

    Buttercup aims into nothingness, an imaginary person of color, be it Black, Brown. Yellow or Red. But what happens to Buttercup when it is the White man with blonde hair that is the target? Gun sales are aimed (pun intended) at the people of color. What if it might be her child or some other innocent person in the crossfire as this goes on, will she be able to abandon her pro life meme and pull that damn trigger? Of course she will. She is Buttercup, Queen of the Silver Dollar, she rules her smokey kingdom with a bar stool as her throne. It must be with drunk talk like hers.

  16. Stace Nelson 2016-11-19 13:13

    Want to know why Democrats continue to lose elections in SD? Voters don’t expect you to agree with them on every issue; however, this HS mean girl disrespect of issues that are important to them? Calling them racists and other juvenile names because they disagree with you?

    Real tough guys being disrespectful of Rep DiSanto.

    @Rorschach you’re a punk scumbag. You’re such a chicken excrement you have to hide from the light of day.

    @Darrin Larson LE already has to assume everyone they deal with are armed and potentially dangerous.

    These type of blog posts, the HS mean girl comments? Keep them up. They motivate organized opposition to your candidates.

  17. jerry 2016-11-19 13:28

    Nelson advise is like smelling stepped in chicken doo doo. Buttercup is armed and aiming at nothing, kind of like you Nelson. Take your advise and scrape it off your shoes.

  18. Darin Larson 2016-11-19 13:29

    Stace Nelson– why is law enforcement–no bastion of left wing ideology–against DiSanto’s bill? Why do you disagree with law enforcement? Why shouldn’t people have to get a simple permit to carry a concealed weapon?

  19. Rorschach 2016-11-19 13:32

    Call me all the names you want, Stacey. I can take it.

  20. Sam@ 2016-11-19 13:43

    Stace Nelson says it prefect… the next thing the dems will want is,their party being placed on the endangered spieces list. The democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

    Stop blaming everyone else for getting losing the last election, you will lose every election in the future if you keep up the name calling and the failure to take responsibility for not listening to the rank and file.

  21. mike from iowa 2016-11-19 13:50

    South Dakota voters don’t like to be told the truth, I take it.

    Dems have to become them and then there is no distinction between the Dems and the thugs. Sweet for wingnuts.

  22. owen reitzel 2016-11-19 13:50

    ” Why shouldn’t people have to get a simple permit to carry a concealed weapon?”
    Easy Darin. It’s all about the love of the gun and there should be no restrictions on carrying, according to people like Stace. My point is that bills like this take up valuable time in the legislature. Waste of time.

    Stace will be proud of me. Last weekend I exercised my 2nd amendment right and purchased a handgun. And if you don’t believe me Stace I’ll be more than happy to show my conceal carry permit that I easily obtained for $10 from my local sheriff’s office.

  23. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-11-19 13:51

    Disrespectful, Stace, to point out proper gun safety? Disrespectful to expect a gun to be used for real serious business and not as a cheap political prop? Disrespectful to point out that DiSanto’s promised bill won’t pay teachers, pave roads, fill any gap in the state budget, or solve any other practical problem in this state? If pointing out facts makes me an endangered species, then heck, I’ll be living on the edge for the rest of my life.

    And name-calling, Sam? I didn’t call Rep. DiSanto a punk scumbag. I don’t advocate name-calling, but evidently name-calling does not lose elections.

    I stand with the sheriffs and the three Republican Senators (including David Novstrup) who helped kill this bill in 2015. This bill is bad public policy.

  24. MOSES6 2016-11-19 13:54

    Stace did you forget what Trump said about Hispanics, and about a judge of color.You can stay with a racist and a bigot for president but not me.Also Stace I served my country .

  25. jerry 2016-11-19 14:05

    Sammy, who is blaming anyone other than where the blame belongs, the Russian government. We all lost, including you. Pretty simple stuff. Or do you say nyet?

  26. Chip 2016-11-19 14:08

    Oh please Stace, try to keep your hypocrisy on a leash, it’s getting away from you. It’s not like anybody was making derogatory comments about her menstrual cycle. ?

  27. MOSES6 2016-11-19 14:09

    Maybe she will run for congress and tell us vets how great we are.Does she support home schooling.

  28. Stace Nelson 2016-11-19 14:10

    @CAH mocking South Dakotans on this issue is one of the reasons Democrats are defeated in SD. Look at Rorschach’s misogenist comments about Tep DiSanto and tell me that’s respectful.

    @Darin Happy to compare my LE credentials with anyone. Some of those representing LE who testified against these bills in the past were required to do so by Daugaard. Can’t take an oath to uphold SD & US Constitions and claim to be for depriving South Dakotans their right to carry without a permit.

    @Owen as the Democratic Chairman of Hanson County… Thank you! Please keep up what you are doing and saying. You have my support for the SDDP Chairman.

  29. jerry 2016-11-19 14:15

    Buttercup is onto something here though that should not be ignored. Even after the appointment by the Russian oligarchs, she is still scared. Buttercup is so spooked that she wants us all armed and maybe she is right. I think it should start with arming the poor, if they do not have the resources to purchase a gun, her state should provide that to them, ammo also. At that point, they should be taught the proper usage of the gun and how to handle it safely but clearly not from Buttercup as she demonstrates carelessness. This of course is all the poor while at the same time, women should be also given arms and taught how to use them safely. The reservations should be involved with this even as they are a sovereign nation within a state. The members should all be taught proper gun safety and provided with arms and ammo as well. As Nelson and Sammy point out indirectly, Buttercup is right with arming all with concealed or open carry, all would be the same. Buttercup does not give age restrictions on this so I am guessing that it follows hunting privileges, what say you Nelson or Sammy, what or is there age restrictions on your new law.

  30. owen reitzel 2016-11-19 14:21

    what did I say that was so bad Stace? That a bill like this is a waste of time?

  31. Darin Larson 2016-11-19 14:25

    Stace, how does my question of why law enforcement opposes the bill naturally lead you into talking about your LE credentials? We know where you stand. I was asking why LE has opposed the bill.

    Your extremist claims against anyone that says a simple permit for concealed carry is plainly constitutional is what sets you apart from the mainstream. I hope you and your extremist views get more airtime in Pierre. It will be quite entertaining and you will alienate mainstream Republicans and Democrats alike. Keep up the good work!

  32. Stace Nelson 2016-11-19 14:57

    @Owen What? I’m telling you that you are doing a wonderful job and that you should be given a larger podium for SD Democrats.

    @Darin Aside from the Sheriffs Assoc., any state LE views were instructed by Daugaard. My views haven’t been “extreme” or “radical” since my ilk rebelled against the King of England, and adopted a Bill of Rights that ensured the right of evey American’ INDIVIDUAL right to be armed WITHOUT infringement. Now YOUR radical views have been repudiated across SD, and the whole of the USA. Liberal Democrats held the international stage in the USA for the last 8 years. Remind us again how many states are now controlled by Democrats as a result of that? Americans rejected your radical Leftist Venezualian ideas.

    The Left & Crony Capitalist have personally attacked me for the last 6 years. Remind me how’s that going again?

  33. jerry 2016-11-19 15:08

    Don’t worry Mr. Larson, Nelson has the attention span of a snail so he will not be able to answer you or I. But as we go along, I supported Amendment V, which means that there are not party labels. As such, then as a V guy, Buttercup is my new bestest gal. I cannot vote for her or against her, but that idea of hers to offer everyone concealed carry with no permit, make my day. I think it should be expanded as well and whatever is left of Democrats should simply let the other guys deal with it. What is the point of giving these rascals cover man, let them do their thing. Buttercup will then be set to be their go to gal in leadership, the Queen if you will. Nelson will still be the court jester as somethings never change.

  34. Porter Lansing 2016-11-19 15:25

    Democrats taking advice from Big Stace is like Mike Zimmer taking advice from Blair Walsh. Big Stace was an MP. That’s barely a Marine and even recruits laugh under their breath at MP’s. Thanks for the advice B.S. but your cred is shred.

  35. Stace Nelson 2016-11-19 15:40

    @Anonymous Jerry Thanks for chuckles. Your wit is as impressive as your lack of courage.

    @Porter You appear to be Confusing your days of courageously spitting on Veterans, with reality. Looking forward to the day you should ingest enough THC in the Mile High state to garner the pharmaceutical courage needed to accost a destiny of a certain posterior delivery.

  36. Chuck-Z 2016-11-19 15:51

    It’s the fear mongering that disturbs me. Hunters are disappearing fast; we now have more out-of-state hunters for our pheasants than residents. Why the need to display a handgun? It’s not for hunting. She is statistically far more likely to accidentally shoot herself than to do barrel rolls through Starbucks picking off bad guys with it. It is more likely her husband uses that gun against her in a domestic squabble than it is she uses it to fend off a rapist sneaking through the window. It is more likely one of her children accidentally discharges that gun in the home than it is she thwarts a carjacking with it. It is more likely the gun will be stolen than used to prevent ISIS from taking over her grocery store.

    Don’t get me wrong, I happen to be part ammosexual. Blasting jugs and cans is great fun. I have purchased guns for my children and have many I hope to pass down one day. I am quite OCD about making sure they are safely secured at home, as accidents and ignorance are the real problem. I do not, however, wave then around in public or pose for silly public photos. I do not feel the need to carry one around just in case I have a Clint Eastwood moment at the DQ, nor do I trust the judgement of those who do. These politicians posing with weapons is some out-of-touch fear mongering.

  37. Porter Lansing 2016-11-19 15:52

    14% of CO citizens use cannabis, BIG STACE. The rest of us just enjoy the tax revenues, projected at a billion in sales this year. How come you didn’t come out of your hole during the campaign? When you’re despised by Pat Powers you’re barely even a Republican.

  38. Rorschach 2016-11-19 15:58

    My comment about Tep [sic] DiSanto wasn’t misogenist [sic] Stacey. That medicine I talked about is for both sexes. Trump should get some of it too. I don’t think it tightens up belly flaps or floppy tongues though, so it wouldn’t do you any good.

  39. Rorschach 2016-11-19 16:03

    “a Bill of Rights that ensured the right of evey American’ INDIVIDUAL right to be armed WITHOUT infringement.”

    Stacey reminds us that he favors felons, domestic terrorists, domestic abusers, and other such Americans owning guns. He apparently believes that anybody, American or not, should be able to walk into a gun show and walk out with whatever guns their money will buy. That’s radical, folks.

  40. mike from iowa 2016-11-19 16:21

    Jeez-it ain’t like the mangled apricot hellbeast never called anyone names while the FBI and the Russians conspired to place the orange S###gibbon in the White House.

    But Hillary is a croooooook.

  41. mike from iowa 2016-11-19 16:47

    Look closely at DiSantos face and you can clearly see stoopid written all over it. I have a gun. Oh look at little ole me. I have a gun.

