Reading Mike Huether: America Wanted a Moderate, Experienced President Who Understands Being Poor?

On air with Greg Belfrage on Wednesday, Sioux Falls mayor Mike Huether made the following statement about this year’s Presidential election:

During the last election, America was looking for a moderate voice, someone that had an accomplishment of getting things done in government, someone who could reach out to everybody and understand what it’s like to be really really poor as well as have you know maybe some on that opposite end of the stream too [Mike Huether, on The Greg Belfrage Show, 2016.12.21 ].

Huether used that point to springboard to talking about himself rather than elaborating on his analysis of the national electorate (expect a lot of that focus from the Huether campaign). But what is he saying here? Is he explaining why Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.87 million votes? Is he saying America wants something other than the President it’s getting? Or is he just in campaign mode, projecting his own slogans onto the entire country?

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  1. As usual Mike Huether is testing slogans in the preparation mode for the next campaign. Here is a man who is ready to talk down to anyone who has a different view. It was fun to listen in and feel his disappointment when Belfrage did not take calls and Mike only was given a short segment.

    If you talk load enough and long enough you eventually own the room according to the book of Huether.

  2. Sounds like full on campaign mode to me.

  3. Note to Mike Huether. Politics is an art. People can tell when you’re selling something too hard. You can’t just tell people they want your product. You have to make them want it. You have a good product to sell.

  4. Huether shows an understanding outstripping that of the DNC and the Clintons – all three of which wrecked the party.

    It’s questionable whether the party will recover since its bench is eviscerated in state offices and it lacks national leaders outside of the blue-island echo chamber. It may take a war for the party to recover. It appears likely that Trump is hell-bent on providing both a recession and a war.

  5. South DaCola

    Cory, I have recently figured out, if you want the truth out of Mike, you just believe opposite of what he is saying. Ironically, it is almost always true.

  6. Huether is right about one thing, you have to be able to talk to people and make them feel you understand their plight. When you are viewed as a wealthy man, you must also be able to be common with others and in that commonality, you speak what your sales pitch is without arrogance, but with confidence. That could be that you understand where they are coming from, “they are mad as hell and they are not gonna take it anymore”. You start with what Barnett just pulled with taking the imitative off the shelf which is something they just overwhelming voted for, and you tell them. See, radical judicial judges take away your freedoms here and violate your vote. This is what happens with unchecked government, I will put sensibility back into state government. The legislature wants to void democracy by eliminating these same initiatives and referendums in the future so he can again declare that he will work with the legislature to make sure the voters have those options. Right now, Huether has the focus on himself, he can make some moves within that to make himself further known. Remember, if he comes out against something like this nuke waste stuff in west river, he is gonna reap the whirlwind there as well as East River. Not one of the two losers the Republicans have will touch something like that as they have been corrupted by the system he wants to change.

  7. Precisely Jerry. Politics is like judo. You use your opponent’s momentum against them. When they go off balance you give them a little push and help them topple over. Republicans overreach time and again in SD. Huether needs to be there to remind people of that – just as you said Jerry.

    A person speaking plainly and keeping his opponents off balance by calling attention to their actions or character traits they don’t want highlighted. Why does that sound familiar? Like it or not, Trump is a master of political judo.

  8. South Dakota is currently ranked 46th in economic gains for the last 2 quarters. I would hammer away at a do nothing legislature that is only interested in looking at genitalia while jobs are no where to be found. Make South Dakota Great Again by telling voters that the old is the friggin old and you are there to make the difference by doing the job and by dragging the anchor of the legislature off the the floor. I would remind voters that as corrupt as we are, we still find millions to get into loosing legal squabbles that are meaningless and cost valuable resources that could be used for jobs. I would lay the blame squarely where it belongs, on Jackley for being such a tool and on NOem for being such a fool.

