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Haley Reminds Us That Anonymity Matters in a Democracy

Patrick Lalley’s report on the plagiarism behind Governor Kristi Noem’s bad-plumber ads reminds us of the importance of anonymity in a one-party regime. His multiple anonymous sources may not have shared information casting the state’s bidding process and Noem’s chosen Ohio marketing firm in a bad light if they had to put their names in public and face possible retribution from the powerful players whom they have embarrassed.

Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s proposal to ban anonymous speech from the Internet for the sake of national security (quickly watered down to apply only to foreigners) draws further reminders from her critics of why the First Amendment protects anonymity:

The right to anonymous speech goes back to the founding of our country when anonymous pamphleteers made their case for independence. Although not an absolute right, anonymity is bound tightly to the freedom of the press and has proven invaluable to the citizenry, especially the disenfranchised. Haley’s scheme would easily violate certain legal rights to privacy established by the courts (although it should be said that nothing bars private social media outlets, acting on their own, from instituting policies that require users to accurately identify themselves).

…If the Haley ID plan succeeded, what would we lose? Anonymity lends both courage and a measure of safety to speakers who might otherwise fear retaliation from those who are ruffled by raw speech. It protects you personally from getting fired by a boss or doxxed by an angry mob. It promotes the airing of controversial, unpopular speech and promotes debate that might otherwise be suppressed. And it encourages whistleblowing [Jack Shafer, “The Implosion of Nikki Haley’s Social Media Crusade,” Politico, 2023.11.16].

I maintain my own anti-anonymity (nymity is more concise) policy on Dakota Free Press. Like other journalists, I will occasionally base my stories on  sources I know who don’t want their names published, but I give no credit or time to information received from anonymous sources who won’t tell me who they are. I apply a similar rule to the comment section: you may participate in the public discussion without publishing your real name, but you need to at least trust me enough to share your name with my via private email confirmation.

Anonymity defenders irked even by my level of resistance to anonymity like to remind us that the Founding Fathers published the Federalist papers anonymously. On the blogs, I see darn little anonymous speech of Federalist/Founder quality; most of my anonymi come across as barroom jerks just looking to throw punches, not advance high ideals or promote debate. Most of the comments this blog receives pose little risk of consequences for their speakers. (Consider: I’ve been commenting nymously online for 18 years, and they haven’t sent me to the camps yet.) Dakota Free Press doesn’t lose much if any value by limiting anonymous commentary. As a private publisher, I’m free to choose what I publish. And even when I check identities, I never use the information I may gain from those checks to harm others.

But under Haley’s much broader, government-imposed ban, democracy would suffer. The government—not just one blogger, but the politically powerful people with cops and tax auditors at their disposal—would have your identity and be able to exact retribution if you spoke against it. I’ve gone to court to defend the First Amendment right to speak anonymously, because anonymous speech does just enough good in honest political discourse to justify its protection.


  1. sx123 2023-11-18

    Very glad you brought this up… The other day I said I could _maybe_ handle a Haley/Manchin ticket if that was even a possibility. (I doubt it).

    Well, a large part of that Maybe was because of this. Haley, I thought, would be a good compromise, but no way can I support this online anti-anonymity idea. (Did she get it from her Jamie Dimon meeting?). Seems like it came out of left field. Weird.

    This idea makes my blood boil! Why did she do this??? Makes no sense. I am missing something, and I don’t know what.

    Stupid, stupid political move on her part.

  2. Richard Schriever 2023-11-18

    Republicans hate the United States. They are the Nixon and Reagan propagated spawn of the old traitorous South. Witness the “logic” behind the overturning of Roe – “let the states decide” – Federalism be damned. Well, at least up to the point where the states decide differently to the wishes of those making that argument. THEN it becomes a matter of centralized control. This then reveals the even deeper authoritarian streak that simply mouths “independent” rhetoric as a tool with an aim toward personal power (personal freedoms). Remember – conservatism all hinges on an immature or childish “me first” approach to EVERYTHING. Get thee behind me Satan!!