    Ammosexual soon be dead
    9mm bullet in my head
    Hope you listened to what I said
    I have a gun Oh look at little ole me

  42. owen reitzel 2016-11-19 16:50

    I know where you’re coming from Stace.
    Not a lot of Democrats in Hanson County but we have a young lady who I feel has a bright future and will make a good legislature.
    I have to stay optimistic and hope the people in Hanson County will see what the Republicans are doing to our state. We’ll see. Things won’t be good with Trump as President.

    Hopefully I haven’t made any personal attacks on you, but as you probably I’ll be contacting you in January more than a few times.

  43. Darin Larson 2016-11-19 17:00

    Stace Nelson– states across the USA for many decades in Republican and Democratically controlled states have required concealed carry permits as a reasonable requirement for lawful citizens. Your attempt to paint concealed carry permitting as some left wing movement is laughable as it predated modern liberalism. Nobody is trying to keep you from your guns, but you just keep pushing your extremist agenda like Obama was coming to get your guns. You get off on it. You need someone to be your boogey man. You need someone to justify your obsession and your arsenal. “Honey, we need to go buy another AR, the folks on DFP are being mean again!”

  44. Chip 2016-11-19 17:05

    Wow Mike….I……I….don’t know what to say. :/

  45. Rorschach 2016-11-19 17:08

    And Rep. DiSanto looks pretty good for a 50 year old gal. Looks like she’s had some work done. I’m just suggesting a little bit of non-invasive stuff to further her modeling career. I thought it was good advice, and once again non-invasive like the plastic surgery stuff she appears to have had.

  46. Chip 2016-11-19 17:08

    Ammosexual *video*

  47. mike from iowa 2016-11-19 17:15

    Chip- check out You Tube and you will see all kinds of unhinged “responsible” gun owners doing all kinds of unsafe, stoopid things on tape. They can’t help themselves while the video rolls.

  48. mike from iowa 2016-11-19 17:18

    South Carolina senator Miss Lindsey Graham wants Cruz on the Scotus.What could possibly go wrong with that pick?

  49. jerry 2016-11-19 17:54

    Nelson, you will need to work on your wit though. Because those jokers to the left of you and clowns to the right of you, add a nit when speaking of you. You amuse them very much as you do me, of course they wish that you would run against Rounds or something special like that as I do. Always entertaining.

    In the meantime, what few Democrats are in the legislature, just continue to be you. Be that thorn in the foot that stops the elephant. Defend the 2nd Amendment for its importance. In fact, Democrats should have a holiday Turkey shoot! Have a raffle for a rifle and drawing for that nice piece. Here is the catch, call it the Butterball Turkey Extravaganza, kind of a shout out to Buttercup for the idea.
    The rules are this, you must either be a registered Democrat or a registered Independent. If you do not belong to a party, you will be given a voter registration form and if you register as a Dem or an Indy, you get to participate! There will be a calcutta for teams involved in the shooting with a $20.00 entry fee with the winners being 1st and 2nd place. Longest shot, $50.00 and a 50/50 drawing as well. The entry for the rifle, say a 22.250 with scope, will be $10.00 with a total amount of tickets sold to be set at 250. Proceeds go to help feed the homeless.

  50. Roger Cornelius 2016-11-19 19:04

    As Ronald Reagan said about Walter Mondale, “there he goes again”. Nelson and sam@ come here and attempt to lecture us about being disrespectful and name calling, so what do they do?
    Nelson calls Rors and Darin names. Nelson is already a Trump puppet, he gets to call names and show disrespect while everyone else has to behave.
    Did Nelson mention is LE creds yet?
    Here’s what I plan to do, if I should ever encounter DiSanto, Nelson or anybody else that I suspect of carrying a weapon, with or without a permit, I will immediately call 911.

  51. Ben Cerwinske 2016-11-19 19:38

    “Thanks sweetie. That’s nice”

    “tighten up that turkey flap under her chin”

    “I mean, I’d look at her right in that fat, ugly face of hers”

    “you’re a punk scumbag. You’re such a chicken excrement you have to hide from the light of day.”

    “Is that a Glock in your pocket or are you just glad to see me”


    Trump or DFP comments?

  52. Porter Lansing 2016-11-19 19:54

    There’s no such thing as a DFP comment. There’re comments by someone posted on DFB but we’re all responsible for ourselves. DFP is a blank blog with incredible diversity.

  53. Ben Cerwinske 2016-11-19 20:14

    Fair enough Porter. Trump or some commentators on DFP?

  54. Porter Lansing 2016-11-19 20:22

    One or more comments on The Free Press, today.

  55. Porter Lansing 2016-11-19 20:28

    I’m double tasking so I’ll jump ahead. It proves that Trump supporters can dish it out but Trump supporters can’t take it.

  56. Ben Cerwinske 2016-11-19 20:33

    It also proves that some who oppose Trump support his “But he started it” attitude.

  57. Porter Lansing 2016-11-19 20:45

    Good one, Ben. ??

  58. jerry 2016-11-19 20:47

    Thanks Mr. Cerwinske, I assure you that I am not some commentor, I am jerry. The person who has two of those quotes you quote in your quotes. I can see that you have been distracted by Buttercup’s gun bill. So suck it up Buttercup and try to not wet yourself over silly distractions. Grab you gun and lets go huntin’. Just a few more days to fill man. Not enough snow to track good, but enough to make sure your better be on target. Big healthy deer this year with a lot of fat on them. Watch out for Wisconsin hunters on public ground, they always go upwind while sticking out like Nelson in a tulip patch.

  59. jerry 2016-11-19 21:39

    Why Mr. Cerwinske, you are the sleuth aren’t you. Now you know the distracting truth, I am indeed just a commentor, sadly, just another jerry. Now, what would you think of that commentor in Iowa, is he from DFP or Trump? It seemed to be appropriate for that bloke in Iowa to say what he said, why did you get your panties in a bunch over it? Is that fake outrage, yes, it does seem that way Mr. Cerwinske. Ah distractions, Cory is correct on this.

  60. Ben Cerwinske 2016-11-19 21:57

    How did you get “outrage” out of: “Suck it up Buttercup” also happens to be the name of this bill?

  61. jerry 2016-11-19 22:41

    I cannot. I tried to move the letters about and I still cannot come up with that. Show me how, when there is no “o” in “Suck it up Buttercup” I do not know what you mean

  62. mike from iowa 2016-11-20 07:15

    Ben how did the iowa idiot that thought up the name of the bill that prevents unis from doing something they already don’t do, come up with the idea?

    If the tangerine cocksplat that stole the Potus hadn’t championed name calling and demeaning opposition, this iowa POS wingnut wouldn’t have had the courage to come up with a name that is irrelevant to what his bill supposedly prevents.

  63. mike from iowa 2016-11-20 07:22

    Careful, Jerry. Jerrys was what German soldiers were referred to as during WW2. Drumpf’s Nazi brigades might mistake you for one of their own and recruit you to spy on our fearless Master Cory. Remember, Cory has at least three strikes against him and is prolly South Dakota’s leading target for internment.

  64. mike from iowa 2016-11-20 07:27

    BTW she is so un-10 like, Drumpf wouldn’t grab her (fill in the blank) if she paid him a king’s ransom, which Drumpf believes he deserves if you want his attention.

  65. Richard Schriever 2016-11-20 09:30

    Stace – I don’t believe there were any Norwegians (those of your ilk) involved in the revolution. I believe your ilk (the Norwegians) were stuck at home in the Mountains and fjords until well after said revolution had occurred. In fact, the history of your ilk actiually goes something like this: (From Wikipedia:History of Norway) ” absolute monarchy imposed in 1661. In 1814 Norway was ceded to the king of Sweden by the Treaty of Kiel. Norway declared its independence and adopted a a constitution. However, no foreign powers recognized the Norwegian independence but supported the Swedish demand for Norway to comply with the treaty of Kiel. After a short war with Sweden, the countries concluded the Convention of Moss, in which Norway accepted a personal union with Sweden, keeping its Constitution, Storting and separate institutions, except for the foreign service. The union was formally established after the extraordinary Storting adopted the necessary amendments to the Constitution and elected Charles XIII of Sweden as king of Norway on 4 November 1814.”

  66. jerry 2016-11-20 09:30

    mfi, with Buttercups new legislation, there will not be need for law enforcement. Think of the millions saved here in South Dakota by abolishing the police departments as a, who needs this program that drains tax dollars. Quick note mfi, tax dollars need to be diverted to the owners pockets, as you know.

    With Buttercups idea, with full support of Nelson, the police will soon be working at new manufacturing jobs or whatever their employment desires might be. Buttercup is a genius of sorts when it comes to diverting taxpayers money to the bosses.

  67. 96Tears 2016-11-20 09:39

    Hurry up and pass it! I can’t wait to see 3,000 pipeline protesters open-carry pistols, AR-15s and extra-long clips. That actually may be closer to the intended definition of a “well regulated Militia” than what clowns like DiSanto and her pals have in mind. Apparently she views side-arms as some kind of fashion accessory.

    As to the statements why Democrats lose in South Dakota, it’s simple. Ever watch how the average Republican makes up his mind who’s on the ballot? They don’t bother to look. All they want to know is who has an “R” next to their name. I’ll bet $100 that if you polled a legislative district in the redder parts of South Dakota, less than 10 percent of chronic-voting Republicans can name a single legislator from their district. (Actually, I’ve seen a poll just like that several years ago and it was 6 percent.) It’s really that simple-minded. It’s been that way since statehood. They appreciate that the Republicans who go to Pierre and occupy valuable seats in the legislature do nothing. So, as long as nothing breaks, why fix it? Right?

    There was a demographic of South Dakotans who became Democrats largely because of the New Deal and the pain and suffering created by the Republican-caused Great Depression. FDR provided the inspired leadership that helped a broken nation get back on its feet and build what we came to know in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s as the greatest Middle Class in world history. That demographic has been dying off and their children have forgotten the important lessons of growing up in the era of JFK, RFK, MLK, the Civil Rights Movement and signing of the Civil Rights Bill in 1965, the lies that kept us in Vietnam far longer than necessary, Watergate, the Nixon administration’s deep criminality, Eisenhower’s speech on the military-industrial complex, the corrosive hoax of Reagan’s supply-side economics, and Oliver North’s criminality.

    Those forgotten lessons revisited us with the hoax and criminal actions that pushed us to invade Iraq. Our Middle Class is withering from the Republican-generated Great Recession and the slow recovery created by a do-nothing Congress. And now the United States has done the unthinkable with the election of Donald Trump. Here in South Dakota, those voters who vote for the candidates with an “R” will be the ones who’ll be the worst served by this looming dictator and the list of truly reckless egomaniacs and racists he’s putting into his cabinet.