  9. Jerry,

    SD has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation (2.7%) and Sioux Falls employers are hiring. If you were to extract the impact of lower commodity prices from the state’s GDP, we would be near the top with regard to economic performance. If you have an idea what the SD Legislature can do to affect commodity prices, I’m sure they’d consider it. Otherwise, the Legislature should focus on factors they can impact.

  10. Don Coyote

    So what’s new? Heuther hasn’t made any sense for 7 years. The only good coming out of Huether running for statewide office is I’ll get to vote against him again and watching the Democrats come in third in any race he runs in.

  11. Porter Lansing

    This Heuther guy is highly ignorable. Oh, yeah … he planted some pumpkins and parsnips at my friend Jay Gurney’s along side some field hands from Mexico. That gives him perspective on what poor people desire? Taking it from some blogger who knows first hand, “Huether thinks he’s a lot more popular than anyone else does.”

  12. Disgusted Dakotan

    Huether is one of those self-serving politicians that are the root of the problem in SD politics. He is pulling a strategy from so many of his ilk who were militantly Democrat when it suited their political agenda, then change party registration to suit their personal political aspirations.

    What are the odds he changes parties again and tries to run as a Republican?

    A look at some of the more successful SD politicians shows a long list of former Democrats turned Republican to get elected:

    Larry Rhoden
    Val Rausch
    Dave Knudsen
    Joni Cutler
    Scott Munstermen
    Kyle Schoenfish

    Alleged former Democrats:
    Dennis Daugaard
    Dusty Johnson
    Scott Munstermunn

  13. Disgusted,

    I have no idea when Dusty might have been a Democrat. He was going to Republican meetings with his Grandmother. The gross inaccuracy of this statement makes me doubt your entire list.

  14. South DaCola

    “Kyle Schoenfish”

    Ironically, Mike Huether’s favorite Nephew.

  15. Add Ryan Maher to the list. R to D and back again.

  16. Troy, actually South Dakota has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. The reports are in that we rank 46th which is just a little better than 50, the bottom.

    Yes Troy, I have many ideas about what state government can do to improve the economy. It is no secret that the bunch that is in there now are pretty much clueless as to improve much of anything except their own positions. Something real simple would be to follow what the proletariat wants them to do, which is something they are loathe to do.

    Huether could and would be that Independent kind of dynamo to make the change. I have an idea for a running mate for him that would be a very strong agriculture advocate as well. Between the two, they could bring South Dakota in from the cold.

  17. One of the reasons I supported V was so people could run as themselves. Huether shows that he is willing to follow in the spirit of V and change to Independent. As far as I know, he has made no announcement of running for anything. He simply said he was registering as an Independent. There has been no significant announcement from anyone that they are running for governor of the State of South Dakota. NOem has made some announcement and as I said, nothing significant. Jackley has a tee shirt, and so do I. Mine says “Little Lebowski Urban Achiever” so this dude abides.

  18. Well when Troy says South Dakota’s unemployment rate is 2.7% he is obviously quoting from some source that again fails to include the reservations in the totals.

  19. 15% unemployment is the inconvenient truth for South Dakota. It seems the only thing we excel at in South Dakota is the success of the big lie of unemployment. Damn, we got that going and are proud of it. Of course, when the 35, 2300 hour a year salaried folks are out trying to sell the lie of this being such a great business location because of the work ethic, you have to be picky on the numbers. Business really does not pay attention to the negatives when they are thinking of making such a sizable investment in the move. Make South Dakota great, start by changing the direction at the top of state government to a moderate who understands what failure looks like.

  20. Jerry, are you saying a Democrat can win West River by opposing nuclear waste? Can we make the Deep Borehole Field Test, Azarga uranium, and maybe the Daugaard-Wilson nuclear waste plot a winning issue?

  21. Schoenfish—Huether gave him $200 pre-primary, one of only three itemized contributions. Billie Sutton also gave him $100. Schoenfish then turned around post-primary and gave Caleb Finck $150 and Marty Jackley $250.