  3. Mark Mowry 2023-11-18

    sx123 — Haley, like her competitor DeSantis, badly wants to be elected, and like DeSantis she will say or do anything to be elected. She is a politician.
    Trump, on the other hand, will cast aside vague fear, reservation, and imposed propiety to candidly speak his mind.
    See the difference? If you don’t, then I think you’ve been entirely missing the point about the Trump presidency.

  4. larry kurtz 2023-11-18

    $20 says Nikki Haley will be the nominee of the Earth hater party.

  5. grudznick 2023-11-18

    We like Ms. Haley.

  6. e platypus onion 2023-11-18

    Trump, on the other hand, will cast aside vague fear, reservation, and imposed propriety to candidly lie to your face and threaten to sue you if you don’t believe him.

    Fick stit for you, Mr Lowry.

    drumpf also says,if re-elected, he will sic the FBI on political opponents.

  7. Bob Newland 2023-11-18

    What Mowry claims is admirable candor, I see as the lack of any other virtue.

  8. John 2023-11-18

    Haley recently said that if she were still SC governor she’d sign a 6 week abortion ban. She’s toast.

  9. Tom 2023-11-18

    she hides her roots well…and I’m not talking about her hair…she is not one of the chosen blue bloods…

  10. Loren 2023-11-18

    I can see why people like Haley. She is better than John Thune when it comes to being on any side of any issue at any given moment. She will be whatever you want her to be, say whatever you want to hear. I am surprised grudz is falling for her schtick. Then again, maybe he just likes politicians in high heels, in which case he might also consider Duh Santis. ;-)

  11. Donald Pay 2023-11-18

    I’m against anonymity in most instances, but not in some. If you are too afraid that your spoken or written opinion will get you in trouble to utter them, maybe you should, at least, think twice before you utter them. My mother had a saying for this: “Think before you speak.” This works for most people. Some people (e.g., Donald Trump) so lack character or are so mentally ill that if they do think before they speak they think only of themselves, and lack empathy for people they are maligning. In such cases, they reveal themselves (at least their unmedicated selves) as unfit for human society, let alone to lead a nation.

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who lack the guts to stand behind what they write. I understand they fear public disapproval, and don’t want to risk it being actually pinned on them. Well, sure. Anytime you speak or write anything, someone might be judging what you write, how you said it, and whether it’s worthy of any reaction or even thought whatsoever.

    Look, people signed the Declaration of Independence, for which they all could have been hanged. Writers of the Federalist Papers adopted a nom de plume not to hide their identify. It was to identify with “the people” and the founding of the Roman Republic, which was a kind of an in thing to do back then. It was more a marketing ploy than anything.

    Anonymity is fine for sources who are leaking information that should be in the public forum but is being suppressed by a government or business official. Anonymity for “Deep Throat” served a public good, and that’s true for many instances of sources leaking information.

  12. LCJ 2023-11-18

    The FBI has been weaponized since the Obama era. Trump wants to de-weaponized it so they can’t let crooks like crooks like the Clintons, the Biden family, etc. run free after committing horrible crimes against the people of the US. Look at any fresh Jan. 6 video lately?

  13. All Mammal 2023-11-18

    The proponents of the whistleblower hotline to tattletale on “woke” instructors is trying to reach into K-12 and become law. The sort of suspicious sources used by fascists like Gov Noem are illegitimate and should not be taken seriously.

    When it comes down to it, a person has the right to defend themselves against accusations, and should have the right to face his or her accuser. The facts should be investigated and substantiated before shiitake canning a teacher.

    However, when it comes to opinions, without anonymity, there would likely be zero participation by women in comments sections because there is the possibility of a physical threat. Some men are too tender when criticized by the likes of brawds and feel entitled to teach her a lesson.

    Public opinions and criticisms are just likely going to irk people when done anonymously, whereas accusations and factual reporting from unknown sources should first be proven before going public. Anonymous comments should have zero expectation of being believed.

    Not the opinion of all mammals. Just mine.