    Lynn DiSanto is exemplary of the kind of hood ornament politico we can expect in Pierre for a while. Know-nothing voters elected a know-nothing, do-nothing bubble head. She’s cute, posing with a pistol. Wow. She really knows how to get things done, eh?

  68. Douglas Wiken 2016-11-20 10:14

    Concealed weapons without permits help support rapist rights.

  69. Roger Cornelius 2016-11-20 11:52

    The picture of DiSanto belongs a adult dating website.

  70. jerry 2016-11-20 12:48

    Yes, indeed Roger, there is a Buttercup dating service. I did not open it though for fear of seeing even more than my eyes would allow. Also, the little woman here would beat me senseless if I did. I am very conservative at how much pain I can take.

  71. John W. 2016-11-20 16:09

    Stace: Your Military LE experience is quantitatively and qualitatively incomparable to any thing an ordinary beat cop experiences on the streets of Sioux Falls, Rapid City or even Winner so quit holding up that MP/OSI badge and waving it all over the place. The FBI considered the profession I retired from the most dangerous in law enforcement because we delt with (and still do) deal with people with guns every day of every week of every year and there is something horrendously wrong with our culture and civilization when every law enforcement profession has to spend each shift in constant vigil of the threat of gun use against them. All this legislation does is foment more irrational behavior and thinking about the 2nd Amendment and the fictional absolutism of it to say nothing of emboldening the weak minded and emotionally immature to adopt fictional beliefs about gun use and self protection. At the end of the summer, one of your “every day self righteous gun owners” decided to grab his concealed permit friends hand gun and torch off a couple of rounds at two thugs leaving a convenience store after a strong arm theft. Thankfully, he didn’t hit anyone or cause damage but the potential was certainly there. We arrested that numbscull for wreckless discharge and he paid his penalty. Every body should read his thoughts and excuses because we no longer live in the John Wayne,Chuck Connors era of self justified gun violence. Good lord, we’ve got trained police officers using handguns on people without lawful justification and you want to give every untrained, undiciplined, emotional shipwreck the right to carry without significant oversight? If you believe that that sort of behavior isn’t stimulated by all this half baked political hyperbole about 2nd Amendment Freedom, you’re badly mistaken. We need to have this discussion about as much as we need more salt in our diet. As a 27 year vet of both state and federal law enforcement, who has walked a beat on the streets of Sturgis, ridden shotgun with the HP and Deputies in search of murderers, drug dealers, and even gun wielding domestic violence subjects, and been a first responder to gun violence, I support the Sheriff’s and Police organizations that are against this along with all those other legislators that have an honest pulse on the practicality of gun ownership and use in the US. Oh, and the notion that the private citizen stands in the stead of police is a patent hoax. As a retired LEO, I don’t need or want their unqualified assistance and furthermore, I don’t even want them anywhere close to the scene of an active crime scene or shooter just because I may easily mistake them for a criminal. Concealed carry permits are bad enough to work with without an every tough guy gun owner for himself policy.
    Owen is spot on. If this is the only thing DiSanto can come up with as responsible and needed legislation, we need to go looking for somebody with a whole lot more reality in her purse than this. There is nothing wrong with our present concealed carry system (well there is but that’s an item for another debate) and we don’t need to fix it. But we do have a whole bunch of other things that are broke (thanks in large measure to a dysfunctional and debateless partisan legislature) that could stand to be fixed with reasoned and responsible debate and legislative acumen.

  72. Jenny 2016-11-20 16:40

    Tell me, gun owners, is it that upsetting to have to go fill out a permit to be able to carry? Is it that much of a hassle? Why on earth is this even an issue when there are so many more important problems?
    My goodness, I swear the SD legislature is getting more loony every year.

  73. Jenny 2016-11-20 17:00

    Catholicism is very pro-refugee, Jerry. I know probably a lot of Catholics in SD are hypocrites in that aspect, but the Catholic Social Teachings tell otherwise. Pope Francis has spoken out recently into heeding the call to help our fellow human beings in Syria and to welcome them into the US.
    I just don’t know how one can claim to be Catholic and be so anti-refugee.

  74. Jenny 2016-11-20 17:01

    Darn it, I put that in the wrong place, my comment to jerry above. Sorry Cory.

  75. Porter Lansing 2016-11-20 17:58

    Hear, hear John W.

  76. leslie 2016-11-20 18:29

    republicans, normalizing the absurd, (another obstruction strategy) shouting (figuratively):

    Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut.

    “I think you should consider how these children are feeling when they have to hide in a closet during a lockdown drill,” Nicole Marciano, a special-education teacher with a child in the school district, told a panel of local officials. “A gun store here is absolutely absurd.”

    “guns have become a flash point in the political and ideological polarization of our nation.”

    In 2013, New York became the first state since the massacre to pass a sweeping package of gun-control measures, including significantly expanding a ban on assault weapons and creating a database of tens of thousands of New Yorkers considered too mentally unstable to possess a firearm. Voters in … California and Washington, approved ballot questions in the election last week to strengthen gun restrictions.

    reasonable regulation by concerned citizens versus scorched earth politics by republicans. disanto looks as absurd as sara palin, and Obama with the shotgun, cruz with the “bacon machine gun” and the SC lawmaker shooting up Obamacare.

    this is reality. I don’t need adults modelling weapons in a civil society, our community:

    brought to you by “the party that wants to drop a bomb on the entire country” (thom Hartman interviews ralph nader, 11.09.16)

  77. leslie 2016-11-20 18:36

    capitalism breeds the strong desire, contrary to common sense, to make money on dangerous behavior, psychology, carrying concealed in public, exploit the poor and the ill-addiction, alcoholism, gambling. pack non-food with sweets, fat and /or salt. annually processed food sells $1.5 trillion, annual profit of 450 billion, while healthcare for heart, liver, diabetes and tooth decay costs us $1.5 trillion. sweet business model.

  78. Private Richard 2016-11-20 18:55

    DiSantos and her Facebook/legislative pals on the wt gun-wacko wagon are another reason this great-grandson of a conservative Lutheran, peace-seeking and civic-minded German immigrant plans to leave this backward state as soon as I hit it big again at the video loserry machines inside my local Coburn’s grocery store. But odds don’t look good. Even with my slippery WIC card for premium food items, I barely have enough cash left after hitting the liquor store to spend at the casino on the way out!

  79. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-11-20 19:18

    I have my own ammosexual tendencies. My daughter and I are watching Season 2 of The Flash, and I think that big laser rifle Harrison Wells carries around to zap meta-humans is pretty cool. We do love wrapping our hands around big things that shoot stuff.

    Add that to the file defining “ammosexual”.

  80. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-11-20 19:20

    Stace, seriously, you keep exploding the topic, as if I’m mocking South Dakotans. I’m criticizing Rep. DiSanto directly for bad gun safety and bad legislation. Focus, and try again.

  81. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-11-20 19:23

    Incorrect, Ror. According to the LRC, Rep. DiSanto turns 40 this Session.

    I pass no judgment on her appearance. I do point out that her posing with the pistol is a clear effort to mix “ammo” and “sexual”. We know how this game is played. This game is how Kristi Noem became Congresswoman… and it could be how DiSanto positions herself to be the next darkhorse Noem to upset a seeming mainstream party favorite (Chris Nelson 2010, Dusty Johnson 2018—like Chris, Dusty is cute, but he’s not a hunka-hunka burnin’ love).

  82. grudznick 2016-11-20 19:42

    Ms. DiSanto is a bit large downstairs and nowhere as pretty as young Ms. Bosworth, nor as good with a firearm or as staunch a defender of the 2nd Amendment.

    And Mr. H, I think that Mr. Nelson fellow is very cute, in a manly sort of way.

  83. jerry 2016-11-20 20:04

    John W., thank you for your service to the communities you have been involved with. We all know that your job is not an easy one that is for sure. The problem is that she is an elected official. Has the district she comes from no common sense? They cannot be that stupid as to think this horrific woman makes them safer, can they sir?

  84. Liberty Dick 2016-11-20 20:10

    @CAH When I pose with my guns is it “ammo” and “sexual”? Also when did you all of the sudden become an advocate for gun safety? I seem to remember a blog post attacking your local Aberdeen gun safety/use instruction business.

  85. jerry 2016-11-20 20:15

    Mr. Dick, if I may. Posing with a gun or your ammo makes you a very lonely man. Must be terrible to be so miserable that you would take up with a gun. This is not sexual by any means, it is to be taken with great pity upon you.

  86. Mrs. Nelson 2016-11-20 20:29


    So if DiSanto was a dude, would y’all be picking on HIS appearance? Disagree with her, that’s all fine and dandy but wow, this thread of comments sure proves y’all can’t attack the idea, not the person. Shameful.

  87. private richard 2016-11-20 20:43

    i would not wish to pose publicly with my legally permitted self-protection firearm because it is only a snub-nose .38 five-round and as such would do nothing to emphasize or confirm my burgeoning manhood.

  88. grudznick 2016-11-20 20:44

    When I pose with my fork and gravy spoon, it is mostly to brag upon my prolificness. When people pose with firearms, it is because they are not prolific with a fork or spoon.

  89. jerry 2016-11-20 20:55

    Mr. Grudznick, as always sir, when you pose with your fork and gravy spoon, you look content and somewhat sexy in a mainly sort of way. There can be no doubt sir, that you are the most prolific manly man that has ever put forth yourself with fork or spoon sir, you are a champion!! Hip Hip and all that..

  90. jerry 2016-11-20 20:57

    Sorry sir, I was referring to your manliness not your mane. Buttercup’s do must have thrown me.

  91. jerry 2016-11-20 21:03

    Private Richard, Buttercup seems to be putting forth in her danger zone, that size does not matter, so you should not worry about posing.

  92. Jenny 2016-11-20 21:06

    You must like your women really, really thin to the point of unhealthy if you think Di Santo is ‘large downstairs’, Grudz. Most women would consider her very thin.

  93. grudznick 2016-11-20 21:16

    Ms. Jenny, you need to look at other pictures of her. She’s quite healthy.

  94. private richard 2016-11-20 21:56

    Buttercup was a cruz supporter. Then she went trump. Where might hypocrisy take her next? l do admit she looks good with her finger on the trigger and i wonder who she fantasizes taking her hollow-points…

  95. jerry 2016-11-20 22:03

    Interesting private richard, Buttercup is kind of a floozy then regarding her loyalty. As typical of her style, persuasion, and history, probably Ben Carson.

  96. private richard 2016-11-20 22:30

    my guess is an endangered species, perhaps intelligent atheist liberals, are in her sights. ha, but you might be right, HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT!