  22. Anyone who puts together the right amount of work and brain power mixed with a heavy dose of money can win anywhere in South Dakota. Just because we have a lame a** SD Democratic Party apparatus doesn’t mean the GOP can’t be beat.

    The SD Democratic Party has played divisive / stupid politics since 1974 and doesn’t seem to understand it’s losing ways are their own fault. Thank you George Cunningham.

  23. That’s the spirit, Bruce! Defeatism is an excuse for not fixing one’s mistakes and doing the job right. Democrats can win in South Dakota. That must be our axiom as we work to figure out how.

  24. Where did i say I was defeated? No where. I did say there are ways to change the system we have been “enjoying” since 1974.

    BTW, the staff were right behind the new media in the corner.

  25. Yes Cory, I am saying exactly that. The problem is that no one knows about all of the dumping that Daugaard and his legislature want to put into the ground in west river. I saw your video of Ms. Greenfield giving her speech in Redfield and I also know that the meeting in Philip drew a whole lot more folks than normal. When people are finally made aware of the skulduggery behind the curtain, they react with their feet. Keep hammering away at what little state government has done to protect the citizens of South Dakota regarding PUC actions. The deep drill at Wasta and the failure that is being swept under the rug. The boreholes around Edgemont that were put there for the hell of it. I am saying that a coalition between business and agriculture for the one and two slot, would win in western South Dakota by simply pointing out that Pierre and its cronies look at it as a trash dump for their profits. Make South Dakota Great Again by changing the failed course of doing the same wrong stuff cycle after cycle. Check out the movie “Groundhog Day” to get the idea.

  26. Bruce, the right person, with the financial backing could win this. That person will need to be a member of a coalition between the Democratic Party, for a large portion of its state platform, Agriculture, for the a heavy dose of how to keep that viable with the tariffs being proposed, and Business for the obvious. The business portion would include tourism, economic development to include working relationships with chambers of commerce on reservations. The only guy I know that fits the position of the number one slot would be Mike Huether. He has the connections to make an Independent successful run at changing leadership in Pierre as a moderate. I would look to the business community as well as ag community in west river for the number 2 slot. I would look at a moderate like John T to handle that position without any problem. The coalition party would be the DABP, Democratic Agriculture Business Party.

  27. Mike Huether is no savior for the Democratic Party and never has been. By the time the 2018 election season is done, Mike huether will be found out by those who care to be the fake he is.

    The “support” he may feel he has in Sioux Falls is crumbling more everyday. As he moves through South Dakota he weakens more. There is little support for Mike huether in Sioux Falls and it shows.

    His performance in the Indie announcement showed his lack of focus on anything other than him. He cares for nothing other than the appropriately named MyManMike brand.

  28. The Democratic Party needs to quit blaming everyone and everything for the electoral failures experienced since 1978. The party allowed candidates to take complete control of the party to build their brands until there was nothing left of the “brand” to win.

    To pin all the hopes of a party or movement on a single person is akin to the GOP now thinking their great savior is Donald Trump and his erratic views. The national Democratic Party made bad assumptions by building their movement on a seriously flawed firewall plan instead of building a 50 state strategy. Billions of dollars wasted and now our form of government is at stake.

  29. private richard

    a banker will never be a populist and democrats will not make things better for the majority by running as republicans. there’s class war in this country, and the middle-to-low ain’t winnin’.

    so let’s cut more taxes at the top, which is the only true and good reason to have republicans in charge.

  30. Mike Huether does not have to be the savior of the Democratic party, he or some Independent like him, must save the state. I have been watching, voting and being disgusted for some years now at how little has been changed for the vote. Either there is a complete new approach or we just wait until the next big scandal appears and more of the same stupid comes from Pierre. At least with Huether, there is the possibility for change.