  14. Arlo Blundt 2023-11-18

    Trump is without virtue.A liar, a thief, and a voluptuary. Add a traitor to the country, and you’ve summed him up well. I will personally never forgive his treatment of John McCain or his flippant, insensitive comments about our Veterans, specifically those who died on the beaches on D-Day.

  15. Donald Pay 2023-11-18

    Regarding LCJ’s comment: “The FBI has been weaponized since the Obama era. Trump wants to de-weaponized it so they can’t let crooks like crooks like the Clintons, the Biden family, etc. run free after committing horrible crimes against the people of the US. Look at any fresh Jan. 6 video lately?”

    Let me draw attention to the following point I made just above your comment: “Anytime you speak or write anything, someone might be judging what you write, how you said it, and whether it’s worthy of any reaction or even thought whatsoever.”

    As with most of your comments, LCJ, I don’t find any worth to it. I have only responded to let you know it’s not worth me giving any thought at all to your comment.

  16. jim 2023-11-18

    Kristi Noem went east to Go West Media.

    The Ohio firm stole Lawrence & Schiller’s ad idea. L&S proposed the same welder scene that was later produced by the out of state agency with ties to Corey Lewandowski. Their shady, last minute bid was accepted over the local company.

    Obviously, Noem doesn’t care about South Dakota connections anymore. She cares about two opinions – those of Lewandowski and Trump. Both from the EAST coast, by the way.

  17. grudznick 2023-11-18

    The woke people hate Ms. Haley because she is prettier than most of them.

  18. larry kurtz 2023-11-18

    Mrs. Haley is the Carly Fiorina of Caitlyn Jenners.

  19. leslie 2023-11-18

    Mowry and LCJ-true believers in absolute falsity. Dangerous people.

    grdz-a complete fool, and misogynist from his 1st greasy posts years ago. why any of you encourage these three is unearned kindness. kinda what we liberals tend to do.

    Nixon and Reagan as compared to Carter. Criminals as opposed to people of good conscience. Clintons and Obama, Carter, no question that their leadership brought a far safer world, smarter nation, and an international esteem Dems will once again expend extraordinary political capitol to repair after the most recent lizard brain and his deplorables have rendered assunder.

  20. Richard Schriever 2023-11-19

    LCJ – so you imagine that JE Hoover did NOT use the FBI as a weapon??? Ha ha ha ha. Your ignorance is showing.

  21. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-11-19

    So, if the Real History of America went like this..
    In 1620, the Pilgrims met in Ireland, after being kicked out of the English Church, which was bound to and governed by the Holy Roman Emperors, to which saw these people as deplorables. These people reside, work, and form a culture in Ireland and adopt a moral code to which will lead to adopting some of the earlier Christianity Principles, of which will help Found the United States. They would form the Plymouth Colony, and head to America.

    Upon arriving in North America, they would first adopt the Mayflower Compact, which was in all sense and purpose, America’s first public documents, to which set of rules and codes to live by.

    Under the Document, the Pilgrims agreed to Establish a Foundation to which they would form a Christian Territory to which would be bound by a basic set of Rules, Codes, and Charters behind Morality.

    Puritans played the leading roles in establishing the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629, the Saybrook Colony in 1635, the Connecticut Colony in 1636, and the New Haven Colony in 1638. The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations was established by settlers expelled from Massachusetts because of their unorthodox religious opinions. Puritans were also active in New Hampshire before it became a crown colony in 1691. Puritanism ended early in the 18th century and before 1740 was replaced by the much milder Congregational church.

    These beliefs, steep in God, and Maintaining a Sense of Morals, is what led to years later as the 13 Colonies residing in the Northeastern Territory began to rise up and claim their Sovereignty from Great Britain, and their London Banking Cartel who had came, and conquered them once again.

    In a Period Between the 1763 Peace Treaty, and the 1783 Peace Treaty, a period of 20 years, these people began negotiating with the British, in hopes of establishing the United States of America.