  97. Ron Sasso 2016-11-21 03:20

    The proposed legislation is strictly to point out that the Second Amendment is not to infringed. The only problem that I have with it is that it would likely mean that South Dakota’s concealed carry permit will only be accepted in one or two other states that don’t require permits. The advanced permit still doesn’t allow a person to carry a gun in states like Illinois and New Jersey. Places that are not particularly safe and have plenty of illegal gun violence.

    I agree that she shouldn’t have her finger on the trigger (that bothers me in most movies too). But the other name calling is the stuff that makes politics annoying at best. “Buttercup?” Really? Personally I dealt with quite a bit in the political realm—enough that I feel that the anti-corruption legislation needs to apply to all levels. Government needs real transparency. Name calling won’t get anyone there.

    Veering off course a bit while I’m here….Let’s face it—on the national level both republicans and democrats have an identity crisis. The further any wedge is driven between the two, the wider the gap and the less compromise or agreement. There are some things that people shouldn’t want to compromise on (like our Constitution). But that gap that is widening is probably where most Americans reside….

  98. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 08:13

    Jenny-if you turned her sideways and had her stick out her tongue she wouldn’t remind anyone of a zipper, not even one with Drumpf draped all over it.

  99. Stace Nelson 2016-11-21 08:49

    @John W. Compare the crime rate in the PI with Rapid City, then get back to me cupcake. Irony that the last case I went to court on this spring was for work I did for OSI; however, It was NCIS, little liberal troll. The old ego must be REALLY frail to come on a blog and malign someone’s service, anonymously, and when you have no clue. Congratulations, you were a boarder guard. Get back to me when you’re nationally recognized as an expert on rape & sexual assault, Narcoterrorism, etc. etc., or for anything other than being a troll, and after you grow a pair.

    @CAH This is more than politics for me. I see the ugly mean girl juvenile disrespectful comments on here, towards a nice lady I have met, and it Convinces me further that we are right for fighting for people’s 2nd Amendment rights. The comments on here are a great service to South Dakotans. #1 This liberal echo chamber inspires those on the Left to think there is more support for their failed ideas of promoting subversion of the 2nd Amendment. Which gives them the courage to post some of the disrespectful personal attacks herein and push the handful of Democrats left in the SD legislature to continue pushing these ideas. #2 The ignorant personal attacks inspire those of us in the Right to fight harder and it further alienates the public from supporting the liberal agenda.

    Democrats wonder why their numbers are dwindling? They need to look no further than the comments here in. Two issues that turn out motivated voters in SD? Proabortion and gun control rhetoric.

    To all you cowards being disrespectful to Rep DiSanto? Throwing the challenge out there challenging you to put up or shut up. I dare you to come to the Capitol and testify on this bill and make the same ugly personal comments you make herein. Come on out and walk in the daylight, put your names to your cowardly comments so SD can give you the proper recognition you deserve.

    This is my last post, my daughter is home from her John W. defined super safe life serving OCONUS in the USN. If any of you get the courage up to come poke the old Marine in the chest and tell me off for defending the good Rep DiSanto, and South Dakotans 2nd Amendment rights, make an appointment (605) 770-7461 happy to meet you at “Joe’s” in Alexandria.

  100. Dicta 2016-11-21 08:55

    I consistently get the impression Stace is challenging people to fight him. That’s not what you are doing, is it?

  101. jerry 2016-11-21 09:00

    Mr. Sasso, in the last umpteenth year, how many attacks have happened to the framework of the 2nd Amendment? How has any of the wording changed or been challenged? Who is Buttercup protecting herself from? Is it the criminal element? Or is it the racial element of our blended society? Most of us get the fact that the reason voters here come all out is race. You seem to forget all the nonsense we have gone through in the last 8 years regarding that on a national scale. The Black men or men of any color other than white, is endangering Buttercup’s race and she wants you to know that you can open that purse and be the executioner. We have seen this enacted before, John W. speaks of one incident in Rapid City.

    If yes to the latter, then lets hire more police and make judges do their jobs to put abusers in custody. Lets pay attention to battered wives and girlfriends who want judges to do their jobs and make protection orders stick. She does not want to do that because it would then mean more tax dollars to protect. She wants to get all glowing about being the judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one. Buttercup may have some good points in the legislature but she should be ridiculed for this dumbass law that puts our police in jeopardy.

    Look to protect the 1st Amendment as just as important and now, even more so. Or the 14th and 15th as well

  102. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 09:11

    Get back to me when you’re nationally recognized as an expert on rape & sexual assault,

    Ted Bundy was such an expert and a freaking wingnut.

  103. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 09:19

    Nelson, if I was 15 years younger I’d be in your face so fast your head would spin. And it wouldn’t be on your chosen field.

    I’m nearly 63 and hobbled up and your phony bravado doesn’t scare me in the least. Never seen such a manly man loaded with guns so afraid of mere words.

  104. Ron Sasso 2016-11-21 09:27

    Jerry, nearly every time that President Obama spoke after a shooting of any kind the Second Amendment was under attack. He spoke about “gun violence” repeatedly and “assault weapons” and stated many times that he wanted to further restrict guns.

    I believe Rep DiSanto has been involved in legislation (or attempted legislation) to protect victims of domestic assault. My point it is a that the Second Amendment protects a right.

    With that said, ALL rights must be protected. Yes, that particularly includes the First Amendment. I can disagree with what you say, but I would not say you can’t say it. I’ve personally dealt with First Amendment issues. I think it’s important that we are able to disagree without becoming disagreeable. Yes, we have the right to be disagreeable as long as it doesn’t become “fighting words” or people try to prevent a person from sharing their opinion.

    I have personally been in situations when I wish I had a concealed gun with me. No, not so I could shoot somebody. But to level the playing field. Just so that I would know if a situation escalated out of hand that I could protect people I am with. I also suspect that I could make a mistake and try to talk my way out of a dangerous situation. If you think gun rights have not been infringed in this country, you haven’t been paying attention. There are some states where people can be prosecuted for shooting someone who is breaking into their own home.

    When I was an elected official, I supported hiring more police officers. Much of policing is preventing crime. Rapid City is behind in that regard and as a result they end up being more reactive to crime. Every officer must assume that anyone they pull over may have a gun. That is a fact—even in states that very strict gun laws. Why? Because criminals often still have guns when people tell them they aren’t supposed to have them.

    I have also worked with offenders and trying to get them rehabilitated. I believe most offenders can be rehabilitated, but I believe there are some who cannot be rehabilitated. It’s both sides of the issue that need to be addressed.

  105. Dicta 2016-11-21 09:28

    Mike obliquely touches on my concern: Stace seems to deal with people pissing him off with violence or threats of it. Stace also crows about second amendment rights a lot. Maybe if the self-described NARCO TERRORISM EXPERT used some common sense, he’d see why some people think he’s an idiot.

  106. Craig 2016-11-21 09:41

    I agree some of the insults and petty comments are unnecessary… but I have to find the irony in someone like Stace complaining about it.

    Just in this one topic, Stace has used such colorful insults as “punk scumbag”, “a chicken excrement”, “cupcake”, “troll”, and even resorting to blatant sexism by using the “after you grow a pair” comment.

    The fact that Stace then complains about “ugly mean girl juvenile disrespectful comments” is just hypocrisy at the highest levels.

    Some of the comments here remind me of the words spoken by President-Elect Trump. However my reaction to them is identical. I wouldn’t vote for someone who has to resort to such pettiness or someone who resorts to sexist and demeaning comments. Sadly, one of the people making these comments has actually been elected to office, so apparently the typical voter simply doesn’t care if a candidate resorts to insults or childish name calling.

    I understand everyone has the right to say whatever they wish but that doesn’t mean it is admirable.

    As to the topic at hand, this is merely a distraction. Rep DiSanto knows that if you can keep Democrats and the media focused on a gun bill, it allows the controlling party in Pierre the opportunity to slip through some less headline-worthy bills through without anyone noticing. After all, nobody cares about tax reform or another state program that funnels millions of dollars into the hands of a few elites when there is the possibility that ANYONE can carry a handgun just for being a resident.

    DiSanto does need to work on her trigger control however.

  107. Rorschach 2016-11-21 09:44

    With so many Republicans going to Pierre surely Rep. DiSanto and Sen. Stacey Nelson will be able to pass every bill they propose.

    In Stacey Nelson’s 4 years in the house he was only able to pass 8 of the 42 bills he prime sponsored. But that was back when Republicans had a 2/3 majority. Or was it a 3/4 majority then? I forget. Now they have better than a 4/5 Republican majority in the legislature so it’s smooth sailing for all of Rep. DiSanto’s bills and all of Sen. Stacey Nelson’s bills. How could they possibly fail with a Republican majority that size?

  108. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 09:50

    DiSanto does need to work on her trigger control however.

    So does quick to anger Nelson. Good Gawd, what if he was Babyface Nelson and hosed people down with a “Tommy” gun.

  109. Stace Nelson 2016-11-21 10:08

    @Dicta Just pointing out to all the little anonymous internet troll tough guys where the punching bag hangs out at. Surely such a bunch of anonymous tough guys, who are so tough as to disrespect the good Rep DiSanto, don’t need their safe zones already?

    @IOWA Mike 4 blown out discs in my back from getting assaulted with a car protecting a woman witness, just to name a few things that slow me down. You could be 25 years younger and you’d still be a coward that needs to hide in the shadows like a cockroach.

    Stop the blustering cowardly sniveling and mewling. Put up or shut up. Rep DiSanto and I will be there to publicly testify in favor of this bill. You little anonymous trolls afraid to
    Come out in the daylight and testify in public on your radical Leftist beliefs. Put them on record with your name John W., IOWA Mike, et al. Let’s see if you got the stones to call Rep DiSanto “Buttercup” to her face or take me on in your own terms IOWA Mike.


  110. Dicta 2016-11-21 10:12

    So yes: you deal with people being jerks by getting violent. Maybe, if you think really hard, you might see why a person like you is the worst possible spokesman for the freedom to bear arms.

  111. bearcreekbat 2016-11-21 10:20

    “There are some states where people can be prosecuted for shooting someone who is breaking into their own home.”

    Really, Mr. Sasso? There are two pretty big problems with such a statement:

    1) Your statement has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment as that Amendment simply does not authorize anyone to shoot another person at will, regardless of the circumstances. There is no 2nd Amendment defense to homicide and the 2nd Amendment does not identify a right to shoot or kill anyone. The 2nd Amendment may protect your right to keep and bear arms, but if you shoot someone with those arms state and federal laws determine whether you will be punished.

    2) The statement is flat out wrong. The law gives any homeowner the right to use deadly force in every state in our union when there is a reasonable belief that they are being threatened with death or serious bodily injury, including whenever someone is trying to break into one’s home.

    But the threat must be real and our use of deadly force must be a reasonable response to that threat. So you cannot simply kill a couple of kids knocking on your door because they might be trying to convert you to Mormonism or make you a Jehovah’s Witness or are trying to ask for help after an accident, etc.

