Inmates Go to Court for Drug Bust, Women’s Warden Resigns—Coincidence?

Hmm… so Tuesday’s headlines featured nine women headed to court for charges related to a drug bust at the South Dakota Women’s Prison in Pierre:

Nine women face charges in state court this week related to using or dealing illegal drugs and assaulting guards in the state women’s prison in Pierre. A law enforcement source said it was connected to a bust at the prison.

Six inmates have been charged with using and/or dealing illegal drugs and two are charged with assaulting law enforcement officers.

A ninth woman who was released from the prison a year ago was charged with failing to report a felony [Stephen Lee, “9 Charged in Drug Bust at State Women’s Prison,” Pierre Capital Journal, 2016.12.13].

On Wednesday the women’s prison’s warden announced her immediate retirement:

The warden of the South Dakota Women’s Prison in Pierre Brenda Hyde has announced her retirement, effective immediately.

Hyde has served as warden of the Pierre facility since October of 2009. She has worked at the Women’s Prison since it opened in 1997.

…Hyde tells KCCR News that she has no comment on her retirement, and that it was just time to retire [“Womens Prison Warden Announces Retirement,” KCCR Radio, 2016.12.14].

Stephen Lee says “some wonder” if the bust and the retirement are related:

Hyde’s retirement seemed to happen fast.

Asked about Hyde, Winder told the Capital Journal on Wednesday she was no longer employed by the state prison system and that he, nor top administrator of DOC, Denny Kaemingk, could discuss personnel matters [Stephen Lee, “SD Women’s Prison Warden Retirement Announced Abruptly,” Pierre Capital Journal, 2016.12.15].

No one has use the word “fired” yet, as Bob Mercer did on Jason Dilges’s unexpected departure from Finance and Management. Alas, Bob Mercer is on the DL, so we can’t get his perspective on whether there’s anything more than unhappy timing at play in Hyde’s departure.

20 Responses to Inmates Go to Court for Drug Bust, Women’s Warden Resigns—Coincidence?

  1. Inmates running the prison, out of control staff turnover, poor staff morale, alleged sexual harassment between staff with nothing done about it by the warden – generating a lawsuit. A warden retirement announced after it occurred, with no succession planning. The governor’s office declining to comment on the “retirement” claiming it’s a personnel issue. I think we are starting to have a picture of what’s going on there, but all we ever get from state government is the 1,000 foot view.

    Now everybody move along. Nothing to see here. This is South Dakota where state government’s business is none of your business.

    Hey, didn’t we recently have problems at the state pen in Sioux Falls where a couple of dangerous characters were allowed to work in an area without cameras and killed a guard? How deep do these problems in the Department of Corrections go? Why do we keep elevating people with no experience outside of the SD Dept. of Corrections to perpetuate a poorly run system?

  2. Maybe this is actually progress that the inmates apparently obtained their own drugs while in prison. Back in the old days (20-25 years ago), Warden Herman Solem was actually giving inmates marijuana. I don’t think they do that anymore.

  3. Criminalizing addiction is beyond cruel and unusual punishment. We continue to imprison “criminals” whose crime against society is contracting an illness, addiction. then we put them in a “criminal justice system” that stigmatizes rather than protects or rehabilitates. Judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, experts, psychologists play this complex game of evidence and strategy and politics, and send some nearly defenseless sott like anyone of us, to jail, prison, fines, ruined credit and destruction of character into a pen of concrete, parole officers, probation ect. all based on Victorian ideas of shame. then the officers and agents of the court go to the local evening watering hole and get drunk in a macho ritual of having protected us from dangerous criminals.

  4. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but is this the third state-run institution this year to be exposed for corrupt behavior? Redfield, Human Services Center in Yankton and now the women’s prison in Pierre.

  5. Boy, Rich, there does seem to be a pattern developing. Read Ror’s comment, and you could easily guess that maybe some one-party complacency is coming home to roost again: the powers that be put their people in charge and let them coast along unsupervised, figuring their people could never screw up, until they do. One-party regimes aren’t terribly good at quality control.

