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Tom Pischke: George Floyd Better Off Dead

A Facebook post on corporate baseball and advertising gives Representative Tom Pischke (R-25/Dell Rapids) a chance to show his racial insensitivity:

FB post and comments, reader submission to DFP, 2021.06.22.
FB post and comments, reader submission to DFP, 2021.06.22.
FB post and comments, reader submission to DFP, 2021.06.22.
FB post and comments, comment by Rep. Tom Pischke highlighted by reader and submitted to DFP, 2021.06.22.

A tax-cheat cop murders a man, and a South Dakota lawmaker jokes that the victim is better off dead. Such is the quality of character found among the Republicans South Dakotans are willing to elect.


  1. Bill Poppen 2021-06-23 07:57

    Perhaps South Dakota schools should adopt a course about systemic racism in our nation!

  2. Donald Pay 2021-06-23 08:04

    One could say the same thing about Rush Limbaugh, who did so much more harm to the nation peddling his brand of racist hate to filth like Pischke.

  3. David Newquist 2021-06-23 08:32

    This is the mentality making the laws we are to live by.

  4. Eve Fisher 2021-06-23 08:49

    A retired couple I know posted on the internet a while back about how Chauvin didn’t kill George Floyd: instead Floyd died of fentanyl poisoning, and he was a drug taker and a drug dealer, so of course he died and it was his own damn fault. Meanwhile this same couple posted loving tributes and sympathy for Angela Kennecke’s daughter, who died of fentanyl poisoning, and how that sweet girl was a victim of a horrible drug dealer.
    Thus I found out that this couple watches nothing but Fox News, et al. In case you’re wondering, I tried a response, received a great deal of anti-Floyd BS (did you know that he’s really not dead? That he received millions and is living in hiding?), and blocked them.

  5. Ryan 2021-06-23 09:37

    Cory – just curious… do you ever email these idiots and ask for comment or do you just post what you find and what you think and let others do the calling out? I considered emailing this guy but I don’t have any follow-up plan after receiving a generic response deflecting accountability.

  6. DaveFN 2021-06-23 09:41

    “I’m running for re-election to the state legislature because I want to promote the values that South Dakota is recognized for…”. – –Pischke

  7. Spike 2021-06-23 09:51

    I am frustrated with the Democratic party of SD. Seiler plays cheerleader and pretends that it is making progress when it looks like a broken down bicycle with no wheels abandoned in a road ditch.

    George Floyds family was so elegant and strong during this tragedy it really caused me to reflect on the lack of understanding many people have about people of color in this country.

    I guarantee all those people posting, including Pischke, go to church hoping anybody whom doesn’t look like them is sitting in their pew.

  8. Dicta 2021-06-23 10:13

    I have no words. What the hell is wrong with people?

  9. leslie 2021-06-23 10:16

    House minority leader Kevin McCarthy: “I do not know what the Chinese have on this Democrat majority, but …”

    This is a problem. Stupid Republicans put stupid political “leaders” in positions of power. The bad results are pretty obvious.

  10. leslie 2021-06-23 10:49

    Spike: Seiler is nearly if not octagenarian, came to lead the state party in an assistant capacity when the former passionate director was over her head and the financial guy pulled some monkey business. The last thing we needed. He is pure CLASS. Randy is supremely intelligent and experienced.

    The Party is all we’ve got man! Get involved. Its all volunteer. We might have a handful of barely paid positions that young people keep bailing from. We are out gunned and out monied BIG TIME. Sound familiar?

    Little guys stood up to KXL. We can take down the grifter Republicans. They don’t know ethics from a hole in the ground.

  11. leslie 2021-06-23 10:55

    E.G. Explain to me why we just lost the president of the RC school board? Another high recognition Dem split the non partisan vote and Republican money filled the seat.

    Our president performed through the pandemic ferchrissakes! Teamwork people!

  12. leslie 2021-06-23 11:07

    The Floyd drug comment clearly shows this decision maker likely knows nothing and has failed to educate himself on the meth problem Noem ridiculously “championed” nor the marijuana issues in the state he will be legislating. Wonder why “defund police” is a misunderstood call to reallocate money to social services front-line intelligent addiction intervention by Republicans, like this joker?

    Kill the addict, kill the Indian? Republicans are essentially genocidal ignoramuses.

  13. Spike 2021-06-23 11:18


    I know well of Mr. Seiler. Where was he on GEAR-UP? I have been involved. You and I know the KXL protest was a local, regional, national and international effort on the ground, in the courts and in the media. The volunteerism you talk of won’t happen until party leaders on a national level are willing to provide the leadership to create momentum. A few postings on the SD Dem website and a couple jobs won’t cut it.

    When Sue Wismer was the candidate she complained that running was interfering with her accounting business. Joe Lowe was prepared to go toe to toe with the repubs but he wasn’t part of the Dem establishment in SD.

