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Noem Focused on Presidential Primary Politics, Not Doing Her Job

Just a couple weeks into her second term, Governor Kristi Noem is busy applying for her next job, Presidential candidate. Rather than ruling out such a bid and saying she has nothing on her agenda but serving in Pierre for the four more years 63.1% of South Dakota voters demanded, Noem is inviting supporters to convince her to run:

Governor Noem has not ruled out a run for president in 2024 but told CBS News that at this moment, she is “not convinced that she needs to run for president.”

“I want the very best individual that is the strongest decision maker, that loves America, to be the person that can lead us into the future,” she said.

In an interview with Robert Costa, the chief election and campaign correspondent for CBS News, Noem said she doesn’t feel rushed “at all” to make a decision on a 2024 run. Noem indicated the presidential field is wide open at this point.

“I believe anybody can be competitive. We are a year and a half two years out from deciding who the next leader of this country should be,” said Noem. “So it’s super early for people to be choosing who they think should be the next leader of this United States of America” [Tom Hanson, “Noem Answers Questions About Possible Presidential Run,” KELO-TV, 2023.01.18].

All the convincing Noem needs is for Trump to drop his candidacy. Noem tells CBS that she hasn’t talked to the only announced 2024 Presidential candidate “in quite a long time.” But while the menace from Mar-a-Lago stays in, Noem may keep auditioning for the VP slot so she can run for President in 2028. And how better to do that than by acting as Trump’s primary attack dog against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis?

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and her allies are taking potshots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — and according to The Daily Beast, she has the explicit backing of former President Donald Trump to do so.

…As DeSantis’ star burns brighter, Trumpworld is looking for someone to dampen the light — which is where Noem comes in,” said the report. “According to three GOP sources with behind-the-scenes knowledge of the quarrel, Noem has Trump’s blessing to take some shots across the DeSantis bow. And Noem’s efforts haven’t been going unnoticed as Trump continues filling out his VP shortlist. When asked for their thoughts on the DeSantis-Noem dustup, one source close to Trump responded simply with a popcorn emoji before later elaborating. ‘Any experienced primary campaign operative will tell you arguments between potential opponents are best left to roil, fester, and spread,’ the longtime friend of Trump’s told The Daily Beast” [Matthew Chapman, “Trump Gave Kristi Noem His Blessing to Declare ‘One-Way Feud’ with Ron DeSantis: Report,” Raw Story, 2023.01.16].

Given Noem’s focus on DeSantis, Trump, and the national stage, maybe we ought to get nervous about the prospects of Noem paying enough attention to ensure passage of her food-tax repeal. With her own party balking, this is no time for the Governor to be beaming into the bright national lights and traveling to primary states.


  1. scott 2023-01-19

    IMO her legislative agenda this year is designed and centered around raising her national image in the republican party.

  2. larry kurtz 2023-01-19

    I blame Tom Daschle despite revelations of her 20-year driving record fraught with recklessness resulting in numerous arrest warrants for failure to appear and the copious eyewitness reports of her infidelity.

    Noem’s dive into the family operation led to posts agricultural boards – her first steps into politics. She served on the South Dakota Soybean Association board. In 1997, then-Sen. Tom Daschle nominated her to serve on the state board of the Farm Service Agency. That led to an appointment to the board from President Clinton. Noem also attended one of Daschle’s leadership camps, which were intended to groom up-and-coming Democrats to compete for local and state offices. Noem said she attended when the camps were open to Republicans because she wanted to learn more about campaigning. Noem isn’t sure how her name got to Daschle for the FSA appointment. It came when the board was being expanded from three members to five. Regardless, Noem was a Republican serving among Democrats. “I don’t know why or how she got on that board,” said Mike O’Connor, a former Democratic lawmaker who served as the executive director of the state FSA.

  3. e platypus onion 2023-01-19

    “I want the very best individual that is the strongest decision maker, that loves America, to be the person that can lead us into the future,” she said.

    No magat ever born of mortal woman matches any criteria laid out by liar Noem.

  4. Donald Pay 2023-01-19

    What other choices are there, because Noem, Trump or Rhonda Santis will destroy the country? I’d like a President who won’t drive the country over a cliff, has basic honesty and works well with others. Liz Cheney has the chops to be President, but I think she’s too conservative. I’d like a real moderate to emerge. Larry Hogan, former governor of Maryland, is someone who strikes me as someone who could run the country with integrity. There are probably other Republican governors or former governors who could do the job.

