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Deutsch Banning Medical Cannabis Cards for Women Mostly for Show, But Setting Precedent for Further Restrictions on Pregnant Women and New Moms

A footnote on state misogyny:

During yesterday’s Senate Health and Human Services hearing on House Bill 1053, Chairwoman Erin Tobin (R-21/Winner) questioned Representative Fred Deutsch (R-4/Florence) about his plan to deny pregnant or breastfeeding women medical cannabis cards.

Senator Tobin asked Representative Deutsch if HB 1053 includes any enforcement mechanism. Representative Deutsch said it does not.

Tobin asked Deutsch if the bill would authorize the state to test cannabis-card applicants for pregnancy or determine whether they are breastfeeding. Deutsch said he hadn’t considered and didn’t expect any such requirements.

Tobin asked Deutsch if HB 1053 would provide any education to women or health care providers to explain the law or the risks marijuana use poses to pregnant or breastfeeding moms or to fetuses or babies. Deutsch said no.

Most significantly, Tobin asked if HB 1053 could lead to further legislation that would prohibit pregnant or breastfeeding women from accessing opioids or other medications that would be toxic to the baby. Deutsch said “that would be an excellent idea for consideration.”

Tobin’s first three questions and Deutsch’s responses thus demonstrated that while Deutsch’s HB 1053 is merely feckless Legislative finger-wagging at moms taking marijuana for what ails them. Tobin’s final question and Deutsch’s more eager response show that HB 1053 embodies and promotes Deutsch’s and South Dakota Right to Life‘s belief that women bearing children should be treated as wards of the state, restricted by law from exercising the same bodily autonomy as other women and shackled in servitude to their fetishized fetuses.

Tobin voted along with her unanimous committee to approve HB 1053.


  1. larry kurtz 2023-03-02 06:59

    Thank Jesus for reservation dispensaries.

    All cannabis use is medical and God might not be enough for religious states. They lead the nation in anti-depressant use and as another brutal winter smothers the Great Plains leaving residents on the verge of suicide hope dies under withering fire.

  2. larry kurtz 2023-03-02 07:03

    And Mrs. Beal says women have equal bodily autonomy?

  3. Mark Anderson 2023-03-02 08:53

    Oh Larry, Beal just knows their high on life. In reality it’s Moody Blues time but appearance is everything to a pub. South Dakota will certainly have fewer young women. Minneapolis wins. In So Dak soon the state will know as soon as your preggers young ladies. So just move as soon as you can. If you value your rights move to a blue state.

  4. larry kurtz 2023-03-02 09:06

    When a legislature endures members trained in chiropractic who haven’t earned prescriptive authority and deny the efficacy of western medicine women will always be at risk.

  5. Donald Pay 2023-03-02 09:45

    I’m not going to fault anyone for trying to protect the fetus from environmental pollutants. There are, however, a lot of substances that affect fetal health, and many of those are in drinking water. Why not set drinking water standards at levels that would protect fetal health and development?

  6. larry kurtz 2023-03-02 09:56

    Exactly. DDT, other ag chemicals and BPA in baby food have already altered the genes in at least three generations not to mention what toxoplasma gondii has been doing to human genetics since time immemorial.

  7. Richard Schriever 2023-03-02 10:07

    Donald, Donald, Donald! Wake up and smell the stench. None of this “right to life” nonsense is actually about the health and welfare of any fetus. There is no consideration about fetal viability, or deformity, or even whether or not it is currently ALIVE or TRIVING while it is IN THE WOMB in their stance. It is ALL about forcing women to carry to term – WHATEVER form of humanity might be in their womb(s).

  8. DaveFN 2023-03-02 11:31

    “…DDT, other ag chemicals and BPA in baby food have already altered the genes in at least three generations…”

    larry kurtz, you realize you sound like a nut case what with all your recycled, unsubstantiated, gene-altering, sensationalistic posts?

  9. Arlo Blundt 2023-03-02 12:40

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is increasing in infants year to year in South Dakota. It is real and well documented. It is also absent from thisw discussion.