  31. The disregard for west river has been going on for decades now. The latest is the nuke dump in Philip with finally some relief in the uranium drill wells in Edgemont. The failed deep drill in Wasta goes to show Pierre’s complete contempt for cow country. I did not hear from anyone in the last cycle’s about that and what they intend to do about it from politicos. This tells me that no one wants the dirty laundry to see the light of day. I say run on it. Run on the fact that the governor went behind citizens backs on all of the things that endanger them. I say run on the fact that the leader of the Republican party does not care about the welfare of the state by endangering citizens with secret hazardous nuke waste deals. The future governor of the state does not have to convey that he understands being poor, but he can state that he intends to do something about the plight of all. He can start with how he understands how all the citizens are being treated as if they were poor with no voice in their government. He can start by showing how the existing governor and his underlings work to end initiative and referendum voting. He can start by showing that one of his opponents NOem, has gone on record to privatize Medicare and Social Security. He can start by showing how the corruption schemes of the Republican leadership has lead to murder of a public official, misuse of public funds, the EB5 fiasco, the outright theft of 25 million dollars taxpayer dollars into some unknown rat hole… all of that lies squarely at the feet of Jackley. Those are starters.

  32. South DaCola

    Huether in higher office just gives me the chills, read all about the last seven years of this ‘independent moderate’ that ruled with no transparency and maxed out the city’s credit cards. If you think the EB-5 coverup was bad, you would have an eye-opener with Huether.

    I encourage the Dems to work at rebuilding the party and putting up two solid candidates for congress and governor and let Huether fend for himself.

  33. I saw the video and appreciate your disappointment in your mayor. I, on the other hand, do not see things through the same lens as you. Comparing Huether with the EB5 is much like comparing Sioux Falls with Polo (I took that from Troy) as I do not believe that there was a murder involved with Huether as was the case with the EB5. The Democratic party cannot rebuild because there is no foundation here in South Dakota. There are a few Democrats with many more leaving each quarter so the sand is slipping. In my view, the Democratic party can only rebuild with a change in how it wants to move forward. Doing the same thing as it has done since before Tim Johnson was elected, is not a recipe for success. The Democratic party should be grateful and very happy with the legislators that currently are in Pierre. They do a great job so it is not that there are no good Democrats, it is that there are so few.

    The rebuild is only going to take place when the problem is recognized as a problem. As there are many who think that all we need is to put a couple of shingles on the roof while the rest of the house is on the ground, then we will have the same results. I believe that an Independent in the mix with full Democratic support, can get the message across. I believe that at this time, that would be Mike Huether with the right message.

  34. Jerry, some have experienced his temper, bullying nature, abuse of power and physical violence when he does not get his way. Consider the need for a person who will need to solve problems when a checkbook is empty or credit cards are maxed out while facing a regressive GOP legislature. Mike Huether is not a problem solver we need. He does not have the temperament to work together with anyone who might have power to wield.

    If Huether can barely handle the questions we have for him, just wait until he is the supreme loner in Pierre or Washington. We saw how Janklow dissolved in Washington and he actually could creatively think his way out of most boxes.

  35. Thanks Bruce. Some have experienced temper, bullying nature are exactly how to get the job done. Sometimes that is necessary to form the understanding that you are serious. You would have to file a grievance with the city for the abuse of power and physical violence, along with proof, then you should be able to make your case.

    Facing a regressive GOP legislature is what the intent is. You are not going to hold hands with this bunch of nefarious characters by playing nice. We saw how that all worked with President Obama for the last 8 years. The problems to solve are the ones you solve before you get there. You have to have a game plan, not that you are not the other guy.

    Mike Huether won the election in Sioux Falls twice. Sioux Falls is a big town with lots of different constituents needed to win an election and he did it twice. In my view, he has the best chance of being the candidate needed to take on the corruption and abuse of power we have been seeing with this entire regime in Pierre. Huether will have a good history here in the state by staying Independent while making appearances around the state as the mayor elect of the state’s largest city. When you have been the mayor of the largest town, it shows that you know something about running a government. It also helps selling your brand that voters put you in by a considerable margin in your 2014 re-election bid. Who knows, he might not be interested in anything other than tossing up a trial balloon. But if he is, he could and would be a very good choice to run against NOem or Jackley on a Independent coalition ticket.