    Of course, our one-party rulers could point out that they have canned these people (including Jason Dilges from BFM last month!) instead of letting them continue malfeasing in their state positions.

  6. Our government in Pierre is rife with patronage jobs where fealty is the preferred requirement for plum jobs…just ask the Governor’s son-in-law.

    The problems manifest themselves in ineptitude and complacency to the detriment of good governance for all of South Dakota.

    The one party autocratic nature of the GOP hurts South Dakota and is emblematic of the fact that the GOP values party over people.

  7. Oddly enough these women werent going to be charged until it became public notice. Not to mention the sexual harassment and abuse by guards. Can we say pregnant inmate. Oh and the last drug scandal where they forgot to give follow up info about one of the last they didnt convict. Only to read. Early release. They failed to mention that they ignored that inmates health issues till to late and she was moved to hospice immediately but transferred off DOC paperwork to shift burden of cost and then no investigation with her death

  8. In a 2-party state there would be legislative hearings with real questions asked, not a whitewash. In a 1-party state, the party in charge circles the wagons and keeps the public in the dark as much as possible. Party first – public second. It works that way in 1-party states regardless of which party is in charge. Democrats need to get the message out that they will be watchdogs for the public on issues like this. Rep.-elect Ahlers, are you reading this?

  9. Darrell Solberg

    And the majority party still doesn’t think we need an Independent Ethics Commission, what else are they hiding?

  10. Prisons always seem to have drugs flowing in. It is probably one of the perks that comes with the job in this state. You get a cut of the action—and if anything bad happens we will just throw the book at the inmates!

  11. These prison people are bad. They are bad.

  12. james kopecky

    Lopez vs United States Supreme Court says that the legislature is passing their failed contracted duty to the public and then punishing when the people are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Legislature is guilty for failing to keep these drugs out of south dakota, The people do not have the contract to regulate or the paycheck paid. They cannot pass their duty or their punishment for failure to the public. this was 8 out of 9 Judges decision.

  13. james kopecky

    Brenda hyde was escorted off by the Feds. not just one thing but hundreds of crimes. It will be made public soon enough. In fact the foreign corporation impersonating a public servent government is under investigation. The victims of the circuit courts using courts martial under color of law codes is Human Trafficking and Enslavement. This is Baned global wide.

  14. Say what, Jim? Feds from where? What crimes? What foreign corporation? What courts martial? Don’t wait: make it public now.

  15. james kopecky

    Ok first off there is no lawfull government, a government is a public servent, government is not a public service. The local 7-11 is a public service private owned incorporated. The headquarters has all those franchises across the country. The State of South Dakota is a private owned incorporated business selling 19 essential govermental services for its own business profits. State of South Dakota is the name of the business. State of South Dakota is not South Dakota. Do you see the fraud? The word —-of—- is the deception. State of South Dakota vs South Dakota is apples to oranges in difference. The City of Rapid City is not Rapid City, The County of Hand County is not Hand County. The Son of John Doe is not John Doe is it? Now how does a private business make codified laws? It only does so by impersonating a government. 1889 State of South Dakota declared we the taxpaying South Dakotans the enemy of their foreign State of South Dakota. This unlawful attempt was to set the Constitution aside and use the Enabling Act to become a Star on the flag. Enabling Act is not an Enabling Clause. (Google definition Enabling Act) Every Bill that is said to pass will be declared an emergency, that emergency is we the people are the enemy that has waged war on their corporation. The end of the road for these criminals in pierre is approaching fast. The swamp is being drained as this is written. We are all American Nationals called South Dakotans we are not going to be human trafficked as human property enslaved by the foreign State of South Dakota Inc. This type of knowledge in law, proven in the world courts is now well known. All 50 State Courts are caught red handed in this treason, State of South Dakota is all courts martial. Those color of law victims sentenced for victimless crimes are political prisoners in their private prison. This is human trafficking slavery, kidnaping, racketeering, Identity theft, and in the all time history the biggest longest fraud ever known. We the 350 million american national people have been robbed out of 279 trillion silver dollars. We have the lien against these rats and it is past due. The Crown Temple owns America through the deception of those who have worn their allegiance by oath to the Middle Templar Bar. Yes I know this sounds like a nutcase, well it has to all of us. Do the research it is all fact and these facts have been successfully argued in the World Court. This seems to escape the mainstream media’s agenda, and all owned by these rats. This all starts with your knowledge in the definition Enabling act. And their exscuse when they get caught. (see)

  16. Oh, oops—my mistake. I thought we were going to get some actual specifics on Brenda Hyde’s departure and corruption in the Department of Corrections.

