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Dakotans for Health Opens Democracy Center in Sioux Falls, Shares Signing Space with Other Initiative Petitioners

Dakotans for Health isn’t just fighting to expand Medicaid in South Dakota; they’re fighting for more democracy for everybody in our fair state.

Recognizing the importance of synergy and cooperation in ballot measures, Dakotans for Health today opened The Democracy Center, a Sioux Falls office where South Dakota voters can sign initiative petitions to put Medicaid expansion, independent redistricting, and cannabis legalization to a vote in the 2022 general election.

Located in the old Bagel Boy shop at 1911 South Minnesota Avenue from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, The Democracy Center will have staff explaining the initiatives, recruiting volunteers, and educating citizens about the nefarious Amendment C, the 60% vote threshold Republican legislators have placed on the June 2022 primary ballot in an attempt to empower their cranky conservative minority to stymie Medicaid expansion and other popular initiatives. The Democracy Center will have notaries public on hand to perform the vital service of notarizing initiative petitions. They’ll also have free coffee and rolls.

Democracy works best when everyone works together. Dakotans for Health’s willingness to collaborate with other initiative sponsors demonstrates their understanding that democracy goes beyond any single issue and requires cooperation to promote ballot measures and to fight the powerful elites who would take away our right to propose such measures.


  1. Eve Fisher 2021-10-13

    Sounds great to me!

  2. Mark Anderson 2021-10-13

    Come on Cory, you know the meritocracy boys, the 9 and a half percenters deserve all that’s left over from the half percenters. That’s trump’s America all in 10 percentage points. The other 90 percent, why your still better than all those illegals and browns and blacks, you know it. Trump’s the Manhatten woman chaser who has all your backs, you love him, he’s the second and third coming for all you rural boys and girls. Send him your cash quick and he’ll stop health care, child care, dental for Medicare, glasses, who needs them, hearing aids, all the frivolous stuff. It’s all socialistic and we aren’t Norwegians are we? If you can’t afford care, just die and let someone else live in freedom. Jezz, that tough, well I’m halfway through my glass of wine and the rabbit I just fed is eating at my feet, its still a great day.

  3. grudznick 2021-10-13

    Some of us may have some Norwegian in all of us, but rarely do I drink wine or throw my eaten rabbit carcasses at my feet. I put them in the proper trash, Mr. Anderson. Please remember that grudznick despises Mr. Trump.

  4. Mark Anderson 2021-10-13

    The Coyotes and bobcats take care of our rabbits and eagles get the young ones. I just feed them. I wasn’t thinking of you grudz, but my wife talked me into wine after 50 plus years of beer, so now I’m a wino, one glass an evening luckily it’s cabernet sauvignon so now I drink healthy. Don’t miss the beer already lost five pounds in two weeks. Pretty soon I’ll be back to running long distance. Glad you despise Trump, most of his supporters worship him, amazing isn’t it? It’s still a great evening the sun has just set and Captain Kirk is a for real astronaut. Have to ask Sulu about that one.

  5. Jake 2021-10-13

    Those that believe in the trump, will die in the trump. Never has there been a more gilded idiot than those. Grudz, you may despise him, but you seem to condone many of his sins…..

  6. Richard Schriever 2021-10-14

    grudz starts he days off with the sin of gluttony and moves on from there.

  7. happy camper 2021-10-14

    “Democracy works best when everyone works together.” That should be an amusing statement coming from this source but the situation is so dire. Hillary Clinton just did an interview to say she’s not sure if we’re gonna survive this crisis caused by the extremists. They of course don’t see themselves as extremists or realize their words sound ludicrous when coming from them.

  8. Donald Pay 2021-10-14

    There is a certain camaraderie that develops with different grassroots groups carrying different petitions. They all are trying to bring their issue forward. I always appreciated their efforts, even if I disagreed with their issue. On the other hand, you have to realize that issues go on the ballot separately and voters definitely view issues separately. Doing a lot of cross initiative signature gathering can confuse some folks, or make them turn against you. We found that out when we brought two initiatives at a time. One can be quite popular, and another not so much. At some point during the campaign you may have to let one go, while pouring your last bit of money into the one with the best chance at winning.

    In 1984 I carried the Nuclear Waste Vote Initiative and the Nuclear Freeze Initiative. Some of our Nuclear Waste Vote group were very conservative and not in favor of the Nuclear Freeze Initiative, so we had to be cognizant of that and not do anything to blur the lines.

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