  36. Sioux Falls and the State of South Dakota will learn what is next from those he has attacked. There is no grievance process in the city of Sioux Falls for the offenses. Let’s just say, he gives out gold tooth awards.

  37. Mr. jerry claims there is murder, a baseless accusation.

    I have heard people in coffee shops claim there was murder involved with the death of the Democrat party in South Dakota. These people said a key under-operative was killed, back in the day, which set the downspin of the party in motion. The fear of all others that they too might get murdered kept a few good, smarter and more reasonable Democrats from running for office. For murder was afoot.

    This, my friends, is what caused the downfall of the Democrat party in South Dakota.
    The now dead Democrat party.

  38. Mr. grudznick, I make no such claim. I only repeat the claim made very publicly.

  39. The authorities said “no murder”.

    Just because a bunch of libbies should “fire” in a crowded theatre does not make it right to waste a lot of taxpayer money on unconstitutional measures that serve to only line Slick Rick’s pocket, sir.

    There was no murder. Save that of the Democrat party, which seems to have been killed by parties unknown.

  40. Bruce, from doing research on the leadership of Mike Huether in Sioux Falls, the data shows continued growth with a continued strong outlook on the economic well being of the place. If this is what you mean by being attacked, South Dakota could use a good shellacking.

  41. I fully expect the next fleecing of the taxpayer’s pockets to line Slick Rick’s will be met with public castigating of the recipients wallets and the public shaming of the ignoramuses who were hoodwinked last time.

    I am reminded of that young lady who used to frequent Mr. H’s bloggings, Ms. Geelsdottir.
    Shame. Shame.

  42. Mr. grudznick, far be it for me to have a falling out with you when Papa Noel will be arriving soon. I tell you what, have your good friend and confidant, Marty Jackley, provide you with a copy of the autopsy of the feller and we will be able put this to rest. Also, while you are having taters and gravy with him, you might want to get the scoop in how in the world the state lost millions in the banking scheme that Joop and Rounds did to transfer that EB5 money around the globe. Ask him where the money is. Money money, who got the money?

  43. Mr. jerry, I would love to have Mr. Jackley or anybody else bring me a hearty breakfast tomorrow. But where is it written that the state lost any money on the E-B5 business that Mr. Bollen was running? As I understand it the state got no money before and no money after, so we taxpayers were not stolen from at all.

    You seem far too angry this Christmas eve, Mr. jerry. Even I, with not a god-fearing bone in my hind quarters, have some peace in my bowels tonight. Sleep tight, Mr. jerry. Try not to pee in your neighbors lawn.

  44. Jerry, I guess you need to understand things outside of the mayor’s P.R. campaigns. Many in Sioux Falls understand how his P.R. system works. His detractors often find him to less than gracious as he swings his limbs away from the tennis courts.

    His track record in overspending in Sioux Falls is causing a future financial hurt on Sioux Falls. He over spends and then complains when his projections don’t match his own hype he has spread. Come to Sioux Falls sometime and look us up. We’ll gladly tell the other Sioux Falls stories not told in his press conferences.

  45. Have a good xmass Mr. grudznick, may your noggin get filled with nog and your bowels not be in an uproar.. Papa Noel has made an eerily early stop that was not scheduled in the Norad tracking. Lucky you sir, lucky you.

  46. Bruce, I guess that there will always be discontent in matters that are close to your heart and I am certainly not trying to dampen your spirit. But I think that the reports from Forbes and the one I submitted about Sioux Falls kind of speak for themselves. I am also aware that if his P.R. system is as good as you claim, then it is no wonder that he won his second election with the high numbers he achieved. I really do not know if Mike Huether will consider running for governor or not, he has only announced that he has officially changed his party affiliation to Independent. I only speculate on the what if’s. In fact, I really do not know of any real candidate that has declared for the governor’s chair.

