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Uhres Settle Federal Discrimination Lawsuit: Racist Connie Can’t Touch Family Hotel, Bar for Four Years

The Department of Justice is getting racist Indian-hater Connie Uhre out of the Rapid City motel business, at least for a little while. According to a consent motion filed last Thursday in the federal discrimination lawsuit DOJ filed against Uhre and her Rapid City businesses, prosecutors and the defendants have agreed that denying service to Indians at the Grand Gateway Hotel and Cheers sports bar is naughty:

The Uhres continue to “deny that they implemented any policy to deprive Native Americans from use of or access to accommodations owned by Defendant Retsel Corporation, and deny that they engaged in, or attempted to engage in, discriminatory conduct.” But to settle this lawsuit, Connie Uhre admits she sent an email on March 19 saying “I really do not want to allow Natives on property…we just have to say no to them!” She admits she posted the Facebook notice flagged by Mayor Steve Allender declaring that the Grand Gateway would “no long[er] allow any Native American on property. Or in Cheers Sports Bar.” As penance for her racism, Uhre agrees to have nothing to do with the motel and bar or being on the premises “in any managerial, operational, or employment capacity.”

The remaining defendants agree not to discriminate against Indians and put up signs at their businesses and pay for ads saying they don’t discriminate. They also agree to publish this apology on the Grand Gateway website and Facebook page and keep it there for at least 60 days:

Apology from the Board of Directors and Owners of Retsel Corporation, Connie Uhre, and Nicholas Uhre Regarding the Grand Gateway Hotel and the Cheers Sports Lounge and Casino

We extend our sincere apology to all for the statements made by Connie Uhre on March 19-20, 2022, regarding Native Americans. Ms. Uhre’s comments were not consistent with the values or polices of our company or of our businesses, the Grand Gateway Hotel and Cheers Sports Lounge. We deeply regret the pain or harm Ms. Uhre’s statements have caused within our Native American community. We want to make clear that we welcome all Native Americans to
the Grand Gateway Hotel and Cheers Sports Lounge.

In acknowledging that Ms. Uhre’s comments were wrong, we also want to acknowledge the remarkable Native American families who live and work within our community. We treasure our many relationships with Tribal members over the years. And we know, based on those relationships, that the Native American community is made up of hardworking individuals who are dedicated to their families and their culture. We are privileged and fortunate to have many friends, employees, and neighbors who are Tribal members. The values of inclusivity, respect, and unity are shared, and we wish to assure our patrons that our businesses are committed to these values.

We have a deep history and relationship with the tribes and their members for over 45 years, and we look forward to continuing that relationship far into the future.


Chad Uhre, Director and Owner
Josh Uhre, Director and Owner
Judd Uhre, Owner
Leslie Sherry, Director and Owner
Nicholas Uhre, Director, Owner, and Manager
Connie Uhre, Former President, former Director, former Owner [Department of Justice, consent decree, Appendix A, USA v. Retsel et al., 2023.11.09].

The defendants must also send this apology for publication to 19 news outlets, including local papers serving each of South Dakota’s recognized reservations.

The defendants must develop and implement a plan to reach out and market to tribal organizations and communities around Rapid City and the state. All owners, directors, partners, and employees of the hotel, bar, and its parent corporation must attend at least two hours of training on federal civil rights law and the provisions of this settlement. The defendants must hire an independent consultant approved by the DOJ to verify that they comply with the conditions of this settlement.

Connie and her codefendants all signed this settlement last Wednesday. It will go into effect upon approval by Judge Lawrence Piersol.


  1. larry kurtz 2023-11-13 07:06

    Connie Uhre and John Dale are racist christian nationalists? Who knew?

  2. e platypus onion 2023-11-13 08:36

    One question. What year is this? 1965?

  3. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-11-13 17:17

    Rapid City was not founded on racist prejudice, and it is kind of silly to call people racist without even getting to know them. We are going to resolve all this hatrid very soon, by installing America First Americans in Congress and the S.D Legislature.

  4. larry kurtz 2023-11-13 17:29

    Rapid City was founded on racist prejudice.

    At the Rapid City Indian School, “disobedient” children were locked in jail cells, chained together and made to march for hours, starved, beaten and neglected. Early attendees report meals consisting of boiled beef and bread day after day. Children’s lives were dictated by the bell, they marched to and from class every day, and only spoke English. Indian agents on reservations would withhold rations until families sent children to school. In some cases, children would be forcibly removed from families.

  5. grudznick 2023-11-13 19:13

    Who wants to go to Cheers to drink beers, all on grudznick, to toast Ms. Uhre’s sancture and temporary banishment? Let us see if this Nick fellow, not banished, will come and roust us for bad mouthing his ma.

  6. Loti 2023-11-13 19:13

    As a Native American, I thought it was kind of silly that that woman had complained of people being drunk in the motel hallways and yet they sold liquor next door, how does she think they got dizzy. Now, perhaps it will be easier on the hotel because a lot of natives do not want to stay there anymore. It’s crazy because some of us do not even drink alcohol and yet we feel embarrassed for our people & the whole situation. There’s Prejudice everywhere and some of us just live with it, like everyone else.

  7. grudznick 2023-11-13 19:45

    Mr. Nick, if you are out there would you please blog your thoughts at this here blogging place? You live by your ma and probably drive her in to work each day, are you still doing that and is she working as a volunteer now that she is not to be employed?

  8. Bob Newland 2023-11-13 19:53

    I know them, Mikey, and they are prejudiced, as are you.

  9. grudznick 2023-11-13 19:57

    “Hatrid” aside, Mr. Zitterich, when are we going to see this resolution of which you type? Please be more specific than “soon.”

  10. grudznick 2023-11-13 20:14

    Bob…Cheers, tomorrow at 4:30? Let’s usurp the place. You and grudznick got nothing pressing going on, and we’re the last two fellows some of those goons would want to mess with because they’d be leery and suspicious of our haberdashery.

  11. larry kurtz 2023-11-13 20:36

    No doubt crudzdick would be wearing an asshat.

  12. grudznick 2023-11-13 20:51

    It was a weekend’s eve, I had sex on my breath
    I was looking for something to see
    With a borrowed black leather and my best fishing hat
    Well it was just Ms. Mammal, and me
    We called ol’ Bobby up on the telephone and said
    We was coming on down to pick him up and then
    He said “Hey grudz me and Mr. Dale will come along
    But only if we can bring a friend. His name is Lar”
    So I said “Okay”

  13. All Mammal 2023-11-14 02:49

    Why, I would normally steer clear of that honkey tonk bar that’s missing the tonk part. I’d make an exception for my birthday, and for you, Mr. G. And as long as Bossman shows to celebrate…. and as long as your hot skroggin’ breath isn’t abusive(:

  14. M 2023-11-14 07:12

    You don’t have to know someone to tell if they are racist, sexist or just plain stupid. What you say, write, and do is good enough to tell. In fact, I don’t know John Dale but I do know I don’t want to because of his webpage, or grudz because he can’t stay on subject when it comes to minorities, women or democrats. Can’t understand why he comes to this site except to talk to Lars. And Mike, you are the kind of man who should not be allowed to have children for fear of future idiots running amok. You need to be snipped.

  15. All Mammal 2023-11-14 18:05

    Nothin but ol snitches, sneezers n racists at the donald trump klan lounge. Good. Stay away everyone. Buck The Grand Gateway Hotel and buck Cheers Lounge. They have rats n bugs too:O

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