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JoDean’s in Yankton CLOSING SOON…THANK YOU!!

Yankton hog trough JoDean’s is shutting down after 51 years of operation:

JoDean's, FB posts, 2023.05.27.
JoDean’s, shouting FB posts, 2023.05.27.
None of the brief press reports on JoDean’s passing make clear the reason for closing, but the restaurant’s Facebook posts suggest supply chain issues in obtaining more capital letters.


  1. Vi Kingman 2023-05-28 10:08

    Sad. Good food

  2. Arlo Blundt 2023-05-28 14:34

    Is Pierre’s D and E next??

  3. Clyde 2023-05-28 22:28

    Well it is a tradition…..
    I have avoided such places for some time though since I no longer have a flat stomach.
    It was a destination when I was young and could burn all that food off. In those days I only had to drive to Centerville and if we were in the mood to picnic head to the WPA park north of town.
    Yes, South Dakota and rural America once had vibrant small towns.

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