    From 1764 to 1774 – they attempted to hold what today we refer to as Precinct Committees. Back in those days, these meetings would be led by the Western Church and their Pastors, to whom organized and weaponized their Congregations teaching them how to defend their homes, their properties, and their estates. War was not on their mind, but they saw the British as becoming to Tyrannical.

    The British had been laying a set of new laws, and ordinances, to which to regulate commerce within the Northeast Territory, laying taxes and impost fees on goods and services which would help Great Britain pay back the massive colonizing debts, war debts, and other monies to the Bank of London, to which angered Americans.

    From 1775 to 1783, the Early Americans residing in the Northeast Territory began to establish, and organize themselves into a country, and the steps they took would gradually lead to direct conflicts with Great Britain, leading to minor skirmishes, militia wars, and battles up and down the territory.

    By 1776, the 13 Colonies joined together to adopt the Declaration of Independence, which was a document that spelled out a list of unalienable rights, a list of demands, to which they now saw themselves as “Sovereign” upon the land, and equal to the Monarch (the King) themselves, to which gave them equal power.

    Next, they would adopt the Articles of Confederation, which were 14 Articles that established within the Northeast Territory a set of governmental rules and codes to which will fully organize the Colonies, allowing them to Establish American States and their own Government’s. Articles 1-6 were adopted rules for States, and Articles 7-14 were rules establishing a National Government (superseded by the constitution today). On September 3, 1777, they formed the United States of America.

    And then came the 1783 Peace Treaty of Paris, the second treaty, this agreement would involve the Holy Roman Empire, Great Britain, the Monarch, and the now the United States of America. Under this document, they would adopt common rules of engagement, the Americans agreed to take on debts owed by Great Britain that were used to finance the colonies, including war debts, they had agreed to pay restitutions to British Subjects to whom had owned Estates, Land, and Interests in the Territory, and they had agreed to remain neutral, remaining out of all British exploits on the North American Continent. While Great Britain surrendered to the United States the Northwest Territory, it would be discovered later on, Great Britain held financial claims and interest to the Southeast, which they would form a new territory.

    The fourth document adopted by the Colonist, was the 1785 Ordinance, which was a set of planning and zoning codes, to which will allow the former colonies to establish formal boundaries, and borders, to which estates and private properties would set up a standard division between both public and private properties. Properties that were ceded to the public, became vested in the name of a State, and then the “State” would become a public thing, governed by Constitutions, to which would manage the public lands, buildings, roads, infrastructure, and their common utilities.

    The Ordinance of 1785, later on became known as the Northwest Ordinance of 1788, later on 1790, and was amended again in 1804. It would play a huge role in developing, and governing Territories, to which each Territory would lead to the creation of 3 to 5 States.

    Finally, the United States of America of which, in which there were 13 of them, agreed to send Delegates to Philadelphia, to which they would discuss amending the Articles to form a more permanent national government. However, they had locked the doors, and blocked out regular citizens, to which they went upstairs to completely draft, write, and publish a new document.
    This new document would later be called the United States Constitution, which would form a Central Government, totally independent from the State’s, to which would be placed in a neutral territory, to which would be named the District of Columbia.

    This Central Government would consist of the Executive, Legislative, and the Judicial Office – to which would allow the “States” acting totally sovereign, to send 2 U.S Senators and would apportion the States into Districts, to which the Citizens would obtain 1 U.S Representatives per a minimum of 30,000 People.

    As for electing, or choosing an Executive, neither the Congress, nor the Judicial Branches would have this power, this person would be chosen by the “States” by a mechanism referred to as the Electoral College of Delegates.

    The “States” would maintain control of this process, allowing their Citizens to elect delegates within the States, to whom would often meet in state conventions, to elect or appoint 1 Elector Per District.

    As the People Choose their Electors through a process of statewide nomination primaries, the Electors would meet within their State Capitals, and cast two ballots each. They got to cast a ballot that represented the voters wishes within the district, and they got to cast their own ballot for a candidate from outside the State.

    Yes, that meant each Elector voted for two candidates, to which would then be certified by the Legislature, and Sealed by the Governor, and delivered to the Congress.

