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Hammer Time for Jackley as Impeachable Ravnsborg Campaigns for Second Term

Joe Sneve confirms what I reported three weeks ago: even as he faces impeachment, killer Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is out pumping local Republicans to stack the SDGOP convention delegate slates in his favor and help him secure the nomination to run for reëlection:

The 44-year-old Republican attorney general has yet to say publicly what his plans are beyond his first term or if he’ll seek re-election. But multiple officials within the South Dakota Republican Party have told the Argus Leader that Ravnsborg behind the scene is working delegates ahead of the state GOP convention this summer.

For instance, Ravnsborg met with prospective party delegates from the Brookings-area earlier this month, and also attended the South Dakota Republican Party State Central Committee meeting last weekend in Pierre, which was also attended by Marty Jackley, the only declared candidate in the 2022 attorney general race.

…Officials with Jackley’s campaign declined to comment for this article [Joe Sneve, “South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg Working GOP Delegates Ahead of Primary Election,” Sioux Falls Argus Leader, updated 2022.01.28].

Remember: Jackley and Ravnsborg won’t appear on a primary ballot; they’ll fight for the ayes of a couple hundred party activists at the SDGOP convention in Watertown June 23–25.

Former Attorney General Marty Jackley need not comment to the press on Ravnsborg’s machinations. But he might do well to go over to his old office today and remind Jason who’s really boss: Jason, you screwed up. You killed a man. You are a liability to this office, to our party, and to this state. Stand down, or I will crush you, and you will never work in this state again.

And then Jackley had better be out saying that same thing to his Republican pals in every county of the state, telling them to bring their big guns to their county party meetings, scooping up every delegate seat, and ensuring that the nomination for attorney general is resolved in one swift and unanimous vote in June.


  1. larry kurtz 2022-01-28

    Jackley killed Rodney Berget and Marty’s divorce was the result of his infidelities: red state failure on parade. Like the narratives explaining the deaths of Brady Folkens and Rich Benda are sketchy Jackley’s story is that Scott Westerhuis was tipped off then killed his family, set fire to their house then shot himself and that the safe likely holding evidence went missing. The killing of Joe Boever is just another chapter in the history of FUBAR in the South Dakota Republican Party. And they just keep getting away with it.

  2. grudznick 2022-01-29

    In Lar’s eyes, all we do is win. He should know from our many conversations on the subject that grudznick believes the SD GOP has room for improvement, even if all we do is win.

    Excise the Overgodders!

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