  17. james kopecky

    As said Human Trafficking many counts, violations in international human rights. The whole Corporation was warned given notice ignored justice reform SB 70 for the most part, and now the imposters are on thin Ice. What part did you not understand? Brenda Hyde is just one of the many being indicted. They openly admit to admiralty Law of the Holy See, under U.S. Marshals web site. Last I checked we live in america not Vatican City. I would not want to be involved with the BAR Association come January. The 1940s treaty agreement allowing the BAR to operate upon this land has a good chance in being revoked. Trump was discussing this in our conference call Saturday. All I know for sure is South Dakota will be getting a new foundation and will be following the rule in law and not enforcing its private law with its private agenda in private closed doors in favor to England. Brenda Hyde is used to take the spotlight off the real story. Measure 22 was a well planned part with investigations. We assume having the Court decide the outcome is like the fox guarding the chickens, does this violates Article 6 Chapter 26? Anyway this is not corruption this is Criminal Barbarity onland piracy.

  18. Conference call with Trump Saturday? Please, tell us more. What did Trump say? Who was invited to that call?

  19. james kopecky

    Restore american republic. The Pentagon is cleaning house. January 20 or soon after will be the restoring in real dollar value. Remember america has the currency called a silver dollar. It has to be backed up with a value. We the people are the primary creditors. We have been been duped into being paid with counterfeit debt dollars while the khazarian mafia and the cabal operating in Washington D.C. are pocketing the real Silver Dollars in real value. When China, Russia, and the other countries want to trade these fake dollars in for value the Cabal running the corporation called the United States files bankruptcy saying the american people are the owners of the United States Corporation. We the people have nothing to do with a private corporation called United States Inc. intentional bankrupt rescue and the public debt it stuck us with. United States Inc, tried to do the same fraud with bankruptcy. This time a few of us and a Alaska Judge put a stop to it. The World Court denied D.C. the rescue. May 2, 2016 the contract for United States Inc. had been abandoned. This left it dormant and we got the pentagon to take control. It has been downhill since. History is being made. Kazarian Clinton was to win the rigged election. Much resistance is taking place and January 20th is a ways off. I can assure you major changes for the good will be taking place. Not much is being said for this would jeopardize the goal. I suspect that Trumps Military Picks are for good reason. We are expecting the original organic 1789 constitution of the united States reestablished, replacing the forged instrument called the Constitution for the United States. The World Court has already recognized the deception and is using the 1789 constitution for the people by the people. I wish the mainstream media would start reporting instead of blacking out these issues. As said history is in the making and we will all see this happen very soon. Mr. Trump said we are not 50 foreign states nor Red States Blue States we are all united and together in american states. It is very important to not be divided, the cabal is doing everything possible to start a civil war so that Martial Law is declared, this would leave Obama administration in office. This is the main concern as of now and needs to be know and spread wide. If there is a major event between now and January 20 2017 it was caused on purpose to declare Martial Law. The pipeline (DAPL) is an issue that was said to be ironed out. We made it clear that our environment comes first, this matter was more or less avoided on his part. I am uneasy about that part. I personally would rather hear the truth up front then to be told what we want to hear and do the underhanded deception that has been going on for 100 years or more. We all deserve better. Thanks for your time interest and Merry Christmas.

  20. Wait, back up. Are you saying you participated in a conference call with Donald Trump? When exactly did this conference call take place? Who was invited to participated in this conference call? Your comment above does not make clear what Trump said, what was said by others, and who those others are. Did Trump say the current administration is preparing to declare martial law?