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Abortion Bans Incline OB-GYNs to Work Elsewhere

Among the workers we’re short of in South Dakota are OB-GYNs. Makenzie Huber reports that 46 of South Dakota’s 66 counties have no doctors providing handling pregnancy and women’s health, and our abortion ban may make that shortage worse:

South Dakota is facing a shortage of OB-GYNs and is a leading state for maternity care deserts, which is a county without a hospital or birth center offering obstetric care. [Avery] Olson wants to be part of the solution, but she hesitates. She worries the state’s abortion laws will serve to worsen the shortage, leaving future South Dakota OB-GYNs to bear heavier workloads while some rural women’s health care needs are neglected.

…“Where I’m training, there are maybe two out of the 28 residents who would consider working in a state that has restrictive laws in place for women’s health care,” said Olson, who is a resident physician at the University of Hawaii. “That’s because I’m from South Dakota and the other is from Texas. The rest of them wouldn’t even touch South Dakota”

…In a national survey of more than 2,000 medical students, residents, fellows and practicing physicians through social media, three-fourths of respondents said they would not apply to states with legal consequences for providing abortion care, and more than 80% would prefer to train or practice in states with preserved abortion access, according to a study published in February in the Journal of General Internal Medicine [Makenzie Huber, “South Dakota Has a Women’s Health Care Shortage. The Abortion Ban May Worsen It, Physicians Say,” South Dakota Searchlight, 2023.05.15].

South Dakota’s radical conservative leaders may revel in saying “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” to the folks they brand as “liberals” who leave South Dakota for more liberty, equality, and opportunity elsewhere. But we’re not just booting hippies out of the bunker; we’re driving away the professionals that everybody, regardless of political persuasion, relies on for basic societal function. Even conservative women need gynecologists, and conservative South Dakota women won’t feel all that free if they have to wait weeks to see the one of the last couple OB-GYNs in Sioux Falls.


  1. P. Aitch 2023-05-17

    Oh, my dear friends, let me tell you about the women of South Dakota. They are of a different breed, one that is fierce and unyielding in their desire for change. Yes, they may have been dealt a wretched hand when it comes to reproductive rights, but that has only served to fuel their passion for change. These women know that they deserve better, and they will not rest until they have overturned the oppressive laws that have hindered their progress for so long. Mark my words, my dear friends, the women of South Dakota, with their unwavering determination, will be a catalyst for change in this great nation.

  2. All Mammal 2023-05-17

    Mr. H’s report made me depressed…until P. Aitch’s comment made me roar:o

    We South Dakotan life-bearers should organize a no-nookie protest where ALL women boycott sex until our demands are met. I mean, it is very do-able and will yield quick results. All we need is solidarity and strong will. Just being in close proximity to so many trump punks ought to make it a cake walk. Nothing hot about trumpies.

  3. bearcreekbat 2023-05-17

    Let’s see – South Dakota now has a trigger law on its books that now makes most abortions unlawful and thereby encourages criminal prosectutions for a Class 6 felony, up to and including, a Class A felony – 1st degree murder – in any case where an OB-GYN provides medical assistance helping a woman terminate a dangerous pregnancy gone bad. What low hanging fruit for ambitious right wing prosecutors hoping to advance political careers. Imagine the accolades from the “anti choice – right to life” people that would be heaped upon any politically ambitious prosecutor successfully prosecuting a woman and her OB-GYN for 1st degree murder. And “anti-choice – right to lifers” across the nation that support the death sentence would be more than ecstatic, which no doubt would go a long way in filling the campaign chest for a run at national office.

    Any OB-GYN physician staying in SD is literally risking his or her freedom and life. What could go wrong?

  4. Mark Anderson 2023-05-17

    Midwives Cory, midwives. They fit the pattern of the lowering standards of South Dakota.

  5. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-17

    Women NOT having sex before marriage would be greater, no sex before marriage and before you know the person and their habits. Made a vow long ago. Never have kids until i was married. And never marry a woman who supported abortion…I accomplished all 3.

  6. larry kurtz 2023-05-17

    My six ex-wives would probably agree with you, Mr. Z.

  7. larry kurtz 2023-05-17

    All my ex-wives were mothers when we married but I was almost 60 when I finally fell in love with a non-mom.

  8. Mark Anderson 2023-05-17

    You know Mike it’s easy to achieve many dubious standards. However, never having kids until marriage implies another standard.

  9. bearcreekbat 2023-05-17

    Unfortunately too many women are denied the choice to not have sex before marriage, and in South Dakota that apparently doesn’t matter – these women are threatened with jail or execution if they try to terminate an unwanted or even dangerous pregnancy resulting from violence and force.

    Or, in too many cases an adult will have sex with a child, thereby causing pregnancy, by first getting to “know the [child] and [her]habits.”‘ That’s called grooming. also no matter in SD, as children’s lives are considered less valuable and less worthy of protection than a fertilized egg (.e. statutory “unborn child”).

  10. Arlo Blundt 2023-05-17

    Mr. Zittrich and the Republicans seem focused like a laser in getting the women back under their complete control. They’re a little like the Jackie Gleason character, Ralph Cramdon, in the Honeymooners. “Next time…the moon” he used to to threaten his wife, Trixie, with a clenched fist. Oh, for the fifties again!!! Republican heaven.!! Bring back Eisenhower’s America!! The South Dakota Legislature and our ignoble Governor are in complete agreement. They’ve had enough of this Women’s Lib business.

  11. larry kurtz 2023-05-17

    I thought it funny at first but one of those ex-wives just texted me and told me I was an idiot.

  12. larry kurtz 2023-05-17

    The last three of of my wives have advanced nursing degrees but if I were to stray the current one would keep me alive just long enough to make me watch her feed my testicles to the chickens.

  13. Mike Zitterich 2023-05-17

    Pretty, 90% of the “Women” I speak to all do NOT support Abortion and support the life of the unborn.

  14. DaveFN 2023-05-17

    Mike Zitterich

    If I may ask, when does “the life of the unborn” begin, in your opinion?

