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Municipal League: Expanding Medicaid Will Support Local Workforce and Economy

Since T. Denny Sanford’s dwindling wealth won’t last forever, we probably ought to expand Medicaid. The South Dakota Municipal League agrees!

The South Dakota Municipal League helped beat back the baloney that cranky rich guys and Republicans tried to use to sabotage Medicaid expansion with Amendment C last spring. Now, in its October newsletter, the organization representing South Dakota’s city governments reminds folks that expanding Medicaid with Amendment D will be good for South Dakota. SDML president, Rapid City mayor, and well-known Republican Steve Allender says expanding Medicaid “would return hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to our state, keep rural hospitals open, and provide affordable care to hard-working South Dakotans all over the state…. This will help our local communities thrive and contribute to an improved quality of life for all of us.”

SDML exec Yvonne Taylor says giving the South Dakotans who make to much money to qualify for Medicaid now but don’t get ACA Marketplace subsidies and thus still can’t afford health insurance is a “no-brainer”:

These folks risk more severe and life-threatening illnesses because they don’t have access to the kind of care that can help prevent that—leading to more people not able to work. And who pays for that more severe illness for the uninsured? We all do.

Medicaid Expansion isn’t a handout, and it isn’t a new obligation for the State—it is a way to transition from no health coverage for thousands of South Dakotans (where we all pay for the consequences) to an established system of health coverage for people who just do not make enough to afford coverage.

And it simply makes financial sense. Because of the split between what the State pays, vs. what the Feds pay, South Dakota would save more than $128 million in the first two years, and more than $11 million per year after that. And that doesn’t count the benefits of a healthier workforce [Yvonne Taylor, “Director’s Notes,” South Dakota Municipalities, October 2022, p. 4].

Hey, there’s a thought: maybe we can address the workforce shortage by making the members of our existing workforce healthier, so they can put in more hours and make more stuff!

Your local governments agree: expanding Medicaid is good for everybody. Help your local workers and your local economy: Vote Yes on Amendment D!


  1. P. Aitch 2022-10-05

    As referred to in my post about SD’s Fortune 400 members:

    Opposing Medicaid expansion in SD is motivated by those who need to keep score financially to bolster their low self-esteem about where they live, who they married, their children’s migration, and their diminished capacities for daily enjoyment.

    In short, if having health care is available to all what makes these people feel superior?

  2. All Mammal 2022-10-05

    Exactly, P. It has got to be lonely being on that list. There really is no semblance of the human experience when one lives that far above the rest. Money can’t buy love. It makes us people to need each other and receive help and concern, without charge. When I would get some money for the ice cream truck, I would hold onto it until I had enough for my friends because its no fun eating a cold treat while your crew stares at you like a bunch of thirsty, sweaty ragamuffins. Plus, that would have gotten me pantsed or pushed off my bike or something.

  3. Arlo Blundt 2022-10-05

    The very wealthy I’ve known are just about as screwed up as everybody else. They can fill their days with entertainment and travel, but still have to sleep at night, communicate with their loved ones and worry about their health. The paths of glory lead only to the grave.

  4. ABC 2022-10-06

    Read my essay in “No one in South Dakota Forbes 400”

    Uh we all die someday. Maybe we aren’t here as long as Greenland Sharks, 400 plus years, but DO live our rich on any income lifestyle!

    It’s here! It’s now! It’s future!

    If you like pessimism, you are chawing on old nicotinic addictive destructive mind tobacco! Spit out that plug now! Get alive! It’s now rich on any income! Do it now! Your grandma is doing it!

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