  10. larry kurtz 2023-03-02 13:17

    The blood-brain barrier is the network of blood vessels and tissue made up of closely spaced cells that helps keep harmful substances from reaching the brain. The herbicide dicamba (3,6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid) penetrates the blood-brain barrier as do other hormone disruptors like 2,4-D, DDT, atrazine, neonicotinoids, glyphosate, Metam Sodium/Potassium and Imazalil, a carcinogenic fungicide that can affect gender identity especially in children and adolescents.

  11. larry kurtz 2023-03-02 13:32

    The research on human-caused gender dysphoria is far too voluminous to post here.

  12. DaveFN 2023-03-02 21:53

    larry kurtz

    The link you post for a study “Occurrence of Polyethylene Terephthalate and Polycarbonate Microplastics in Infant and Adult Feces” is an analytical chemistry article and says absolutely nothing—nor would such a study—about the biological effects of the findings.

    The Psychology Today link you post is not a referreed article but is entirely speculative.

    As far as your conglomeration of chemicals in your statement “The herbicide dicamba (3,6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid) penetrates the blood-brain barrier as do other hormone disruptors like 2,4-D, DDT, atrazine, neonicotinoids, glyphosate, Metam Sodium/Potassium and Imazalil, a carcinogenic fungicide that can affect gender identity especially in children and adolescents,” you provide no evidentiary studies to support your predicate that such chemicals indeed “affect gender identity,” even in the case blood brain barrier penetration is taken into account.

    Not only are you sounding like you could be a crank, you likely are insofar as you patch together factual findings and your entirely sensational claims, a pleasurable form of dot-to-dot some people play and get off on, among them Trump conspiracy theorists. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from you.

  13. Mark Anderson 2023-03-02 22:00

    Well everyone, I guess only men get to screw up in South Dakota. Those women have to be watched every second of the day. The legislature should pass a barefoot and preggers bill to finish off all women’s rights.

  14. DaveFN 2023-03-02 22:06

    Arlo Blundt

    Unlike kurtz’ nonsense, what you state regarding FAS is indeed substantiated and is in part the reason researchers caution against use of cannabis by pregnant women — and by women who expect to become pregnant, owing to the high lipid solubility of cannabinoids and their concomitant slow release from the body, potentially engaging a future fetus.

  15. Donald Pay 2023-03-02 22:14

    Richard, I think most folks are sincere in their beliefs, but rather shallow in following them beyond the abortion issue. They understand that various chemicals can cause medical abortion, and seek to limit or ban their use, but they don’t take it beyond that to what other chemicals do to fetal health.

  16. larry kurtz 2023-03-03 06:06

    In addition to drinking from bottles, babies could be ingesting microplastics in a dizzying number of ways. They have a habit of putting everything in their mouths—plastic toys of all kinds, but they’ll also chew on fabrics. (Microplastics that shed from synthetic textiles are known more specifically as microfibers, but they’re plastic all the same.) Babies’ foods are wrapped in single-use plastics. Children drink from plastic sippy cups and eat off plastic plates. The carpets they crawl on are often made of polyester. Even hardwood floors are coated in polymers that shed microplastics. Any of this could generate tiny particles that children breathe or swallow. Of particular concern are a class of chemicals called endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, which disrupt hormones and have been connected to reproductive, neurological, and metabolic problems, for instance increased obesity.

  17. larry kurtz 2023-03-03 06:07

    In conclusion, we have identified two global CpG methylation profiles in cis and trans populations, prior to gender affirming hormonal therapy. These epigenetic changes in DNAm were associated with several genes related to crucial processes during development. Moreover, these methylation data, along with our previous genetic data, support the hypothesis that GI is a complex multifactorial trait, involving intricate interactions between sex steroids, sex steroid receptors, genetics and epigenetics. This supports the view that combining genetic and epigenetic approaches in parallel may be a successful approach to understanding the mechanisms underlying brain dimorphism. Furthermore, this hypothesis is consistent with the current complex “mosaic” model of the masculinization/feminization of the brain (Joel, 2021).