  15. MHR 2023-05-17

    Mr Zitterich: how about preaching your holiness to young males:
    Guys: No sex before marriage.
    Never have kids until married.
    Never marry a woman with a mind and who cherishes her right to make good decisions for both her and her family.

    Mr Zitticher: Where is the RESPONSIBILITY for the other half of the pregnancy decision?

  16. Mark Anderson 2023-05-17

    Well Mike, I’m perfectly willing to have a vote on the issue. Why Argue? Just vote. Check out how ALL of the votes have gone Mike.

  17. P. Aitch 2023-05-18

    @MarkAnderson – Experienced delightful Southern hospitality and warmth at a little Florida hamlet named Safely Harbor, last evening. Then a gorgeous and vibrant sunset on the causeway to Honeymoon Island in Dunedin. Earlier The Dali Museum was spectacular.
    You do reside in a highly appreciated region. 👍🏻😎

  18. M 2023-05-18

    MZ, there is too much testosterone in politics, and you are clearly an example of this. Take your Viagra and other ER medications and drill on something else.

    My body, my choice. It’s been this way since the beginning and will continue until the end. Midwives should be in charge of female reproductive medical issues, not men. All you want to do is control…………….

    Do you know how many children will wake up today without a father in the home to help feed, care for, and love them? No, I didn’t think so.

  19. O 2023-05-18

    Mark, ah, if only we lived in a democracy where issues were decided by determining the will of the majority through a direct vote.

  20. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-18

    The PEOPLE of SOUTH DAKOTA have codified into law under SDCL 26 that the Unborn Child is a legal and real person. And that person had all the same rights ad you and I do outside the womb, ad long as theur is at least 1 person to speak for him or her. Their rights are upheld

    I am a role model for young kids, I guide them provide to them all the moral, values. Self dislike, and support they need ti make

  21. Ryan 2023-05-18

    Ten bucks says mike’s nickname around his neighborhood is uncle touchy.

  22. bearcreekbat 2023-05-18

    It would make the law much more fair if Mr. Zitterich were correct in his statement: “The PEOPLE of SOUTH DAKOTA have codified into law under SDCL 26 that the Unborn Child is a legal and real person. And that person had all the same rights as you and I do outside the womb,”

    As a “legal and real person” outside the womb the “Unborn Child” would only have “all of the same rights as you and I,” presumably meaning that this “real and legal person” also would not have any greater rights than you and I.

    Currently any man or woman, whether pregnant or not, has the right to take whatever action is needed, including the use of deadly force, to stop a “real and legal person” like “you and I” from taking over his or her body against his or her will for months at a time and using that body for our own needs, even if “you and I” could show the need to use that body for our own survival. For example, if “real and legal person” needed to take and use my blood against my will in an emergency, let alone for a few months, to survive, there is no law that would permit either that “real and legal person” or the State to either take my blood by force or to threaten me with prison or execution unless I involuntarily submitted to that unwanted use of my bodily parts. I can’t think of any current exceptions to this particular rule of law that applies to all “real and legal persons” like “you and I.”

    Thus, if he were correct, Mr. Zitterich’s interpretation of SD law would end the abortion debate, since any pregnant woman could terminate an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy to stop such “real and legal person” from using the inside of her body against her will. The reality, however, is that with Dobb’s elimination of the U.S. Constitutional right of privacy and S.D.’s trigger laws, there is no longer any such legal restriction in SD protecting a woman from this particular appropriation of her body against her will. For this reason, among other reasons too numerous list, Mr. Zitterich is again incorrectly describing current law.

  23. larry kurtz 2023-05-18

    A smart Democratic lobbyist in South Dakota would draft a resolution acknowledging there is a segment of the population who believes some medical procedures are offensive to some voters as a compromise to principled conservatives who run as unaffiliated candidates in statewide elections.

  24. Mark Anderson 2023-05-18

    P. Aitch, love Dunedin and Safety Harbor. You know the bars in Dunedin don’t close until four. I’ve got a large sculpure on the side of Fine Arts building at St Petersburg College in Clearwater. Five female figures. If your still nearby.

  25. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-18

    As adopted in the 1930’s – the People of South Dakota have codified, and placed in their Statutory Law (Public Law) – that an Unborn Baby is in fact an existing person, and that person as the same rights as you and I do, and the fact they are equal under the laws of the state.

    S.D.C.L 26-1-2
    A child conceived, but not born, is to be deemed an existing person so far as may be necessary for its interests in the event of its subsequent birth.

    By virtue of being born, conceived from the point that their parents created them, by virtue of the South Dakota Constitution, they are now deemed to be a legal person under the “State”.

    We, the people of South Dakota, grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberties, in order to form a more perfect and independent government, establish justice, insure tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and preserve to ourselves and to our posterity the blessings of liberty, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the state of South Dakota, whereas according to our #1 Bill of Right as per Article 6, Section 1, All men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring and protecting property and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

    S.D.C.L 26-1-1 Minors are natural male persons and natural female persons under eighteen years of age. The periods thus specified must be calculated from the first minute of the day on which persons are born, to the same minute of the corresponding day completing the period of minority, whereas according to S.D.C.L 26-1-3 A minor may enforce his rights by civil action, or other legal proceedings, in the same manner as a person of full age. However, a guardian or conservator must be appointed to conduct the same.

    Keep in mind, that these laws were also adopted in 1939, after the Federal Government adopted and enacted the 1939 Public Salary Tax Act which was the first real attempt to enact a personal income tax upon Americans, of whom chose to ‘contract’ to the Federal Government, hoping to earn an income from Federal Taxes, and furthermore, after the 1935 Social Security Tax Act was adopted, allowing Americans to voluntarily pay into a “Retirement Trust Fund” with the hopes of utilizing the future income in retirement.

    The Public Salary Tax Act – is exactly what is says, all “legal persons” now contracted to the Federal Government by means of being a Public Official, Officer, Agent, Employee, or Federal Contractor, now signs an employment contract to trade his/her labor in exchange for capital (or income).

