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Noem Campaigns in Wyoming July 29, South Carolina August 23

Part-time Governor/full-time Presidential candidate Kristi Noem is filling her out-of-state campaign itinerary for the rest of the summer. Next week Thursday, July 29, she heads to Cheyenne, Wyoming, for a fundraiser she asked Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon to throw for her:

Gov. Mark Gordon and U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis are headlining a $1,000-per-plate fundraiser for South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem in Cheyenne later this month.

The fundraiser, coordinated by Michigan-based Republican consultants the Templar Baker Group, features former candidates for the Wyoming statehouse, agriculture leaders and other high-profile political figures. It comes as Noem has been floated as a potential candidate for the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination for president.

A representative for Gordon said Noem’s campaign approached him initially, asking Gordon whether he would co-sponsor the reception, and he accepted. Gordon did not request help from Noem for his upcoming re-election campaign, according to his campaign representative Gail Geringer, though he would “certainly welcome it when the time comes,” she wrote in a statement [Nick Reynolds, “Gordon, Lummis to Fundraise for South Dakota’s Noem,” WyoFile, 2021.07.23].

Then on August 23 candidate Noem is off to South Carolina to nuzzle early-primary voters:

Noem will speak Aug. 23 at the “Faith & Freedom BBQ” in Anderson, the event’s host, U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, told The Associated Press on Friday.

According to Duncan, who represents South Carolina’s 3rd District, the event is the state’s largest annual gathering of Republicans.

…“Having served with Kristi Noem in Congress, I know first-hand that she is a fighter who believes government was created for the people, and that it shouldn’t run our lives,” Duncan told AP [Meg Kinnard, “Noem to Headline GOP Event in Early-Voting South Carolina,” AP, 2021.07.23].

There’s a strong chance that Noem isn’t really running for President in 2024. All her jet-setting could just be a campaign for Vice-President in 2024 followed by a run for President in 2028 if the white voters the GOP isn’t suppressing choose to Take America Back™ to incompetence and decline with a 2024 ticket of the Insurrectionist-in-Chief and his Cowgirl Nurse. But a gal’s got to be ready for anything, and running around the country in a four-year pageant is a lot more fun than hanging around Pierre and actually solving policy problems.


  1. Richard Kappedal 2021-07-24

    When will the SD Dems decide to run a Candidate to oppose Noem and Thune.

    The Dens and Independants can boot the Rs out of office if they wanted to.


  2. ABC 2021-07-24

    I agree. The Dems have to want to.

    42 year losing streak. They have to plan to win

    Dems web page? Is there a plan to win and dominate from 2023-2073? No. There’s no plan.

  3. Mark Anderson 2021-07-25

    Of course she’s running for VP Cory. I’m waiting for the great Don to destroy DeSantis fairly soon, just waiting for the moment. Its all going to be so great. I really hope the Supremes overturn Roe vs Wade too. That will mean that the 70 percent of the nation’s income from blue states will turn into 80 or 90 percent because what company will set up in any red state that outlaws abortion? Its all been gravy for those on the Pub side, but if their ideas are realized the outcomes go far beyond their goals.

  4. John Dale 2021-07-25

    I think she has an outside shot at POTUS in 2024, a reasonable chance at VP in 2024, a good chance at a cabinet position in 2024, an excellent shot at POTUS in 2028 if we still have a country by then. We’ll need an effective conservative in charge in 2030 when the crazies cite the stars as justification for continuing to bring a sordid vision of destiny.

    As long as Governor Noem is in Pierre, we should continue to support, coach, inform, and challenge her on issues.

    We have an amazing (not perfect) governor in my opinion.

  5. Dana P 2021-07-25

    In most jobs in work-a-day America, not being on the job site would be cause for dismissal or discipline.

    For folks that were sold on the idea that Obama golfed all of the time rather than being president, they had no problem with Trump actually being on the golf course alot. And apparently have no problem with the dear governor jet setting more frequently than being in the state she was elected to govern. Campaigning rather than tending to the matters of this state. Spreading falsehoods rather than rolling her sleeves up and working.

  6. grudznick 2021-07-25

    Today, after a special guest delivers the Opening Rant, the Conservatives with Common Sense breakfast meeting will debate the amount of time a Governor should spend huddled in Pierre.

  7. Guy 2021-07-25

    Next candidate in 2022 to run against Noem: “Look, do you want to elect and PAY FOR a non-existent Governor who will not complete her second term after she spends half of it out of state, campaigning for herself OR do you want to wisely invest your tax dollars into a FULL-TIME GOVERNOR who you elect to ACTUALLY DO THE JOB?

  8. Porter Lansing 2021-07-25

    Beware Social Media!!
    -Concentrated psychological profiling has begun, in earnest, on Facebook.
    -Reminiscent of how Cambridge Analytica began during Clinton vs Trump.
    -Hundreds of innocent appearing questionnaires are appearing daily, gathering personal data on voters.
    -e.g. – “Name a food you ate as a child, that you don’t like now.”
    “Describe your location without using it’s name.”
    “Name a random line from a movie that fans of it instantly know.”
    -This method of profiling begins with sending phony friend requests to friends of a person, whose identity has been hacked. Then, a clone profile of that person is created, thus presenting a trustworthy platform to put out questionnaires, like the ones above to friend groups. Data from millions of people, just trying to have fun and break their boredom, is harvested. People are grouped and massive amounts of psychologically targeted political propaganda is unloaded on people who’ve been determined to be receptive to that misinformation.
    -Cambridge Analytica was working with Russian influencers and even though Cambridge Analytica was banned from England, the principles are out of jail and their method is back up and running.

  9. R.morrison 2021-07-30

    Again, who is paying her trips out of state?

    Is anybody at all checking that?
    $1,000.00 a plate fundraiser in Cheyenne-
    Terrific! The invitation poster is almost worth that much. Have to say, she would’ve made a great model for the advertising of Western shirts we used to make.
    But governor? I don’t think so.
    All she does is makes nuisance headlines but no sense. Not when it comes to govern “Real” people.

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