    As an elected official who has the ears of many, I urge you to return to making truthful statements and avoiding false and misleading claims about the 2nd Amendment.

  112. Craig 2016-11-21 10:23

    Stace Nelson (2016-11-21 at 08:49): “This is my last post”.

    Stace Nelson (2016-11-21 at 10:08): “Let’s see if you got the stones…”

    Well Stace – don’t let anyone ever accuse you of being a man of your word.

    As far as name calling I’ll agree we need less of it (both here and nationally), but your argument doesn’t hold much water when you resort to name calling in practically every comment. The ‘I only insult people worthy of insulting’ retort doesn’t really work.

    Almost can’t fault you though. History has proven that name calling and childish behavior actually helps people win elections. The liberals need to learn a few things because although some liberals are quick to insult people on random blogs or on Facebook, the liberal candidates for public office are simply too nice I suppose. Just look at Clinton – she made a comment about how a large number of Trump supporters were “deplorables” and it was headline news for weeks. Meanwhile Trump insults a disabled reporter, questions the heritage and citizenship of the first African American president, re-tweets false crime statistics against minorities, calls Mexicans rapists and criminals, and labels his opponent as a nasty woman… and he actually wins the election.

    Taking the high road apparently doesn’t work. Sort of like trickle-down economics. So I suppose if you disagree with someone the best course of action is to insult them. Seems odd, but the results speak for themselves.

  113. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 10:43

    S. Drumpfelthinskin- 6 blown out disks on my back, four surgeries, they won’t do anymore, right hip replaced because of arthritis, left hip needs replacement, left shoulder torn up years ago and repairs didn’t hold, right shoulder all torn up and won’t get repaired, I have to wear a brace on right leg because of loss of nerves and muscles due to back problems, losing feeling in left leg for same reason, sciatic nerve in both legs contricted, I can barely stand or walk. And you still don’t scare me you gutless, freaking wonder!!

  114. barry freed 2016-11-21 10:45

    Mr Nelson,
    Yo present yourself as LE, so what is the average LE response time in South Dakota?
    Sioux Falls?
    Please provide FBI or some verifiable source of Statistics as your “opinions” have some flaws.

    You are mostly correct that Police Chiefs as a whole are against the 2nd A, but they are appointed by people behind puppet Mayors. Sheriffs, however, are ELECTED by the People, and are mostly supportive of CCW’s. Why does LE need to militarize with machine guns, grenades, lethal gasses*, and nuclear proof armored personnel carriers?

    Why did Rapid remove: “To PROTECT and SERVE” and replace it with “Community Commitment”? I know what Protect and Serve mean, what does Community Commitment mean? …and what does it mean for someone experiencing a home invasion?

    What about the Good Guy with a Gun who just saved that Cop who was being beaten to death and called out: “Shoot him!!!!!!!!” Who was the Hero that day?

    *CS Gas kills

  115. barry freed 2016-11-21 10:49

    Sorry, meant: John W

    Yo present yourself as LE, so what is the average LE response time in South Dakota?
    Sioux Falls?
    Please provide FBI or some verifiable source of Statistics as your “opinions” have some flaws.

    You are mostly correct that Police Chiefs as a whole are against the 2nd A, but they are appointed by people behind puppet Mayors. Sheriffs, however, are ELECTED by the People, and are mostly supportive of CCW’s. Why does LE need to militarize with machine guns, grenades, lethal gasses*, and nuclear proof armored personnel carriers?

    Why did Rapid remove: “To PROTECT and SERVE” and replace it with “Community Commitment”? I know what Protect and Serve mean, what does Community Commitment mean? …and what does it mean for someone experiencing a home invasion?

    What about the Good Guy with a Gun who just saved that Cop who was being beaten to death and called out: “Shoot him!!!!!!!!” Who was the Hero that day?

    *CS Gas kills

  116. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 10:50

    Obama has always taken the high road and you see where it has gotten him.

  117. jerry 2016-11-21 10:50

    Mr. Sasso, every time I see chocolate cake I declare its danger and what it could mean to thousands of diabetics out there that consume it and die each year. I do not wish it eliminated, but I do declare its danger. Obama did not do one thing, not one thing, not one word, natta to the 2nd Amendment. I looked, it is the same wording as it has been. The same wording that I swore to protect. Buttercup and you must have been given a bogus copy, ya gotta watch that stuff.

  118. Ron Sasso 2016-11-21 10:52

    Bearcreekbat, you must have missed that the Castle doctrine is not in every state. Some states have very high bars to clear—such as New Jersey (where I formerly lived and I have family who live there). Beyond that, I wasn’t talking about committing homicide. I was talking about carrying for self defense. The right to bear arms shall not be infringed. You can argue other points of the Second Amendment but you might want to look up infringe: “act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on”. It can be argued that requiring a permit is infringing on that right.

  119. barry freed 2016-11-21 10:52

    I get the impression you and too many here got away with bullying the Nelson’s in your grade school until they reacted, and then you ran crying to the playground monitor as if you had done nothing wrong. You learned that your passive aggressive behavior, when kept from the eyes and ears of the playground monitor, worked to torment classmates and get them detention. If you did get caught, you fell (and still fall) back on the “I was just joking about that person’s sexuality”. You believe yourselves better than others and thus, are qualified to Judge and critique. Respect is not something you need to show with your anti-social and abnormal psychology.

    Sadly, you, Roger the Troll, Mike the Troll, Cory the Troll, et al could have used that lesson later n your adult(?) lives. I got it in 8th grade, it soaked in, and in retrospect, I am a better person for it.

    It’s probably too late for you, as none of you believe in your name calling and hate enough to step into a ring with Mr. Nelson, whom I assume is fat and old. (sorry) Even so, I imagine his grit is enough to prevail against any of you Keypad Rambos whose intellect and insight are overflowing. Trump would say you are: “the Smartest!” You prove yourselves shallow cowards who can only whisper degrading names, give a sucker punch, and run for an authority figure to protect you.

  120. jerry 2016-11-21 10:54

    Mr. Sasso, what did you propose that the President of the United States should say after a mass gun killing? That there will be a blue light special for AR-15 at your local hardware stores, or ammo will be on sale this weekend only with coupon discount?

  121. Ron Sasso 2016-11-21 10:59

    Jerry, that is true. The Second Amendment has not changed. Laws on abortion have not changed federally either. Laws change at the state level and then sometimes get into court battles and go up to the Supreme Court. Right now all the Amendments are still intact. But, that does not mean that this discussion isn’t about some people wanting to limit the freedom to carry and others not wanting that freedom limited.

    I am wondering when people will start becoming seriously concerned about poisoning. Poisoning accounts for more direct deaths in the US than guns. That’s a better analogy than chocolate cake (IMO). That’s not based on NRA’s statistics—that’s based on the CDC’s.

  122. Dicta 2016-11-21 11:02

    Stace isn’t the only vet on the board, Barry. The difference between us is that I don’t talk about it all the much. I’ve been in plenty of fights both in and out of the service. All of that is irrelevant anyway. The point is: if you are going to push hard for second amendment protection, it’s probably best not to be a caricature of the wannabe alpha male who thinks the best way to deal with angry disagreement is through interpersonal violence. It’s childish, dumb, and will eventually get someone seriously hurt. But yeah, I am the childish one for pointing the idiocy out.

  123. barry freed 2016-11-21 11:04

    SHE can call me an Ammosexual anytime.

    The rest of you… it’s just creepy, like that old sexual predator sharing dirty magazines and liquor in an effort to confuse a prepubescent boy. You are a little too fixated for comfort.

  124. Jenny 2016-11-21 11:08

    Cory, some of these comments are not nice. Come on boys, let’s behave. Don’t turn into Kurtz.

  125. Ron Sasso 2016-11-21 11:15

    Jerry, perhaps the President could have blamed the person eating the chocolate cake—instead of blaming the cake. Like emphasizing that our country is not adequately addressing mental health issues or terrorism issues. That would be more addressing the problem. Without guns people who have serious mental health issues or are terrorists will use other means such as explosives and knives to achieve their end results.

  126. Dicta 2016-11-21 11:24

    I am with you on the fact that our country needs to do a better job of helping the mentally ill. I just don’t think that stated end is at odds with doing background checks and requiring permits.

  127. bearcreekbat 2016-11-21 11:37

    Mr. Sasso, you are right that all states have not enacted the Castle Doctrine, but that has literally nothing to do with 2nd Amendment rights. Recall that the 2nd Amendment says absolutely nothing about any “right” to shoot another human being. Whether you have the right to use your gun to shoot another person depends on state and federal statutes, not the 2nd Amendment.

    And just for clarification, the Castle doctrine has its own limitations about when you can shoot someone, but, as above, these limitations have nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment. It is a false statement to claim that we lose 2nd Amendment rights because we can be prosecuted for shooting someone in violation of state law.

  128. Stace Nelson 2016-11-21 11:40

    @barry Freed Spot on, on everything! Even the old and fat, gray, balding & ugly can be added. ?

    @Craig always funny how Leftist begrudge conservatives their freedoms. Suck it up buttercup.

    @Dicta Ahh the always enjoyable professional victimhood of the Left. Please tell all my constituents that I hurt you all’s feelings because of your ugly, disrespectful comments to the good gentlewoman Rep DiSantos; however, that would require you to muster the courage to come out in the sunlight and put a face and name to your Leftism.

    All the internet braggadocio, not one of you will have the guts to show up in Pierre to voice your Leftist views and insults to Rep DiSantos… Whose the real “buttercups!?” ?

  129. Roger Cornelius 2016-11-21 11:45

    Are you actually telling us that Cory is a troll on his own blog? I certainly don’t feel like a troll, I’m a regular contributor to Dakota Free Press and use my real name.
    Nelson is the Trump of South Dakota and is spreading the ‘normal’ of Trump’s hate.
    He calls his critics names and yet wants an apology or demands good behavior from those that call him and others names.
    Kind of reminds me of Trump’s demand that the Hamilton cast apologize for their thought provoking comments made to Pence. Naturally in his tweet response Trump issues a slue of insults to the Trump cast and ignores their thoughtful comments.
    Political cartoons and name calling have always been a part of the political landscape in America going back in history to Ben Franklin. Donald Trump has set the pace for Nelson’s violent rhetoric. That violent rhetoric and name calling is about to worsen, if that is possible, with each piece of legislation on the local and national level, get used it Nelson.

  130. Ben Cerwinske 2016-11-21 11:57

    I second posts by Craig and Jenny. I don’t have an inherent problem with anonymous comments, but they should be written with respect. I also notice that anonymous commentators are more likely to dominate the quantity of posts. This suggests to me that they wouldn’t write what they do if their full names were attached. I agree Mr. Nelson has been derogatory as well, but he at least owns his comments with his full name.