  47. I am leery of those blue links Mr. jerry, ever since Lar used them to trick people into looking at young boys. But I appreciate and agree with the hope that tomorrow my taters are slathered with gravy and my bowels are loose and there is some fancy meats on the trays they bring! Happy xmass, to all.

  48. Jerry, the landscape of the 2014 city election in Sioux Falls is a very different one as we head to 2018. The mayor may have had several things going for him many in Sioux Falls then but do not believe he could manipulate in the future. He is an Energizer bunny but much of his energy will actually get him in trouble because he is a fatalist in attitude and function.

    The willingness of Sioux Falls to believe much of his story is coming to an end.

  49. (Note: I did not say Bruce was defeated. The intent of my comment at 12/24 09:12 was to cheer Bruce’s rejection of defeatism.)

  50. Hello Bruce, hope you had a good xmass. Your post is praising and detrimental at the same time regarding Mayor Huether’s political tenure in Sioux Falls. That is as good of a description as can be for any politician, people like you and people don’t, but you get the vote. The energy will never get you into trouble if you are able to convey direction. People want a leader Bruce, they are tiring of the fact that they are not moving forward in their economic positions, whatever that might be in South Dakota.

    According to all the reports I have read regarding the Sioux Falls economic present and future, things look good. Of course, we have a new president and with some of the things that he is proposing, they will clearly be over the head of the two losers the Republicans have decided to anoint for the vacating throne as neither one has ever written a check or done anything remotely close to dealing with the inner works of a business. South Dakota needs to get rid of the bathroom silly and move on to actually addressing the real problems of the state. Start with the governor and then move on down the line to replace the dead wood that has gone moldy. Huether could be the problem solver the state needs. Who else do you think would be able to campaign for the position? I named two for the one and two slot, both are business savvy with one having the combination needed to carry west river. The only thing, neither are Democrats labeled by party. They both have an Independent streak though as one just declared. The state needs a complete new direction, we will not have that with either NOem or Jackley. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking with 2018 just around the corner. Time to go to work to show the importance of the situation, the opponents have.

  51. The false narrative going around is we “need a businessman (woman) to solve our problems”. Bull, Crap and foolishness combined. If anyone says we need Huether because he is a businessman, we need to remind all he also has never signed a paycheck or built a business from scratch. He has always been a middle manager working for someone else. Always dreaming he could solve the world’s problems but fails because he is more concerned with his image.

    As someone who worked on an MBA once upon a time, the idea a MBA educated businessperson can be considered because they worked in a business is wrong for our country and world. The frustration with most MBA students is the belief in creating money is success.

    A MBA candidate by and large is trained to make money for someone, not critical thinking on their own. In my work I have known few MBA trained drones who could function outside the protection of a real business owner or leader.

    By choosing either of the GOP candidates or Huether to save South Dakota is pretending there is a way to make South Dakota succeed with another huckster. Since the days of homesteading there has been a steady stream of hucksters Dakotans have chosen to paint a yellow brick road to a dream not built on reality.

    Saying Huether is a problem solver shows a lack of understanding of Sioux Falls and South Dakota issues. Huether is classic MBA student. He has used up the city’s credit card to buy the paint needed to cover-up, bury or bully just to shine up his images.

  52. Bruce, you should consider dealing with a businessman if you are considering bringing economic development to the state. Clearly, the current operation in Pierre is an absolute failure in that regard. The regime before, great at bringing in corruption but little else. Before that, one helluva good sale of the concrete plant to Mexico. Current sales of taxpayer property for political gain, Spearfish Canyon. I don’t see Huether selling the Falls there in Sioux Falls.

    An MBA candidate is trained to make money, is that not what the state requires? In case you missed it, we have missed target for business sales.

    In South Dakota, the federal government gave Rounds and Daugaard 25 million bucks for projects that has to be paid back in 2017, I think that Huether or some other businessman would have been able to utilize the money constructively as directed instead of falsely trying to balance the books. These are the hucksters you are speaking of, no?