    The ‘act’ was amended in 1954 as part of the Internal Revenue Tax Act of which allowed those Federal Contractors to now contract their employees further as “Federal Employees” (legal persons) in federal territory. This ushers in the new age concept of W-9 and W-4 Federal Employment Contracts, whereas W-4 Federal Employees are now contracted directly to the Federal Govt allowing the W-9 Federal Contractors to assess, and collect Payroll Taxes which include Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, and Workman Compensation Taxes.

    This now means, the vast majority of American Citizens of South Dakota (or any State) are now defined as a Federal Legal Person, of whom are entitled to, by means of the 14th Amendment, and taxed by means of the 16th Amendment – to reap the benefits of paying a Federal Income Tax, qualifying them for Federal Tax Subsidies, Benefits, and Allowances.

    Federal Tax Subsidies include: Housing, Childcare Expenses, Food, Medical, Education, etc.

    In order to redeem, and utilize those “Federal Tax Benefits” – they would now be forced to submit themselves to the Federal Government, by means of filing a 1040 Information Return aka known as the “Tax Return”. For many of us, they are NOT tax returns, but information returns, where we voluntarily, surrender information, details, allowing the Federal Govt to collect data on each one of us who files a 1040.

    The “Tax Subsidy Scheme” has become nothing but a BRIBE, to convince Americans to surrender themselves up to the Federal Govt, by first signing their name to a W-9 or W-4 Contract, while those who pay those “legal persons”, now submit forms to the I.R.S showing that they had passed a portion of their “Gross Income” to another, making those W-4 Workers liable to pay the “tax” themselves.

    In order to ‘claim’ their Child as an expense, listing such expenses on their 1049 Informational Return, they first had to apply for, and obtain a Social Security Tax # in their “Child’s” name, and this is where S.D.C.L 26-1-1 and 26-1-2 come into play.

    Upon giving birth to their child, or soon to be “Born” child, the State now request you obtain a Birth Certificate, and upon getting that document, your child now can obtain a Social Security # in order to act commercially as a “legal person”.

    Many parents prior to their Child’s birth, meaning those now “legal or existing persons” under S.D.C.L 26-1-1, those parents, either the Father or the Mother, can now invest their incomes by creating a Bank Account, Trust Fund, Conduct Activity in the name of their Unborn Child, allowing that “legal person” to conduct commercial activity prior to it’s birth, with the right to its future birth, of which it gains a voice through at least one of its “Parents”.

    Legally, S.D.C.L 26-1-1 is codifying that “Your Unborn Child” is a legal, existing person prior to it’s birth, and under the law, is a Person as in an individual or corporation, partnership, trust, incorporated or unincorporated association, joint venture, limited liability company, joint stock company, government (or an agency or subdivision thereof) or other entity of any kind.

    For any such “man” or “woman” who has had sex, and the affair resulted in conceiving an unborn child from day one, at least one of those parents, either the mother, or father can now utilize the law to establish that legal person, apply for a birth certificate, and obtain a ‘tax’ number with the goal to invest in, and establish a living trust in the name of their unborn child, to whom, now has the right to its subsequent birth, of which it then has the right to profit from, and by that, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED to it, in order to protect it’s future property rights.

    In the eyes of our public law – your UNBORN CHILD now is deemed an exisiting, legal person, of which has the right to defend itself.

    Now think about this, FATHERS if they were smart, and learning of the facts of their sexual affair, are to be a proud parent, now are within their right to establishing their “Future Child’s Living Trust”, of which now throws an entire new relative issue regarded to the abortion topic.

    If the “Woman” now gets an abortion, the “Unborn Child” by means of the Fathers rights, now has the right to protect itself legally, while the Father has the ability to recoup his ‘financial loss”, the Living Trust in the name of his “Unborn Child’s Name’.

  26. Mark Anderson 2023-05-18

    Harold Thomson totally agrees with you Mike Lee Zitterich.

  27. All Mammal 2023-05-18

    I have never heard of a birth certificate being issued prior to the birth. It is pretty basic: a person isn’t a person until they’re in the world. If a girl is killed, her killer isn’t charged for the murders of each of her eggs within her body. That’s also sort of like saying each of you men were once inside your grandma because your mom had all her eggs while she was a fetus in your grandmammy…

    Stop being weird. You’re scaring the unborn.

  28. Arlo Blundt 2023-05-18

    Income taxes, W-2’s, and abortion…what a stretch…you missed your calling Mr. Zitterech. You should be an attorney, representing the many tax protesters who end up in prison every year for espousing exactly the kind of conspiratorial jibberish you are sprouting.

  29. jakc 2023-05-19

    If an unmarried sixteen year-old woman doesn’t have sex, the child she could have had is never born. And if you argue that she is not supposed to have sex, then you are arguing that she shouldn’t have a child. So supporting the policy of unmarried 16 year-olds and no sex equals no child. Really, it sounds like an argument for an unmarried 16 year-old who gets pregnant to have an abortion

  30. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2023-05-19

    I’m surprised any women talk to Mike. But if they do, and if they choose not to have sex before marriage, and if they choose never to abort any pregnancy that may result from their pure and Godly marital sex, they are free to make such choices. The point here is that when the authoritarian government Mike advocates makes those choices for women, intelligent liberty-loving medical professionals will move away, leaving the barefoot and pregnant women of Mike’s dystopia without proper medical care.

    SDCL 26-1-2 is a grave error, thankfully left mostly unenforced. The successful combination of a sperm cell and an egg inside a woman’s uterus bestows no rights on that tiny bit of developing protoplasm and no rights upon the donor of that lucky sperm cell.

  31. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-19

    It is funny to me, that for most people like myself, who do participate in a respectful, decorum like demeanor get attacked for voicing our beliefs, ideals, and thoughts in the same exact manner as you all do on the left. You all cry foul when people on the right do not respect, nor give your thoughts respect, however, you do not see those of us on the right side of the political spectrum attack anyone, nor name call others. For people to speak out so loudly, professing they have rights, some of you on the left lack morals, let alone respect for your brothers and sisters.