  131. jerry 2016-11-21 12:14

    Mr. Sasso, the last time I heard Obama speak on gun massacres, he does say somethings that the NRA has agreed with in the past. What is your opinion regarding guns? Do you think that we all should be allowed to conceal carry as Buttercup now puts forth, or do you think that we should be careful what we ask for regarding an everyone carry hidden?

  132. Stace Nelson 2016-11-21 12:15

    @Roger Don’t you ever get tired of being a professional victim? You bullies disrespect a good woman, and then whine and complain when it’s thrown back on you.

    PLEASE! Please! Back up all your trash talking and show up to Pierre and testify on the bill! Come out in public with your nasty juvenile comments to Rep DiSantos, You are cowards and don’t have the half the guts she does.

  133. 96Tears 2016-11-21 12:18

    Another gun law on the South Dakota books is a pure waste of time that could be used to solve real issues. Then again, South Dakota’s voters in their gerrymandered districts seem content to send panderers to Pierre who are committed to getting nothing of value done.

    Interestingly, voters will also strongly support getting work done when the opportunities are put on the ballot. Like raising the minimum wage, even for young people who are not a sub-class. Like passing an anti-corruption law to put a leash on statehouse officials who think they’re anointed by God to whatever they want — which is to do nothing but feed on the lobbyists’ money. Like killing off the loan shark industry which kills families and people in tough situations.

    The difference here is those successful ballot issues spoke to the problems. They tattooed the bad actors and offered a fairer, better path.

    One of these days, those voters who believe in getting the work done in state government will realize that slackers like DiSanto are part of the problem and unwilling to be part of any solutions other than pandering to paranoia and shiftlessness. Having an R behind your name will soon enough lose its luster and expose you as a know-nothing, do-nothing hood ornament.

    If and when the Democrats realize they need to play hardball in Pierre, they will see that’s how you change things. You don’t have to lie your way to the top like Donald Trump, but Democrats could use some of his chutzpah to keep the message simple, direct and understood.

  134. jerry 2016-11-21 12:22

    Mr. Cerwinske, I respectfully say that I disagree with you completely. I would ask to see your drivers licence, passport, two forms of identification from utility companies and also copies of your Income tax return to be sure you claim to be who you claim to be, otherwise, it means nothing.

  135. Dicta 2016-11-21 12:23

    I am a registered republican, Stace. Nice try.

  136. jerry 2016-11-21 12:25

    Nelson, calm down..My my, you seem so agitated that we all hope you are not armed, open or concealed.

  137. jerry 2016-11-21 12:28

    Mr. Sasso, The NRA had a different stance not so long ago regarding gun control. In fact, it was they who first brought it to light on what they would like to see done.

  138. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 12:33

    You bullies disrespect a good woman, and then whine and complain when it’s proven for the 500th time that all the lies about HRC being a crook are proven to be lies.

  139. jerry 2016-11-21 12:36

    Mr. Sasso, an illegal act by a board member of the NRA prompted the way things are. You have to admit, it is a money maker for those who support the wholesale slaughter of innocent people, but I digress. What Buttercup is proposing will unnecessarily put law enforcement as well as bystanders in the street in grave danger. Now, do you support that law she proposes? If so, how will you reconcile this to maybe one of your own family members who gets in the way of a stray? Obama is leaving the building man, you all control the other two chambers, what is there to be fearful of that our uniformed police cannot address?

  140. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 12:36

    Ben – methinks you are full of it. I have placed my name in the record several times then your side whines they don’t bother to read my stuff anyway. Coyote finally picked up on my name. Ask him. I am not going to spoon feed sickos with guns anymore. They are inherently dangerous to themselves and others as they are.

  141. bearcreekbat 2016-11-21 12:39

    mfi hit the nail on the head – where was Stace’s outrage when bloggers started calling Hillary names and applying derogatory labels to demonize this good woman. Methinks there might just be a double standard at work her.

  142. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 12:43

    Well and truly said, Roger. Drumpf is a total disgrace to the humble, well respected occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Our Presidents don’t ever demand, they respectfully request and are humbly grateful for legally being elected to serve we. the people. Not their own selfish and korporate interests.

    Drumpf has already committed more crimes in two weeks than HRC has in all her years of serving the people of America. Now. since wingnuts won’t bother to investigate why the Russians and the FBI conspired to elect the mangled apricot hellbeast, we are stuck with it until it gets impeachment it so richly (pun intended) deserves.

  143. Roger Cornelius 2016-11-21 12:44

    I’ve never even pretended to be a victim, show me exactly where I said that or even hinted at it. No Nelson, I’m not a victim, but I fight bullies like you with words. Don’t even suggest I call and schedule a fight with you, I can hardly get down the second story stairway of my apartment without assistance. Still want to beat me up, Nelson?
    If there was ever a professional bully it is Nelson, he proves it with every word he types.
    republicans have said some of the most vile and demeaning sexual comments about Hillary Clinton. Were you standing up and defending her honor or were you giving tacit approval to those that attacked here so viciously?
    If there is one thing that this election should have taught us and that republicans in the name of Trump have given approval to sexual attacks. Just google “grab ’em by the pu**y Nelson and see what I mean.
    Nelson, were you standing up in the nations capitol defending First Lady Michelle Obama while republicans attacked her sexuality and skin color?
    No you weren’t there Nelson, you were part of the cadre that contributed to that hate.
    I would like nothing more than to show up in Pierre and testify against any gun legislation you or others put forth, but I no longer travel, I’ll leave it to Cory and his brilliance to skewer you with his eloquence.

  144. Porter Lansing 2016-11-21 12:45

    LIBERAL WEEK … there are more liberals than conservatives in the state, all week. Why do you think they all moved away?

  145. Jenny 2016-11-21 12:53

    Can’t we all just get along?

  146. jerry 2016-11-21 12:54

    Nelson declares that someone can come to debate him on the issues. I am having trouble figuring how you can have a discussion with someone who clearly cannot manage their anger or with Buttercup, someone who clearly declares her contempt for anyone getting closer that what she sets her own boundaries on. Her absolute contempt for human safety is remarkable. When you debate this Nelson, the first innocent death should be on your hands. You and Buttercup should share the limelight on something as corrosive to society as this pander is. It is you and her who are really the gutless wonders you project others to be.

  147. Craig 2016-11-21 12:58

    Stace: “@Craig always funny how Leftist begrudge conservatives their freedoms. Suck it up buttercup.”

    Interesting – I don’t recall I’ve condoned removing any of your freedoms. Care to cite an example where I have?

    That being said, it was nice of you to set the tone with the childish name calling again. Always good to know the low road is congested with traffic from both sides of the aisle.

  148. Jenny 2016-11-21 13:05

    No gun owners have answered my question about what their problem is with permits being required.

  149. jerry 2016-11-21 13:08

    Mr. Sasso, something you wrote puzzles me. You declared that “I have personally been in situations when I wish I had a concealed gun with me. No, not so I could shoot somebody. But to level the playing field.” I wonder how you knew that the other person was armed with a gun, how was that? If the person had the gun already upholstered and pointing at you, how are you gonna outdraw the exposed gun?

    I think you point out the true travesty of everyone carry the concealed wacky idea she is proposing. She is proposing a confidence booster so that you can feel full of testosterone while being arrogant instead of being yourself. An everyone carry concealed is like drinking cheap tequila. Then, you feel tough as nails until you find yourself seated on the ground forcefully. This then brings out the stupid and you pull that smokewagon and blaze away. Not because you were threatened but because you wanted payback for being stupid. Instead of moving on, you just created a life and death situation that could make you a very dead man. That smokewagon could misfire or in your fear, you just did not have a shell jacked in or you simply gave yourself a gut shot. All things bad. Buttercup and Nelson are just wrong on this. Concealed carry is simple enough, and it does seem to work. I have yet to see any kind of statistics to make me believe otherwise, how about you?

  150. Jenny 2016-11-21 13:16

    It just seems to me like the a lot of gun owners are just never happy and can’t just enjoy their weapons. Just like part of the responsibility of driving and owning a car is registration, owning a gun should bring with it responsibility also.
    Is Di Santo’s views what the majority of the SD GOP believe?

  151. Porter Lansing 2016-11-21 13:18

    Does a handgun level the playing field between a white man and a person of color? Is that the underlying motivation of gun huggers?

  152. Porter Lansing 2016-11-21 13:30

    Does a white, overtly racist, male President level the playing field for male underachievers living with people of color? Is that the underlying motivation for Trump supporters?

  153. Jenny 2016-11-21 13:34

    Sometimes I think the GOP playbook to further weaken democrats in the state is to bring out the guns and abortion issues. I really think some of them enjoy furthering the divide between the two parties. Democrats have lost and have lost bad for years. What more do you want ‘pubs? Ya’ll enjoy kicking democrats when they’re down and kicking out reckless bills like this, don’ cha?

  154. jerry 2016-11-21 13:49

    Mr. Lansing, it does not level the playing field at all. In fact, it has been proven just the opposite. In Rapid City, South Dakota, a couple of years back, there was a confrontation between the police and a man carrying a concealed weapon. When it all cleared way, there were two dead police officers and a third badly wounded one. The man with the concealed weapon was also killed. So there were three dead bodies on the street in Rapid City. It is clear that Nelson is not trained in these kinds of confrontations any more than Buttercup is. When professional law enforcement takes such a disaster, how would that work with the rest of the unlicensed concealed carry folks? Don’t you think it wise to at least have the responsible gun owner act responsible?

  155. Rorschach 2016-11-21 14:09

    This is my last post. I have to go take some pictures of me with a gun and submit my own application to become the NRA’s spokesmodel.

  156. Dicta 2016-11-21 14:12

    The law is just virtue signaling by a state legislator. It’s not to weaken dems, but rather to really drive home gun support bona fides. South Dakota has never been hostile to gun rights, but sometimes you gotta show how super legit you are anyway. If this is a signal to the Feds, I do not understand what the intended outcome is. It’s not like the supremacy clause is a vague concept.

  157. jerry 2016-11-21 14:25

    Mr. Rorschach, a suggestion, go for the blood red background shot, it really drives home the point of the virtue signaling Mr. Dicta points out. Especially now with deer season going, it really shows gun support bonnafides. I wonder if Buttercup filled her tag this year? I did, so I have that bonafide going for me, which is a good thing for my belly. Did not use a concealed pistol though, I probably should have though as the deer seemed kind of nefarious while behaving in a threatening manner to me.

