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Lindell Claims Sioux Falls Totally Booked for Insurrection Fest; Priceline Disagrees

Pat Powers runs some spurious claim from pillow and conspiracy vendor Mike Lindell that every hotel room in Sioux Falls has been reserved for some new insurrectionist fake-fest next month.

Every room, huh?

I click over to Priceline, punch in “Sioux Falls” and “Aug 10–12”, and Priceline shows me open options everywhere. The downtown Holiday Inn offers options from its basic two-bed queens to its swanky king options:

Priceline SF Downtown Holiday Inn listings Aug 10-12 2021, retrieved 2021.07.12.

The Super 8 on West 41st also has plenty of openings for those dates:

Priceline listings for Sioux Falls SUper 8 41st St Aug 10–12 2021, retrieved 2021.07.12.
Priceline listings for Sioux Falls SUper 8 41st St Aug 10–12 2021, retrieved 2021.07.12.

And that’s more of my blog time spent refuting Mike Lindell’s continuing lies than our pillow insurrectionist deserves. Carry on… and hey, Mike! Quit trying to dampen Sioux Falls tourism by telling people there’s no room at the inns!


  1. Eve Fisher 2021-07-12 10:06

    Liars are going to lie.

  2. El Rayo X 2021-07-12 10:10

    Nice rooms Cory. I believe the Lindell crowd are more of a by the hour room type people. Too bad the El Rancho is gone. Anyone flying in with him that we know?

  3. John Dale 2021-07-12 10:14

    I’m willing to discuss the actual issue of election reform for anyone who wants to be intellectually honest. This is a red herring and a non-issue.

    For instance: The relationship between Mike’s faith and his acceptance of others into his camp who want election integrity. I think they cut-out anyone who is not pious, a potentially grave mistake.

  4. mike from iowa 2021-07-12 10:34

    Noem didn’t show up on C-PAC straw poll. Oh noes!!

  5. John Dale 2021-07-12 10:54

    Governor Noem is tracking nicely to plan in my view. Let the bulldozer (Trump) clear the lot, pave the way, make the rough cuts.

    After contemplating the issue through the 4th of July weekend in the Northern Hills, I think that Rhoden’s platform and politics are legitimate liabilities for Governor Noem.

    Nothing personal against Larry or his wonderful family whom I’ve met and like ..

  6. Scott 2021-07-12 11:15

    Plenty of rooms at the Hilton family of properties as well, per the Hilton app.

  7. Dicta 2021-07-12 11:28

    Lindell comes across as completely unhinged. When OANN tries to quiet your craziness, you have completely jumped the shark.

  8. Donald Pay 2021-07-12 11:46

    Great. He’s inviting “elected officials.” These same “elected officials,” of course, were elected in the election he claims was fraudulent. And they don’t get how stupid they look?

    I never get why these conspiracy theorists are so dumb. In Wisconsin Trump’s band of merry nutcases
    recounted only two counties because Trump didn’t want to waste his money on what he knew to be a complete con job on people like pillow guy.

  9. John Dale 2021-07-12 12:58

    There is a word for people who reach out to their opposition to come together.

    It’s not dumb.

    Impractical to many, but not dumb.

    In reality, it’s the only, very difficult way forward.

  10. mike from iowa 2021-07-12 13:21

    You sure as shootin’ ain’t describing magats as bi-partisan. Obama nearly had both hands severed reaching out to racist magats. Biden hasn’t been bitten enough to know better than to expect help from magats.

  11. Donald Pay 2021-07-12 13:38

    Get real, Mr. Dale. “Reaching out?” Ha. I read his blurb about this event. He’s not reaching out to anyone what the gullible nutcases he thinks he can shake down for checks. He’s keeping everything on the down low, not saying who is coming to speak to the nutfest. That’s “reaching out?” You’re supposed to drive or fly to this event, plunk down money for a hotel room, then watch this clown spin and some imported crackpots, Putin-lovers and fascists screech at you for a few hours. This clown is reaching out to the gullible, so he can rake in some money and spread more lies and fantasy for the truth challenged right.

  12. Bob Newland 2021-07-12 13:47

    John Dale, what was the last book you had someone read to you?

  13. Mark Anderson 2021-07-12 17:18

    Come on Cory, Pat Powers only meant the hotels and motels that use the My Pillow Premium.

  14. Mark Anderson 2021-07-12 17:40

    Why doesn’t someone ask him why he doesn’t move from that socialist state of Minnesota to the open prairie, I’m sure Chamberlain would be good. He could use the Dignity Sculpture as a backdrop for his ads. Actually I really like that Lamphere sculpture and his statement about it serving as a symbol of respect and promise for the future. You might pull in to the South Dakota Hall of fame and check out the new arrival John Banasiak and old friend and mentor. He teaches photography the best way possible.

  15. KOREY JACKSON 2021-07-12 19:09

    Isn’t this Lindell event at the same time as Sturgis 2021?

  16. Guy 2021-07-12 20:30

    Mike from Iowa, Noem indeed showed up on the straw poll at: 0%. They were nice enough to include Noem at the very bottom of the results.

  17. Guy 2021-07-12 20:32

    John Dale, have you ever considered that it actually might be the other way around? It appears to me that Kristi Noem may pose a bigger vulnerability for Larry Rhoden.

  18. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-07-13 05:49

    Red herring, John? Mike Lindell makes an extravagant and easily disprovan claim about booking all the hotel rooms in Sioux Falls. That obvious lie is a keenly relevant point about the reliability of a guy trying to turn his latest dime by overturning a legitimate election. Mike Lindell is a liar. So is anyone else who claims the last election was stolen.

  19. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-07-13 05:53

    But even the prospect of this insurrectionist liars’ convention appears to have given the Sioux Falls water works the vapors: a chunk of the town bounded by South 49th, Oxbow, I-229, and Louise is under a boil order after a “low-pressure event”. The new swanky hotels at Louise and I-229 are just outside that quadrilateral.

  20. chris 2021-07-18 01:46

    Lol meanwhile, 800 rooms down in Sioux City are booked.

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