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June Sales Tax Up 23% in Fort Pierre

The Democrats coming to fry their chair on August 19 may help Fort Pierre sustain its remarkable sales tax growth. KCCR reports that Fort Pierre enjoyed its highest sales tax growth ever in June. The Department of Revenue says June municipal tax due in Fort Pierre was $184,967.41, up 23.22% from June 2022. Municipal tax revenue across the river in Pierre was $940,000.00, up only 9.49% from last year, so yay, Fort Pierre!

Fort Pierre’s population is around 2,115. Every town has fluctuations in sales tax revenue, but those fluctuations get wild in smaller towns. Ten towns posted triple-digit percentage increases in June municipal sales tax over last year, while St. Lawrence led the pack with a stunning quadruple-digit percentage leap:

  1. St. Lawrence: +2,825.19 (population 162)
  2. New Underwood: +385.16% (615)
  3. Ashton: +365.78% (105)
  4. White: +310.44% (540)
  5. Hitchcock: +227.61% (109)
  6. Andover: +195.06% (66)
  7. Stratford: 172.64% (59)
  8. Frederick: +143.03% (209)
  9. Pierpont: +129.51% (126)
  10. Scotland: +111.02% (791)
  11. Gary: +105.51% (242)

Eleven small towns saw June municipal sales tax drop by more than half compared to last year:

  1. Quinn: –94.01% (64)
  2. La Bolt: –89.28% (67)
  3. Wallace: –83.87% (95)
  4. Astoria: –80.64% (134)
  5. Florence: –72.88% (332)
  6. Fairview: –67.25% (65)
  7. Yale: –56.38% (109)
  8. Java: –54.91% (120)
  9. Bridgewater: –54.58% (510)
  10. Hurley: –53.78% (380)
  11. Erwin: –53.69% (40)

The largest fluctuations in our ten biggest towns were a 15.17% gain in Mitchell (population 15,659) and a 10.30% drop in Sioux Falls (pop. 202,078).

South Dakota Department of Revenue, Municipal Sales Tax Due for All Cities, June 2023.
South Dakota Department of Revenue, Municipal Sales Tax Due for All Cities, June 2023.


  1. sx123 2023-08-10 08:23

    What was going on in Ft Pierre? It’s not exactly a tourist trap :)

  2. Nick Nemec 2023-08-10 10:24

    Fort Pierre benefits from being just across the bridge from Pierre. Without knowing data from individual businesses I’m just guessing one factor might be all the restaurants in Fort Pierre just next to the bridge, A lot of Pierre folk can be seen eating in those places and they are all within walking distance of the construction workers building the new Missouri River bridge.

  3. Arlo Blundt 2023-08-10 14:01

    Bidenomics…construction workers eat a lot…there might arise a shortage of taters and gravy…someone must have opened an implement dealership in St. Lawrence. All good news.

  4. grudznick 2023-08-10 19:46

    One extra happy hour or a change in the brand of onion rings served at the local tavern can swing a lot of cowboys to drink beer. I’m just sayin…

  5. Arlo Blundt 2023-08-10 22:17

    Maybe there is a particularly notable stripper performing at the Hop Scotch. None the less, Bidenomics is working, sometimes in mysterious ways.

  6. grudznick 2023-08-10 22:24

    My guess is it’s more about how Ft. Pierre has the most Freedom, Mr. Blundt, because of Ms. Noem. Ft. Pierre is the freest town, you know, in the freest state, in the freest country, on the freest planet…you get the gist.

    And yeah, I’m sure Katara being on the roster didn’t hurt.

  7. algebra 2023-08-10 22:57

    if my calculations are correct, it would take only one person buying something like a McLaren to do this. Or several sales of luxury RVs could do it.
    Somebody is selling something. Maybe it’s cannabis.

  8. jerry 2023-08-11 04:51

    Bars stay open for another hour in Fort Pierre, from past experience. The Silver Spur, yippee tie one on.

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