  158. Ron Sasso 2016-11-21 14:33

    Jerry, the person had a gun out (a .357 revolver). They were distracted, so from that standpoint I could have handled the situation if I needed to use a gun. I dealt with the situation without using a gun—but it could have gone differently and I suspect that someone else in the same situation would have escalated the situation. In a situation where I felt that my life was in imminent danger and the other person had a gun out and consistently trained on me or my family, I would likely say something that would make absolutely no sense to them and then draw my gun at the same time. Why? Because it would cause a person to take a moment to process something that is unexpected and it may give me a half second. That is how the brain works. Novel situations are typically the hardest.

    As far as the legislation that is being proposed, I am not strongly in favor or against it. I believe the right to bear arms shouldn’t be infringed but I would be concerned that it could weaken South Dakota’s reciprocity for concealed carry in other states.

    I am in favor of background checks because criminals should not have guns. However, I have concerns about gun restrictions for mental health reasons. That is a slippery slope as a person may have a problem with depression or PTSD and then they may get therapy (or it may be situational in the case of depression) and the problem is resolved. No one has ever provided a good plan for restoring a right once it has been taken away. Normally a counselor will recommend to a patient that they voluntarily give up their guns temporarily (to a friend or family member). That seems to work fine.

    I would like to see tougher laws for people who purchase guns for people who aren’t allowed to have them. I’ve seen girlfriends purchasing guns for their boyfriends who probably can’t purchase them on their own. That is an issue that should be addressed. That seems to be an issue that makes matters worse. People have loaned guns to terrorists.

    I will also say that if you haven’t shot an AR-15 you don’t know how much fun it is. I enjoy shooting. I don’t own an AR but I’d love to get one because they are fun to shoot. Also, if our government ever became tyrannical I would be able to provide some resistance against a corrupt government. That is what the Second Amendment is really about.

  159. Stace Nelson 2016-11-21 14:51

    @Roger Hate to destroy your pipe dream, funny that you disavow your perpetual victim hood even as another ludicrous claim of claiming victimhood once again of opposing bullies… You and the others are the bullies on here with your disrespectful comments about Rep DiSantos.

    @Dicta Register yourself Brad Pitt, doesn’t change who you are. You advocate for liberal causes and defend the same.

    Not seeing a lot of you bullies committing to go to Pierre and repeating your disrespectful comments and Leftist positions?!

    What’s the matter “buttercups?!” You afraid!? ?

    Have to love all the internet anonymous bullies! ? All talk.

  160. Dicta 2016-11-21 15:05

    And there we have Stace returning to the point he always does: anyone who does not agree with Stace is a liberal who supports liberal causes. You see, Stace has a monopoly on conservatism, and anyone who disagrees with this can meet him with fisticuffs. You know you’re a caricature, right?

  161. Rorschach 2016-11-21 15:07

    (Note to self: In those NRA glamour shots I should hide my ring finger so nobody can see whether or not there is a ring on it). I’m really done posting. Really. That post before this one was my last post.

  162. jerry 2016-11-21 15:07

    Mr. Sasso, you should read what you write as it speaks to what is needed, a dialogue on gun safety for those of us who really care about the guns we use and the folks around us. The 2nd Amendment is very important for sure. It has remained the same as it was written. Tougher gun laws also should be considered without any changes made to the 2nd Amendment. Loopholes should be closed as well. Concealed carry for all is not smart, it is dangerous.

    I carried a M-16 for some 10 plus months but did not see much joy in it. I only wanted it to do the job intended as it was not for pleasure. I have seen what kind of devastation comes from these war weapons for sure. I have even had the luxury of hearing them sting by my head and lived to tell about it. I know for a personal fact that when you finally do take one, the first thing you feel is shock and then the burn and then you want to crap. All very quickly.

    If your government becomes tyrannical, good luck. You had better get some infantry training and learn to take care of yourself in the bush. It is a long way to supply lines and those blisters on your dogs will cause you some grief. That fun toy, even gets a little heavy with the ammo you need carry. Part of your job description will be to carry more ammo for the rest of your squad. Say good bye to who matters to you with the idea this will be your last day. Professional law enforcement does that each day, so they do not need any more danger to the danger they live with. Oh, and this, to remember, if you do get gut shot, and you have no medical team to medevac you to some trauma center, you just as well pull that concealed and do yourself a favor.

  163. Darin Larson 2016-11-21 15:08

    Oh good, another unstable individual with a gun inciting violence and going to Pierre to prove his manhood.

  164. Porter Lansing 2016-11-21 15:09

    Stace Nelson … This p.o.s. bill isn’t going to get anywhere out of committee so S.T.F.U. with your meaningless threats. Wash your tractor, haybilly.

  165. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 15:31

    I dealt with the situation without using a gun—but it could have gone differently and I suspect that someone else in the same situation would have escalated the situation.

    Someone like Nelson, perhaps who would have charged hell with a bucket of water to douse lefty libs because…

    Not having a gun changes your perspective, donut? It at least forces one to attempt diplomacy and maybe defuse the situation. Drumpf followers don’t care whether you are armed or not. They believe they have carte blanche to run roughshod all over anyone/everyone that isn’t whitey wingnuts preferred color. And of course the mangled apricot hellbeast will only encourage them and lie about his involvement when the bodies start piling up.

  166. bearcreekbat 2016-11-21 15:39

    Ah, can you imagine Mr. Sasso and his AR-15 battling nukes, rocket launchers, army tanks, bombers, drones, fighter planes, bazookas, etc? But I guess if he holds a desire to kill people from our government that an AR 15 might enable the murder of one or two government employees he deems tyrannical before the military totally disintegrates him. What fun, right?

    And Jerry, although the 2nd Amendment is very important for sure, it has not remained the same as it was written. The Heller case reinterpreted the 2nd Amendment to eliminate the effect of the language “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” That language meant the same thing for all the years leading up to Heller, but in 2008 the Heller court then interpreted that language completely out of the 2nd Amendment, so it no longer has the same meaning it previously held for more than two centuries.

  167. Jenny 2016-11-21 15:48

    Stace, Bernie Sanders is a big gun rights supporter.

  168. Roger Cornelius 2016-11-21 17:27

    When Donald Trump takes office on January 20, 2017 he plans to stop all gun violence that day. I don’t know quite know how he is going to do that, but it must involve him taking away someone’s 2nd Amendment rights.
    I don’t know, maybe he will tell all the mass killers, “don’t do that anymore”.

    Nelson apparently can’t comprehend his own words that clearly show that he is the resident bully. If being old and disabled is being a victim perhaps I should agree with Nelson since I am both.

    Nelson, what is your hang up with bully/victim talk? Are you referring to when the republicans chastised you for hiding in the men’s toilet at the capitol in order to avoid a controversial vote, did you feel bullied by the criticism?
    Of course we have a lot to look forward on January 20, as it will be the same day Trump will crush ISIS.

    And there is Nelson who trashes me for making comments about DiSanto and refusing to comment how he didn’t do anything to defend Hillary or the First Lady from the vicious sexism leveled at them for the past year and a half. Nelson shows his Trump like sexism by expecting Democrats to be nice to DiSanto while not defending Hillary and the First Lady, typical republican.

  169. jerry 2016-11-21 17:30

    bcb, I stand corrected. The Heller Court, indeed, thank you for that. I will rephrase that. You are also on point with the battle hardened posters that are clueless to a tyrannical government. Wait until you get some incoming from those RPG’s always fun, the thump of mortars will make you smile as well. Count how long it takes from the thump to impact so you can kind of get the idea that they are walking them in on you and from what distance. Yes, what joy to see the gang out there digging in as well. Out here in South Dakota, all one would need do is stop the trains, and trucks to bring in supplies and we would be starved out in 3 months or less. You have to be on hell of an insurgent to fight on an empty belly and for what? The freedom to keep tax cuts for the billionaires? Hmm, maybe not, but if they are paying you to be a freedom fighter, what the hell. Democracy is kind of a lemon sometimes and you have to have the money to make the lemonade. Until then though, I think Buttercup and her ideas are just more proof positive that the nuts are running the asylum.

  170. Roger Cornelius 2016-11-21 17:31

    Mr. Sasso prepare yourself to protect yourself from a tyrannical government when Trump takes office.

    More and more people that have never owned a gun are now arming themselves against a tyrannical government and the Trump sheep that now have the freedom to take out anyone they choose.

  171. Porter Lansing 2016-11-21 17:36

    Senator Stace Nelson hid in the crapper as a malingerer? Was he hugging his gun?

  172. bearcreekbat 2016-11-21 17:50

    “When Donald Trump takes office on January 20, 2017 he plans to stop all gun violence that day. I don’t know quite know how he is going to do that, but it must involve him taking away someone’s 2nd Amendment rights.”

    Roger, Trump has explained his plan and we should be a bit surprised about the lack of any objection from the NRA and 2nd Amendment proponents.

    The SCOTUS ruled years ago in the Terry case that when a police officer has a reasonable articulated suspicion that someone may be engaging in criminal activity the officer may stop and question the suspect. To assure officer safety, the officer may frisk the suspect for weapons. If the stop does not conclude with an arrest the suspect and his weapon are free to leave.

    For a time in New York, police lightened up on the “reasonable suspicion” requirement of Terry and began stopping an unusual number of minorities. A federal court found the New York program to be unconstitutional since it appeared to target minorities without reasonable suspicion.

    That brings us to Trump. He said he would bring back New York style stop and frisk, although I noticed one significant difference. In a Trump “stop and frisk” the officer confiscates any weapon found, while under Terry police would have to have a lawful reason to confiscate someone’s property, including guns.

    Trump initially said this would be done nationally, but then clarified that he only meant he would start with Chicago. In either case Trump appears to pose a greater threat of taking our guns than any other actual proposals we have heard.

  173. jerry 2016-11-21 17:59

    bcb, have you noticed that we are talking about guns? What happened to the overturning of roe v wade? Obamacare, what about abortion that seemed so important a few weeks ago. In this state, everyone is armed to one degree or another or can get those pieces shortly. No big deal as there are plenty to go around.

    So is this what you mean bcb, there could be road blocks and check points set up to see what you have in your vehicle. Maybe, if you have a long gun, you can register it or a shotgun as well. But if you have a pistol, you must have it registered and be of sound mind while also belong to a gun club, else it is now a goner. There ya go freedom fighters, welcome to the new dawn.

  174. bearcreekbat 2016-11-21 18:01

    jerry, thanks for that link. It was an interesting interview!

  175. grudznick 2016-11-21 18:03

    Mr. Lansing, that Mr. Gosch fellow outsmarted Mr. Nelson and forced him to hide instead of voting a vote about guns.

  176. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 18:04

    I thought ISIS was going to eat us all, but, wingnuts convinced me that HRC was the devil in the flesh and all evil springs from her pores.

    Meanwhile, the incoming CIC is hitting up other nations for building permits and allowing his daughter to sit in meetings requiring security clearance she does not have and has not been vetted for. But Hillary is a crook. And HRC has never, to my knowledge, been in the same area code with a gun.