    As an example, Huether has the track record for running the largest city in South Dakota. He was elected to his office twice, the last time by substantial numbers. So you are unhappy with him, good for you. The voters seem to look upon him differently.

  53. Jerry,
    You seem to not understand what government is for. It has never been organized to make money. It does collect taxes to maintain the commons and care for the least among us as needed.

    Now to understand the difference between business and government you must understand this. No part of the government was set up to make money. Many business people who get elected to office make the mistake of thinking it should be profitable. Wrong. The profit must be returned to the people by not raising too much tax.

    Society invests in roads, public works and other infrastructure to build communities for growth. In South Dakota communities we have a 2nd penny sales tax for these needs. This is not a fund to abuse like Huether has done to subsidize his playthings. He recently complained we citizens are not helping him realize his multiple dreams to see his indoor pool and tennis courts be profitable.

    The events center he decided was necessary has been a financial flop. Every show sends massive amounts of future local growth money out of state to the producers and artists. We have lost the multiplier our area needed to withstand many economy downturns. With our current agricultural slump our local businesses are not collecting sales tax dollars to balance the losses.

    Huether and most of our state politicians are not doing anything to grow local businesses. They specialize in granting out of state operations to show up and stripe our treasuries for us to clean up when gone.

    EB-5 is just one of the scandals to break on a statewide basis. Sioux Falls will likely have a few of it’s own surfacing. South Dakota has been a one party state because the people in charge have found too many ways to abuse the processes of government to benefit the holders of the power. We as citizens have been too lazy to kick them out. During the short periods Democrats have held power they have tried to catch up to the GOP without actually building a movement to compete. Why do you think Huether is playing the game by pretending to be an Indie? He doesn’t know how to build a movement so he is going the easy route or the easiest path to riches like most MBA students will do.

  54. Bruce, I really really do understand how government works, so clearly that I can see it does not work in South Dakota under current conditions, would you agree?

    Society pays the taxes under the pretense that the state will use the money wisely as any investor hopes. Society requires that the state conform to the laws that have been presented as the parameters of doing state business. In the state’s case, they are making money and banking millions of funds while doing nothing in return for the monies generated by society. Instead of following law, they file loosing suits to burn the money invested. Very poor business decisions with no hope of any kind of state gain for society’s investment.

    In Sioux Falls, what out of state operations showed up to strip the cities treasuries?

    So you are saying that Sioux Falls will “likely have a few of it’s own surfacing”, please go there and say names, places and details or else it is meaningless. EB5 is a big deal, a huge deal, a national deal, and you are declaring that Sioux Falls will beat that like a pinata? Interesting, do tell.

    Regarding the one party rule in South Dakota, my point exactly. Voters are not likely to change anytime soon unless they have a choice. They can always go with whoever the SDGOP anoints for the job as that has been a sure winner for them in the last umpteenth elections. What my suggestion is to change the Democratic party into something that has a future. You may hate Huether’s guts, fine, that does not make him a good choice for an Independent to run for governor.

    Business savvy elected officials at least understand what a bottom line is and what frivolous spending is as well. Knocking educated people, who can read columns of figures and see very quickly what failed leadership is, is why change is needed. Daugaard and company have failed the state of South Dakota in each year of his terms. The sooner the screen door hits him in the arse, the better. The legislature is beyond description. As long as you want to bring up the lack of educated people in government, I say what a bunch of failed middle school drop outs. Clearly their teachers have left the state in shame.

    In short, you can be Don Quixote on your own terms but that does not mean I am Sancho Panza on the same. It looks to me like Huether is embracing progress instead of fighting the same windmills. Sometimes what may seem easy in other’s eyes, are quite difficult in the practice required to accomplish the feat.