  14. Mark Anderson 2021-06-23 12:09

    I was born in Dell Rapids, too bad, Tom Pische has scummed up the place.

  15. ABC is a real person 2021-06-23 12:20

    One of us HERE should run for Democratic Governor. The Party won’t produce any one. They are too busy building back slappers and a Farm team.

    It’s either Billie Sutton to win, or one of us.

  16. leslie 2021-06-23 12:24

    Spike-i don’t know SDDP gossip and soap operas. Nor care. Likely Seiler was full time US attorney during Sen Rounds campaign EB5 economic dev debacle. We took it all the way to Rachel Maddow. Brenden Johnson had no comment to me when FBI was looking at Gearup or EB5 at the time. Gear Up was all Jackley/Daugaard hiding the truth, finding a scapegoat. A RC Alderwoman was closely connected to Gear Up. There is likely still a story that hasn’t been told. But the murderer arsonist fraudulent manager was all state Ed related. Given these two inconclusive frauds and Ravnsborg, state law enforcement and investigation seems feckless. The state legislature refused to subpeona Rounds; the same thing Trump used to avoid impeachment.

    DFP was deeply investigating all three!

  17. ABC is a real person 2021-06-23 12:29

    Look anything is possible ! A Socialist won the primary election in Buffalo NY, whose metro area is 1,100,000 people, much bigger than South Dakota.

    The 4 term Democratic Mayor screwed up and lost. Republicans there are just 18% of the voters. There is some serious poverty in Buffalo. A socialist won!

    In South Dakota, it’s either a Democratic Governor or a
    Progressive / Socialist Governor here too! The Racist Party needs to be retired, permanently.

  18. leslie 2021-06-23 12:33

    Wismer has more brains than ANY Republican. She is a professionally trained accountant. She, Hawks, Seiler, and Sutton could have served the South Dakota public without the Republic grift. Same with Means, Red Cloud, or the Fredericks.

    You want GOOD people of good conscience to run during their BUSY lives to serve we little, liberal people of SD, YOU have to get them elected. Otherwise Republic money will crush you standing still. Melodramatic, i kno!

  19. leslie 2021-06-23 13:12

    “too busy building back slappers and a Farm team.” Oh geez. I think we Dems are hosting a Sx Falls convention later this week. Look it up. Go, Participate. Lotta very knowledgeable people there. Careful, you’ll get recruited.

    Joe L had lots of support. Campaigns are hard. It often takes several runs to win.

    Otherwise Republicans win. Happy?

  20. Spike 2021-06-23 13:48

    I didn’t say Wismer wasn’t smart. I agree with you on all those people. I know them well.

    The Wismer campaign was weak and half-hearted.

    What are you talking about when you say you don’t know SDDP gossip and soap operas?

    Sorry going off topic. I agree Republicans in pierre are outlandish.
    I won’t be recruited by the dems because I put my efforts towards direct socially conscious programs that serve people.

    Why aren’t there any South Dakota dems besides Tatewin Means on national TV?? Maybe I’m missing them and their out there.

    Noem stated the dirty dems are going to spend 10 million to unseat her. I hope so.

  21. RST Tribal Member 2021-06-23 13:55

    George Floyd was murdered according to a jury in Minneapolis, MN. It was guilt, guilt, and guilt. The courts are one place people of color get a chance, anywhere but South Dakota. I know many Indian people who were railroaded to jail because they could not afford an attorney and/or the U.S. Gov’t under Randy Seller stop at no costs to toss Indians in jail.

    Representative Tom Pischke was probably drunk, typing like the SD AG on a media device. Pischke showed his stupidity with his public showing, where the other republican killed a person, a white guy to boot, any non-white driver would have faced a much different outcome. Republicans, killing a person is a misdemeanor, yep that’s justice.

    Representative Tom Pischke is yet another example of what happens when inbreeding takes place in Pierre and Washington, then a nut job full of hate with not many smarts in the fake hair head is put into the presidency. SD voters are scare of several things; income taxes, yesterday and tomorrow. Living for the moment allows them to immediately forget the past and deny tomorrow.

    In time, as SD becomes filled with good working people who want to make a decent living and enjoy life, the republicans will lose influence and their protected voting blocks. American’s Governor as the nitwit 45 strokes the flames of discontent, lies, and “us against them”. That could end in November 2022.

    George Floyd was murder. His life stopped. The fight against what killed him goes on. How many of you have felt or still feel that knee of oppression, racism, or taking the wind out of you by some white person? With a smile, a knowing nod, and confidence he will not be held accountable, Representative Pischke pressed the send button on his post of racism.