  18. larry kurtz 2023-03-03 06:20

    After identifying significant links between T. gondii seropositivity and suicidal behavior in patients with mood disorder, schizophrenia, acute attempters, and mothers (post-delivery), we then went on to analyze intermediate phenotypes of suicidal behavior rather than suicide attempts. We reported, for the first time, age- and gender-specific associations between trait impulsivity and aggression and T. gondii status in 1,000 super-healthy individuals with no personal and parent family history of mental illness or suicidal behavior (limiting the collision between personality traits, genetic and early developmental influences on mental illness, and psychiatric treatment) (114).

  19. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2023-03-03 06:38

    Fetus protection is a façade for misogyny. Deutsch’s response to Tobin’s question demonstrates the door he’s trying to open for more government control of women. When Trumpists shout “Lock her up!” they mean more than just Hillary Clinton. #synecdoche

  20. larry kurtz 2023-03-03 06:45

    If you’ve lived with a cat litter box in your house you are probably already infected with toxoplasma gondii. Virtually all hogs in confinement are infected and so are at least a third of Americans. The effects on the gene pool are catastrophic often leading to neuropsychiatric diseases including paranoia, especially in men. Toxoplasmosis is linked to Gender Identity Disorder, too.

  21. Richard Schriever 2023-03-03 07:29

    Donald, most folks in the “right to life” movement do not recognize that a fetus is a fetus and not a “baby”. Further, they have any knowledge of or interest in any aspect of “fetal health”, because to them the very term “fetus” is “scientific gibberish” or demonic “libby” language designed to dehumanize “babies” (see Mr. Arndt for ex:).

    larry, none of your articles say a danged thing about a CAUSAL relationship between any environmental chemicals and any genetic alterations. Further, none of them disaggregate the hypothesis – HYPOTHESIS – that any single substance or state has any effect absent the presence of SEVERAL factors in influencing gender identity variance during fetal development. Finally none of them speak to any single CAUSAL influencer on any specific genetic variation.

    Any experimentation that COULD even lead to such conclusions would involve a CONTROLLED scenario in which specific substances are DELIBERATELY added to, or withheld from groups of actual developing fetuses, and those resulting humans followed as to the impact of their lives and behaviors for entire lifetimes. In reality, the performance of such an experiment, or experiments would be highly unethical and ILLEGAL and most certainly never reported or published. It’s “Island of Dr. Moreau” stuff.

    That’s how the ACTUAL science works – or WOULD work if that was what was actually being tested. Mr. Pay is correct in characterizing what you are doing as easily seen as falling into the conspiracy theorist category.

  22. larry kurtz 2023-03-03 07:34

    Thanks Dick. But South Dakota Republicans don’t want schools to even talk about the causes of gender dysphoria. Why? Because their campaign dollars come from white christianists like the Family Heritage Alliance and the LGBT-bashing Family Research Council and culture war lawsuits raise money for Earth haters like Mrs. Noem and Mr. Deutsch by design.

  23. larry kurtz 2023-03-03 08:02

    That there are talented people who read Cory’s blog and deny the effects of manufactured compounds on human sexuality and genetics is frankly frightening.

  24. larry kurtz 2023-03-03 08:49

    Disorders of penile development that include hypospadias and micropenis are among the most frequent male birth defects worldwide. Although many questions about the increased incidence of hypospadias remain unresolved, the impact of fetal exposure to EDCs in the development of male penile disorders is now indisputable. This review summarizes the growing body of epidemiological, clinical, and experimental studies that clearly show evidence of the impact of EDC exposure on penile development. Moreover, large epidemiological studies and studies on animals exposed in utero to DES and other EDCs have provide data that point toward the epigenetic effects of utero exposure to EDCs that may be passed on to future generations. Although these epigenetic mechanisms have not been fully elucidated in humans, the precautionary principle should be applied in order to protect these future generations.

  25. Lucy M 2023-03-05 20:02

    Tobin asked the right questions to demonstrate the legislation was ill-conceived and unenforceable while still proving to be antiwoman. Then, she voted for it anyway. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?????

  26. e platypus onion 2023-03-15 20:07

    South Carolina’s magat lege passing a law giving death penalty to women who have abortions

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