    Now as far as my party is concerned, I would like someone other than Biden or Sanders, but if Republicans run a nutcase (being the three stooges mentioned in the first sentence of this post), then I’ll take any Democrat.

    South Dakota is better off with Noem not being able to focus on South Dakota. It might be worth all the money spent on her airplane flights and hotel hookups to keep her the hell away from piloting the state right into the ditch.

  5. larry kurtz 2023-01-19

    If Hakeem Jeffries was the leader Democrats hope for he would have found six moderate Republicans, one of whom would nominate Liz Cheney as Speaker of the House all the Democrats would have elected her.

    There’s an old Vulcan proverb: only the daughter of a war criminal could save American democracy.

  6. e platypus onion 2023-01-19

    drumpf has given tacit approval to liar Noem to blast De Satanist on a regular basis. Maybe she can be convinced to be drumpf’s first attack dog if he gets re-elected potus.

    How will she explain to her admirers how she lied over and over again about serving full term as absentee governess if she was re-elected?

  7. Donald Pay 2023-01-19

    Agree with Larry on Liz Cheney as a sort of caretaker Speaker until the Republicans usher the insurrectionists, racists and nutcases out their party. Sadly, we face the kind of situation the Weimar Republic faced in the early 1930s. Back then the center left and center parties were not willing or able to bring the center center right parties into coalition to keep the Nazis from joining with the center right in coalition. It’s time to think outside the box of the established way parties have functioned in America to keep the fascist elements out of government.

  8. leslie 2023-01-19

    Noem could do it. The Republican Party could nominate the aging beauty queen “Annie Oakley”, incompetent at governing as she demonstrated daily.
    Billionaires maintain secret trust accounts in the billions of dollars in downtown Sioux Falls. They love her.

    Yet Republicans in the new House could reduce the deficit like they constantly brag they would do,
    by annually collecting 3% of GFP in taxes owed by the largest tax evaders, tomorrow, that cost us $600 Billion annually. But the House just made it easier to evade taxes, just like Kristi does in SD.

    Instead, as a spectacle, they threaten against raising the debt limit which means making good on our present financial obligations, bills we already owe. Republicans are threatening to defund the IRS, increasing the deficit and making it easier for tax evaders to avoid their tax obligations. That means burning up US bills and ignoring them, causing irreparable harm to the national economy and creating greater global instability. The US is the world’s largest purchaser of global goods, and default on its obligations would be catastrophic.

    Kristi will be a part of the Republican insane posse for the next two years, and perhaps as a national candidate. Another incompetent Republican candidate. To “burn it all down” as Robert Mercer the billionaire who bailed Trump out and got Trump elected, said.

    Natasha Sarin,Yale Law School professor, former deputy assistant and counsel to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, 1/18/2023 “The Last Word”

  9. Arlo Blundt 2023-01-19

    The Republican leadership in the Congress committed a political assassination of Liz Chaney, which was one of the most callous acts of Trumpish totalitarianism in History. She should be treated as a national hero. She is VERY Conservative, in the orthodox tradition of the past 100 years, but, she is loyal to the Constitution and to our Constitutional Institutions. I believe she is is one of a few Republicans currently on the political stage who could lead the formation of a new Republican or third party, and create options for Conservative voters.

  10. Steve Pearson 2023-01-19

    You know what’s funny about this? It’s true and it doesn’t matter. SD elected Kristi. She could be brain dead on life support and do a better job that fat man in a little coat would have done.

  11. P. Aitch 2023-01-19

    Governor DeSantis will mop the floor with Governor Noem’s inability to think on her feet.

  12. larry kurtz 2023-01-19

    Speaking of fat men in little coats, Mrs. Noem learned it from Herr Trump who played golf and raked in the cash anyway.

  13. leslie 2023-01-19

    STEVE PEARSON: noxious untrue lie! Other little fat white men, belly hanging over your belts, like you still say Trump was the best president ever. Better, best—Republicans upside down usage of the English language is as warped as the steady diet of disinformation the billionaires feed you. See how noxious your post is, Steve? Buck up!

  14. e platypus onion 2023-01-19

    Speaking of fat little men, David Crosby has left the building at 81.

    CSNY, 1974 live when they wore smaller men’s clothes..,.

    Superb guitar playing and Crosby vocals.