    On a specific date, the U.S Senators and U.S Representatives would meet in a Joint Session, with the Current Vice President presiding.

    This Joint Session was to be Open to the Public, Allowing All American Citizens, the State Legislators, Governors to attend, allowing the State’s to observe this process, thus Holding the Congress accountable to the “States” as per Article 1, Section 2.
    The Candidate to which had received 50% + 1 of the Electors, would become the President, and the Runner Up would be Vice President giving to the “States” their top two choices, to which would then Execute, and Administrate the Federal Government.
    If no Candidate could obtain the proper amount of Electors, the Congress is then tasked with taking the Top Three Candidates receiving electors – seal them on ballots, to which the next step would begin shortly after.

    The “State Legislators” would then meet back in their State Capitals, to discuss the ballots, but most importantly vote to choose their lone Delegate, a delegate to whom would then be sent to Congress, in the presence of the U.S Senate and U.S House to hold a “Second Confirmed Election of the States” whereas each State would now get 1 Vote Each, allowing them to Choose their Executive, while the runner up in this Election becomes the Vice President.

    There was no political parties involved, was no intention to divide this electoral process among political factions, however, the movement to divide the States into factions began almost immediately leading to the Federalists, Anti-Federalists, to the Democratic-Republican Party, the Whig Party, the Democrat Party, the Republican Parties, and numerous smaller parties.

    But mostly, the process of choosing the President would remain intact from 1789 to 1871 under the Original Constitution.
    The People would choose their U.S Representatives giving themselves power to adopt laws, a budget, and investigative powers to hold the central government accountable; the State Legislators would then choose their U.S Senators to which would be tasked with agreeing to those laws, in order to protect the States themselves.

    The President would then be tasked with Appointing Secretaries of State, Treasury, and War, and Appointing a Post Office General, while nominating and choosing the Supreme Court Justices.

    While the President and Vice President serve 4 year terms, the Congress works on Two Year Terms, giving the People the ability to replace their Representatives often, and while the Senators can serve up to 6 Year Terms, the State Legislators vote to keep them, or replace them, every Two Years as well…

    Because the People in the State could vote every two years to choose “new” legislators, the new legislators voted every two years to decide to keep their Senator, Remove their Senator, or Keep the Seat Vacant.

    From 1789 to 1860 – it was very much difficult for Congress to adopt new laws, other than agreeing to, and passing a budget, in the early years of the American Republic, the Country was very much operated conservatively, and that helped in maintaining a sense of Authority Held by the State’s themselves.

    This all changed during the Civil War – beginning in 1861 and over the following twenty years (1861 to 1881), the Powers At-Large had found a way to hijack, and steal this power of the States, by recreating, and forming a new Corporate Central Government, to which would place itself above the interests of the Sovereign States.

    While this conflict led to 14 Southern States severing their ties to the Constitution, leaving 18 Northern States bound to the Constitution, it would lead to a “Civil War” where a now desperate Federal Government, led by Abraham Lincoln tried to keep them as one country.

    Lincoln Adopted his General Order 100, which formed a Federalized Military District around the States, giving him authority to govern all Federalized Properties, including the United States Army.

    Lincoln then adopts his Iron-Clad Oath, binding the Northern States, and All Americans, the Army to this Oath to protect the United States Government from now, a foreign government.

    Lincoln then adopts his Emancipation Act, to which allows for former Black Slaves to become “free”, thus residing in the Northern District, to which they take an oath to remain true to the Federal Government, and this later includes Prisoners of War as well.

    This Federal Militarized District now becomes the UNITED STATE COMPANY, upon adopting the “Act of 1871” which was to Form a Permanent Government for the District of Columbia. This act allowed the Congress to appoint a Governor of the Territory, allowed the President to appoint 2 Secretaries, and a Judiciary for a period of 3 years.