    Fact is, in South Dakota – if you kill or harm a pregnant woman of whom is with child, you can in fact be found guilty of double homicide, thanks to the law I speak of above, defining an unborn as a legal, existing person under the constitution, and laws of South Dakota. All of which the PEOPLE of the “STATE” have taken an oath to, and have never questioned, let alone, protected that said law ever since

    Fact is, in South Dakota, we have taken a vow to the Lord God, Almighty, to uphold and protect the sanctity of life at all times.

    IF you want to continue to attack my words, my thoughts, my person, I guess that is your free right to do so, however, it does not look good on your character as a human being, let alone citizen of the State of South Dakota.

  32. e platypus onion 2023-05-19

    however, you do not see those of us on the right side of the political spectrum attack anyone, nor name call others.

    imho, Mike Z is a liar. Exhibit A . Drumpf. I rest my case.

  33. e platypus onion 2023-05-19

    Blue states that take in pregnant women from red states for abortions should pass laws preventing the women from returning to hell hole red states where their rights are trampled by godless magats.

  34. Mark Anderson 2023-05-19

    Oh Mike, I haven’t attacked you at all. What do have against voting anyway? Have a very nice day.

  35. Ryan 2023-05-19

    mike – as a real person who has established hundreds of real trusts for hundreds of other real people, let me be clear: your trust comments are hilarious and fantastical and not based whatsoever on reality. Carry on, sir.

  36. jakc 2023-05-19

    I have your ideas seriously Mike. I’m not sure that you always do though. For example, I can’t quite square up taking a life through capital punishment with respecting the sanctity of life at all times

  37. Mark Anderson 2023-05-19

    I just sent you an article to share with all the women you know Mike.

  38. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-19

    90% of abortions by young females ages 13 to 26 tend to be done out of ignorance of other peoppr, for one, they are sleeping around, having sexual relationships behind their parents back. Then covering up the fact when it’s known they are pregnant. Lack of better parenting and morals is the problem here.

    Another problem many women tend to get abortions to get even or attack their sexual partner cause they no longer like them or they pissed them off…

    Most older females and adults are not having abortions with out consulting their spouses first and having long, devoted, careful discussions first, while understanding the side effects and other related issues.
    Most adults my age, let alone ages 27 to 50 are not even thinking about even having abortions…

    So. To put it statistically. Less than roughly 10% of our population even supports abotioj let alone would think of having one. But liberal math would make you think 90% of our population supports abortion. When in fact on paper, peibally 40% of the 548,000 voters may likely support abortion. That’s only 215,000 of the 887,000 citizens of South Dakota. So its very logically that tge 90%of tge peoppe, those women I speak to or meddle in public with, are in fact strongly against abortion. And that means the majority kf our population opposes abortion.

    When I jad my first kid, the first thing I did when we found out she was pregnant, was create a education and health care trust in his name. We were proud that we were becoming parents and started building equity in in his name.

    I don’t believe in polls. The real truth is public comments by my fellow citizens as I speak to them ad I travel around the state.

  39. larry kurtz 2023-05-19

    South Dakota has banned minors with gender dysphoria from receiving puberty blockers so why not compel the state’s christianic legislature to force minors to attend church?

  40. All Mammal 2023-05-19

    Mr. Zitterich- acting like you know the situation is a very slippery slope. What you’re doing is very dangerous and look at how much damage men like you have already done to our country, let alone the world. It never ends and it always leads to Gilead. No fun and you’re still not satisfied. Please understand that it is none ya business in the first place. Mind your own. There is no way you have any right to force your beliefs onto women and girls.

  41. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-19

    Now i heard it all, by voicing my beliefs to protect life is dangerous, hmmm…

    First off, you need to know that STATUTES are public laws that restrict or direct the govt to do something. The law restricts the govt from issuing licenses to doctors, nurses. Hospitals t9 provide abortions, and if those entitled get caught doing rhemz they lose their license.

    Outside the jurisdiction if the State, meaning where you have the soveriegn eight to do as you wish, the govt cannot stop you or regulate you.

    However, I suspect that 50% of rgese women who SUPPORT abortion are also living off State tax dollars in some manner or way. That to would allow the STATE (the citizens) to restrict your right to abortion.

    You peovally would have to go to a Indian reservation to get one since they are sovereign territories l, but then, Indians protect LIFE also.

  42. larry kurtz 2023-05-19

    A 1986 amendment to federal law that allows tribes to acquire off-reservation land to serve the needs of its peoples has been affirmed by an appeals court.

    The Minnesota-based Shakopee Mdewakanton Nation and other out of state tribal nations own land in South Dakota that could protect reproductive rights and medical professionals could establish clinics that perform abortions on these non-contiguous parcels as islands of health care that supersede state law.

  43. larry kurtz 2023-05-19

    1. Abortion is health care and a pregnant woman is the patient.

    2. Ectopic pregnancies kill women.

    3. Rich women have full reproductive rights while women at the lower income margins suffer chilling effects on those rights. Women in Texas, Wyoming and South Dakota who can afford it simply jump on a plane and fly to Albuquerque, Minneapolis, Denver or elsewhere for their procedures. Imagine a woman on the Standing Rock or Pine Ridge doing that.

    4. South Dakota’s repeated attempts to restrict access to medical care are not only mean-spirited, they’re discriminatory anti-choice extremism.

    5. “Pro-life” is simply code for white people breeding. The extreme white wing of the Republican Party is driving the abolition of women’s rights because they’re wedded to the Great Replacement Hypothesis. African-Americans terminate pregnancies at about the same per capita rate as white people do but don’t take their jobs. Latinas, however, have fewer abortions per capita but the extreme white wing laments it’s hemorrhaging jobs to Latinos.

    6. No foetus in the United States has any civil rights. Republicans preach civil rights for human blastocysts but deny the protections of the First, Fourth and Ninth Amendments to people who enjoy cannabis.

    7. Republican politicians drive their anti-woman crusade to raise campaign dollars so ending reproductive rights in red states is Balkanizing women’s health care.

    8. A blastocyst is no more an unborn child than it is an unborn grandparent.

    10. There is no foetal heartbeat until late in a pregnancy. What an ultrasound “hears” at six weeks are cells beginning to built a cardiac system.

