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Big Building, Big Equipment—Molded Fiber Glass Auction December 14 in Aberdeen

Hey, wanna buy a wind turbine blade factory? Well, Aberdeen has a deal for you!

Now that Molded Fiber Glass has left Aberdeen with a remarkable collective shrug from the city’s and the state’s leaders, the Connecticut-based Branford Group auction firm has a 315,000-square-foot facility and lots of lots (over 500!) to sell. Online bidding opens on Tuesday, December 14, at 9 a.m. Central Standard Time. The facility will also be open for inspection/preview on that date, but only by appointment. Bidding runs through Wednesday, December 15; Branford will close the first lot that day at 11 a.m.

A Branford official says he expects the lots to sell piecemeal, and there are lots of pieces to meal out. Here are the headline items:


  • 2016 Combilift Model SC3T Straddle Carrier (Telescopic), 45,000 Lb Cap/20 Ton, Only 4000 Hours,


  • (Qty 10) – 2010 Contrx Cranes Overhead Bridge Cranes, 130′ Span x 15 Ton Capacity


  • (3) 2016/2017 Hedrich Infusion Vacuum Systems Model VIA 32L, Ultimate Infusion Technology, (11) InfuCubes, (3) Etscheid IK V 18 Cooling Systems, Merging System, New Cost $1,500,000.00


  • 2014 Eastman Conveyor Cutting System, Model Eagle C125
  • 2014 Eastman Model ETS EC3 Continuous Conveyor Automatic Cutting System


  • 2019 Rosenthal Rewinder/Slitter, Model SRD S SHUU, Max Web Width 60”


  • 2018 Sullivan Paletek Variable Speed Air Compressor & System, Model SP 16 Series-75, 75 HP, with
  • 2010 Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor, Model R110IU-125, 150 HP
  • Ingersoll Rand Dryer, Model NVC1600A400/ with System
  • Evaporator, Air Inlet Filter, Air Exhaust Filter
  • (20) Jib Cranes
  • 2016 Camfil Farr Model GS12L, 12 Filter Dust Collector, 4,000 CFM
  • (2) Toyota Forklift Trucks, Model 8FGU25 & 7FBCU25, 4500 lb Cap
  • Tennant Floor Sweeper S30 Ride On Floor Sweeper, 2900 Hours
  • Tennant Floor Sweeper 7400
  • Fanuc Robot, Model R-2000-iB, w/R-30-iA CTR, Opti Temp Chiller, Spare Parts
  • (15) Sections Interlake Teardrop / 3 Tear Wire Deck/ 12′ Beams 5″/ 42″ Uprights
  • Sonatest Portable Ultrasonic Weld Inspection System
  • Galbreath Trash Compactor, Model MT726
  • (50) Busch Vacuum Pumps/ Assorted Sizes
  • Secureall Safety Storage Building
  • Global Finishing Air Make Up Units/ Evaporative Swamp Cooler
  • Diesel Fuel Storage Tank, 260 Gal Cap
  • Toolboxes/ Tools/ Flammable Storage Cabinets/ Fans/ Misc/ Compactor/Welder/Pallet Jacks/ Fans/ 5 Caldwell Spreader Bars/ Several Hoists/Saws/ Sentra TCUs/30 Portable Stairs/Carts/ 100s of Polishers/ Lockers/Office Furniture & Equipment, Much Much More

Owens Corning Fiber Glass Laminate Inventory, Over 200,000 lbs [The Branford Group, auction listing for former Molded Fiber Glass factory in Aberdeen, SD, retrieved 2021.11.07]

2016 Combilift Model SC3T telescoping straddle carrier—imagine all the cargo containers you could lift with this machine! Photo by The Branford Group, retrieved online 2021.11.07.
2016 Combilift Model SC3T telescoping straddle carrier—imagine all the cargo containers you could lift with this machine! Photo by The Branford Group, retrieved online 2021.11.07.
Combilift—Irish engineering.
Combilift—Irish engineering. View full specs and 2015 purchase price ($405,500) here.
Contrx overhead bridge cranes, a Wisconsin product! Batteries and 130-foot-wide shop sold separately. Photo by The Branford Group, retrieved online 2021.11.07.
Contrx overhead bridge cranes, a Wisconsin product! Batteries and 130-foot-wide shop sold separately. Photo by The Branford Group, retrieved online 2021.11.07.