    By 1874 – the newly elected Congress adopted the Municipal Act, which would create a full time, permanent government in D.C. It would now have a Mayor, and a D.C Council to which would be given powers to adopt Ordinances, Codes, and Rules to manage all Commerce within the Territory of the District of Columbia, making the City of Washington, its Capitol City.

    Washington D.C, by this act, now has the right to sue, and be sued, the right given to it by Congress to build Jails, Establish a Police and Fire Department, and to Create Roads, Infrastructure, Utilities, etc.

    Because it is now considered a City-State, a Freed Territory, it now has the ability to hold a Residency, to which now would obtain a voice in Congress, giving to it an Appointed “Delegate”.

    Despite not having a Vote in the U.S House, nor 2 U.S Senators, this Delegate has the same powers given to Ambassadors of any other Delegates such as Native Americans or Other Federal Territories. They can lobby for their interests, their objectives, and new Laws.

    This also means, this “new” residency gets 1 Elector for President, which should be unconstitutional, since D.C is the Government.

    The main core based group of Residents of the District of Columbia are made of of Former Black Slaves, U.S Senators, U.S House of Representatives, the President, the Vice President, Supreme Court Justices, all Federal Officers, Agents, and Employees, and not to leave out all of the Foreign Diplomats, Ambassadors, and Agents.

    To give this Group of People an Elector for President, violates the Original Constitution, let alone endangers the Sovereignty of the 50 State Republics today.

    Between 1890 and 1950 – the Federal Reserve was formed, from a Group of Private Bankers who first gained power in 1874, to whom now hold ownership of the Federal Currency, to which they now can buy Treasury Stock, reselling it to Foreign Investors, to which now loan trillions of dollars back to the Federal Government, to be paid back in Federal Tax Dollars paid by the American Citizens.

    By 1933, this “UNITED STATES COMPANY” went insolvent to the Federal Reserve, Congress gave up its war powers to the President, allowing the President to act in the best interests of the Company.

    Also in 1933, the Congress adopts the Gold Reduction Act, which created a 40 Year Plan to Confiscate all Gold held by Private interests, it would be stored at Fort Knox to be later inventoried, to which by 1973, under President Richard Nixon, they finally remove America from the so called Gold Standard adopted by Bretton Woods which occurred between 1884, to which the gold was transferred to the Foreign Investors of the Federal Reserve itself.

    Today, the UNITED STATES COMPANY which operates as a for profit land trust company, to which its predecessor was the Virginia Land Company (created in 1620), to which is a publicly traded stock company, holding bank charters, warrants, and vested controls over the American Government itself.

    Today, we live under this Corporate Government, allowing the States, the Commercial Businesses, and People to apply for, and obtain Federal Grants, Monetary Benefits, and Subsidies, to which are all bound to, and controlled by the United States Land Company.

    How do we escape this, without first having a Revolution Ourselves? Still do not believe there is not a Deep State?

    There is NO State that wants to replace The United States Constitution, for the constitution was perhaps the greatest document ever adopted by a group of people. But, it has been hijacked, and usurped by Foreign Actors, and they have lied, cheated, and deceived the American States today. They amended it to fit their growing agenda, adopting amendments 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 25, and 27 – to which all uphold and defend these “Foreign Interests” over the private interests of the American States.

    No longer today, do the American People, let alone the “States’ are safeguarded by their own invented Congress, for they no longer have equal voices in the United States House of Representatives – 1 Voice Per 30,000 Citizens, let alone the U.S Senators are no longer chosen, controlled, and governed by the State Legislators, for they are now all controlled by a United States Banking Cartel. A cartel of which is heavily armed, and controlled by Foreign Actors, Ambassadors, and Agents.

    The America First Movement of Citizenry is about Restoring Law, and Order. Taking Back Control of America. The only means of Making America Great Again, is to become 100%, a Sovereign, Independent, Republic of 50 States for the first time since 1850.

    No American State wants to abolish, nor destroy the Constitution. No. Even if Some States may sever the contract, the Constitution still lives on. Even if ALL 50 States sever the partnership, and leave the union. What is left behind, is the Independent Federal Government, which would become an island, residing within the Independent States themselves.