    11. States that ban women from going out of state for their procedures or medications are violating the Commerce Clause enumerated in the United States Constitution.

    12. One fifth of all pregnancies end in miscarriage or as some would call God working in mysterious ways but when a person chooses to terminate a pregnancy the creator doesn’t condone that decision? How does that work?

  44. Arlo Blundt 2023-05-19

    Mr. Zitterich…you have identified women….young women…as the fruit and cause of all evil. I will not lecture you on how mindless your point of view is, but will point out that it takes two to Tango and, in your view, men are faultless and bear no consequence for abortion or childbirth. You also confuse financial management with parenting, You also need some lessons in spelling and/or typing.

  45. Mike Zitterich 2023-05-19

    I am sorry you feel that way Mr. Arlo. people who know me knows as a pretty forgiving person, one who listens to others, and helps people. NEVER have I ever been a guy to attack others, nor push them to change their beliefs. YOU like the others, are just rude and think you have all the answers, and NO, I do not blame only women for having abortions, or the lack of. I will tell you what I have said and told people for all my 50 years, MARRIAGE is a two way street, you enter into a relationship with your spouse cause you love them, care for them, and want to spend the rest of your life with them. IF I can do it, so can you and many others. I am glad I met someone who thinks like me, believes as me, and likes me for who I am. “WE” are 50 independent, sovereign, state of people, and “WE” have the right to mode our laws the way we want, and well quite frankly, the people of S.D have never repealed any of the LAWS we have on the books, and I truly believe more than 600,000 of the 887,000 American Citizens of S.D are Anti-Abortion, and that means, they do not support the beliefs of 210,000 voters who support abortion.
    You either like our beliefs, or you can find a new state of people live.

  46. P. Aitch 2023-05-19

    You couldn’t be more wrong, Mike Zitterich. South Dakota does NOT have the right to mode it’s laws the way YOU want. No matter if every last voter agrees with that law, if that law discriminates against a group or discriminates against even one person that law is invalid.
    – The United States Constitution exists as the ultimate authority in matters of law and governance, its power undiminished by populist movements or popular opinion. State constitutions are NOT able to override our U.S. Constitution. The Founding Fathers established a system of checks and balances, ensuring that no one entity or group could wield unchecked power over the rest. States, as agents of governance, must operate within the bounds of the Constitution, regardless of whether or not the majority of their constituents agree with their actions. The Constitution is the bedrock of American democracy, and its principles must be upheld at all times, in all places.
    – I suggest you check your arrogance at the door before you preach inaccurate and inappropriate opinions you present as facts. You’re wrong about just about everything you think and what’s worse you’re stubborn as an ass an refuse to admit when you’re wrong.

  47. DaveFN 2023-05-19

    Mike Lee Zitterich

    Please answer the question. When does the life you invoke begin?

  48. All Mammal 2023-05-19

    SD voted two times, statewide, and both times said the government should not decide when it comes to female’s bodies. That means more people trust women than those who trust government to make medical decisions. The state government went against the majority vote anyway. That means SD has a tyrannical state government. You like tyranny and need a master. That’s fine. You’re still the minority. Instead of doing the work to change more peoples’ minds and petitioning for another vote, tyrants force their will. It doesn’t get any less American than that.

    Lastly, Mr. Zitterich- you sure are a pompous-ass guy for assuming people who believe government has no business nosing into female’s doctor’s appointments are supported by state tax dollars. You needa get out more, bud. Try and meet people who aren’t like your church friends. You might find that outside your arrogant, narrow world, people are harder working, better neighbors, more caring and patriotic, and not as fake and condescending as you.

  49. Bonnie B Fairbank 2023-05-20

    Mr. Zitterich: I mean this in the bluntest way possible – you should take the opinions and advice of the contributors here seriously. They have far nimbler minds and greater compassion and experience than you’ll ever have or develop with your peers. DFP’s members are mopping the floor with your ignorant *ss and you’re too stupid to slink away to pontificate at more hospitable sites. You should join Yahoo! if you haven’t already; it cultivates and encourages dunces that can’t think, articulate, or write.

    I agree with Arlo Blundt – you also need some lessons in spelling and/or typing. Your opinions are small-minded and unlearned, and your writing is so atrocious it’s difficult to read calmly. Run away and screed elsewhere.

  50. grudznick 2023-05-20

    Mr. Zitterich, tighten it up.

  51. LCJ 2023-05-20

    The butchers that work in abortion clinics are not the kind of people that are sought after to work in life saving institutions.
    Much like the ones that work in prisons.
    Bottom of the class students that can’t get a job anywhere else

  52. cibvet 2023-05-20

    There appears to be no limits to the ignorance of the self righteous.

  53. e platypus onion 2023-05-20

    Mike Z’s stats appear to be as real as Goatzilla’s imaginary goats.

  54. e platypus onion 2023-05-20

    Mike Z’s only saving grace, imho, is I would no sooner buy a used car from him as I would any other used car dealer.

  55. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-20

    Oh thank you for letting me know that the opinions of the majority of citizens of the state are not accepted here, only the opinions of the majority of democrat voters within the state are accepted here. I guess this is the time I have to admit that my thoughts, opinions, ideals are not the majority on this website, so every member of this page are free to attack, misrepresent, and call me names, or attack me cause I am not a great ‘text monkey’ on my phone. I think you can tell the difference where I type on my computer vs my phone, but that seems to be an issue on this forum.

    I apologize for having such a entirely different viewpoint than the majority of members of this page, however, ‘we’ are a republic who adopts and accepts the laws NOT by the majority opinions (votes) of our legislature or the voters, but by the consent of majority of our population.

    If you do not like the majority opinion of our Great State of South Dakota, a free republic, of whom we act as one through our Legislative Delegates, County and Precinct Committee People of whom each represent small blocks of people across the state, of whom have the authority in them to hold public meetings across the state to discuss public affairs as they relate to each of those districts (or precincts), let alone adopt resolutions, initiatives, and choose “our” At-Large Representatives as in our Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Public Utilities Commissioner, and our Land Commissioner…that means, collectively, we choose and form our “majority opinion” not by the popular vote of the voters ,but by the collective opinion of the majority of legislative districts, counties, and precincts, of whom each may have a different opinion, however, the greater # of counties and precincts hereby sets the overall opinion of the State.