Forklift trucks, floor sweepers, and ten overhead cranes that span 130 feet and lift 15 tons—imagine what you could do with those items in your shop!

Branford’s online bidding tutorial says it may take up to one business day to approve bidders to participate, don’t wait until auction day to register.

Bidders paying with cash, check, or wire transfer will pay an 18% buyer’s premium; credit card users will pay 21% BP and will be limited to charging $10K per invoice. State and local sales tax in Aberdeen adds another 6.5%, but qualified resellers can complete a South Dakota Sales Exemption Form or present a comparable reseller’s exemption form from their home state. Buyers shipping and taking possession of their purchases out of state can get their South Dakota sales tax refunded by providing Branford with proof of shipment via third-party common carrier.

If you’re looking to make something big, the old Molded Fiber Glass building is the place to make it big. Check your bank account, and get ready to bid December 14!


  1. larry kurtz 2021-11-07

    In 2017 a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks study determined a single wind farm kills between 120 to 397 bats annually or about nine bats per turbine. Today, public lands are at risk to developers. A criminal investigation in Spain for potential bribery and other legal violations of top Iberdrola executives is clouding an energy ‘merger’ in New Mexico. Ending America’s dependence on bridge electrical generation like horizontal-axis wind turbines is an idea whose time has come.

  2. Tim 2021-11-07

    Imagine how much pot could be grown in a building that size, just sayin.

  3. Mark Anderson 2021-11-07

    Well, it would cost too much to heat in an old Aberdeen winter and it would take me years to tile that floor. How are the bathrooms, any showers, tubs?
    Really if the university was bigger it would make a great studio for an entire department of art. Just label off the areas and let the students at it. They would fill it in no time. I started my art career at the University in Vermillion. I had great studio the entire time. Old army Barracks as a freshman, then in the main building an old industrial place as a sophomore and junior. As a senior I lost space, in the BRAND NEW Fine Arts building. I used that knowledge to beg space all over the ringling campus in any old building for student studios. The old car wash was best. We occupied more of the campus than anyone. Critiques were always a jaunt. An old adapted space is always the best.

  4. grudznick 2021-11-07

    Yes, and art studio would be a great use of that building.

    Or a fancy breakfast restaurant. Charge a bunch for all you can eat brunch, and let them drive that fancy lifting device around, too.

    Sioux Falls hasn’t gotten any takers on the cooking up of the demon weed for “medicine” just yet, but perhaps Aberdeen could have a 4 story bean-stalk sort of a grow building. That would be really neat-o, too.

  5. Porter Lansing 2021-11-07

    Looks like a hemp/CBD processing facility.

  6. jerry 2021-11-07

    EB5, Board of Regents, Joop, Aberdeen, Rounds. Dude and Dudettes, the gangs all there man. Only thing lacking is Benda and that sheriff feller to oversee the whole operation.

  7. jerry 2021-11-08

    We are missing a great opportunity. South Dakota has the wind and we have the space to not only put those turbines up, but the facility to build them right here. The state owned the concrete plant in Rapid City that made money and provided jobs and pensions. We could do the same in Aberdeen. BTW, according to the Sierra Club, the wind turbines kill less birds and bats that cell towers than the rest of the things we stick up in the air.

    This year, I had about a dozen bird strikes on my windows. Some were due to those Robins getting sauced in my grape vines and some just flew into them. Anyway, two were killed outright and a couple of them had to rest up after the thumping in order to fly away. We are just prolonging the inevitable loss of fossil fuels if we do not get serious about renewable energy.

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