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President Biden: Happy Thanksgiving! Be Good! Go Swimming! Trump: Argle-Bargle!

President Joe Biden used Thanksgiving to urge Americans to be good:

President Biden in a Thanksgiving message on Thursday said Americans should “come together” and “focus on dealing with our problems and being together and stop the rancor.”

We can have different political views, but we have one view,” Biden said in a phone interview with NBC News’ Al Roker before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade began. “The one view is that we’re the finest, greatest nation in the world. We should focus on that.”

“We have to bring the nation together and treat each other with a little bit of decency, and I think that’s where the vast majority of the American people are,” he added [Rebecca Falconer, “Biden’s Thanksgiving Message: Come Together and ‘Stop the Rancor’,” Axios, 2023.11.23].

Hey, we all know only a Jedi can stop the Rancor:

President Biden then took his Jedi skills to the Atlantic, where he took an ocean dip on a 45-degree day with his grandkids:

Naomi Biden, tweet from Nantucket, Massachusetts, 2023.11.23.
Naomi Biden, tweet from Nantucket, Massachusetts, 2023.11.23.

While America’s Grandpa celebrated America’s goodness, family time, and the life aquatic, Biden’s Republican opponent and insurrectionist put no chill on his rancor, jumping online at two a.m. to call Biden “Crooked” and shout insults at everyone else who opposes his bid for authoritarian power.


  1. C 2023-11-24 19:19

    When Trump says the word “crooked”, I wonder what he thinks it means.

  2. larry kurtz 2023-11-25 09:09

    Republicans is not only another word for Earth hater; it’s another word for coward. Will South Dakota’s congressional delegation declare for a non-Trump candidate or will it simply get in lockstep behind His Orange Highness?

  3. larry kurtz 2023-11-25 17:01

    I’m dreaming of the Trump airplane
    Just like the one I used to know
    Where the engines missin’ and children listen
    To hear death knells in the snow.

    I’m dreaming of a white obit
    With ev’ry happy card I write
    May your blaze be hairy with spite
    And may all Trump’s relatives burn white.

  4. All Mammal 2023-11-25 20:28

    Clean, heartfelt words, Mr. K.
    Bravo. Encore Ü

  5. LCJ 2023-11-26 07:29

    You smoke way too much weed, Larry

  6. larry kurtz 2023-11-26 08:20

    It’s impossible to ingest enough cannabis to even imagine the Trump Organization as anything other than diabolically illegitimate. Even his grandchildren are cursed.

  7. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-11-28 11:30

    AMERICA was put together in the same format as MOSES installed the Israelite Governing Process, from the bottom, to the top, all to be UNDER THE HOUSE OF GOD..
    The S.D Legislature much like your City Councils at the local level, are not above the people, it is the other way around, in a true REPUBLIC, which means the PUBLIC THING (The Law) the PEOPLE are above their Government, and the People stand “Under God”.
    When the Arch-Angel Lucifer fell from Heaven, it was God’s way of punishing him, because he placed himself ABOVE the House of God, and that upsets the entire apple card.
    Under the “true” Israelite Governing Process which was put together by Moses as a True Republic – it went like this:
    HOUSE OF GOD (God Spoke through him by means of the Tabernacle)
    Moses was the Chosen Leader (Executive);
    Aaron became God’s Chosen Public Speaker of the Word of God…
    The PEOPLE therefore govern over their Tribal Territories by means of Elected and Appointed Persons called Boards, Committees, and Commissions,
    Of which allow the PEOPLE to work through those committees/commissions the process of appointing, and electing the following:
    Vice Chair (Vice President, Lt. Governor, etc)
    Attorney General
    Secretary of State
    Land Commissioner (Planning, Zoning, Activities)
    Public Education Commissioner
    ***Those Appointed or Elected Persons “act” as the Government Officials Administering and Managing the Government.
    Furthermore, the PEOPLE then elect their Tribal Councils, Territorial Legislatures, and a National Legislature.
    **Each Level Beneath the one who Created them…
    LUCIFERIANS think the opposite, they think of themselves as ABOVE THE LION aka House of God. This would be the Zionist Political Movement, the Global Association of Financiers, World Leaders, etc.
    The American State Republics are like the 12 Tribes of Israel – they act as a loose Confederation of Member Tribal People, each with their own government, activities and section of land. They act as the United States, just as the 12 Tribes acted as the Nation of Israel.
    In a true Republic is beneath the HOUSE OF GOD to whom is the Supreme Being, the Ultimate Sovereign Authority, to whom delegated to the “People” certain unalienable rights, to which allows them to move freely upon the land, governing over their own activities acting as “Individual Republics” to which act together as a Nation of People Under the House of God.
    America was put together exactly the same way, as the People of South Dakota are just one ‘Tribe of Americans” to whom they self govern themselves, but appoint, and elect their national leaders to which ‘act’ as the Nation of States” to which we call ourselves the United States of America.

    In 1 Chronicles 17: 1-17 – God literally made a promise to the Tribe of Ephraim that this tribe would one day in the future, plant their seed in a foreign land, to which will allow them to live freely, lay down their founding belief system, grounded in christianity and morality, to which will allow them to live free of religious persecution, and to whom will observe, and watch over, thus uniting the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, until, the Two Houses of Judah – Pharez and Zarah come back together to form the Nation of Israel again.
    The United States of America was founded by the Pilgrims, the Ulster Scots, to whom stood up to the King and Queen, declaring their sovereignty, proclaiming their loyalty to the House of God, taking no allegiance to no King, Queen, Foreign Government, other than to God himself. And it was a former Scotsman, Francis Scot Key, that wrote the words to what became our Anthem.
    From the period ending after the Revolutionary Period, 1763-1791, the United States of America have enjoyed mostly a peaceful, and harmonious lifestyle, having no wars on their own soil, but allowing for the migration of other people to come here, thus protecting them from being religiously persecuted for standing up for their own beliefs.
    The Confederation of American States have today become New Zion, the place to which the 10 Tribes have come to call home today, while the “Jews of Judah” attempt to rebuild, and establish themselves as the Nation of Israel in the distant future.
    Under the House of God – the American People have laid their Foundation, to which to reside by, work by, and congregate by.
    In 1871, the Lucerfarians established their “Form of Government, Creating Federal Militarized District, of which formed a Corporate Municipal Government, placing the District of Columbia above the “States’, and above the House of God. They formed a United States Land Company, to which the “D.C State” now controls all commerce, and activities throughout the Territory, and today, the “States’ have become Federal Districts, contracted to this Corporate Government.
    Beginning in 2007, the American People began the revolutionary period, of which has led to the Patriot Movement, the Rise of Donald Trump, who sounded the Trumpet, that America was changing from within, attempting to Restore the Republic, as a Nation of People Under the House of God.

    Through the Trials of Donald Trump who represents the 50 Republics, and the Investigations of Joe Biden to whom represents the Corporate Municipal Government aka the United States Land Company – have become the Trials and Tribulation of New Zion.
    In a true Republic, there can be no Corporate Being, and the People are all Equal Under God, and to be blessed, and given their birthright to lay claim to, to settle, and travel upon the land freely.

  8. larry kurtz 2023-11-28 12:04

    North America? Central America? South America? The Zionist Kibbutzim of America? Or just the United States of America?

    Your faith has failed you, Zitterich. Start here.

  9. e platypus onion 2023-11-28 12:30

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