    If you want to take a real poll to see what South Dakota Citizens feel and believe related to Abortion, lets take a real poll, lets hold “committee meetings” in each country, where your elected County and Precinct People, chosen by the very people in your precinct meet to discuss, and cast votes precinct by precinct providing an opinion of each precinct, let alone, lets see the result of that total number of the precincts. That will provide us a true, accurate, and best understanding of what the “Majority Opinion” of the State is or is not.

    We shall never allow the popular vote, to have any final say in our state, if that was possible, then the residents of Sioux Falls could very easily out vote the majority of voters (459,000) who show up to vote, of which I would dare proclaim, that perhaps, 57% of those 459,000 voters may support your goals of legalizing abortion, however – but can 261,000 voters truly, and honestly present a majority opinion of the “State”? I think not. 261,000 voters only represent 29% of the total # of citizens of South Dakota. You are most definately part of the minority group of people.

    Like I said, lets be fair, honest with ourselves, and sincere, lets get together, county by county, precinct by precinct, request your precinct committee person to help organize, and establish “Meetings” in your county, and lets meet at least 4 times a year to discuss this topic, taking a ‘vote” within our county(s) to establish an “opinion” of your, our counties, and lets find out once and for all how many groups of people truly support or do not support abortion. That would be the most respective means of settling this dispute. IF, and I say if the majority of counties, that is 34 of them, collectively vote to support allowing abortion, then I will concede that I am not in the majority.

    However, as we saw with Recreation Marijuana – where you voters were able to squeek out a narrow yes vote in 2020 on Amendment A, the county (precinct vote) represented a entirely different result, where 54% of the 448,000 voters said yes, the more accurate vote was 38 Counties said NO, 13 Counties said YES, and 12 Counties were evenly split 50-50 showing that S.D Citizens were deadset against legalizing Marijuana. Then to make matters worse for the Marijuana faithful, the 2022 vote placed Recreation Marijuana on the ballot all itself, and that proved my opinion correct, nearly 60% of the 466,000 voters in 2022 said NO to recreational marijuana, presenting the fact, that S.D Citizens are fine with allowing Marijuana for Medical Use (as per 2020 vote), but are NOT fine with fully legalizing marijuana. And what was the County by County collective vote on the 2022 Marijuana Vote? 42 of the 66 Counties said NO, fully representing the popular vote that year.

    That is how a “republic” is governed – the majority is best represented by our At-Large Reps, let alone by the total # of Counties who vote on each issue a specific way…if we allow the popular vote to win every time, without no means of fair, or honesty, then a very SMALL # of people could very easily control the majority of people in our state…and that is NOT how America was built.

    You can disagree with me, call me names, attack me, misrepresent my comments, let alone say what ever you want, but all that shows, is that you people truly do NOT want a true, honest assessment of what the people of the state truly believe or not believe.

    Have a Good Day.

  56. P. Aitch 2023-05-20

    Well, Mike Lee Zitterich, let me tell ya about this thing called loser’s lament that you keep on spoutin’. It’s a term used to describe the act of makin’ excuses for your own shortcomings and failures. You see, when somebody loses, they like to come up with all sorts of reasons why they didn’t win. Maybe the score was counted in a way that unfairly favored your opponents, maybe your opponent was cheatin’, maybe the wind was blowin’ in the wrong direction. They’ll use any excuse they can think of, all in an effort to justify their behavior and make themselves feel better. But, let me tell ya Mike Lee Zitterich, it ain’t foolin’ nobody. When you lose, you gotta accept it, learn from it, and move on. Ain’t no use in makin’ excuses or playin’ the loser’s lament. No ‘scuses at all, Mike Lee Zitterich.

  57. P. Aitch 2023-05-20

    Examining Mike Lee Zitterich’s “you people“.
    Well, Mike Lee Zitterich, let me tell ya about this here term you like called “you people”. Now, when somebody starts talkin’ ’bout “you people”, it’s usually a sign of deep-set persecution complex. See, they’re tryin’ to lump a whole group of folks together into one big category and make ’em all out to be the enemy. That way, they can justify their own suspicious behavior and feel like they’re the ones in the right. Sounds like you, huh, Mike Lee Zitterich? But let me tell ya, that ain’t no way to live. We’re all individuals with our own thoughts and feelings, and we gotta treat each other with individual respect. So, when you feel the deepest desire to use that “you people” talk, just remember that it’s probably comin’ from a place of fear. ~ We liberals are here to try to help you see the light, Mike Lee Zittrrich. You’re welcome, sir.

  58. grudznick 2023-05-20

    Mr. Zitterich. Tighten it up. I’m sure you said great stuff in your manifesto but grudznick is too impatient to ease through it.

    You should, however, publish an actual leather bound manifesto of all your works.

  59. e platypus onion 2023-05-20

    South Duhkota beans sure work up a blow in bloviating magats.

  60. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-20

    Dear P. Aitch, so what you are really saying, is that your opinions are stronger and more favorable than your neighbors, fellow workers, the citizens of the state. I get it. You claim I am ignorant, or out of touch, or wrong, but I get it now. YOU only trust the popular opinion of the voters. When asked, to have a long standing debate, in public meetings county by county, you people, yes, I said it, “YOU PEOPLE” choose not to have that public discussion, cause your over all agenda is to manipulate, confuse, and misrepresent that opinion, by reaching out to no less than 50% plus 1 of the 466,000 voters who would vote on such a initiative in 2024. Oh, I get it now, it is easier for you to go out and gain 233,001 votes of the voters statewide, than it is to go out and travel the state holding meetings, commissions, and hosting individual precinct or county votes to see how the people really feel on your topics. I get it, you are more willing to spend all your time in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Watertown, Mitchell, Aberdeen, Brookings, Yankton, Huron, Chamberlain, to gather yoru 233,001 votes needed to get a majority of the 466,000 voters…Knowing that those 9 cities have by far the greater share of voters, “you people” know you can easily get 50% +1 voters to approve your initiatve, despite what the over all, statewide opinion of the counties (precincts) may or may not be. You People do not want an open, honest, ethical public discussion, cause you all fear, that your idea(s) may not be overall supported by the whole state.