  22. Porter Lansing 2021-06-23 13:56

    It’s A Nuthatch, That Pierre Is

    “CRT” in Our Schools
    by State Rep. Trish Ladner

    As a legislator, I’ve been concerned for quite a while about what our children are being taught and that they are not being taught “history” as it actually occurred, but a rewritten fabrication of our history that reflects a political/social economic agenda that is not factually true nor accurate. Because of the pandemic lockdowns, parents have taken the opportunity to look at what their children are being taught. As a result, parents of all social economic backgrounds and races are standing up against Critical Race Theory. I decided to take a look for myself and got a hold of a “new” revised history book and read the account of the Battle of the Bulge during WWII. My Uncle Paul was one of the only surviving servicemen from that battle. We spent many hours at family gatherings recalling war stories from uncles, relatives and family friends who fought in WWII in both the European and Pacific Theatres. Their stories transported us to the battle. We were like sponges soaking up the challenges, hardships and the victories. Unfortunately, after reading the “new” version of our history, my greatest fears were realized. The recount of the Battle of the Bulge was nothing like I learned from my uncle.

    Critical Race Theory seeks to teach American history in a way that elevates the role of racism in the nation’s history, and the impact they claim racism still has on the nation today. CRT is referred to as “project-based civics,” or “action civics.” We can draw a comparison between CRT and Hilter’s indoctrination of the German youth. According to, “Education in the Third Reich served to indoctrinate students with the National Socialist world view.” Hitler’s plan was aimed to indoctrinate the younger population through reforming the education system. His plan went undetected and succeeded. Children were turning against parents and families in order to support the goals they were taught in school.

    Xi Van Fleet, a Virginia mom who immigrated to the US after enduring Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution recently came against CRT stating, “We are teaching our children to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history.” She added: “Growing up in China, all of this sounds very familiar. The Communist regime uses the same critical theory to divide people. The only difference is that they used class instead of race. This is indeed the American version of the Chinese cultural revolution.”

    A number of state officials, including Governor Noem, have indicated that they would like to ban “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) at the next possible opportunity and I support that. The debate over the curriculum is not just happening in South Dakota, but in several states across the country. A number of Republican controlled states have already committed to banning Critical Race Theory and it is likely that South Dakota will be addressing this during the upcoming 2022 state legislative session. I’m proud to note that during the 2021 legislative session, Governor Noem signed a bill into law that allotted $900,000 to additional civics instruction in the state.

    At this point, we can’t afford to be complacent. We need to be proactive which isn’t always easy in this “Woke” culture of correctness; a culture that makes it unacceptable to discuss our country’s freedom or the amazing opportunities America offers to every citizen (if they choose). Heaven forbid we teach our children about them or stand up against radical movements that put our children, our freedoms, and our safety in jeopardy. I am unapologetically proud to be an America, proud of the men and women who have fought for our freedom and who continue that fight and I am committed to fight alongside you to the best of my ability.

    Representative Trish Ladner
    District 30

  23. Spike 2021-06-23 15:02

    [edited to correct error]
    RST Tribal member … has gone to the George Floyd memorial and honored Mr. Floyd. Just fyi.

    His statement about Pierre inbreeding is sadly on mark.

  24. mike from iowa 2021-06-23 17:14

    RST Tribal member, because of my white skin, I have never felt THAT knee of oppression or racism. I can only imagine what POC are forced to endure every day. I do know that my white privilege has always protected me from oppression and racism, although having been born and raised in lower income family with nine children was, so I am told, dangerous for us youngsters at times.

    I can and do pay attention to all commenters different from myself, those people have great stories to tell and I can live through their eyes.

  25. grudznick 2021-06-23 18:57

    Ms. Wismer may be smart, but she is inarticulate and ums and args and pulls at her hair during every sentence. And I think she should run again. With No-Go Joe Lowe in tow.

  26. Spike 2021-06-23 22:04


    You think?

    Joe must have really got your goat somewhere in the past.
    I’m always glad to bring his name up for you.

  27. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-06-24 05:33

    You know, Ryan, I don’t waste time trying to contact people like Pischke and Noem, not when their public comments are clear in their meaning, intent, and offensiveness.

    Pischke doesn’t need an e-mail from me to invite his comment. He knows the blog is here. The comment section is as open to him as it is to everyone else.

  28. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-06-24 05:36

    Mark, Pischke and Jon Hansen are both an embarrassment to their districts. Pischke more overtly bullies and insults, but Hansen may be the worse of the two, since he is able to play the game better and thus is in with the GOP leadership and can get his nefarious anti-democratic, anti-woman bills passed.

  29. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-06-24 05:39

    Hey, RST, will South Dakota “become[] filled with good working people who want to make a decent living and enjoy life” when our current population elects people like Pischke who drive such good people to nicer, more civilized communities?

  30. Jenny 2021-06-24 17:48

    When people show you their true colors, believe them the first time.

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