  15. Austin Robert Dreyer 2023-01-19

    Desantis 2024!!He is best option to beat old man Biden.

  16. P. Aitch 2023-01-19

    Yeah, right Austin. And Warner is known for its deep thinkers. heh HEH Ho

  17. larry kurtz 2023-01-19

    Joe Biden is an interim or caretaker POTUS who should serve a single term.

    President Biden struggles for the approval of a majority of America’s voters hovering near 41 percent while Democratic senators are overwhelmingly favored in their own states and Republicans surf the bottom. Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Jon Tester (D-MT) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) are doing great jobs according to pollsters at FiveThirtyEight.

    And although the best choice in 2020 for President of the United States was Al Franken Senator Klobuchar had this columnist’s early primary endorsement to be our party’s nominee. But after it was revealed she had wrongfully prosecuted Myon Burrell when she was Hennepin County’s top prosecutor her aspirations to hold higher office evaporated. In 2020 Minnesota commuted Burrell’s sentence.

    In 2012 Heinrich defeated Republican Heather Wilson, his predecessor in Congress and today thanks to efforts led by Sen. Heinrich bison have become America’s National Mammal, Amtrak’s Southwest Chief is still chugging, the Gila River is no longer in danger of being diverted, Chaco Culture National Historical Park enjoys greater protection from the extractive industry and he is leading the reform of the Mining Law of 1872. He is a smart, telegenic, pragmatic statesman in a state where a Democrat can easily keep the seat.

    Vice President Kamala Harris has yet to prove to this voter that she has the fire in the belly and although I support nearly everything Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders work for they’re simply unelectable.

    So, it is the view of this interested party that Senator Heinrich should enter the primary for the nomination as our party’s choice for President of the United States if President Biden chooses not to run.

  18. P. Aitch 2023-01-19

    Joe “Steady” Biden is a fine President. He’s just what America needed after “Tornado Brain” Trump. Joe’ll get a second term because no wartime President has failed to be re-elected and Joe knows it. USA is already “training” Ukranian soldiers. That’s exactly how Vietnam started for our Army. Trump would’ve got re-elected if he’d started a war instead of started a wall.

  19. Arlo Blundt 2023-01-19

    I like Joe Biden as President but the biological fact is he is too old to effectively serve a second term. As a political fact, the Democrats need a younger, more charismatic candidate to carry the day against anyone but Trump.

  20. grudznick 2023-01-19

    As Ms. P.h and Mr. Blundt point out, President Mr. Uncle Joe Biden is a shambles. But Mr. Trump was a true bane foisted upon us all by Ms. Hillary.

  21. Donald Pay 2023-01-19

    Rhonda Santis is a mini-Noem and vice versa. They’re like two transgenders dissing each other at a drag show because they wore the same outfit.

  22. grudznick 2023-01-19

    Mr. Blundt, are you suggesting a South Dakotian, perhaps? I don’t think Mr. H is over 35 yet but perhaps he will become so before the next elections. Can you imagine, Mr. H vs. Ms. Noem for PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES!!??

  23. grudznick 2023-01-19

    Mr. Pay, that’s probably a politically incorrect yet apt analogy. You, sir, are a swell enough fellow for a Wisconsinite.

  24. Donald Pay 2023-01-19

    Yeah, Arlo, I’m not saying Joe Biden can’t do the job because of his age. I was worried about that going into the 2020 election cycle, but his record this first term proves he’s got the chops. I just think we need a new generation of leadership. I like Klobuchar.

  25. grudznick 2023-01-19

    President Mr. Uncle Joe Biden has lost his chops.
    I hope Ms. Hillary runs again. This time she won’t foist President Mr. Trump on us again.
    grudznick blames Hillary for most.

  26. Mark Anderson 2023-01-19

    Larry, the repubs have been spreading their bile on Kamala Harris for the past three years. It’s what those trust fund babies do. It’s time to lop off heads like the French did.

  27. P. Aitch 2023-01-25

    Your South Dakota governor knows that if students learn about this nation’s truth, they’ll fight against tyrants like her who thrive on mean-spirited vitriol.

  28. e platypus onion 2023-01-25

    Vietnam started for America because Eisenhower declared we would not allow the Vietnams to be united under commie rule.

  29. leslie 2023-03-24

    Florida Bill Would Shield DeSantis’s Travel Records. nytimes 3/24/2023

    Watch for Noem to slip this one in as soon as she can.

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