  55. Jerry,
    This administration has used it’s power to create many situations allowing insiders to be included in deals. This administration has set up an events center to allow outsiders to show up, pay a small fee and leave town with million since it was opened in 2014. These are but a few of the deals being made. In time more details will emerge.

    By saying Mike Huether could fix the dysfunctional state government is either not understanding how deep the problem is or allowing Mike Huether to take on too much control to “fix” things.

    For anyone to hold Mike Huether out to be a savior or even being business savvy is degrading quality business people. I have know many entrepreneurs who could balance the books while building successful businesses. Mike Huether has never built one business. He has leaned on others to do the hard lifting while he found ways to take credit. Just as he does in our mayor’s office.

    Mike Huether would never be able to unite a party, this is why he decided to run from the only one he could eve remotely claim. If you ever listen to him you soon discover his ability to talk in terms of “I” and never “WE”. the “I” never builds a movement only “WE” can built one. Successful business people, like good politicians, know this.

    EB5, Platte and more are statewide financial scandals. Sioux Falls has a few of its own issues and with our form of government they can get hidden for a while. The work we do allows the people to begin to see the cracks and do their own digging.

    South Dakota is a one party state because the Democratic Party allowed itself to become a one idol at a time group. After McGovern, Abourezk, Kneip, Denholm, Dougherty and more we fell into what was easy by allowing Daschle to “own” it all. Daschle even supported Janklow during runs. How much party building is this? Who controls the messaging?

    \I am in no way a one party fits all kind of person. South Dakota must build a second party to compete. Huether told us last week he is NOT part of any SD Democratic future. He is a narcissist who would not change anything other than a few faces so he could get in on the disclosable action.

    I have tilted at many windmills for 50 years. I am not a purity or nothing person but I do believe we need to build an organization from the bottom up and not rely on a singular person to save the day.

    Wake up and build a movement based on principles and people not a person. We’ve been there and done that, badly.

  56. No names? None? Then I would say to move on until that time happens if ever. I have no clue if Huether will run or if he will not. I find it interesting though, that there are Independents or moderates that could rise to the top to challenge the existing corrupt beast we call the SDGOP. They are not gonna change and the people do not see anyone viable to make the challenge from the Democratic side that could make the argument of why you would want change.

    I only see a combination of Democrats, Independents and moderates as the backbone of a changed party that still believes in the fundamentals of the existing platform set out. Anything other than that will not gain the financial support needed to run a candidate, any candidate. First thing to recognize is the reality of failure and what to do about it. If the party will not support change, then what is the point of doing the same failed practices?

  57. Jerry,
    I’m finding it interesting you like I seem to be interested with this topic. Let’s hope there are more people in South Dakota who also care to have a healthy discussion of this plus the deeper political of both parties.

    As we work to put together more data more names with information will be released like we always do. We like to help inform so people can actually see what is going on. Stay tuned I guess. If you really want more behind the scenes stuff, you can always join our efforts to expose the rest of each story.

  58. bearcreekbat

    Leaving the Democrats and becoming an Independent does not seem to show much promise. Last time I checked SD voters have not elected a single Independent in our 2017 State legislature:

    The Senate:

    The House:

  59. You are correct on the Independents, not a one. We do have some new Democrats as well, I miss that Kathy Tyler as she had the sand to go against the EB5 and then, it looked like she was on her own to fight off the attacks as a Democrat though. I think that she may have gotten more traction in her fight as an Independent as they hang that liberal silliness on you and then its off to the races on stupid.

    These kinds of things are known by those that wish to seek office. Cory noted that there was a large influx of SDGOP cash to his opponent so there is that. You either must have one helluva personal war chest or else hope your opponent dies. Of course, that death deal does not mean much either, ask Lust how that all works as just another in a long line of fibberuskies from Daugaard.

    I only suggest that there be a coalition of change for the Democratic Party in South Dakota. That change would be to basically keep the platform as it now exists and then go all out to include the Independents and moderates that could make a very strong party. I don’t see that happening with the existing way of doing things, what would you suggest?