    The founding fathers did everything possible to avoid a “Direct Democracy” cause they feared that the Popular Vote could be manipulated by special interests, political parties, lawyers, foreign interests, who could easily hijack the great thought process of a small number of people. Therefore, ‘we’ built a “representative form of democracy” whereas, our Republic is ruled by the greater number if districts, counties, precincts, which being equally represented by 1 person chosen, elected to represent that small group of people. The end goal, was that these “elected” people could meet face to face with the people, educate them, inform them, and provide to them a greater understanding of our resolutions, initiatives, at-large representatives, as such, that the over all, statewide opinion of the greater majority of the PEOPLE would not be ignored. They feared how easily a group of 466,000 voters could be manipulated and influenced by foreign powers.

    “You People”, aka Democrats seemingly avoid any notion of holding a public meeting, a commission, where all the people can participate in that discussion, cause your exterior motive is to trample on the rights of the people, by manipulating and confusing the voters in direct elections.

    This is why “You People” hate the fact that people like me want to put back in place, HISTORY BOOKS and CIVICS back in our Junior High and High Schools helping to educate our future generations our proper history, both good and bad, along side teaching them our “governing process’ aka civics. YOU PEOPLE do not want future generations to understand the basic fundlementals of America, cause you have been dumbing down society for decades.

    I will ask one more time:

    Why do you fear hosting public meetings county by county, allowing all the citizens to participate in those meetings, being led by the very county and precinct people of whom they elected to represent them inside their own counties? What are you trying to hide here?

  61. P. Aitch 2023-05-20

    Mike Lee Zitterich, sir. Are you okay?

  62. larry kurtz 2023-05-20

    op. cit.

    They only people being hurt by the dearth of reproductive medical care in my home state are the poorest South Dakotans. That should be grounds for a prima facia lawsuit in federal court which is exactly how the far white wing of the SDGOP raises campaign dollars.

  63. larry kurtz 2023-05-20

    The US Space Force is preparing to move a base from Alabama because of its restrictions on medical care.

    New Mexico is the political inverse of my home state of South Dakota. It’s where after the lopsided Supreme Court of the United States aborted Roe v. Wade women are still free to exercise their reproductive rights because Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the Respect New Mexico Women and Families Act that repealed the 1969 state statute banning some medical procedures. In New Mexico Medicaid covers abortions and even transportation in rural areas to get to clinics in Albuquerque.

    Ellsworth Air Force Base contracted medical services to Rapid City Regional a long time ago so which will it be: a B-21 bomber base or is a state law targeting pregnant people jeopardizing military readiness? TRICARE pays for some abortions chosen by military personnel so after Kristi Noem becomes Ron DeSantis’ Veep choice will a Governor Larry Rhoden sue to overturn a winning ballot measure codifying Roe?

  64. larry kurtz 2023-05-20

    I don’t know where y’all went to nursing school or medical school, for that matter but our late neighbor Nancy was a neonate nurse for thirty years and you know what? The number of those 23 week old preemies that died in her hands that should have been aborted at six weeks would make you weep.

    Nobody makes the decision to terminate a pregnancy

  65. larry kurtz 2023-05-20

    without serious soul searching.

  66. All Mammal 2023-05-20

    If you don’t like abortion, fine. Nobody is forcing you to have one. Don’t have one. Guess what- NOBODY LIKES ABORTION! It is none of your business and just be happy it isn’t you who has to be in the position where you might stinking die unless you remove an unviable fetus from your body. Even in a perfect, chaste society where couples are married and go to church, abortion will still need to be an option because, no matter how many rules you follow, shgit still happens. Pregnancy is still dangerous. Incest and rape exist, especially in Christian communities.

    And guess what else- conservative, mean white boys aren’t the majority anymore. And there is a thing called a ballot where all the input gets counted and that is your chance to participate in putting in your opinion. Nobody needs to go door to door in Faith, SD to make it fair enough for you. They’ll probably get shot, or threatened, or worse.

    Losers act like victims too often. Try acting like people are being mean to you while women and girls are dying, while cops beat and kill unarmed teens, while a kid goes to school hungry, needing glasses and inhalers while his mom is working her second shift, while teens are in despair because their state just took away the only medicine that keeps hair from growing on their face, making them feel like a freak and get picked on, while families can’t see each other because an imaginary line divides them, while mothers curse God because her child won’t get to grow up after a loaded gun was brought to school, or a woman doesn’t get to see her children again because her estranged husband was able to bond out of jail and purchase a .45 to teach her a lesson.

    There are people in the burn unit right now in agonizing pain, yet they still aren’t as sensitive as this offended, conservative man on the internet. Poor thing. Compassion and self-awareness are virtues that sorta suck to possess. It must be real nice to look down your nose at all the heathens who weren’t born in the only proper circumstances like you.

    Have a heart. And let people make their own medical decisions. Worry about how we can feed all the children and once that is accomplished, we can probably start performing miracles.

  67. P. Aitch 2023-05-20

    Like the way you said that All Wise One. 🙏🏻

  68. e platypus onion 2023-05-20

    “You People”, aka Democrats seemingly avoid any notion of holding a public meeting, a commission, where all the people can participate in that discussion, cause your exterior motive is to trample on the rights of the people, by manipulating and confusing the voters in direct elections.

    Dems hold meetings and magats want equal time to go down every rabbit hole unrelated to the topic at hand. This is going on as we speak with Gym Jordan’s weaponizing every hearing trying to find dirt on Biden(s).Magats can’t hold a serious hearing because they are too damn stoopid to do so.

    One trick pony soon runs out of one trick and can’t do anything useful for the nation. Been there and done that.

