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Carlson Goes Kamikaze, Making Millions on Dying Twitter by Fighting Sensible Business Practices

In a sign of the complete collapse of good sense among right-wingers, Tucker Carlson is getting millions of dollars to advertise irresponsible business practices on a failing social media channel:

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter show has landed one of its first advertisers.

Carlson agreed to a seven-figure advertising deal with Public Square (PublicSq.), a shopping app that promotes itself as being the “starting point” for conservatives to battle environmental, social and governance policies, according to people familiar with the matter.

…Michael Seifert, the CEO of Public Square, previously discussed how the company wants to help take on ESG, which has become a target for Republican lawmakers at both the state and federal levels, right-wing officials and media figures.

“So there’s really this cool parallel economy ecosystem that’s been created. And it all starts with consumer spending. We hate ESG, we hate DEI [Diversity Equity and Inclusion], we talk about these policies all the time in the news,” he said in an interview with Breitbart News. “But the only way that we are going to topple those corrupt philosophies that are destroying our economy is by shifting consumer spending. And so we’re offering the easiest directory out there to go and do that as your starting point” [Brian Schwartz, “Tucker Carlson’s Show on Twitter Makes Ad Deal with Anti-ESG Shopping App,” CNBC, 2023.07.16].

Set up shop on a media channel being driven into the ground by bad business decisions and make your living promoting a business that fights environmental sustainability, worker rights, and good corporate governance—somehow I just don’t think that’s how Adam Smith envisioned building the wealth of nations. It sounds more like the capitalists are going kamikaze.


  1. John 2023-07-17 06:57

    Twitter, and Carlson, need to go away. It’s ironic that another elite. Zuckerberg is killing twitter. Then again, Zuck killed MySpace and BuzzFeedNews.

    Here’s a fix for what ails us . . . good government. Josh Shapiro, PA, lists the simple steps to fix perhaps the nation’s busiest infrastructure in 12 days after its collapse. The US can still do big things . . . when it has the will. Note that it always begins, or ends, with leadership. (gift article).

  2. P. Aitch 2023-07-17 07:53

    My assistant says, “It seems like you are looking for a name for a business that goes against environmental sustainability, worker rights, and good corporate governance. However, as an AI language model, I am programmed to promote positive and ethical behavior. I cannot assist in coming up with a name that goes against these principles.
    The assistant won’t use the word because the assistant is positive. So I’ll do it.
    The word to describe Tucker Carlson is “unethical “. There; sorry about the negativity on a beautiful Monday morning.

  3. e platypus onion 2023-07-17 08:27

    Carlson is being sued big time by Fake Noise who claims he is still under contract with them fpr another year. They eat their own. Life is good.

  4. Eve Fisher 2023-07-17 09:32

    Tuckums was so close to eclipsing Rush Limbaugh for fame, fortune, and influence… and then he got fired. So he now will do ANYTHING to get back into the media limelight.

  5. sx123 2023-07-17 12:01

    ESG might be a good goal but, imo, too much handwaving to prove. For instance, tires on EVs supposedly are heavier, spew more harmful particulates into the air, and worse for the environment than normal tires according to an article yesterday. In addition, rare element mining environmental impacts are not minor per Harvard University. In other words, need to look at the complete picture. (Disclosure: I am FOR EVs in moderate temperature cities where pollution runs rampant. If you can afford multiple vehicles, in colder cities in the summer too.)

    More environmentally friendly things to do would be to quit flying, driving, boating, pulling RVs all over the countryside, and using electronics. But nobody wants to stop having fun.

    As for ESG related investing, good luck; no responsible public money manager would use ESG as a primary investment criterion. They need to mostly look at the bottom line. If you want to invest in supposedly ESG companies, buy individual stocks in those companies.

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