    Do you Still Believe there is no Deep State? Prove Me Wrong…

  22. larry kurtz 2023-11-19

    Class struggle was the root of the Spanish Civil War fought between 1936 and 1939 but at that time Republicans were part of the academic and social justice wing fighting for democracy while the Nationalists were religious conservatives and Falangists led by a military junta with Generalissimo Francisco Franco serving as field marshal.

    Translated as the Spanish Phalanx of the Councils of the National Syndicalist Offensive, the Falangists represented mostly Roman Catholic integralists rooted in Spain’s religious identity and many consider the conflict a prelude to World War II.

    As a youngster this interested party lived in Spain for three and a half years toward the end of Franco’s reign as the US military propped him up with B-52s and other armaments.

    Today, the goal of the New Apostolic Reformation, cult member Ginni Thomas, the Council for National Policy and others in the Republican Party is to use the packed Supreme Court of the United States to undo constitutional rights.

    Dominion theology proposes that christians must control the seven “mountains” of government, education, media, arts and entertainment, religion, family, and business in order to establish a global christian theocracy and prepare the world for Jesus’ return and they know Donald Trump is the Antichrist.

    Influenced by the theosophists, the Klan, John Birch Society, the TEA movement and now by the extreme white wing of the Republican Party Falangist crusaders are rousing the rabble again.

  23. larry kurtz 2023-11-19

    Americans should thank god for the deep state for warning US about Trump.

  24. jerry 2023-11-19

    Mr. Kurtz, Spanish Republicans might have won had it not been for Texaco and their financing of Franco. All about the oil to be supplied.
    Minerals are always why wars are fought and decided by those who want to make the money.

  25. grudznick 2023-11-19

    Mr. Zitterich, if grudznick was not banned from being online by you, I would chastise your plump tuckus for not tightening up your bloggings.

    Gary was never the same driver after that incident.

  26. Mike Zitterich 2023-11-19

    That is funny, my dad won 35+ Sprint Car Races from 1990-2000, 2 track titles at Husets 1991 and 1992, a title at Hartford 1993, he has also won 2 National Series titles in 1989 and 1998, the Super Nationals in 1994 and he drove the Tom Vigna #69 410 Sprint Car in 1991 and 1992. In 1991, we were 2nd in 410 Points, 11 points behind Jac Haudenschild who drove the #5 Forbrook Sprinter. In the first 10 races, we finished 11th in the CRA Non-Wing Event, 7th Place Against the World of Outlaws, nearly beating Steve Kinser in the B Feature, whereas Gary started 22nd in the “A” and raced his way to 7th Place behind Mark Kinser, Sammy Swindell, Danny Lasoski, Kieth Kauffman, Doug Wolfgang. One week later, our $30,000 dollar engine blew up, and Jac Haudenschild/Guy Forbrook went on the road traveling the country, and with that, both top 410 teams did not finish Husets, leading to Gary Dewall winning the 1991 Huset Title.

    On top of that, my dad won both his heat races, and his two features winning both the 360 and 410 sprints all in the same night. Never has that happened since. Steve Ballenger and Randy Nygaard has woon two features the same night, but NOT heats.

    My dad was also the only Sioux falls driver to sit on the front row at Cheaters Day 3 years in a row at W.H Lyons Fairgrounds.

    My dad also won a C Trophy Dash at the famed Knoxville Nationals, and traveled alot in Kansas. Okahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota…

    The most fun we had was the night we let Doug Wolfgang drive our car at Rocky, last in his heat, and 1st in the Feature. Fun and Exciting.

    With all, that I am done with you, you are a brainwashed, loser from the sticks, never been laid, and never owned a business. Stay away from me..I am no longer responding to you after this.

  27. grudznick 2023-11-19

    You are done with me, after having banned me from being online, Mr. Zitterich.

    Tighten up your bloggings.

  28. larry kurtz 2023-11-19

    Racing automobiles of any stripe is a flagrant display of waste and consumption of resources on an Earth hating scale.

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