  69. grudznick 2023-05-20

    Ms. Mammal is righter than right. Nobody likes abortions, but it is not the overgodders’ churches who should decide for anybody else.

  70. grudznick 2023-05-20

    A fellow named Rudy once said:

    You people. How many times must I tell you? You may ski on zat side of ze hill or on zat side of ze hill, but stay out of ze meedle here.”

    Another fellow, probably a Conservative with Common Sense, sad:

    Hey, Rudy. You can kiss my ass. Not on zis side and not on zat side, but right in ze meedle.

    Rudy was a German, with Mr. onion’s stubborn Lutheran streak, most believe.

  71. Mark Anderson 2023-05-20

    You know Mike, all this typing is deadening. Every vote, even in the red states, has been supportive of Roe since the Supreme Court overturned it. You don’t believe polls so you must believe the voting, right? It’s really only a matter of time. You get a vote and I get a vote, canceled. Now do you really think there are more people like you or like me in this country ?

  72. grudznick 2023-05-20

    There are more people “right is ze meedle”, Mr. Anderson. Like grudznick.

  73. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-05-21

    Mark Anderson,

    I do not care about people in other 49 States vote, it is irrellevant, All that matters is how American Citizens of South Dakota feel about the issue. I give two craps about how other people outside our borders feel, “WE” must defend our own borders, economy, and protect LIFE in our own borders. WE are a sovereign, independent, and free state of which we write our own laws. The people have yet to over turn our law that states the Unborn is a legal existing person, of which has the same rights as you and I, and the people will struggle to over turn our strict Abortion Ban put in place a decade ago. Congress has no right to over step how we form our own laws, they can only adopt laws that matter or pertain to Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1 to 18 – Foreign Affairs, Monetary Policy, Immigration, National Defense.

    Again, Go Door to Door, talk to as many people in all 689 Precincts (66 Counties) and see how the majority of the Citizens feel on Abortion, I would suspect the only ‘support’ you will find on abortion reside in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Watertown, Chamberlain, Yankton, Brookings, Mitchell – 9 cities. I believe for all those people who live, or reside outside those 9 cities, they are 100% against Abortion, and like our law written as such – Abortion shall be banned except for where the Life of the Mother is in Jeopardy, and the life of the unborn shall be protected at all times.

    I suspect the only means to change our law(s) is to allow for Abortion in matters of Rape and Incest, but even then, that means we are harming LIFE, which we took a vow to protect as part of our “State Constitution”.

  74. M.Anderson 2023-05-21

    Mr. Zitterich
    A parent cannot obtain a birth certificate or social security card until the child is BORN.

    S.D.C.L 26-1-1 states: “MINORS are natural male persons and natural female persons under eighteen years of age. The periods thus specified must be calculated from the FIRST MINUTE OF THE DAY ON WHICH PERSONS ARE BORN.”

    Therefore under S.D.C.L 26-1-3 an UNBORN child may NOT enforce his rights by civil action or other legal proceedings, in the same manner as a person of full age. Only a MINOR can which is defined as PERSONS WHO ARE BORN.

    S.D.C.L 26-1-2 states: “A child conceived, but not born, is to be deemed an existing person so far as may be necessary for its interests in the event of its subsequent birth”
    The “necessary interests” is simply “the right to life”. It does not mean that your UNBORN CHILD is an existing legal person that you can establish bank accounts with. Your interpretations of these laws is very extreme and far fetched.

  75. jakc 2023-05-22

    That’s seven cities, not nine, and I must admit I am a little surprised to see Chamberlain and not Vermillion or Spearfish. Still, a pretty big chunk of SD if you only consider those within the city limits, and more than half if you consider metro and micropolitan areas.

  76. bearcreekbat 2023-05-22

    Mr. Zitterich, you write:

    WE are a sovereign, independent, and free state of which we write our own laws. The people have yet to over turn our law that states the Unborn is a legal existing person, of which has the same rights as you and I, and the people will struggle to over turn our strict Abortion Ban put in place a decade ago. Congress has no right to over step how we form our own laws, they can only adopt laws that matter or pertain to Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1 to 18 – Foreign Affairs, Monetary Policy, Immigration, National Defense.

    Does this mean you think the majority of people in South Dakota support the South Dakota laws that authorize the the State to kill (i.e. the “death penalty”) women, men, doctors, nurses, medical assistants, family members including children over the age of 10, friends, neighbors, and anyone else that knowingly aids, abets, or advises a woman to obtain an abortion in South Dakota that is unlawful due to South Dakota’s trigger laws that now make all abortions illegal (except to save the life of a woman)?

    And the SCOTUS has previously ruled in a series of cases that it violates the federal 8th Amendment prohibition against “cruel and unusual” punishment for a State to kill children under the age of 15, to kill teenagers between 15 and 18, and to kill people that are mentally incompetent at the time of the execution. (South Dakota law only makes children criminally responsible for crimes committed after age 10, so even South Dakota cannot yet kill a child under 10 for aiding, abetting or advising a woman to obtain an illegal abortion, unless the SD laws change even more).

    In your opinion, do these rulings restrict South Dakota, or may the State go ahead and kill children over the age of 10, teenagers up to age 18, and mentally incompetent individuals of any age fron 11-100 or older, since that is what the elected representatives of the majority of South Dakoans want to do: kill kids, teens, incompetent poeople and anyone else that aids, abets or advises a woman that has an illegal abortion?

  77. bearcreekbat 2023-05-24

    I take it that no response to the above death penalty questions means that Mr. Zitterich fully agrees that the State of SD should go ahead and kill of children over 10 years old, teens, and anyone else caught aiding, advising or abetting a woman illegally end a troubled pregnancy.

  78. e platypus onion 2023-06-18

    iowa’s magat guv and magat lkege thought stacking the supreme court of iowa with allmagats was a slam dunk victory for taking away women’s reproductive rights. Oops. Lege passed a fetal heartbeat bill, Reynold’s gladly signed it into lawm and the 7 magats of the court, with only 6 participating, split 3-3 on the law, thus preserving women’s right to abortions in iowa.

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