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Voters, There Seems to Have Been an Error…

South Dakota state government had some server trouble this morning. On the good side, the glitch provided anyone running against Kristi Noem in 2022 with the perfect campaign poster:

South Dakota Governor's website, screen cap 2021.10.22.
South Dakota Governor’s website, screen cap 2021.10.22.

South Dakota voters, there seems to have been an error in 2018. Please go back to the polls in 2022 and try again, with someone different in the Governor’s office.


  1. Drey Samuelson 2021-10-22

    Haha–great catch, Cory!

  2. Mark Winegar 2021-10-22


  3. I’m No Dr. Suess 2021-10-22

    Couldn’t make this up if I tried! Lol

  4. Mark Anderson 2021-10-22

    Well you have to give Kristi credit, even a broken clock is correct two seconds a day.

  5. OldtimerDon 2021-10-22

    Thanks for making my day, CAH!

  6. Yvonne 2021-10-22

    I bet the state employee that set that did this no longer has a job the next day!
    Maybe follow up on that CAH.

  7. RST Tribal Member 2021-10-23

    Interesting. That face image that lunched a campaign to bring more of the same, only better, has shown South Dakotans the state of “her affairs” as supported and dictated by the inept inbred 1 party as the it reimagined on sound principles of corruption, cronies, drunkenness, nepotism, deception, small mistruths, big fat lies, using state funds for personal and/or political advancement and feeding the underbelly of like them voters.

    The move to dumb down the education system of several decades has been paying off at the ballot box. Yes, good riddance to those smarty-pants who are leaving the state, they vote wrong anyway. More room for “our” kind to keep on the down dumb low. Write campaign ads at 4th grade level will get you a well informed voter, any higher just confuses said voter..

    2022 is quickly approaching. Want-to-friends of 45 are now regurgitates of his lies. Hopefully, the other political party can find suitable candidates. Hopefully.

    Yep, the state and server were down. Time to reboot. Time to recode. Time to find the ethics and moral compasses. Or time for more of the same only “better”, again.

    That one face, not with the four stoned faces, can be found in many out-of-state places chasing her dream that is the norm’s nightmare.

  8. buckobear 2021-10-23

    I’m sure an out-of-state “contractor” can sort this out.

  9. larry kurtz 2021-10-23

    Mrs. Noem is the Michele Bachmann of Sarah Palins.

  10. Laurie 2021-10-23


  11. Porter Lansing 2021-10-23

    Cowardly grudz, exposed!

    This “anonymous” post for DWC, this morning about the candidate from Aberdeen.
    No wondering who “anonymous” really is.

    Anonymous says:
    October 22, 2021 at 9:05 am
    Advice to Brian Bengs. Stay away from CAH, his blog, all those out of state name callers and Living Blue in South Dakota toxic nut jobs. Too bad he chose to run as a Dem here in SD but at least try to run more of an independent. He will be on his own anyways with the SDDP being a wreck.

  12. larry kurtz 2021-10-23

    That’s anti-Democratic cannabis hater Miranda Gohn, Porter.

  13. mike from iowa 2021-10-23

    Just sour grapes from the party on the outs in a one party, inbred, beholden to blue states to balance in the red budgets, red state.

  14. Porter Lansing 2021-10-23

    Don’t think so, Larry.

    Nobody uses the term “out of state name callers” except your BFF, Jerry Murphy.

    Jon Gohn’s file is extensive and psychotic but he’s never used that phrase.

    His/her self-inflated ego wouldn’t try to emulate grudz, just for a disguise.

  15. larry kurtz 2021-10-23

    I’m going to stick to my story, Porter. Gohn used to post over there with her name but an out trans woman becomes a target pretty quickly at a blog that hates the very Earth where it’s based.

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