  177. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 18:10

    Of out gubmint becomes tyrannical….. I believe that has already started and the psychopath in charge isn’t in charge for another two months.

    Wingnuts have met the tyranical enemy and it is themselves they will have to shoot to protect themselves from themselves.

  178. mike from iowa 2016-11-21 18:17

    The Heller decision is one reason I say you never give a wingnut an inch, the will demand capitulation if you do.

  179. jerry 2016-11-21 18:19

    Mr. Grudznick, was that bathroom Nelson hid in gender neutral or else, how could he hide. In the fellers bathroom, Mr. Gosch could have easily found him because of… know. How many different bathroom designations are there in the capital building I wonder? I also wonder if that is the lesson in bravery he was talking about. Conservative hiding must be the new parlor game in Pierre politics.

  180. Porter Lansing 2016-11-21 18:19

    It was a gun bill that Sen. Nelson didn’t get his vote on, when he’d wanted to?

  181. bearcreekbat 2016-11-21 18:25

    jerry. I think you have described the best case scenario.

    But if you happened to belong to an unfavored religion, look like an immigrant, enjoy an unfavored skin tone or physical characteristic, look like a possible protester, or happen to fall into some other category the Trump officers deem unacceptable, then it looks like the state, through law enforcement, could confiscate peoples’ guns by using, or if needed modifying, our forfeiture statutes.

    And I agree that road blocks would be a very effective means of finding guns to seize and confiscate. This would be the method most effectively used in SD, especially with rifles exposed in the back window.

  182. grudznick 2016-11-21 18:39

    Mr. Lansing, I just bet you a honey bear claw they changed his bill to be unpalatable for Mr. Nelson to vote either yes or no, yeah or naw, on. And then he had to run and hide instead of face the tough decision. That’s my guess.

  183. Porter Lansing 2016-11-21 18:46

    Lawmaking can be a greasy give & take and things change quickly. *I love honey bear claws. ? …………. ?

  184. jerry 2016-11-21 18:47

    So, if you were an honest sort of person like Buttercup, but maybe got a tan in the summer, you might be in big trouble if they found that black handled Beretta stashed on your person. What if you are married and your bride lineage originates from another country like Korea or Mexico and you all are an American citizens. You think you are good with the concealed pistol and then all hell breaks loose. Does it make you wonder how much of a campaign bump the NRA bequeathed Buttercup for this service? I wonder what the dollar value is on something like this.

  185. jerry 2016-11-21 18:53

    Buttercup should be on the alert now though as Hillary Clinton’s emails are just not the new Watergate, maybe the media will focus like a laser beam on these kinds of bills coming in from way the hell out there.

  186. owen reitzel 2016-11-21 19:44

    so is this the bill that lets people conceal carry in a courthouse?

  187. Douglas Wiken 2016-11-21 20:04

    About 10 minutes ago, Rapid City Police had roadblocks on Anamosa and at entrance to interstate highway. It makes moving from east Rapid to North Rapid a bit difficult round trip. Haven’t heard what is going on. My son went to Sam’s Club to get gas and then had to figure out how to get back home.

  188. grudznick 2016-11-21 20:14

    Big car wreck, Mr. Wiken. Big car wreck.

  189. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-11-21 20:19

    So I’ve got it. All we Democrats have to do to win—or at least equalize our odds of winning—is open carry every day. Don’t say a word about guns or gun policy, Dems: just have that pistol in your holster, at your side, in plain view, at every campaign event, in every media appearance, at every door you knock on.

  190. grudznick 2016-11-21 20:44

    Mr. H, just don’t wave your arms around so much if you are open carrying when you go door knocking on your next campaign. You will make people twice as nervous.

  191. jerry 2016-11-21 21:06

    Pretty much it Cory, tea phony republicans have run this dog and pony show for years and win win win. But sometimes, the hand is overplayed in the big poker game of life, then the chips are called in. Yet, it should be known that the same bunch has forgotten abortion as easily as the Clinton emails. It used to be easy being a fake, but now they are gonna have to work at it. Obama has left the building. That is why Buttercup gets her 15 minutes of work earning her commission from the manipulators. Trouble is, even their game is wearing thin. The folks are really looking for leadership Cory. They want jobs and they want the security of having a job, not the fake security of a concealed pistol. Democrats and those like thinkers need to be focused on jobs and why they are not gonna get them from this regime either in Pierre or Washington. Whatever they destroy and wreck, we can rebuild even better. It is indeed the economy, lets just try to stay on track with what they are going to go after and start making calls to elected officials asking what the hell they intend to do about it. No jobs in killing Medicare so why are we going down that road. Then ask, why we are not fixing our roads. Along with what can you do to help with climate change? The elected officials always get away with not going there, why? They have an obligation to tell you their plans or why they do not have them.

  192. Jana 2016-11-21 21:54

    So let me get this straight, law enforcement is against this bill, but the so-called law and order party wants it?

  193. mike from iowa 2016-11-22 06:47

    Just to be on the safe side of electability, you need to say something about all Muslims being radical terrorists while waving your fully loaded gun with your finger on the trigger. THAT oughta do it.

  194. o 2016-11-22 08:24

    Why does the discussion of the Second Amendment have to be so absolute? Certainly no law/regulation/right is absolute, so why the Second? Why is it that ownership is the ONLY issue that needs to be discussed when talking guns? Why is individual safety or public safety automatically excluded?

    I feel I cannot participate in any real discussion about gun ownership because there is no debate about the public policy of the laws, there is only a race to the extremes to prove some political bonafides.

    More detrimental than banning the guns themselves, the extremist nature of this national discussion has banned the gathering and sharing of information about the true effects on the public safety of guns. Again, above guns, democracy thrives only when information is exchanged honestly and freely.

  195. 96Tears 2016-11-22 08:39

    Zero restrictions (even guns for terrorists) maximizes gun sales, o. Maximum gun sales maximizes paranoia in the public. A paranoid public feels they can be safe only if they buy more guns.

    If you’re in the gun industry, you call that a cycle of prosperity.

    All good things come from more guns. It’s part of the New Reich in Amerika. Get used to it. Buy more guns.

  196. mike from iowa 2016-11-22 08:45

    Just remember Obama and then HRC were going to take your guns away-guaranteed.

    Ammosexuals can and will defend everyone who wishes not own a gun-at least until the bullets start to fly-then all bets are off.

    All gun owners are responsible gun owners. Just ask their dead or mortally wounded kids and their friends.

    Guns don’t kill. Alcohol doesn’t kill. Any combination of those two don’t kill. It’s the damn liberals and crooked Hillary that kill.

  197. jerry 2016-11-22 09:41

    Buttercup’s sales pitch is for women’s protection, which is proven to be untrue. If you are white, it is applicable, if ____________ as always, different rules. In this case, if you are a black woman being abused by your black husband and you fire a warning shot, 20 years in the jail.

    This case was proven without doubt to be self defense, but that does not matter. So Buttercup should just go honest and say this lawless concealed carry is not for all, it is White’s only. Should not be to hard of a sell here, but there should be no doubt that if a Native woman, who has gotten the bejesus beaten out of her would dare shoot a white man or another Indian for that matter, she is going to be punished severely. If the guy dies, she will be setting there with the rest of the bunch on death row. Most people do not have the resources to make a Walther purchase of $500.00 to a Beretta of north of $750.00, they are to busy trying to survive in the Daugaard economy, so they must depend on the police to protect them as it should be. If this law is passed, will the gun manufacturers and the NRA put money into a defense fund for all of the women, regardless of race, to defend themselves in a courtroom? If not, then who will? Court appointed attorney’s paid for by the taxpayer, of course. In order to make any governance in South Dakota, you must grow the government to drain tax dollars. The governor can then appoint another 35 to 150 new political hacks to their new posts.

    Buttercup’s bill should be bought to the floor for what it really is, The NRA Undermining Public Safety bill. Then lawmakers who have the courage, should ask what kind of contributions were made in its writing, in short, what is it worth in dollars to take the people’s time away from real issues, like jobs?

  198. o 2016-11-22 10:55

    Am I too cynical in my thinking that often bills on hot-trigger issues like guns are not really about the issue of guns (a solution looking for a problem), but are instead a means to shore up support for the CANDIDATE? Once constituent support is locked down, then that political capital can be used on other legislative issues – I would guess something not as “universally supported.”

  199. jerry 2016-11-22 11:07

    o, not cynical at all. Buttercup now has the chops to fend off any other neo-confederate that would challenge her. Permanent fixture in Pierre is what we have here, kickbacks galore and the glamour and glitz of stylish accessories to add more bling.

  200. Craig 2016-11-22 14:13

    I do understand the argument that we shouldn’t restrict Constitutional freedoms, so in that respect I can understand how someone may feel requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon is a restriction.

    However, if a permit is a restriction, isn’t it also a restriction to ban convicted felons from carrying weapons? Isn’t it a restriction to prevent those with mental disorders from owning firearms a restriction? Isn’t banning firearms in courtrooms, churches, schools, or county administration offices a restriction? Isn’t requiring additional permits and tax stamps for the purchase of suppressors, fully automatic weapons, or short barrel rifles also a restriction?

    What I struggle with is if we are told there shouldn’t be any restrictions on the 2nd Amendment, where do we stop? Or are certain restrictions ok if they still allow a freedom to be expressed without a burden?

    Here is what I find interesting. If passed, this bill would make it far easier for someone to carry a concealed weapon than it would for that same person to cast a ballot in a public election. I must have missed the announcement for a bill that would have allowed same-day voter registrations.

  201. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-11-22 17:17

    Bingo, O. There is no urgent need to make it easier to carry guns around town. No one has been injured or killed because he or she was deprived of a weapon for self-defense due to onerous concealed-carry permit requirements. This bill is all about boosting legislator cred for other purposes… maybe mostly attention and fundraising for DiSanto’s run for Noem’s seat in 2018?

  202. caheidelberger Post author | 2016-11-22 17:18

    For the record, I advocate no extreme or absolute position on guns.

  203. Sam@ 2016-11-22 18:57

    Is this a record for the number of comments on a issue?

  204. mike from iowa 2016-11-22 19:05

    Not even close, Sam. The record is 400 from 10/23-4/2015 if memory serves.

  205. mike from iowa 2016-11-22 19:14

    401 from 10/23/14 Ki-YI days

  206. Porter Lansing 2016-11-22 19:32

    Proud to say I was one of the movers and shakers that got Ki-Yi changed, this year. A few threats on my life but I’ve got names and addresses if needed.

  207. Porter Lansing 2016-11-22 19:35

    ps … Schoenbeck and Deutsch were to timid to even get involved. Typical Republican selfishness.

  208. mike from iowa 2016-11-23 14:00

    Geez aren’t you picky? MT-DFP/DFP-MT. Whassa hellz the difference?

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